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  1. ...well, all I gotta say is that I got a bag of Robert for Robert's culinary delight. 😛
  2. ...or the bug-juice on the windscreen at arrival airport. 🙂
  3. ...ba! All the elation, as this is my favorite jetliner at the moment, but on my first flight after updating, from KDEN to KLGA, 30-mins to TOD, and while the scenery outside the plane looked like we were moving, the whole panel was frozen, nothing was updating like the clock. 😞 I will stick to shorter flights for now. 😞 *** EDIT *** ...just before the panel freeze, I was exorcising the Panel Display options in the external app, so perhaps that had something to do with it. 😞 I just now completed an *EPIC* KPDX to KSFO to a flawless landing, so perhaps don't play too hard with the Panel Display options while in-flight! 🙂
  4. ...sorry that wasn't it; it was for me. 😕
  5. ...but do you have Live Traffic on? Try turning if off and report back. 🙂
  6. ...okay, two in a row; I'm convinced that Live Traffic is evil on my system. 🙂
  7. ...the only other option I switched recently was Live Traffic; I've switched it back to AI and I'm on the longest flight without loosing the sim in *days* now. I'll report back later this evening if I can get two flights in a row rolling! 😛
  8. ...the last 6 flights (I've since given up on this version) have all gone to la-la land; sim running, but you can't alt-tab to it. 😕
  9. ...SU14 is sucking pretty hard right now. :/
  10. ...yep; 4 out of the last 6 flights. 😕 I've had my fair share of CTDs in the past, but this is just straight-up sound-on, frozen graphics. 😞
  11. ...the seams are caused by random SNAFUs in matrix; the CPU draw you notice is cryptomining; I'd update your McAfee plan tout suite! 😛
  12. ...after checking it out, I now know why it wasn't released; Fenix has set the bar too high and PMDG's head is sore. :P
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