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  1. Well, that is a bit sad. I live in Denmark, and for some reason Visa payment does not work in that store. I have already been in contact with sim market, and I have a long purchase history from FSX days. Just Flight, ORBX, Flysimware and others works just fine. But that is of course another story. Just a little heads up for devs that uses Simmarket, might miss out on purchases.
  2. Any other good places to get this than Simmarket? For some reason I always have problems when trying to purchase something from there.
  3. Thanks for info. The REX weather seems to be a bit broken ATM.
  4. Hi all. Does anybody know, that when using live weather, if the sim constantly updates during long flights? Or do we need to go in weather settings from time to time, and update manually?
  5. I think we all know it ain’t easy these days. But the constant updates are very appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Downloaded latest version right now. Unfortunately, I have the low fps bug again, when taxiing on grass.
  7. It runs so smooth for me, absolutely better than ever!
  8. We are many that have these experiences. We just don't say it out loud! 🙂
  9. Farming Simulator 19, while waiting for 22. And ofcourse testing Msfs2020 from time to time.
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