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  1. No CTD here at all. Sadly SDK hasn't been updated. 😞 A Few ICAO codes were wrong and reported by me in Update #3, they fixed it in Update #4..but they all went all back to Update #5. Going to report all of them again.
  2. Is amazing how some people dont remember how's FSX, P3D bare bones.
  3. Ey Andreas!!. I made a video about Argentina!!. Sadly Iguazu Falls are not modelled , so don't even bother to go there.
  4. It was expected...now seriously...i'm still waiting for the best one and only worth in P3D to say something...Leonardo you there?
  5. Cholila Lodge Aero Fishing. One of the most emblematic Bush airstrips in Patagonia Argentina. The original airstrip wasn't even close to what you will find in reality. So this is my humble work for it. Description CHO - Cholila Lodge Aero Fishing, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina Cords: S 42 27 51 - W 071 36 00 Cholila Lodge Aero Fishing is a Private Aerodrome, owned by Daniel Roy Wegrzyn. Cholila Lodge Aero Fishing is located about 15km away from the city of Cholila. Its a well know location for been the place where Butch Cassidy & Sundance Kid bought a Ranch in 1901 and lived there until 1905 to escape from the US after the big Northern Train Robbery. In 1905 The Pinkerton U.S. agency researchers followed them to Cholila, so they had to leave this place (Wooden Cabin has been restored in 2007). Every year a multi-leg event called "Aero Camping" takes places in this aerodrome. Of course, its free to download right here
  6. Metal Sheets on the roof, should have a bit of metallic on their Comp Maps, (regarding Substance Designer/Painter). is it interesting they dont usually do it on their sceneries. Probably some weird stuff going on Game Engine?. Not the first time a developer takes that decision. good grief!!
  7. it seems to be, even tho they are PBR Textures, Metallic is not really present??
  8. is there anyway to get rid of "Press a Key to Continue"?
  9. Just a few clips i recorded while flying around my country 🙂
  10. Thx for your response. But as far as i understand this mod involves to touch the Official Folder which has the original files (First Post) . Even tho i backed up everything. Something weird made my CJ4 unusable ...by unusable i mean never had the chance to choose it again from the game.
  11. I installed the files on the community folder, and the CJ4 has always been on the Official Folder. Not sure if there's anyway to recover those files, instead of reinstalling the whole sim.
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