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  1. What “reported issues” would those be? Kind of reminds me of the people who wouldn’t update Windows XP to SP1 and later to Windows 7, because despite all the security patches and countless other updates and optimizations, they were scared of some “performance issue” someone reported that had been solved years ago. The dev team tests on the latest version of Windows. It’s what they build against.
  2. It’s cool. Interestingly enough, back when FS8/2002 was the current version, I used to fly cross country flights to build hours and sometimes under the hood with a safety pilot, and I would use the sim to practice the approach and familiarize myself with the area.
  3. I’ve had a PP-ASEL certificate for almost 30 years. Learned on a C-152 and logged about 3000 hours in C-172s, PA-28s, even a few C-182s and other assorted fixed wing aircraft. I was merely responding to the “it’s boring” comment. I do occasionally fly other aircraft in the simulator, but much of the time I fly the same aircraft I would fly in RL and do it as close to reality as I can. Maybe I’m just boring. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. It’s the plane most RL pilots learn in and fly for $100 hamburgers. Like an ATP in a 737 simulator, I fly in the C-172 in MSFS because that’s what I actually fly. I guess it depends on why you use the sim. Is it a game so you can pretend to fly planes you’d never fly in RL, or is it a training tool.
  5. So much speculation and pontificating. Seems pretty simple: - MSFS 2024 is a new product and will not be a free “add on pack” - MSFS 2024 will be an evolution of the current software with some enhancements and new features that will probably never be back ported to 2020. - MSFS 2020 will continue to be supported and will assumedly have bug fixes and other critical updates, but probably won’t get the same level of scenery and other updates. - MSFS 2024 will use the same add ons if purchased in the marketplace. So backwards compatibility isn’t an issue.
  6. I had looked in the Marketplace and was using the wrong terminology. Good news is cranked up the sIm this morning and it’s there. So no idea why I didn’t see yesterday.
  7. Yes…and I have them. Nothing is available this time. That’s the problem.
  8. I started FS and it asked me to load the almost 700MB mandatory update, but then I don’t see any WU12 content in Content Manager. The previously loaded 1-11 world updates are there and show installed, but there is no available content. Did I miss some magic step somewhere? How do I force the update in content manager?
  9. Probably sitting in a college class, if we didn’t have the day off for Veterans Day here in the US.
  10. So with a 5 year old machine running an i9 and RTX2080Ti card, is there any benefit to even trying DX12? Is DX12 essentially a configuration for people who have relatively new systems or at least 3000 series GPUs?
  11. And then if they said “it will be out next week” and it slips due to bugs or an issue like nVidia slipping drivers, folks will claim they “lied” etc.
  12. The problem is they can’t win. No matter what they do, one group or individual will complain. When they just dumped releases out based on dates, folks complained that they weren’t beta testing and the quality was poor. So they started doing beta releases and testing and slipping release dates based on feedback and quality. And people still complain. For years…no for decades…we had MSFS releases that never got updates. Maybe one “service pack” years into the release to address an extension pack or egregious set of bugs they had to fix. And we lived with it. 3rd party devs told us time and again “it will be done when it’s done” and we smiled and threw down our $79.99 for their magic months after initially expected. It’s software. Things happen.
  13. I’m a real life pilot and had my plane based at KFIT in Massachusetts. New England is exactly what you’re describing. Mountains, coastlines, cities, rivers, lakes, and class B, C, and D airspace all around. Lots of scenery add ons.
  14. I didn’t know we had sides. How do you know what side you were picked for?
  15. Same here. And TrackIR just works and has for 20 years. I’ve had my current TrackIR 5 hardware for more than a decade. Only issue for me was the bug in the software that’s been fixed.
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