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  1. I’ll preface by saying I fly in RL, although not as much lately as I would like. I used to fly hundreds of hours a year but haven’t for several years. I’ve also been simming since the 1980s and DOS versions of MSFS. Having said all of that, MSFS is amazing and the only version of the sim I use now. It completely blows away FSX, which is 15 years old, and P3D always seemed like a little bit less buggy version of FSX and the 64 bit update helped to make that so. MSFS 2020 is the what everyone tried to make in FSX and P3D with mesh and scenery and all kinds of expensive add ons. VFR flight is better than any other version and it’s not even remotely close.
  2. No issues here either. Have never really had any perceptible differences from changes to the OS or nVidia drivers.
  3. How can I confirm that? How do you know it G-Sync is actually working?
  4. Oh boy, so now the recommendation is to set v-sync to “fast” instead of “on” in nVidia control panel. I can’t keep up with the moving goal posts.
  5. There is a difference. Windows treats full screen and a borderless window differently, hence my question.
  6. I had read earlier that MSFS2020 wasn’t actually true full screen, but actually a borderless window. For the purposes of G-Sync, is the graphics option in the sim for “Full Screen” actually full screen, or do I need to leave the G-Sync setting on “enable for windowed and full screen” in the nVidia control panel?
  7. I installed the 1GB store update, then got the update in the sim for about 7GB, then when I exited and rebooted and came back to the sim, I got another prompt to install another 1.49GB that says it's 1.14.5. Any idea what this second 1.49GB update is?
  8. I never downloaded the hotfix after the UK update on one of my machines. Is that prerequisite? Does the new update contain the hotfix updates as well?
  9. They do need some kind of beta test or ringed deployment methodology, but they’re also delivering updates very quickly. Would the community rather see updates every 6 months that underwent 3 months of beta and RC testing, or quicker release? We have people here bitching about a week delay to an update, so you can’t have it both ways.
  10. Exactly, or a $100 commercial game for something else.
  11. You may be very good at mechanical engineering, but you appear to have no idea what’s involved with software development, especially with a commercial entertainment game that models the entire world and various real world aircraft. I’ve been enjoying the sim. When I find the realism isn’t enough, then I have the option of real life and taking a C-172 or 152 up for a few hours.
  12. “drag their asses” 🙄 It’s a week. You have no idea what dependencies may have been affected or what resources were shifted. It’s commercial software.
  13. I can load up DOS and check out FS5.0 and it loads great too. Performance is amazing. Still looks 30 years old.
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