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  1. Started happening for me, not much but still annoying. had 2 disconnects on a 5 hour flight.
  2. Thinking about getting this. What are the overall thoughts about GSX Pro?
  3. Having problems with latest build, before it worked fine for me.
  4. Well, since I will be getting both eventually, I could just start with the FENIX.
  5. Lots of good input here. it’s really hard making a choice, but performance needs to be acceptable.
  6. Hi all. Help me a little here, thanks. We all know I will be getting both, but which one should I start with? Which one is the most beginner friendly, and have an easy flightplan import function? A little input to guide my way. And they can both only be purchased at developer webside? The amount of websides I use for flightsim is taking over, LOL. Best regards.
  7. When I press APPR on my Honeycomb, its not actually doing anything, you have to manually press it with mouse in the sim. My way doing it. 1:Press APPR on honeycomb. 2:Hit the Nav button 3:Press APPR in the sim with mouse on panel. Notice the switch between FMS and LOC
  8. What version would be the best ATM? Perhaps I need something until PMDG arrives.
  9. Do you use a joystick for realism, or just go unrealistic with a yoke?
  10. Try deleting rolling cache, if it has been used. I also read elsewhere, that deleting registry files within MSFS2020, helps, but I need to Google that again, think I saw the tip in a ORBX forum.
  11. I feel the sim runs fairly good with high/ultra settings, even in dense areas with airliners, with my specs. 1440p.
  12. So basically, if I get Navigraph, I get the best and most expensive? Then it all comes down to to what I personally need. What happens if you cancel subscription?
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