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  1. astroavion

    Rikoo B717

    Well, thanks anyway.
  2. 12 years later. Just had the same problem. Lvl-D is buggy. Think I'll quit using it.
  3. astroavion

    AI Separation Program Problem Query

    I found the best way is to start in this order (personally): Steam Active Sky Next FSX Then AI Sep I load the flight and as it's loading I connect the AI Sep and then retrieve data. It usually starts 90% of the time. Thanks, Skywatcher.
  4. astroavion

    Rikoo B717

    Could someone please make a livery for the Rikooo B717 in Delta livery? This has been needed for a long time. I cannot find one anywhere on the internet. Thanks, Andrew
  5. astroavion

    AI Separation Program Problem Query

    I don't like using AI Separation. It errors out all the dang time.
  6. astroavion

    Pacific Islands VAs

    Maybe I'll start my own, then. Wish I knew how.
  7. astroavion

    Couatl and FSX-SE

    No idea, as I see my post was deleted, and i don't remember it's content. I may have accidentally posted on the wrong page. Apologies.
  8. astroavion


    I just wanted to say that I was having a terrible time with CTDs, usually when I switched from full screen mode to windowed mode. I tried everything, searched everywhere, and could find nothing. What finally fixed it was when I deleted REX Direct. Ever since, I have had zero CTDs and my sim has never ran smoother. Disappointing, because I really liked REX, but I find the default clouds with ASN to be fine for my needs. Hope this helps someone. Andrew Grey
  9. astroavion

    Contrails Not Showing

    I like using this file for contrails. Maybe this will work if you don't already have it? Avsim library: Here is another one: Andrew Grey
  10. astroavion

    Couatl and FSX-SE

    Never heard of MAIW?
  11. astroavion

    Pacific Islands VAs

    Hello, Does anyone know of a VA which flies to many Pacific islands, or preferably, exclusively to Pacific islands/Australia/Oceania? I was wanting to explore the area via a decent VA. Thanks, Andrew
  12. astroavion

    INS Problems

    Whenever I start up my PMDG B737-800 NGX from a cold and dark state, I get to the INS set to align, I click it over and get alarms. The light flashes back and forth between ALIGN lights. The left IRS says "on DC" and the right IN DC light is out. The alarm persists. I try to hit the FMS button on the FMS and it doesn't work. What gives here?
  13. astroavion

    Edit Voice Pack Error

    Guess I will have to. So sick of having to register for forums. But thanks, I'll head over there.
  14. astroavion

    Ok How Do I Fix This? Scenery Library Blank

    Thanks for your help everyone. I uninstalled and tried to re-install FSX, but I live in a rural area and have super slow internet. It is saying it will be ready to launch in 4 days and 20 hours. So I'll be back next week to follow up with this, if necessary. heh
  15. astroavion

    Ok How Do I Fix This? Scenery Library Blank

    BBEncode? I don't have a clue what you are talking about. I'm just a draftee. heh I went to the suggested site and made an account. Can't I just post a link to the pic as I did above? Or is this not allowed? I didn't see any tutorial anywhere. Edit - ok I found the 'tutorial' post.