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  1. ....Says the man that says everything he flies in the sim is "broken". Listen to your own advice. It's just a sim. Find happier roads.
  2. That’s called free enterprise. No one is sticking a gun to your head to buy it. And as you pointed out, pushback already exists in the game. If it’s priced too high, people won’t buy it. Price is what kept me from P3D. The market will decide. That’s the beautiful thing about free enterprise.
  3. I wonder what other activities you judge with such scrutiny. Every plane is broken? Does that mean you can't fly it at all? Are there not other planes you can discover? I wonder if your picnic is ruined if the temperature is outside a range of 75 to 78 degrees? Is an entire movie ruined for you when the person next to you gets up to go to the bathroom? Is your dinner ruined when the waiter gets one aspect of your order wrong? And what happens at a concert when the band doesn't play the exact playlist you want. Or worse, the singer fouls up a line? Do you dismiss an entire sporting event because your team lost? The point is, you can CHOOSE to let these issues ruin the experience or you can choose not to. Skyrim is a buggy mess. Yet is is beloved by me and countless other gamers. Why? Because when it works, it really works. No other RPG gives me the feeling of being in an actual populated world. Does clipping occur. Oh yean. Is the AI dumb as rocks. Absolutely. There are countless memes and video parodies done to expose some of the ridiculousness of the game. Yet those of us who play it find a way to look around the errors. And when they happen, I just shake my head and go...."oh...Skyrim", smile, and move on. The same holds true on this game. I work around the bugs, I make due. Why? Because when this sim works, it works. When I am flying through towering clouds feeling small, it works. When I break out of a low ceiling and find myself still lined up and the runway smoothly coming towards me, it works. When I fly over my home town and look 360 and recognize nearly everything. It works. The choice is up to you. you can choose to focus on the issues, or focus on what you enjoy.
  4. Beta ended the second they started charging for the product. This is a release issue. And we are NOT beta testers. But we are enthusiasts trying to make the product better. And if we can track down something that we can make 100% reproducible, that makes it much easier for the developers to fix. Sometimes that's possible, sometimes not. But the goal is to find a scenario that anyone can load up and have this happen to 100% of the time.
  5. I'm sorry. I did not make myself clear. I meant all aircraft with a variation of the G1000 avionics suite involved, not just the C172 G1000. That includes multiple aircraft. The video itself shows an aircraft with the variation of that avionics suite. It's not happening on the Cub, it's not happening on the C172 steam, it's not happening on the Icon and none of the tubeliner pilots have reported. It's not on the King Air....So I'm trying to narrow down the list of planes affected and find out what they have in common. And thus far, unless someone else says otherwise, it seems to be happening to those that have a variation of the G1000 installed in the aircraft. Is that not true?
  6. Ok. so not G1000. But the "click" is what intrigues me. SOMETHING is getting turned off, and the sim thinks it is user initiated. Have all of us booted OTTO from the cockpit. I know I use him for radio and checklist assist. I never trust him on the stick, he killed me twice thus far. But getting rid of him will get rid of something designed to manipulate a control for you. Just a thought. I also would be interested to see if people who don't have FSUIPC get the bug and people who don't have wireless keyboard/mice combos get the bug.
  7. At the bottom of the globe map, there is a command "Open Filters" It's mapped to the F key. That allows you to clutter or declutter the map. By default, "Fix and RNAV position reports" is turned off.
  8. There's a couple of things that stood out reading the thread, 1. This seems to affect specifically the G1000. Has anyone reported this on any planes that do not utilize the G1000 2. This issue is precluded by a clicking noise, so the program thinks this is an intentional manipulation of a switch. Either Avionics or another power related switch that affects avionics. Another interesting point is on one plane it can't be recovered. What switches do all those planes except the one that can't be recovered have in common. Or more importantly what switch does the non recoverable switch NOT have that the others do. 3. Does this happen to any flights that start off from the Runway with all systems already on? Or does this only happen when people start cold and dark at parking and go through a startup procedure (checklist or manual engine start, or CTRL-E (auto engine start) 4. One person did mention fsuipc. FSUIPC was ubiquitous with earlier versions. In a word, it was required equipment. I know people say "no addons" but does that include FSUIPC? I don't have it installed. 5. If the program thinks some sort of manipulation did occur, where did it get that phantom command? Is everyone rocking wireless keyboards and mice? perhaps a low battery is popping a keystroke that is being misinterpreted. Any people who experienced it have wired keyboards and mouse? Just trying to find a common thread in conditions where it occurs.
  9. Can either of you provide full replication steps to reproduce this behavior consistently and easily? I don't have either of your experiences. I just had a wonderful flight through Yosemite with the C172 and it was easily flyable. And NOT one plane I have had has had the Avionics just turn off. I understand you have a video, but unless it is easily replicated with consistent repeatable steps, then you really have nothing more than what might be an environmental issue unique to your installation and not with the program. So before you call for the head of QA to be fired, perhaps you should chill out on the hyperbole, and actually help the team track down this issue and make sure it is a product issue and not an issue with your system.
  10. I don't think it makes a difference one way or the other unless you MUST have patches ASAP. I bought my KTIW (Tacoma Narrows) from ORBX directly. I bought the London Landmarks via the marketplace. Both work fine. The marketplace is slower to provide patches (because Orbx has to submit the patch updates to Marketplace to post). I believe Marketplace updates only occur monthly. They are also treated differently by the Sim. If you bought them from the marketplace, they go in the "official" folder in you profile. If you use Orbx central, they go into the ORBX install location and ORBX creates symbolic links in your Community folder to them.
  11. Yeah, it will be quite awhile before I bump my LOD sliders above 100. 🙂
  12. Mission accomplished. (All sliders at High End with Clouds at Ultra), traffic @ 100%. KORD had some dips to 24FPS during roll out but very momentary. Everywhere else, I have capped at straight 30 and it feels fantastic. That extra 2GB of VRAM makes a world of difference. What a nifty little powerhouse this GTX 1660 super is. At least for 1080p stuff.
  13. Well now color me confused. You're worried that if you buy MSFS 2020, it won't satisfactorily perform when the big boys start laying down study level aircraft, but then you say you have no $$$ to buy the study level aircraft even if you could. Where's the disconnect? Here's the question you have to answer for yourself. If MSFS2020 doesn't get any better than where it is right now, can you feel comfortable about spending $60 bucks on it? If yes, take the plunge. If no. don't. And if you think your financials will improve short term, hedge your bet, get another month of gamepass and make another more informed decision in another 30 days. That's my .02. Now off to KORD to give my new GTX 1660 super a spin....
  14. Why are all these choices always binary? Buy the standard edition for VFR. How much is that? Less than one PMDG aircraft in P3D or FSX? Imagine if we all had to pick just one FPS or one RPG to enjoy. Should I buy Skyrim or Zelda? MSFS doesn’t have cooties. It will coexist with your other products just fine.
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