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    I primarily got interested in FSX to help my 13 year old son, he brought the 737 NGX and when he showed me I was amazed at the level of detail. I then set about learning how to fly this baby along with reading up on airport charts. Before I knew it I was hooked. Then came the dedicated PC I built just for FSX :)

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  1. I just brought GSX during the Black Friday sale and came across Fenix2GSX yesterday, it works great so far although I haven't had a chance to use it a lot. I haven't had any major issues with GSX either so all in all I am pretty pleased.
  2. Oh Man, Talk about a picture saying more than a 1,000 words Love it
  3. I have this on my Birthday Wishlist for Friday 🙂 She holds a special place in my heart and to have her in the sim would be amazing. My son donated to the "Vulcan to the sky" fund in my name for a Father's Day gift a few years ago and I now have my name on a plaque on XH558. Keeping my fingers crossed lol
  4. Is that no surprise Ian seeing you are from the North East Of England 🤣 (I do have to say that is one of my favourite places, I grew up in Berkshire)
  5. I have also seen more CTD's since SU13, not as bad as some poor souls here but there is definitely something going on that is sim related. My PC was built specifically for MSFS 2020 and does nothing else, Stock Win 11 & MSFS and has always been very stable. I have tried all the regular fixes documented in this thread but what I still find surprising is that after 8 pages of people stating these CTD's have either started or gotten worse post SU13 there are still comments by others offering nothing useful whatsoever and just stating that "it must be your hardware" or "Well I haven't had a CTD in years" That is really helping everyone !
  6. Same here I’m sad to say, I’ve had more CTD’s since SU13 than ever before. I always use addon linker to keep my community folder as lean as possible but it is not aircraft dependent , been getting CTD’s in the Fenix A320, TBM 850, PMDG 737 & Horizon 787. Hopefully they can fix this while I’m down south this week on vacation lol (And then I woke up 😂)
  7. I am also not sure if it was worth all the hype, it does seem very basic indeed. Is there a way to automatically import the weights and fuel from Simbrief? I tried a couple of flights and from what I could see I still had to load the fuel & payload manually from the FMC. Not sure if I am missing something.
  8. Does it have a web server function like the Fenix where you can use an external tablet? I have an iPad mini that I use for the Fenix tablet and would be nice if yo could do the same in the PMDG. I haven't had a chance to do the update yet but will do later.
  9. I have an Airbus Sidestick to my left, a Honeycomb Yoke in front of me and the Bravo Throttle to my right. For pedals I have a set of Virpil. Not the most realistic Heli setup but it should work. Glad you're enjoying her, she looks a blast !
  10. Hey Ryan, I have been thinking about picking this up, I am a terrible Heli Pilot lol which has me sitting on the fence a bit. The automation does look very good and all the videos I have seen are extremely positive.
  11. I only haver the 600, I can fly it to much smaller regional airports which is great. I did think about buying the 800 but I honestly do not know if it is worth the $97 CDN Maybe I will wait to see if the price drops for Black Friday
  12. I've had a blast with her today, Completed 2 separate trips around 2.5 hours each. First was a little dicey taking off & landing then I reset the curves on my Honeycomb Yoke that I had in place for the HD 787 and the 2nd flight from Cardiff to Belgrade was way better. Did the 2nd flight in the RR variant (Just love seeing those RR emblems on any engine 🙂) and the landing weight & Fuel was bang on with the Simbrief plan. Wifey is working 12 Hours tomorrow so I'll be heading to Toronto from Heathrow for some transatlantic fun. This is turning out quite the weekend, I am so close to pulling the trigger on the HPG H160, I don't normally fly helicopters in the sim because I am totally rubbish at them lol With all the technology this has I might just be persuaded ! Then of course there is the infamous EFB we are all waiting for ... All in all Happy Days 🙂
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