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  1. Hello Rob, Thanks for commenting on this mate, that explains why i had an OOM at Heathrow lol. Yeah i will definitely reduce that back to default. I have a 1070 TI and i honestly forgot about the 8gb limit lol. Anyway thanks mate, Will be sure to reduce that back to default. :)
  2. Yuri, Please do not give up on PTA. Please don't stop developing for P3D! We want PTA for v4!
  3. My only concern about the JAR A330 is i don't know what the upgrade price is for x-plane 11. Does anyone know by chance? Thanks! Wayne George
  4. Fixed the problem, Somehow my API.dll got corrupt but i ran a repair install and all is good now:) Merry Christmas all WayneG
  5. I am kind of regretting updating to the new hotfix, It has somehow messed my P3D up. On the startup scenerio screen, I select the weather radio button for "User Defined" and then it just crashes to desktop immediately without warning, no error messages. I've checked the event viewer and there is nothing there. I tried going back to 3.4 hotfix 1 and it still happens.. Anybody got any idea why? I have no addons installed either. Thanks WayneG
  6. I mean both, so definitely make sure traffic is off, its always been a massive vas hog
  7. I keep my traffic settings OFF. Its a huge vas leak. They found this out this year and i doubt they fixed it. So try turn off all your traffic settings Wayne George
  8. Hi guys, personally I think the Vas leak is back. Before I was able to fly into FlyTampa Toronto in the 777 and NGX and now when I do it after updating to 3.4 I OOM. Anyone else getting vas issues? I've talked to a few people on Facebook and they said before they updated they were able to fly the 777 from KIAD to EGLL and now after updating they are OOM. Thanks Wayne George
  9. Thank you Richard, Greatly appreciate it
  10. This is a really good, In-Depth Guide. I tried the tweak MaintainSystemCopyOfDeviceTextures Unfortunately that tweak causes me to OOM so I dont use it
  11. Hi Richard, Would you kindly please give me your affinity mask setting for the 4790K? I also have a 4790K & not sure what to apply. Thanks Alot Wayne George
  12. I can confirm there is definitely an issue with 5921. the fps drop is insane, no matter what settings you use its still the same result. i hope we can get this fixed. Thanks Wayne George
  13. Whats the vas like using this? is it explosive or no effect? i'm really curious Thanks Wayne George
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