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  1. Ok, received my yoke and have installed it ok, I am impressed, very solid. I am just wondering if the yoke should make any noise in operation. When I use the roll axis the yoke is completely silent and very smooth, but I can't say the same for the elevator axis. When pushing forward or pulling back on the yoke there is a grinding noise. There does not appear to be any stiction when moving the yoke through it's full travel but it does feel a bit harder to move the shaft compared to the roll axis. Is this something to be concerned about? Regards Bryan.
  2. I run a 4790K, 16 gig of ram and run with most setting ultra and get a fairly steady 30fps with the a320 at egll. But I also run a 1080 ti so your mileage may vary. Bryan.
  3. If you have downloaded the full installer you might consider hanging onto it. If Lockheed upload another hotfix and you don't like it then you can roll back to your previous version. Bryan.
  4. Perhaps it's best if you take this subject elsewhere, it certainly does not belong in this forum.
  5. Thanks for the replies, I apologise for the lack of info in my first post. Well, I have successfully installed the GTN 750 into the 35a panel. I needed to have the sim running and the 35a loaded in the sim for the Management tool to work, the instructions do not mention that it was necessary to have the aircraft loaded first. Thanks for all the helpful advice. Bryan.
  6. Latest version of the Lear installed (4.2g) but cannot get the Flight1 GTN750 to install in the panel. Have used the management tool following the instructions but no joy. Open to any suggestions. Thanks Bryan.
  7. Not to worry, decided to restore an earlier Macrium image and the problem is sorted. Thanks for the reply. Bryan.
  8. Has anyone seen this problem before (Screenshot https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipOqeNZyjU9z07UGgffwZ_ZCmIOzax-sM8GIBGYO ). This problem started after installing the Leonardo Maddog md82 for P3d v4.4. I enabled PBR for the interior and exterior of the Maddog. It could of course be a coincident that I became aware of the problem afterwards but I doubt it. Troubleshooting steps so far: 1. Reinstalled Graphics drivers and cleared P3d shaders and restarted computer. 2. Deleted all exterior views and recreated them using Chaseplane. 3. Disabled PBR options for the Maddog. None of the above have helped. Any help is most welcome.😁 Bryan.
  9. You got sucked in as well then..... lol Damm necro posting. Bryan.
  10. Envtex replaces sky and cloud textures mainly. Fsglobal only deals with terrain mesh. The two products are mutually exclusive, one does not affect the other in any way. Bryan.
  11. Aspen extended sale at Aerosoft. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-x-steam/sceneries/1454/aspen-extended?number=AS13796
  12. Thanks for the post, added two more to the collection. Bryan.
  13. Flight1 have said you can buy it for full price now and then raise a ticket to refund the difference. Personally I am waiting for someone to report on any performance increases as I found the mustang be a fps hog in FSX Bryan.
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