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  1. leefree

    FTX stuck looking for files to update

    AWESOME!! Thank for posting the link! It is now finally working!! lol
  2. leefree

    FTX stuck looking for files to update

    Whats the post? Can't find it. I'm in a similar situation but can't seem to install FTX Global for P3D v4. Installer hangs at 10% so I decided to download the file manually and install it using Central and its still stuck at 10%.
  3. leefree

    What happened to Virtual Avionics?

    Oh sweet! That is good to hear. I would like to get my hands on the EFIS and MCP!
  4. leefree

    VAInterface and P3DV4

    Hmmm, that's weird. It did before. Anyways, I went into the control panel and it already detected the PMDG 737 NGX.
  5. leefree

    VAInterface and P3DV4

    Little problem with Virtual CDU and the PMDG 737 for P3D v4. Since I did an update on the 737 now Virtual CDU 737 doesn't work. I have VAInterface version 2.25 installed on my PC which is the only version I can find on the web and Virtual CDU 1.6 for ipad. There doesn't seem to be an update for iPad app.
  6. leefree

    PMDG 747 Control Event ID's

    I know, bit of an old thread but I figured out how to read some of this stuff. What you'll want is this: #define EVT_MASTER_WARNING_RESET_L (THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 509) All PMDG aircrafts with an SDK has this line in it and this 5 digit number: #define THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN 0x00011000 // equals to 69632 What you do then is take is add the two numbers together to get your 5 digit code to enter into FSUIPC. 69632+509=70141 Go to FSUIPC select the Buttons &Switches tab. Press said button. Off to the right, check Select for FS Control. In the drop down menu select Custom Control. A new window pops up. Enter 70141 and hit ok. Under parameter, enter 1 and hit ok. You should now be able to press the button on your controller to control the Master Warning Switch. Search for these functions in the SDK that begin with "#define EVT_" and end with "(THIRD_PARTY_EVENT_ID_MIN + 509)" I've already programmed the 4 overhead start switches to both of my saitek throttle quads. I've programmed both No smoking and seat belt signs to my custom panel as well as the autobrakes using this method.
  7. leefree

    What happened to Virtual Avionics?

    Hopefully we hear something soon. I've been holding off on buying and EFIS and MCP because I'd like to buy it from them but I think I may end up going through a different website for them.
  8. leefree

    What happened to Virtual Avionics?

    Any news on whether you guys got a new supplier yet? I'm looking to buy your MCP and EFIS this year.
  9. Anyone know why this keeps happenin? I running Virtual CDU 777 on a Pro 12 tablet and almost every flight I get this network error. screen shot
  10. leefree

    Building MIP 737 800 mpdg

    PMDG 737 will not work over a network. You will have to get either simavionics, project magenta or Prosim737 in order to setup a network based sim.
  11. I built my own switch panel and I'm wondering how I can assign some of the functions of the EADT x737 to the switches and rotary switches on my switch panel?
  12. leefree

    X-Plane 11 it's out!!!

    I've been a user of Xplane 11 since beta. Great piece of software. I'm hoping to build a generic home simulator for it. Currently using what I g\have so far with P3D. Right now, I'm testing out the default 737 in XP11 in conjunction with Air Manager and XHSI for the displays for my triple monitor setup. IMG_7134 by Lee Alexander, on Flickr
  13. leefree

    MCP and EFIS no longer in Stock

    Where did you buy your MCP?
  14. leefree

    MCP and EFIS no longer in Stock

    Best to move on guys. These guys have been silent for quite awhile now. I had the cash to buy the EFIS/MCP pro combo but since they haven't restocked and haven't replied to any posts and emails, I'm shopping somewhere else.
  15. Hmmm... good thing I haven't bought this yet. This is the problem I was having using Virtual CDU. My wifi and internet connection is great as well.