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  1. PapaRomeo

    Carenado working on new installers.

    At least they are working on it...
  2. I was actually thinking about switching to prepar3d. It seems like they are ahead with graphical settings.
  3. PapaRomeo

    Global, Vector, OpenLC What do i need?

    Sorry, i did not explain my self very well. I have mesh, but wondered why it wasn't including in 3 packages. RIGHT NOW, at this very moment I'm thinking about switching to prepa3d. But what about my already purchased FTX Global?
  4. PapaRomeo

    Global, Vector, OpenLC What do i need?

    Seems like i would still need a mesh, even with the 3 ORBX products.
  5. PapaRomeo

    Global, Vector, OpenLC What do i need?

    Yup, its about Europe. I can see you can save some money now, so maybe i should just try it?
  6. PapaRomeo

    Global, Vector, OpenLC What do i need?

    I was also thinking about variety of textures, you should think it will work better together with just orbx products. I just haven't tried it yet.
  7. I was wondering this: I already have FTX Global, UTX, and custom mesh installed. Do i need Vector and OpenLC, isn't that the same as UTX and my mesh? Or is ORBX products better? Please fill in your feedback. Thanks.
  8. PapaRomeo

    GPU upgrade

    I thought about the monitor situation. 4K is high, and if I go with that, i'm forever stuck with getting Ultra high end cards, or switch monitor again. And how far are 4K at the moment? Not everything can be run in 4K right?
  9. Thinking about upgrading my 780 card. But what to do? Not sure i will do it for "just" a 980. But what about the Titan X? That will give me a lot better performance, yes? But then again, 2x970 is cheaper and performs better? But then again... i only have PCI 2.0, so perhaps a bottleneck with 2x970? And IF, i choose a Titan X, should i go 4K Then? Please join with all you input, i can't figure what to do, and keep in mind this is not just for FSX, but also gaming.
  10. PapaRomeo

    DX10 to DX9

    Well, perhaps you are right. This shouldn't be a DX9 vs DX10 thread, but happy thoughts :-) I just like the discussion, because i have been split 50/50 about this.
  11. PapaRomeo

    DX10 to DX9

    These posts are just fine. DX9 and DX10 threads are indeed very relevant. With the DX10 Fixer, it's absolutely worth a try.
  12. Ok, that sounds like good temperatures. Thanks for replying. :-)
  13. Thanks for the reply. And I think my 2600k does a fairly good job.
  14. What if HT is disabled? Can you run higher speeds, or does it not matter. I ask because I run with HT off on my 2600k, to reduce heat and stuttering.
  15. Perhaps someone tried a similar cpu to the 5930k?