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  1. bleekemolen

    LVar overview DC6

    Yes, why not! Peter
  2. bleekemolen

    LVar overview DC6

    It took me a while and it's not complete, but for those who want to use their VRinsight or Saitek panels in combination with, I've created screenshots of the different DC6 panels on which all useable buttons, switches etc have there variable (LVar) in yellow numbers. The syntax is "DC6_###_OBJ(LVAR) for almost all the assignments you want to make. Just unzip this file (contents= 10 jpg's): Have fun, Peter
  3. bleekemolen

    Timeout at Startup

    Not for the first time: "ConnectionClosed" I wonder how long it will take them to restore the connection this time? Puk
  4. bleekemolen

    [Explanations] Sound Issue with Majestic Q400

    Same problem in this case with the external sounds of the A2A L049 Puk
  5. Great news that it's running again. The work-around to set the date a day back however worked, but came a little late for me to start a five hour VA-leg, that was planned to start early this morning. Tomorrow a second chance. Hopefully with an internet connection. Puk
  6. Same problem..... keeps on the discussion whether an Internet connection is necessary...???? Puk
  7. bleekemolen


    It would make landing the DC-6 a whole lot easier if the copilot calls out the altitude from 500 ft down. Is this a possible option for a next update? Would appreciate that very much. Peter Bleekemolen
  8. bleekemolen

    Landing problems

    I, on the other hand, have actually heard airliners squeak when they land as well as GA planes. I think the louder noise of the jet sometimes covers it up and especially if the wind is not carrying the sound directly in your direction. Further more it has to do with the fact that when you're inside an airliner, you are sitting in an pressurized enclosed environment with all the sound reduction materials within the walls which restrict most sounds from outside coming inside. Apart from that, due to the lack of a three-dimensional surrounding while flying in a flight simulator, the sound of tires on the tarmac and in some cases the shaking and rattling of the fuselage during the landing makes you realize you're actually on the ground. And that's what I like to hear.. Peter
  9. bleekemolen

    Landing problems

    Thanks Downscc for your quick response. In this case it wasn't a over flaring; that would mean that my pulling-the-yoke action had some result and the plane's nose would lift. You're absolutely right with your remark that I'm still in a learning process. This morning tried out several landings and noticed that my pitch trim settings caused the plane not to pitch up for flaring (nose down and neutral). After using a number of different pitch trim settings she flared beautifully and landed smoothly. Solved that problem earlier, Ronald. Thanks for the tip anyway. I couldn't believe not hearing the tires screeching after my first flights. How is it possible that PMDG forgot that important element? Indeed, hopefully an upcoming patch will deal with that. In the meantime ACCUFeel solves this lack for me. Peter
  10. bleekemolen

    Landing problems

    Trying out the DC-6 for FSX now for about two weeks and though I'm hooked to A2A products my love for prop driven planes made me purchase this beauty. It took me some time to get the engines running with or without the help of my copilot. Finally I've made several test flights without to much problems, except for the landings. With all settings ready for landing , the plane doesn't respond when I try to pitch up for the flare. My landing speed is about 110 kts, flaps, trim etc according to the checklist set, but when I gently pull my yoke towards me nothing happens (while in flight it 's response is as might expected) and the plane falls like a brick on the tarmac. What am I doing wrong?
  11. bleekemolen

    No Head Switch

    The same problem occurs on my computer this morning. None of the yoke controls functions properly.
  12. bleekemolen

    CP crashes in outside and cinematic mode

    In every other view, both in- and out-board the MMB movement works. Made a new preset with exactly the same view, which gave the same result: no MMB movements. Very strange.
  13. bleekemolen

    CP crashes in outside and cinematic mode

    Thanks Keven, One or all of these updates took care of at least my main problems. Great, however no functionality of the MMB movement when in the first on-board preset (cockpit forward). Peter
  14. After having the v0.2.64 update CP shows distorted image of aircraft in outside and cinematic mode and crashes. In some cases it even crashes the sim. On-Board presets functions OK. Strangely enough MMB movement does work in On-Board presets, except for the first one in the list which is in my case a Cockpit Forward view. Peter
  15. bleekemolen

    Middle Mouse Button not working.

    After updating V0.2.24 I encountered the following problems: - Preferences/Camera/Mouse controls: MB View Selector is only working if MB Pan&Tilt is in off position - While in Cinematic mode no MB View selector available (switching by keyboard assign still possible) - feature "dropable objects disappeared (no problem i.m.o.), however assigned keyboard L-ALT (in my case) still drops large fueltanks. L-ALT is used to hide/appear of FSX menu. - Cinematic View not very smooth; lots of stutters - had to do a complete renewal of my keyboard Control assignments