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  1. PMDG: Good Fenix: Better..plain simple. EFB and Rain Effects on Fenix... it seems Michelangelo was not that inspired on his last masterpiece.
  2. They really need to figure this out... Anyway, I was hoping for some announcement on this issue along with some comparison to Bob Khan.
  3. Prefer Max Performance doesn't make ANY difference at all nowadays. In fact, you could have a lot more performance out of your GPU, if you undervolt (YES undervolt), will not only make better use of enegy efficiency, but also if you are smart enough and take the proper time to tweak it, you can get more juice of your GPU.
  4. It seems a good price. Good thing that he didn't came out with some Adam Smith comparasion this time.
  5. Finally!! Some proper airliner to be released!! (along with Leonardo's MD) Super excited!
  6. As far as I remember, Italy and only 3 guys working on the plane.
  7. So you guys know. A few streamers already flying the Leonardo Maddog on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/hugothester (Spanish) https://www.twitch.tv/3mbflightsim (German/English)
  8. Day 1 purchase for me, way ahead of any other payware airliner IF they keep FSX/P3D quality.
  9. Finally!!. Something worth it, I've been waiting for this a long time.
  10. Great Idea @abrams_tank! Not a fan of MSFS2020 at all, but always happy for the flightsim community to keep growing on.
  11. We do not know if he uses that. Several times on past streams when he went to the general settings, they were quite different than those listed on the website.
  12. Funny bug/video terrain/plane... we don't know. It seems a nice plane, a pace of change in MSFS. https://clips.twitch.tv/ResourcefulSpinelessKoupreyShadyLulu-9L5YQzaR7eON1Bzh
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