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  1. Here also very blurry glass screens with RTX2070 and DX11 with all different settings in DLSS. With TAA they are very sharp.
  2. When landing I noticed the brakes where overheated, so I put on the brakefans and checked outside and guess what, I see and hear the brakefans spinning! I’m still impressed with this aircraft!
  3. Got an update notification from Simmarket; TABURET Italy DEM: Version 1.6 - complete rebuild to save system resources and smooth running after msfs world update 7. Will test this tomorrow.
  4. I also have terrible stutters after the latest World Update when I flew a couple of times over the Alps. I have some freeware mesh for this region installed and Taburet Italy. Will try to disable it and report back. edit: I have to confirm that the stutters comes from the addon meshes. I deactivated all of them, and my flight was very smooth again!
  5. Just place the 4 different seasons in a folder and use Addon-Linker tool to select the season you want to fly with. Very simple.
  6. https://nl.flightsim.to/file/20416/alicante-airport-leal Looks very good!
  7. Yeah, wat a huge dissapointment. My first test flight after downloaded WU6 starting at the Sphinx at the Jungfraujoch, which I visited a couple of years ago, and found it nicely modeled. When I fly further to Grindelwald and Lauterbrunnen, still snow alle over the place😞. Only from Interlaken the snow disappeared. It’s a pity because it’s one of the most beautiful locations in the world. Overall I’m satisfied so far with the update.
  8. Wow, didn’t know of your site. Love to fly in Germany. You have a new supporter!
  9. Yes, I have them too. Problem is there is so much to explore and so little time😬
  10. You can try on there main site to make a support ticket request.
  11. You can download the full manual at the Matrix forums and there are very good Let’s Plays from Strategy Gaming Dojo on Youtube. It is a very complex and challenging game and you have to make a lot of decisions in each turn, but if you like micromanaging (you can set some AI automations), and you are interested in WW2 Operation Barbarossa (you can play this according to history), and you have a lot of free time😁, the game can be a very pleasent experience!
  12. Gary Grigsby's War in the East 2, best WW2 game I have ever played.
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