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  1. I say, give us the plane so that we hobby-painters can start making all these requests! ;)
  2. I'm running this main computer in LAN with my laptop, and looking for a way to connect let's say for instance FSX "live" with either Google Earth or even GoogleMaps on the laptop to use is lets say a 'GPS'..Is this possible?
  3. Been trying for some time to get these two addons to work with eachother, everytime it ends with disaster!When I swap out the CS panel with the PSS the A/C itself looks like it belongs in Mohave with no wheels and engine covers open.Ideas?Tom
  4. Yes, I have online updates on. I also tried the second server, no joy.Here is what I get now 09:40 local time in Oslo;LOCAL DATE/TIME:6/9/2007/09:40SYSTEM ZULU DATE/TIME 6/9/2007 07:40ZACTIVE WX 090650Z (This looks correct, but when I move my eyes down..)Closest station ENGM/1nm:ENGM 090110Z VRB02KT CAVOK 15/08 Q1021I get the metar from 0110Z?
  5. Still the same, all over Norway and Sweden. The weather is not what it should be, and the metars are all 10hours old. TAF processing made things even worse with fog and haze, and the reality is CAVOK and 28 degrees C @ the moment.
  6. Lately when trying to fire up AS with the latest online weather it gives me a rather old metar.Last example, today (10min) ago. Fired it up at 16:10 and it gave me the weather for 0210Z last night (Oslo Gardermoen).I'm using AS6 build 552.
  7. Hey folks,Using the newest B536, I get the weather from 11JAN06 here in Norway. Also noticed that server 1 is very slow.. it takes like 2 minutes to load the 400kbs..Anyone else?
  8. Is the lightning controlled by FSX or is it the "pictures" itself?
  9. .. anyone with flightplan from EPWA to KJFK, KEWR, KORD?Thanks
  10. .. some words from some guys who work with the Queen 3x a'week ;)The registration you guys painted is an -ERF in real life, but we might be able to forgive you for just that ;)F.Y.I.
  11. All taken care of!Tough, I tought my posts were signed..?Hmm..
  12. Folks, first - thanks for a exellent baby! Havent tested it too much yet, but it looks very nice.Tough, I have some trouble opening the doors and get the loaders in place. Engines are off, no external power connected and I'm hitting SHIFT-E to open the main door, nothing happends. I also assign all the other usual keys like wingfold, tailhook but nothing seem to help..Guys? ;)
  13. The guys seems alittle busy.. I wonder why! ;)
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