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  1. I've been flying the C172 G1000 since release. Tried the airliners but they are pretty bad. Spent money to upgrade to the deluxe edition so I can fly the steam gauge version of the Cessna 172. Then I found out about a program similar to FSEconomy called OnAir Company Manager and its awesome and really gives the sim more purpose. Passed a checkride so I can rent the King Air 350i and transport people and cargo to different airports and make dat money lol. I'm enjoying the hell outta this sim. Its beautiful. Its working together with my thrown together setup. Hell, I'm in midflight right now on a job lol.
  2. Tried that but same results so I ended up doing something different that I saw on a youtube video. In cold and dark, I switched on the battery, than the left and right generators. Set both mixture levels to 100% and then on the ignition section, instead switching it to the ON position to start the engine, I switched it to Starter Only and held it there until 26% N1. It works lol
  3. hahaha thanks. I haven't used the TBM yet. I've been flying the King Air and C172 steam gauge and G1000 versions.
  4. Here's a weird issue that started up in the last couple of days in MSFS. I'm using the King Air 350i. In this video there are two segments of cold and dark startup. The first segment is the cold and dark startup with the hardware that is connected to the sim and have been mapped. Yes, I verified that my devices are functioning (saitek throttles, saitek switch panel, ch products yoke.)You will see that the right engine fails to start despite following the procedures to get the engines to start. The second segment of the video shows me doing the same exact startup sequence but using the mouse to click on the switches and manipulate the mixture controls and the right engine starts up as it should. For some reason, using hardware connected to the sim, I cannot start up engines even though everything is mapped correctly as you can see in the video but have no issues with engine startup when I use the mouse to do the startup procedure. This has been happening the last couple of days. See for yourself. Lee A.
  5. Look for just "Throttle Axis" in the control settings under "Power Management."
  6. Ok let me clarify, are there ant airliners in the works that are PMDG/Aerosoft level?
  7. I tried this with the demo of Flyinside for P3D and couldn't get any windows in. Manipulating switches with this software was a chore as well. Good concept but it needs to be fleshed out more.
  8. I heard the VR in this sim is quite good. Are there any Airliners in the works for it?
  9. WOW. Good thing I checked here first before blowing $600 on their MCP. No fix to the problems in this post???
  10. Since I don't have a yoke and pedals I use my xbox one controller for pitch, roll and rudder/nose wheel steering and since I'm a right hander, I use the touch controller to mess with switches, buttons, knobs and the throttle in Xplane 11. The whole mouse thing in P3D is a buzz kill but I love my PMDG aircrafts.
  11. VR in P3D is ok but coming from Xplane 11 VR, P3D VR needs work. You need 3rd party software called Flyinside to be able to use the VR controllers in P3D and its a pain in the but to use them to manipulate switches and knobs and buttons. I did the flyinside trail for P3D the other day and was not impressed. VR in Xplane 11 is so much easier and better. You can rotate knobs and flip switches. In Flyinside for P3D, you hover the virtual index finger over a button or switch and do a drag action kinda like you would using a mouse cursor. It was annoying as hell. Hopefully Lockheed steps it up a bit in the VR department. The only reason I still have P3D installed on my PC is because I spent quite a bit of cash for the PMDG 737, 747 and the 777.
  12. AWESOME!! Thank for posting the link! It is now finally working!! lol
  13. Whats the post? Can't find it. I'm in a similar situation but can't seem to install FTX Global for P3D v4. Installer hangs at 10% so I decided to download the file manually and install it using Central and its still stuck at 10%.
  14. Oh sweet! That is good to hear. I would like to get my hands on the EFIS and MCP!
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