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  1. Hubinwa

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    For me the standard P3D key commands and the FSUIPC commands for AP and AT work just fine. I also saw a video yesterday where key bindings were mentioned as a problem. So far, not a problem that I have encountered. In fact, all AP functions seem to work fine with basic key commands.
  2. Are you limited to 27" max? I upsized to 43", just a HDTV at 1080p, but I got to agree, size matters.
  3. These are the new features: New Features Specific to P3Dv4 Dynamic lighting for landing lights, beacons Dimmable panel Native P3D V4 compiled model Gauges compiled to 64-bit format New for All Versions: Added airways to the G1000 - ability to load airways and draw them Bug fixes to the G1000, loading procedures panel.cfg pop-ups now reflect 16:9 screen ratio
  4. Hubinwa


    That beauty really shines!
  5. Hubinwa

    Boston to Chester, CT

    Outstanding shots! That is really a nice paint, love the GTN too.
  6. I have multiple Bodnar cards that are all recognized in P3D4 but I do not have Prosim 737. I also use FSUIPC, if that might make a difference.
  7. Hubinwa

    DCS is amazing!

    Controls/views/ zoom in slow zoom out slow I have the A10C and it is fun and easy to fly but, as mentioned, the weapons systems are very complex, imho.
  8. Hubinwa

    DCS is amazing!

    Looks really good! Another choice for us simmers. 2018 is amazing!
  9. Thanks for the nice trip Frank. Beautiful shots but those lobsters steal the show.
  10. Does free access allow you to profile aircraft (performance)? Yes, I have a list of my favorite planes and I can insert whichever from a dropdown into my flight plan and the software makes the performance adjustments. Does it allow you to export nav logs to the two Garmin formats (GNS, GTN). I have not tried that. Very convenient site to use, the interactive weather map is also cool.
  11. Frank, you can upgrade to a paid membership but I just have the basic free one. I've had it for much more than 30 days. I just signed up with my e-mail.
  12. Hubinwa

    STEC autopilot

    On the GPS unit, the CDI button should be set for GPS not VLOC.
  13. Looks like your Radio Master switch is off.
  14. Hubinwa

    P3D v4 and PMDG

    Exactly, and assign those different views to buttons. Almost like scrolling thru 2D panels but better cause you can customize each one.
  15. This is my free favorite.