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  1. Works fine for me, but I had to set the shortcut to run as administrator for it to work.
  2. This article is 5 years old, but mentions one item that I forgot but that’s important. Windows XP was developed without the use of Microsoft’s “Trustworthy Computing” model, and although SP1 (that was resisted by some specifically for the tighter security model) made some needed changes, it was still a 1990s architecture. https://www.cnet.com/news/why-windows-xp-users-are-more-vulnerable-to-security-threats/
  3. Because it's not just about anti-virus, and in fact, most attacks now are "file-less" and zero day attacks that makes conventional EPP useless. Windows XP was released in 2001 and even with the updates and security fixes, there may be exploits that are not patched that were long since fixed in Win 7 and Win 10, which also as mentioned has new security features that protect against the newest threats. The real question isn't why not use Win XP, but why? That's a rhetorical question though, as part of what makes the world a great place is we can take risks and we can do what makes us happy as long as we don't hurt others. Happy simming.
  4. Sigh what? I'm not trying to get into an argument with anyone, but what did I say that's not factually true? I've been simming since the 1980s and been a member of Avsim (not that active) since 2004. There have always been a group of folks here who hate any change. Remember the folks who wouldn't upgrade to XP SP1? Many of the same folks who now cling to Windows 7 were the same ones who ranted about never upgrading to Windows 7, clinging to Windows XP. So not my place to tell anyone what to do, but WIndows 10 has been out now for 4 years, almost half its supported lifetime. It's where Microsoft is investing all their efforts. It's also the platform that Lockheed Martin uses for Prepar3d and where they will continue to optimize for moving forward. To each their own, but don't make it seem like I'm the one who's out of the mainstream.
  5. Windows 7 is dead. Will be out of support for good in 6 months. Most folks aren't looking to use a 10 year old OS without most modern security features.
  6. I use photoscenery and that’s worth it IMO. As a software professional, I’ve always been someone who tends to upgrade right away for the fixes and improvements, and am willing to take the risk of possible short term issues which have been minimal for me.
  7. Is there any good photo scenery of Canada? I have the US and Europe covered but have never seen anything beyond small sections of Canada, usually for some kind of airport or city scenery. Looking for the whole country or as much as possible, especially the areas on the US border to avoid that jarring transition.
  8. Or should I use unlimited and turn off Vsync with Gsync enabled in the Nvidia control panel? Is triple buffering recommended with Vsync or not? Trying to understand the pros and cons of locking fps vs unlimited..
  9. Anyone know of freeware for the new Atlanta stadiums? Prepar3d v4.5 still has the old Georgia Dome and what was Turner Field, but not the new stadiums that opened in 2017.
  10. Thanks Bert. No mention of the "shaders" folder on LM's instructions. What's the reason for deleting/rebuilding?
  11. I’ve been reading this thread and it seems like every user has some “secret sauce” way to update their installation, with some going to what seem like unnecessary lengths. I installed my first P3D install with v4.4, so this is my first version upgrade. At this point, I used ActiveSky, Ultimate Traffic Live, various A2A aircraft, and some scenery add ons. Is there a reason the basic upgrade process on LM’s P3D forums won’t work?
  12. Thanks Jim, I'll keep it in mind if the issue comes back.
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