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  1. astroavion

    Can't set views anymore.

    Same here. I can't set any views on any aircraft since I bought XP.
  2. astroavion

    Ortho Problem

    Hmm. No, I don't see anything like that in either folder. In the folder "yOrtho4XP_Overlays" there is only a folder "earthnavdata" inside of which are two folders, +30-110 and +30-120. Inside the other folder, Arizona_2015_1m are three folders, earthnavdata, terrain and textures. None of these contain anything entitled "Build Overlays". Maybe I didn't download the right items or perhaps deleted them after the conversion process. Thanks Again, Andrew
  3. astroavion

    Ortho Problem

    Not sure I understand what you mean by "generating the overlays".
  4. astroavion

    Ortho Problem

    Well, I only have these two entries: SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/yOrtho4XP_Overlays/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/zOrtho4XP_Arizona And they sit in that order, above.
  5. astroavion

    Ortho Problem

    So it is possible to have 2 installations on the same machine without messing anything up?
  6. astroavion

    Ortho Problem

    Thanks for the replies. My problem, which I fixed, was quite simple, actually. I was of the understanding when you put scenery into the scenery folder, the ini file automatically writes the new scenery info lines at the bottom. I checked it, and saw that the two lines were not there, so I simply added them and it worked. I feel stupid :p. I am pretty sure all of my other sceneries I added automatically wrote to the ini file. I now noticed that I have no night lights, or vehicles. Does Ortho not feature this? I am very new to X-Plane, but have been using Microsoft flight sims for over 20 years. Thanks again, AG
  7. I just spent the last 36 hours trying to install and convert textures for Arizona Ortho scenery. Now XP11.2 won't start at all. I tried removing the two folders; yOrtho4XP_Overlays, and Arizona_2015_1m. And nothing changed. I get a CTD. I followed the directions exactly as stated in the instructions on the forum. So, screw it. Installing this complicated thing is over my head. Should have left well-enough alone. So how do I reverse all of what I just did so i can return to my default scenery so I have a flight sim again? I assume I am just going to have re-install X-Plane. I am not looking for another download three more programs or do 42 more steps to get this to work or anything like that. I just want to reverse the damage it seems to have caused me. Thanks, Andrew
  8. Way way too complicated for the average Joe. Screw it. I guess I'll stick with the default scenery.
  9. astroavion

    Rikoo B717

    Well, thanks anyway.
  10. 12 years later. Just had the same problem. Lvl-D is buggy. Think I'll quit using it.
  11. astroavion

    AI Separation Program Problem Query

    I found the best way is to start in this order (personally): Steam Active Sky Next FSX Then AI Sep I load the flight and as it's loading I connect the AI Sep and then retrieve data. It usually starts 90% of the time. Thanks, Skywatcher.
  12. astroavion

    Rikoo B717

    Could someone please make a livery for the Rikooo B717 in Delta livery? This has been needed for a long time. I cannot find one anywhere on the internet. Thanks, Andrew
  13. astroavion

    AI Separation Program Problem Query

    I don't like using AI Separation. It errors out all the dang time.
  14. astroavion

    Pacific Islands VAs

    Maybe I'll start my own, then. Wish I knew how.
  15. astroavion

    Couatl and FSX-SE

    No idea, as I see my post was deleted, and i don't remember it's content. I may have accidentally posted on the wrong page. Apologies.