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  1. @Sanctus Is that only xVision? Which preset?
  2. JordanChin

    Screen Tearing in X-plane 11

    Use nvidia inspector and change the vsync mode from adaptive to standard. That'll fix it. I'm sing 1/2 refresh rate as well.
  3. Try this setting: set("sim/private/controls/planet/kill_hi", 0)
  4. @frontendrob I really love what you've done with Ventura Sky. I'm back to default clouds and got your script working by disabling a few lines in your code. Skymaxx hasn't been that very convincing to me so far. One thing that had annoyed the living daylights out of me was the white out in cloud effect when going through cloud layers. I managed to fix it with a script I wrote and thought it would be useful to share here (I might put it on the .org as well). I got inspiration from the algorithm in RTH and improved upon it. It essentially disables the effect when passing through clouds and re-enables it when out to allow visibility changes to happen. --Only works when aircraft is in flight. Does not work in free camera mode.function cld_whiteout() --Cloud offset from aircraft cld_offset = 0 --Get current cloud heights and coverages cb0=get("sim/weather/cloud_base_msl_m[0]") cb1=get("sim/weather/cloud_base_msl_m[1]") cb2=get("sim/weather/cloud_base_msl_m[2]") ct0=get("sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[0]") ct1=get("sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[1]") ct2=get("sim/weather/cloud_tops_msl_m[2]") cc0=get("sim/weather/cloud_coverage[0]") cc1=get("sim/weather/cloud_coverage[1]") cc2=get("sim/weather/cloud_coverage[2]") --Get current aircraft altitude in meters alt=get("sim/flightmodel/position/elevation") --Disable white out flag when aircraft enters clouds if (alt >= (cb0-cld_offset)) and (alt <= (ct0+cld_offset)) and cc0 ~= 0 then wo_flag = 0 set("sim/private/controls/skyc/white_out_in_clouds", wo_flag) elseif (alt >= (cb1-cld_offset)) and (alt <= (ct1+cld_offset)) and cc0 ~= 0 then wo_flag = 0 set("sim/private/controls/skyc/white_out_in_clouds", wo_flag) elseif (alt >= (cb2-cld_offset)) and (alt <= (ct2+cld_offset)) and cc0 ~= 0 then wo_flag = 0 set("sim/private/controls/skyc/white_out_in_clouds", wo_flag) else --Enable white out flag when aircraft not in clouds to allow visibility changes wo_flag = 1 set("sim/private/controls/skyc/white_out_in_clouds", wo_flag) end enddo_often("cld_whiteout()") It only works when the aircraft is in flight, so the effect is still there if you change to free camera mode (if there's a dataref for altitude in free camera mode I could fix it). Just copy and paste the code as save as a .lua file.
  5. JordanChin

    FSUIPC Updated for P3D 3.4

    Fix control acceleration seems to be the cause for crashes in 4.957.
  6. JordanChin

    Sun in Low Visibility

    Great! Looking forward to it :smile:.
  7. Hi Steve, Is there a possibility that the sun can be hidden in low visibility from the shaders? This is what happens currently in low visibility.
  8. Got these errors: "Failed to load", "Failed to load" and "". Renaming the 1st two fixes the problem. I can't seem to find that last texture however. I will post this information in the developer's forum. Thanks for the help Steve! Very much appreciated!
  9. I purchased Aerosoft's MYNN earlier today, but I notice there's an issue with the lights. There are visible squares underneath the light poles around the airport. This does not happen in DX9. The markings on the apron also have a transparency issue. The options available from the fixer don't seem to fix it. Here are a few screenshots of the issue:
  10. JordanChin

    AS Next available now

    Man I have to say ASN is amazing! I've used freeware wx generators and Opus but man oh man ASN brings a much better experience. The guys at Hifi have something special! I think I might buy it before my trial is up. I do notice that my FPS takes a hit randomly while using ASN though. There are times I'll maintain 30fps and then it drops to low teens in the same weather. It doesn't happen all the time, because I did a flight earlier and I had a solid 25-30fps in some bad weather. Anyone else having that?
  11. JordanChin

    Any fix to Enbseries making FSX CTD?

    You can try copying "d3dx9_26.dll", "d3dx9_40.dll" and "d3dx9_43.dll" from SysWOW64 and put them into your FSX root directory. It seemed to have cured my problems with enb crashing but YMMV.
  12. JordanChin

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    Replied via PM, but my version is intended for the default WaterConstants.xml. Cheers!
  13. JordanChin

    Bojote's Shader 3.0 mod for FSX

    I actually manged to fix the problems that plagued bojote's sm3 in fsx by making a hybrid of default fsx shaders with his files. Most of the shaders are sm3, the others are left at sm2 (full sm2, not a mix of sm2 and sm1.1) such as the general shader, terrain20 shader and the water shaders (for compatibility with fswc and rex). -Fixed the sun bleeding through solid objects -Fixed the water issue (you can use fswc now) -Fixed the issue with white objects such as trees and buildings in fog -Fixed the issue with wave animations showing through think layers of clouds and trees -Fixed world covered in white in top-down view Download: Credits to bojote for this wonderful mod. Cheers.