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  1. Quick question, I,m using 2 monitors 1 for P3dv4 and one for addons proatcx and active sky . The pdv4 monitor is a 4k Samsung 40 ‘’ tv at 30 hz. The second is a Samsung 32’’ tv running at 60hz ( can only go at 60hz) will this affect my performance with P3dv4 because of the different rates? Thanks for any info I really don’t know much about displays. Thanks, Tom ’
  2. Thanks guys great info I appreciate the advice. I know I have until Dec 31st for it still to be free. Tom
  3. I,m thinking about upgrading to win 10 but have a few questions . I have 2 computers both for flight simming only and networked one is for sim other is for flight planning and moving map. 1. Will I need to reinstall all programs or can I just upgrade and windows and it recognize everything? 2.i,m running P3dv4 only any issues or gains with win 10? 3. If I don’t update will win 7 be ok for a couple more years? 4. If you have win 10 do you like it? thanks for any guidance Tom
  4. I have it installed in p3dv4 works great and good FPS.
  5. Thanks for the info guys!!
  6. Did you just use the installer for p3dv3? Or did you use a workaround? Thanks, Tom
  7. I,m also waiting for Taxi2gate to upgrade KMCO seems like it might be awhile.
  8. Thanks for the heads up I really like his stuff!!
  9. Which brand did you end up going with?
  10. Did you get your new card? If so how do you like it? My system is close to yours and i,m thinking about a 1080TI also. Thanks, Tom
  11. That's what I,m thinking also. I do love the eye candy😊
  12. 28r and ngx 737. But also happens at other payware airports. I lowered my settings to default tonight doing more testing raising each one and checking for issues.
  13. I also get around 24 -28 fps but whats weird i still get bad stutters on approach especially. Are you using 4k display?
  14. Yes I updated and also turned off all the hard hitters from orbx per flightbeam post. Tom
  15. Hello, I have searched the forums and tried numerous settings and still cant fine the sweet spot regarding stutters at my payware airports. I have all flightbeam and most FSDT airports. I have a 4K Samsung TV that is capable of 60 hz and 30 hz. I have tried with vsync on and off with triple buffing on. I have tried locking frame rates and unlimited. I mostly use KSFO flightbeam for testing. GPU and CPU usage around 50-60% even when stuttering. I have ORBX norcal and socal installed. I normally test with the PMDG NGX and only have issues on take off and landing with stutters. I have a I7 6700k at 4.2 ghz and a dedicated 1 TB ssd for p3dv4. My Gpu is a 980ti SC and I,m using the latest drivers installed. I,m curious what settings others are using with similar set up especially the 4k Tv. All advice is welcome. Thanks, Tom Davis