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    I've been simming since the Timex Sinclair, probably around 30 years or so, and I've owned and used every version of Flight Simulator since the beginning. In FSX, I enjoy flying both GA aircraft and airliners.

    In my real life, I'm a university associate dean. My background is teaching English--so mind your p's and q's. As for hobbies, flight simming is my main one, but I am a huge ice hockey fan as well: I enjoy watching (go, Canucks!) and playing the game (I'm a goaltender).

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  1. My favourite to fly out of and into is my home airport in Vancouver, Canada: CYVR (using FSDT CYVR). Great to fly into CYVR from the mountains north and east of the city to 26L/26R, and over the water for 08L/08R. It rains frequently here, so you can have some really interesting approaches and landings. Other favourites: CYWL (using FSimStudios Kelowna), and also CYEG (using FSimStudios Edmonton).
  2. Gosh, I don't know. I started flight simming back in the early 1980's on a Timex Sinclair 1000, then on the original Microsoft Flight Simulator on a Commodore 64, and then FS and other sims on an Amiga, and FS, Pro Pilot, Fly!, ATP, etc. on MS-DOS and Windows machines from then on. I'm pretty sure that I've owned every version of Flight Simulator--definitely owned every version of Prepar3d. With a conservative guess of 5 hours per week for 37 years, the total is almost 10,000 hours. The true number is probably a little over that. Interesting question!
  3. No need to apologize at all. Speaking for myself, it certainly wasn't a waste of time. It's a great hobby, and I enjoy helping others enjoy it. Cheers! Joel
  4. RCv4 runs outside of FSX/P3D, so you have to set the airline name and flight number (or the tail number) yourself within RCv4. I've just checked out what I wrote above, as I'm sitting at my computer now, and I was correct. Further detail: In Radar Contact Options, click on the "General" button. In the window that opens, you can set your airline or company name, and that's where you set the initial phonetic letter identifier of country ("Charlie" for "C", "Golf" for "G," etc.)--in the "Callsign" dropdown menu. In the box immediately to the right, enter the rest of the tail numbers. Voilà! You can fly GA flights and have ATC call your tail number.
  5. I'm not at my computer right now, but this should work, I think: In RCv4, you should be able to use the dropdown box (the one for airline names). In it, you'll find the phonetic alphabet as well (alpha, bravo, charlie, etc.). Set the dropdown box for the first letter of the tail number, and then use the flight number for the rest of the letters. I'm in Canada, so I would set Charlie in the dropdown box ("C" for Canada, not "N'"), and then the other identifiers in the flight number.
  6. Sorry, Rick. I don't know. I haven't flown the RJ100 for quite some time.
  7. Hi, Rick. The manual mentions that the 146-100 and -200 cockpits are fully analog, and th -300 is "simple EFIS." The RJ series are "full EFIS." That's probably the difference between the types. My guess, then, would be that the 146 series have less automation than the RJ series.
  8. Hope it works out, Rick. I recall having the same problem, and the patch fixed it. Might have been around 2018 or so.
  9. This issue with the flaps, as I recall, was identified a couple of years ago. There was a patch to fix it. Are you current with the patches?
  10. Thanks, Steve. That's got to be the reason. Too bad. As a workaround, I've changed my wallpaper to a black background.
  11. In prepar3d.cfg, I tried changing LocationFullScreen=x1,x2,x3,x4. I changed x3 and x4 to the resolution of my monitor and kept x1 and x2 at 0. For example, I have a 1920x1080 monitor, so I changed that line to ... LocationFullScreen=0,0,1920,1080 It didn't work. Each time I tried, it changed back to LocationFullScreen=0,0,1912,1072. Can't figure why.
  12. The developer has posted here in the past as Avsim user "RealTurb." I don't know the answers to your questions (although I think RealTurb does mountain waves), so it might be worthwhile asking him. I do recall that RealTurb and Active Sky co-exist
  13. I bought all of the regions recently, and I wouldn't sim without RealTurb now. I fly over the Rockies a lot, as I use CYVR as one of my hubs out of which I like to fly. RealTurb adds a level of realism (bumps, turbulence, wind effects, etc.), especially near mountains, that you just don't get without it.
  14. Nice! Just bought Fsimstudios CYLW ... I'm away at a conference and can't check it out myself, but I will next week.
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