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    I primarily got interested in FSX to help my 13 year old son, he brought the 737 NGX and when he showed me I was amazed at the level of detail. I then set about learning how to fly this baby along with reading up on airport charts. Before I knew it I was hooked. Then came the dedicated PC I built just for FSX :)

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  1. Thank you, Have you tried undervolting your GPU? I found my power draw dropped nearly 100W with no discernable difference in quality. I assume you are using a GSYNC display if you are limiting fps to 40? I use a regular 60Hz 4K TV right now and have to go with either 30 or 60 for the best results.
  2. How do you find the power draw & temps of the 3090 compared to the 3080TI? I have been eying up a couple of 3090TI's, they are still pretty expensive here and I am not sure there will be a massive difference in MSFS. The 3090's have really dropped though
  3. I am certainly looking forward to seeing what SU10 brings in a few weeks hopefully with my newly built PC The feedback so far has been really positive
  4. Holy cow a 1.6KW power supply for a gaming PC, When you fire that bad boy up they'll have to bring an auxiliary nuclear power station on line lol Enjoy your new beast when it's running
  5. What are the specs of your other components? I went from a i5-9600K & 1080TI to an i7-12700K & 3080TI recently, don't expect to be able to run complex aircraft like the Fenix A320 or PMDG 737 at 60FPS in 4K at complex airports on Ultra settings as it will not happen with any hardware today. For the above 2 aircraft I lock my fps at 30 and always make sure I am always GPU limited. I run 4K and have every setting maxed out (@30FPS) and push my render scale to 130 to keep the 3080TI around 70% - 80% utilized. Making sure I am never Main Thread Limited gives a very stable frametime which is important for fluid performance without stutters. For less demanding aircraft and airports I can easily achieve a consistent 60fps with a few settings tweaks but your mileage may vary depending on the rest of your system. As long as you have realistic expectations and take the time to tune the settings to your hardware you should see an improvement. Before I rebuilt my system I did try the 3080TI with my i5-9600K and saw a massive jump in the visuals of the sim. I would say the 3080TI was a really good upgrade.
  6. Huh would you look at that lol I can confirm this works. If you try and browse to the flightsimlator.exe you will get the permission issue. Thanks for this
  7. LOL Don't know about a genius, maybe a little wise 😆 I had the original chrome D15S in my old PC and it performed just as well if not better than my previous AIO so I figured I would stick with what I know and trust. I love the stealthy look of the black version and it keeps my 12700K cool as a cucumber lol
  8. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you think, I brought the version for FSX back in 2014. I had completely forgotten about that
  9. Looks Interesting, I purchased the original version for FSX back in 2014 so assume I will be eligible for the 39.95 Euro version which works out to about $50 CDN Hopefully there will be some reviews in the not too distant future.
  10. Unfortunately something is going on and I doubt you will even get too the loading screen right now to troubleshoot further. Have you looked over at the Microsoft forums, there's some good troubleshooting topics there. Hope you get it sorted out when the servers come back online
  11. OK I have been flying all day without issues and now I cannot get past the "New Activities Screen" All I did was quit the sim to install a new PMDG livery and then re start it. Even with an empty community folder it is the same. I guess they are having server issues
  12. Hi All, Every time I load into I flight I like to change the cockpit freelook speed to 60 and freelook momentum to 0, the same for external camera Is there a camera config file that I can make these changes too so I do not have to manually do it every single flight? ******** I just realized you can do this in the camera settings under the option menu and save the values. Duh what a word not allowed************* Mods, Feel free to delete this post
  13. If you we talking about my post Ian then I guess so. I find that for the PMDG & Fenix using the approach above I get a better experience in the sim. Because I’m limiting the frames at 30 the GPU has head room and by pushing the render scale to 130 only took it to around 70% utilized but more importantly I’m never Main thread limited. I did some experimenting last night with the 737-600 locking the frames to 60, it is doable but I have to dial back some of the settings a fair bit. The procedure I described above is the same for however you run the sim, the key seems to be utilizing the power of these modern GPU’s to ensure we’re never main thread limited. Push whatever you can to the GPU. Apart from the extra VRAM our cards are essentially the same so there’s no reason this wouldn’t work. I know panning in the cockpit isn’t quite as smooth but I’ve found speeding up the camera to 60 and reducing the momentum to 0 helps. I just finished a short test in the 737-600 from Aberdeen to Newquay with every setting to the max and TLOD & OLOD on 200 and the frame time graph was basically a flat line the entire way with live weather and real time on line traffic.
  14. Try pushing the render scale past 100 to increase the load on your GPU, I was in the same situation with my 3080TI until I discovered this trick over on the Microsoft forum. I am currently running full 4K also on a 43 inch TV and have every setting maxed out. TLOD & OLOD both on 200. I have my render scale at 130 and my GPU usage sits around 70% but what this does is always keep my CPU timing lower than GPU which makes for a much smoother experience. I have seen much better results since doing this. It is a much better way of tuning the sim for your hardware. If you need to reduce the CPU timing you can adjust the LOD settings and traffic. Whenever you are Main Thread Limited that is when you will start to see stutters.
  15. Maybe the pushback driver is listening to "You spin me round" by Dead Or Alive 🤣
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