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  1. Hi Kevin, Mine is working fine now thanks. I have to run the sim as administrator. Is there a difference in when you already are a administrator?
  2. Thanks Kevin, That worked for me to!
  3. Hi Rob, I have mapped one of my joystick slider to the "Throttle Reversers Axis" just to see if i can reproduce te problem. The reverser works but also i can use the parkingbrake as normal. so with the "Throttle Reversers Axis" mapped to an axis i have no problem Cheers Jos
  4. JARVG

    Are the servers down again?

    nothing wrong here (Holland)
  5. JARVG

    Future Projects

    2 months sinds this remark, but we havent seen any progress or news?
  6. JARVG

    change mouse button functions

    You could try https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm Works fine for me
  7. JARVG

    proposal for button assignment

    Realy like this new option! well done!
  8. JARVG

    Future Projects

    Did UGCX drag enough now to put the pushback feature back in the 777 and 737 software?
  9. it looks like its dead now, not even a reply from Bryan anymore.
  10. I see in the Manual, there is no butten cotrol for the touch and go functionality? Why is that? Regards, JAR
  11. well, thats hard to believe! JAR
  12. JARVG

    Angle of Attack Training

    the next lesson is delayed again. I had enough and asked for a refund.I am curious what their reply will be. I bought the full package in august last year.
  13. JARVG

    Angle of Attack Training

    There is no lesson for 8 weeks now. there was an estimate for wednesday, but up til now there is nothing.JAR