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  1. Everything is fine now Thnx May i suggest that you do not make the next update mandatory, so we can keep using the older version if something is wrong?
  2. yet another more then 24 hours. I don't want a test version. 1.0 was stable and after a minor forced update you broke it. That is 11 days ago Stop making last minute changes and provide me a stable version i payed for.
  3. More then a week now and no update? I only fly PMDG why not roll back so i can use the program?
  4. I still cant use PMDG aircraft with your progam. regards JARVG
  5. thnx for your fast reply Manuel, Please dont get me wrong, I do understand the difficulties of programming and all the different kind of computers. I do understand that bugs are not easy to prevent. I am just saying that if i had a chance to roll back to the older version it wouldn't have bin a problem. regards
  6. Like there is now, Version 1.2 is not usable for PMDG aircraft, because it never stops pushing. I am sure you will fix it, but for now i have a non working program. This would have bin solved by using the older version, until you fix it. besides that the update is not user friendly. i hope you find a more comfortable solution for future updates.
  7. I have the same problem with PMDG 747 an 777, it keeps pushing back forever on computer generated routes. It also overhoots the line I also noticed the nosewheel is not turning with the position of the tug anymore. The hydraulics are set. JARVG
  8. Hi Kevin, Mine is working fine now thanks. I have to run the sim as administrator. Is there a difference in when you already are a administrator?
  9. Hi Rob, I have mapped one of my joystick slider to the "Throttle Reversers Axis" just to see if i can reproduce te problem. The reverser works but also i can use the parkingbrake as normal. so with the "Throttle Reversers Axis" mapped to an axis i have no problem Cheers Jos
  10. 2 months sinds this remark, but we havent seen any progress or news?
  11. You could try https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm Works fine for me
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