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  1. ...did you actually rub the rabbit's foot before hitting fly?
  2. ...amazing work; a *must* have must have! 😛
  3. ...I like it too, but when developers resort to SPAMing customers (saying if you already purchased this, please ignore) - bah! Hate that about them, and wish they had a competitor. 😕
  4. ...I haven't flown the Fenix nor the PMDG 737s for *days* now, and I absolutely adore those planes. What keeps me coming back: o Sounds - the low RPM drone is heavenly hypnotic, but all RPMs are represented very well! o Systems depth (on par with PMDG) o One button, seamless Simbrief integration (hells-yeah!) o Control of outside-the-plane volume (so needed)! I can only hope that this gorgeous hunk of metal gets better and better with future updates: chalks, FPS tweaks, better VNAV, etc!
  5. ...f'n *love* it! Feels so big, makes me want to fly the Maddog more! 🙂
  6. ...sometimes I get the feeling that rotations, and landings (no-elevator authority when trying to flare) are scripted (!) in the Fenix. 😕 Please tell me I'm delusional, please...
  7. I you are using SU10, read this: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fenix-a320-overspeed-ap-issues-with-su10-fixed/529138
  8. The jiggle is much less pronounced if you do an approx. < 200 FPS landing... 😛
  9. ...I'm still put-off by the engines sitting atop of what looks to be carbon-fiber 'stalks.' 😛
  10. ...FWIW, I was initially miffed because the company spammed my email about the product, but I *need* it for those mains and nose-wheel touchdown jiggles! 😛
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3pTEcX9t74 ...seems pretty legit. 😛
  12. I, too, had very frequent CTD's with my fancy new RTX 3080 and DDR5 motherboard; I ended up giving up and getting a DDR4 motherboard, as I had a 'hunch' that DDR5 was just too new to be stable for me and my abilities to combat the CTDs. 😕
  13. ...for me, it was the excellently depicted use-case, presentation, and humor (linked previously I know) by 737NG Driver that sold me! (I not so secretly hope that some of that coffee-money goes towards a nicer mic!) 😛
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