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  1. So with a 5 year old machine running an i9 and RTX2080Ti card, is there any benefit to even trying DX12? Is DX12 essentially a configuration for people who have relatively new systems or at least 3000 series GPUs?
  2. And then if they said “it will be out next week” and it slips due to bugs or an issue like nVidia slipping drivers, folks will claim they “lied” etc.
  3. The problem is they can’t win. No matter what they do, one group or individual will complain. When they just dumped releases out based on dates, folks complained that they weren’t beta testing and the quality was poor. So they started doing beta releases and testing and slipping release dates based on feedback and quality. And people still complain. For years…no for decades…we had MSFS releases that never got updates. Maybe one “service pack” years into the release to address an extension pack or egregious set of bugs they had to fix. And we lived with it. 3rd party devs told us time and again “it will be done when it’s done” and we smiled and threw down our $79.99 for their magic months after initially expected. It’s software. Things happen.
  4. I’m a real life pilot and had my plane based at KFIT in Massachusetts. New England is exactly what you’re describing. Mountains, coastlines, cities, rivers, lakes, and class B, C, and D airspace all around. Lots of scenery add ons.
  5. I didn’t know we had sides. How do you know what side you were picked for?
  6. Same here. And TrackIR just works and has for 20 years. I’ve had my current TrackIR 5 hardware for more than a decade. Only issue for me was the bug in the software that’s been fixed.
  7. Why isn’t there a straightforward path that allows easy backup? I get they don’t want people tinkering (but they do 😁), but not providing a means to backup configuration files seems a bit out of touch.
  8. I can wait a couple of days and don’t really care either way, but not sure what one thing has to do with the other.
  9. Keep in mind that most people who use MSFS are casual “pilots” and the learning curve can be steep for non-pilots even with the current sim aircraft. The folks playing MSFS on Xbox probably don’t care much about “study level” aircraft. I’m a real world pilot and even I don’t care about it frankly.
  10. And let’s also think about other similar words like orthodontics which is normally shortened to “ortho” not orthos. The “ics” doesn’t denote plural.
  11. Right but just because “Mathematics” ends in an “S” doesn’t make it plural. It’s a discipline. What’s the singular then?
  12. I’m not against standards and change when needed. But it is a head scratcher when it seems to be arbitrary or not have a clear impact on safety…or worse…seems to jeopardize safety. But maybe the stats showed otherwise. To get back to the original point of the thread…the word “point” is a single syllable and easier to say quickly, so why would anyone think that saying “decimal” is better? The answer is in local custom and colloquialism. Why do the British add an “S” to to the end of the word math or call a car trunk a “boot” or any other number of figures of speech? Custom and colloquialism.
  13. Line up? That’s implies being in a line of aircraft, not positioning on the runway or anywhere else. Wait? Wait for what? Hold is an affirmative command. I will never agree that “lineup and wait” is more clear or a better command than “position and hold” when we’re discussing someone who is holding short at the runway or has just checked in with the tower. But I’m just a nobody, so doesn’t really matter. At least I do have 30 years of actually PIC experience in my logs.
  14. Well, standardization is important, but just because “everyone else does it” doesn’t make it better or the correct way. Perhaps the rest of the world should “position and hold” like the US used to do. And personally, any time I perceive safety could be impacted, it concerns me. But I guess I’m tilting at windmills.
  15. Seems to me this was a solution looking for a problem. But be that as it may, and obviously you disagree, your comment that “position and hold” isn’t crystal clear yet “lineup and wait” is…is bonkers. I’m just an instrument rated private pilot, but I bet if you ask 100 American commercial ATPs, at least 101 would agree with me.
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