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  1. icycle

    Queen of the Skies and FSX

    I thought that the MD-11 was FS2004 only?BestBill
  2. I'm just in the process of flying the 757-300, and after reading the post, I advanced it up to 16X just to see. She was steady as a rockI haven't tried all the permutations yet, but no evidence of the "walk" of the old A320 at high sim rates yet.BestBill
  3. icycle

    update configs error, help!

    Yup,Same issue here.BestBill
  4. icycle

    No digital readouts

    yup, did that and it worked like a champ.ThanksBill
  5. icycle

    No digital readouts

    Yup, Same problem here,3x re-installs, no joy.BestBill
  6. icycle

    Anyone tried "AirportsUSA" yet?

    Yeah, Simflyers.I believe that Ocean Flight are all ex-Simflyers. It looks like a re-work of their previous designs. I gotta admit that the price is nice. Even if the only one I don't have already is KMCOBestBill
  7. icycle

    Lack of Liveries For SP

    I've taught myself how to paint with the Aerosim paintkit for the SP. Even able to figure out alpha layers to get my American SP reasonable. Its really rather straightforward. If only I had more time, I'd clean 'em up and release 'em (United oc too).BestBill
  8. Here are a couple of early works-in-progrss on some SP repaintsBestBill
  9. icycle

    Searching keycommands for the doors

    I still have issues with anything assigned to the 747-Cargo page. No matter what I assign in terms of keys.I believe that it has to do with how I have the repaints installed however. I don't want to have 700Meg tied up in one plane with all the repaints I have. Each of my repaints are able to be added in and out seperately by each having its own folder,aircraft.cfg file, and .air file. I just alias the sound and panel as appropriate. Its the way that I have all of my 1000+ FS planes/repaints setup, including the PMDG747-400 PAX with no problems. That way I can move them in an out of FS as I need them. With the 400F, however, any settings with the 747-cargo page do not have any effect on any of my repaints. The "main" install, that I only keep the PMDG liveries in, seems to work, if that makes sense. I'm pretty much resigned to having no "full cargo" visual functionality at this point. Kind of a shame though. BestBill
  10. :)You know, even I could maybe on a really, really, good day figure out how to repaint that one.BestBill
  11. icycle

    Having trouble opening the doors..

    Here's further research. I can get the default liveries to work, but when I try my Air China,Cargolux, or Polar (all I have before the server restrictions) they DO NOT work. Hmm?? I can't imagine a livery installer would cause the issue. But I'll try to re-intall the liveries and see what happens.BestBill
  12. icycle

    Having trouble opening the doors..

    Okay, I've read Chapter 13, Have the proper bus AVAILABLE, assigned keys on the PMDG page. Still not able to activate any doors specific to the 400F. All the doors common to the 400Pax work fine (lower cargo etc.) I've even changed my key commands to match the ones in the earlier post. I've also checked for conflicts with FSNAV,ASV, etc. and can find no conflicts. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong???BestBill
  13. icycle

    B747SP is available for download!!!

    Oh, One minor little issue. The Pan Am version is set up using the RR (Rolls Royce) model. A little .air file editing is needed to get the proper PW version.BestBill
  14. Just picked it up.At last we have a SP for FS9 that has the visual model right. Seems to fly like you would expect a stubby 747 fly. I already have N530PA "Clipper Mayflower" enroute from Tokyo to New York. Now just have to get busy with the paintkit!! LOL!!!BestBill
  15. icycle

    The 747SP

    I guess as an owner of the Vol. 1 release, I can justify the $19.97 for what appears to be the best modeled 747SP in years. The VC-25A is just a bonus, for me. Although the unique modeling, including the different entry/exit, IR counter-measures, and assorted antennae, really make that model unique also.The value for Vol.1 for me is the 747 anyway. The 737 I still use FFX/SGA, and the 727 I still use Dreamfleet, so they really arn't a factor for me. The fairly accurate rendition of the 747-100/200 is the best I've seen. Yes you can go for detail of a PW-200 in Ready for Pushback, or use a fairly good freeware -200 from Posky if thats what you want. I just like the package of a good visual model, that flys well without being overly complex. Yes, I do fly the PMDG -400 (and will invest in the -400F when it comes out) and the PSS 777, and while "fun" can be a challenge to enjoy due to niggling little issues due to their complexity.Just my 2 centsBestBill