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  1. I had that issue with the new Nvidia driver. I rolled back and all was well again.
  2. Seeing how it's been 14 years since I bought FSX, I guess I can afford to go all in with the premium version. 🙂
  3. Nice, exterior looks very good. Planning a virtual cockpit?
  4. Glad to hear it was not worse. Speedy recovery John.
  5. I heard there is no flight stick (joystick) support, game pad only. Is that true?
  6. Dick, send Bert a PM (Private message) don't put your email on a post, dangerous.
  7. Hubinwa


    It's not compatible with V4.
  8. This is the first GA plane I've ever flown with manual control wheel steering, what a pleasure that feature is!
  9. Might want to ask Bert Pieke, he has custom mods for several Carenado planes.
  10. Log into your account and the new version is there. 1.053
  11. The way I did it, re: hdg, alt and crs adjustments, was using FSUIPC commands. I would turn the desired hdg knob clockwise and assign it to rapid increase hdg, by tens as I recall. Then, using same knob, rotate counterclockwise and assign that input to decrease hdg slowly, by ones. So, if I wanted to turn right 45 degrees I would turn the knob 5 clicks clockwise, (50 degrees) then back up 5 degrees by clicking counterclockwise 5 clicks. Not 100% real but it worked and only used 1 knob. Hope that makes sense.
  12. Sweet! Looking fwd to having a new bird in a new version of P3D.
  13. This looks like a good choice for someone transitioning from GA to heavies. A full featured FMC can be intimidating. Does the AP and main systems use standard P3D key commands that we can bind to buttons or must you use the mouse ?
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