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  1. 7neophyte7

    Jim Young Resigning as Forums Administrator

    Thanks for all Jim, and the very best with your recovery. You will win this!
  2. 7neophyte7

    AIG AI Manager

    Amazing piece of software for as real as possible ai aircraft, liveries and flightplans. It also tells you when certain flightplans are outdated. The amazing community keeps all the flightplans and liveries up to date as in real life. And with one click you update the plans for each available season. Not one payware program can compete with this!
  3. Looking forward to it!
  4. 7neophyte7

    Icing on the cake

    Amazing shots! I think it is PILOTS Alicante. Seems very well done. It’s on my to buy list.
  5. 7neophyte7

    Everything very dark and no lights

    This worked for me; In your Prepar3D.cfg: MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=True to MOON_PHASE_LIGHTING=False
  6. 7neophyte7

    [P3Dv4] 777 Parking brake issue after touch-down?

    Mmm, I just encountered the same problem when I landed at Toronto airport P3dv4. Parking brake was locked and got the message 'brake temp' and 'tire press'. Cleared this in the ground maintenance menu and everything was reset. Never got this before.
  7. 7neophyte7

    Aerosoft airports?

    Robin, what are your water settings? I had the same water issue at Amsterdam and I turned it down from ultra. For me problem solved. The others I haven't installed.
  8. 7neophyte7

    Aerosoft airports?

    Some nice sunny destinations; Mallorca, Ibiza. One of the newer releases.
  9. 7neophyte7

    Abu Dhabi to the world...

    Wow, these are one of the most incredible flightsim shots I have seen!
  10. 7neophyte7

    V3 Developer updated software thread

    Yes it works! You need to download latest update for it 1.6.5. Than you can set in your dataprovider the right folder for your scenery.cfg Richard, you already tried the lastest version? I have al lot of Aerosoft sceneries I want to install, but I'm a little bit scared it will mess with the folder structures.
  11. 7neophyte7

    Your Reviews For FSX Steam Edition

    Stable and no OOM'S!
  12. I'm impressed. Also did my first voice flight and it works like a charm. Thanks! And kudos for the very clear manual/tutorials.
  13. Guys, I know there is a lot of discussion going on using ORBX OpenLC vs UTX V2 or a combination of them. I've made some screenshots which show the difference. Shots are taken around EHAM the Netherlands with ORBX Global and without Vector installed. UTX V2 without ORBX OpenLC Europe activated in the scenery library. UTX V2 and ORBX OpenLC Europe above UTX in the scenery library. ORBX OpenLC Europe between UTX Landclass Urban and UTX Landclass Vegetation in the scenery library, which is advised in the UTX manuals. You see, it make a lot of difference how it is placed and activated in the scenery library. For me I'm not sure yet what gives me the best result. I think it will be a personal taste. What's your opinion?