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  1. Any news on whether you guys got a new supplier yet? I'm looking to buy your MCP and EFIS this year.
  2. Anyone know why this keeps happenin? I running Virtual CDU 777 on a Pro 12 tablet and almost every flight I get this network error. screen shot
  3. PMDG 737 will not work over a network. You will have to get either simavionics, project magenta or Prosim737 in order to setup a network based sim.
  4. I built my own switch panel and I'm wondering how I can assign some of the functions of the EADT x737 to the switches and rotary switches on my switch panel?
  5. I've been a user of Xplane 11 since beta. Great piece of software. I'm hoping to build a generic home simulator for it. Currently using what I g\have so far with P3D. Right now, I'm testing out the default 737 in XP11 in conjunction with Air Manager and XHSI for the displays for my triple monitor setup. IMG_7134 by Lee Alexander, on Flickr
  6. Where did you buy your MCP?
  7. Best to move on guys. These guys have been silent for quite awhile now. I had the cash to buy the EFIS/MCP pro combo but since they haven't restocked and haven't replied to any posts and emails, I'm shopping somewhere else.
  8. Hmmm... good thing I haven't bought this yet. This is the problem I was having using Virtual CDU. My wifi and internet connection is great as well.
  9. I just sent my license request for it. Kinda want to buy it right now.. -Lee Alexander
  10. I think I may have found the culprit. Either I a groovygamegear USB card with 12 switches wired to it. Either the card can't handle that many switches, or I have a short somewhere or the USB interface on my motherboard can't handle 6 things plugged into it. I know I don't have a short in the wiring because I just checked but the problem happened again when I was flying the PMDG 737-900. I just setup controls for that one so I know for a fact there isn't conflicting control assignments. I probably should get a powered USB hub anyways lol -Lee Alexander
  11. Nope I checked that too. Everything checks out. -Lee Alexander
  12. Looked through here and didn't find anyone else having this issue. I use P3D v3.4 and I do not have failures enabled within the sim. Also do not have failures enabled in the PMDG 747 FMC but during flight I lost engines 1,2 and 3 upon descending to Denver international. I was able to switch on the engines again but I am puzzled as to why I have engine failure when I do not have failures enabled anywhere in the sim.
  13. Are there any plans to have a browser version of the PMDG FMC kinda like what FSlabs did for their A320? This would allow anyone with a tablet or ipad to access the FMC via web browser essentially using the tablet/ipad as a touchscreen FMC. Right now the best thing out there is Virtual CDU from Virtual Avionics but the support for it has been nonexistent for a good few months now it seems. -Lee Alexander
  14. I took a look through the files they had in the SDK and didn't see any 5 digit event IDs associated with the different functions of the aircraft. -Lee Alexander
  15. Through searching the web I was able to find PMDG Event IDs for both the 737 NGX and the 777. What these event IDs do is enable you to assign functions within FSUIPC to control different aspects of the aircraft like for example the Autobrakes or Engine start rotary switches in the T7 and 737. If you are building a home cockpit and are building your own overhead panel, these event IDs will come in handy. Here is the website where I found the 737 and T7 Event IDs to use in FSUIPC. http://myhomecockpit.de/index.php/en/tips-tricks/pmdg-event-ids Now I'm looking for the 747 v3 Event IDs and am wondering of anyone has come across them. -Lee Alexander