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  1. Don’t forget Justflight piper Arrow! Tomorrow maybe?
  2. “3D cockpit minimum animated” Omg, no wonder there is only one picture from inside the cockpit. Don’t fall for it!!
  3. My system is: i7-8700K@4.2,16MB RAM and 2070 RTX card with 2k monitor. P3D settings: FXAA off, 8xMSAA, VSync and Triple Buffering off, Target Frame Rate Unlimited set with Nvidia control panel @30FPS. Level of detail ultra, scenery complexity normal, autogen draw high and autogen very dense. No other tweaks Photoscenery is running on my WD backup HD, P3D running on a M.2. For me no performance difference. This won't say it works for you, but for me it does😉
  4. Yup, had the stutters also in P3Dv4.5. Very annoying. Had a lot of photo scenery installed, Austria professional, megescenery Spain, etc. But they where running smooth. Didn’t found a solution for it although. I’m running P3Dv5 now and the stutters are solved. Maybe it has been different settings I use now?
  5. Are you running Windows 10 2004 update? When I updated, I went from 6.7 to 7.1 with my RTX 2070!
  6. In P3D4.5 for me it is also about the same in performance as the PMDG ngxu. Yes,it is some of the most demanding aircrafts out there but you get so much in return for it, such as system depth, realism and immersion. It has for example a very nice intergration with GSX. They constantly update the models with more additions. Definitly one of my best purchases ever for flightsim.
  7. I totally agree! I'm done with the constant tweaking, CTD’s, bugs, and buying hardware that never meets the requirements since I start simming in the FSX days. My hobby is flying, and for the first time I finally got my P3D 4.5 HF3 settings, my PC hardware setup and all my add-ons at a stage where I’m happy with. So I start up my PC and enjoy flying! For now I don’t feel the need switching to P3Dv5 (although I bought it), X plane, or MSF2020 in the near future, and starting allover with the same problems.
  8. Well for me I also made my first reasonable landing. Anyway no weird behaviour anymore at touchdown. Followed strickly the landing procedures now in correct order. I only haven't found out yet what I did different than the previous landings, but it definitely wasn't something wrong with my hardware setup.The Maddog is a challenging aircraft, very different than the FSLabs airbus which I'm flying most at the time. Thanks for all the support!
  9. I’m a newbe to the Maddog also. Did a couple of flights lately, but not a single one of them I’ve got a succesfull landing. Same problems here. The moment I touch the runway the airplane got completely out of control, swirling all over the runway. Did a couple of suggestions mentioned above, but non of them works for me. In the Maddog forum there are a couple of posts with the same problem. I’ve got a Hotas joystick and throttle and Saitek rudder peddals all set in P3D 4.5HF3. Will try further testing with different setups. First I’m going to try without rudder pedals. I hope we find the solution, because its an amazing plane to fly!
  10. Austria HD +1. Always impressed with the amazing views over the alps. Also Megasceneryearth Spain. Nice diverse landscape.
  11. Yessss!! I finally got it to work. First I uninstalled AILRP, My virus scanner gave me a false positive warning when I did the uninstall. So I think it prevented AILRP from updating also. When installing AILRP it updated itself to 1.013.4. So far so good. Then did the steps from the previous posts, checked P3D and guess what? Default lights! OMG! I decided to remove AIGAIM completely and did a fresh install of all my AI airplanes and plans. And now everyhing works! So there was something conflicting in my AIGAIM setup. Nevermind, it works now! Thanks for all the help and happy New Year, and I'm loving the lights!
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