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  1. Glad you had a happy ending.
  2. I start the engines at the parking area then save the flight. Next time just load that flight and the engines will be running.
  3. Yes sir, agreed and am relieved to know I was wrong. I'd rather have an original.
  4. Couple things: I like the updates, please keep em coming. If you dislike them, don't read them. Secondly, I think Kyle is hinting that maybe PMDG has taken over a project that was not completed by another developer. A certain twin turboprop comes to mind. But on the other hand, that guess is really from left field.
  5. p3dv4

    Good looking shot. Thanks.
  6. FSX

    Beautiful shots as usual. Your trees are spot on also, fall colors are peak here in Spokane.
  7. More great shots too. Thanks
  8. Nice shots there John, I'll be making that same drive soon. I'm thirsty already. lol
  9. Loading the default plane then loading the addon is also the procedure for Flight 1 planes. I just assumed this was a FS requirement, not something that could be changed by the developers.
  10. FSX-MS

    +1 Well said Stan.
  11. Using the U of Florida main frame to take a test in 1980, I accidentally found a game menu with an entry "Fly a plane". Well, I kept flying it until security closed the building and threw me out. That's when I knew I had an addiction.
  12. LM mentioned improving the VC of the Falcon. Looks very nice. Had a blast cloud dancing with it. 4.1 and ASP4 together really gave me a sense of speed as the wispy tops of the clouds zoomed by the cockpit at 500 knots.
  13. Too funny! lol
  14. To me the most shocking thing is that he has time to browse and post to a FS forum while standing in the rubble of his home and business.
  15. Fully functioning EFB tablet with charts and moving maps included. That is a pretty generous package. And the HUD/HGS is icing on the cake.