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  1. bsmfinegan

    FS Global Ultimate and Envtex 1.2

    Envtex replaces sky and cloud textures mainly. Fsglobal only deals with terrain mesh. The two products are mutually exclusive, one does not affect the other in any way. Bryan.
  2. bsmfinegan

    Aerosoft selected title 30% off

    Aspen extended sale at Aerosoft.
  3. bsmfinegan

    Cereproc Autumn Sale

    Work fine for me. Bryan.
  4. bsmfinegan

    Cereproc Autumn Sale

    Thanks for the post, added two more to the collection. Bryan.
  5. bsmfinegan

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Flight1 have said you can buy it for full price now and then raise a ticket to refund the difference. Personally I am waiting for someone to report on any performance increases as I found the mustang be a fps hog in FSX Bryan.
  6. bsmfinegan

    Data Link Fail

    Problem solved, dodgy panel state.
  7. bsmfinegan


    Played around with MCE and GSX and have found out if the GSX menu is opened first then MCE interacts correctly. So the problem seems to be with MCE interacting with the GSX menu. Gsx is using the standard ctrl+f12 hotkey. Bryan.
  8. Having problems with Mce interacting with Gsx. Sitting at Fly Tampa's EHAM in the PMDG 747 v3 I ask Dieter to request catering services. Dieter contacts the ramp agent, the ramp agent acknowledges the request but the catering vehicles never arrive. I read somewhere that the Gsx window is supposed to open when Mce is interacting with it?....but that is not happening. Would appreciate any help with this problem. Bryan.
  9. bsmfinegan

    P2A Config Settings

    Ok, forget my last post. I moved the P2A AppConfig.xml file from it's folder and let P2A rebuild a new one and all seems fixed. I will check the folder permissions as you suggested. Will let you know if I have any more problems. Bryan.
  10. bsmfinegan

    P2A Config Settings

    Thanks for the reply Dave. When you say reset the settings, how would I go about that? If you mean just enter new data I have found that P2A is not remembering any new entries that I make. Bryan.
  11. bsmfinegan

    P2A Config Settings

    Currently trying P2A in the 10 day evaluation period and am liking what I am seeing so far. I have run into a problem where all of the setting in the P2A config tab have completely cleared themselves. For example all of the figures from the ATC settings tab have disappeared except for altitude change lead time and frequency change time options. In the speech tab there is now no option to select a speech output device and the three other options on that tab are all set to zero. On the AI Traffic tab all the boxes are cleared. I also set up the weather tab to use Active Sky as the weather source and that has cleared it's settings as well. Anyhow, I think you get the idea, the only thing I have changed on my system was I had to reinstall Fsuipc after some problems I was having with it. I was tempted to just reinstall P2A but I did not know how that would effect the evaluation period. Look forward to any suggestions you may have. Bryan.
  12. bsmfinegan

    REX Sky Force - Cloud Model Sync Explanation

    It's Active Sky that produces those effects not ASCA.
  13. bsmfinegan

    Fatal Crash

    Thanks Gerald, Works great thank you. I have one other problem for you to have a look at which Ben was dealing with, but he asked me to wait for the Fslabs airbus to release. Problem concerns miss dialling of altitudes when aircraft are airborne with autopilot connected and LNAV and VNAV are activated. Problem aircraft are the PMDG 747x and the MD11x also from PMDG. Commands are correctly recognized (red text), but co pilot will dial altitude knob back sometimes as much as 4000 ft before turning the other way, but will always overshoot the commanded altitude. Any further attempts to correct the altitude results in co pilot dialling altitude all the way to 50000 ft and even then the knob can be seen turning for some time afterwards. So clearly MCE is not reading the position of the altitude bug correctly in these aircraft. Would appreciate if you could take a look. Thanks Bryan.
  14. bsmfinegan

    Microsoft Agrees they were too Aggressive!

    Unbelievably arrogant is closer still. Bryan.