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  1. Looking good like you always do Predrag! ;)
  2. gamer19

    Weird airport lights

    Shoot, but ok... thank you for clearing that up. Not happy about it though. =/
  3. gamer19

    Weird airport lights

    Hmmm... we can scratch that then. So you don't have any "halo" texture as a backup since that may solve your problem ? If someone could send only that file it would be great, maybe via pm since sharing game files could be illegal, dunno... I would do it for you just that I'm at work right now, sorry.
  4. gamer19

    Weird airport lights

    Did you install BOTH Client AND Content of the latest update ? And in which order ?
  5. Re-calibrate your monitor once again !
  6. gamer19

    Just upgraded to a GTX 1070...

    Haha, a job delivery ! Unbeatable ! Been there done that... Having 1080 and lock frames at 20 !? Now that's something I so wouldn't be able to force myself into.
  7. That's great news. I guess I can uninstall my Sail Simulator 5 and Virtual Skipper 5 now. Did you saw any ships in your hangar ? Other than those two subs. However... in FSX/P3D just about anything can be controllable, one just have to provide appropriate "sound" and "panel" paths. If I'm not mistaken now... sound is even optional. You can even use some of the boats from that Henrik pack.
  8. gamer19

    Default P3Dv4 trees or FTX HD Trees

    I used FTC HD trees on v3, they indeed look much better and I even got few more frames. Not much, but enough to convince me to keep them. Never heard of this one.
  9. gamer19

    AI Carriers and P3D v4

    Oh how ? I could swear I have tried all the options, watch all the videos but nothing helped, I was never able to use ai carriers in ANY P3D. And if you think I done something wrong, mind you, it worked perfectly in my FSX.
  10. gamer19

    AI Carriers and P3D v4

    I was thinking about posting the same question but back then ...when I use to play with v3. So you telling me you had it working all this time, in your v3 ?!?
  11. gamer19

    A Small Update on FreeMeshX - USA

    Thanks for your kind words Daniel. I actually still have FSX, pre-steam version. And I was thinking myself to re-activate it too. I butcher that game for sake of P3D, cuz I was thinking I won't really need it anymore but here I am now... back to the roots you may say. =/ Maybe I'll open a topic on avsim about searching something a little bit better than my 770 was. 980 or 1060 although I'm a bit short with money now. If nothing else I've realize how many great old games I have sitting forgotten on my hard drives.
  12. gamer19

    Positive and Negative points on V4

    Sadly 99% of us won't see it cause just "dynamic lighting" eats up the most fps. Oh hell... we may take a peek, to see those amazin' effects, then back to dynamic lighting - off again. Sadly, there's a whole thread about it.
  13. gamer19

    A Small Update on FreeMeshX - USA

    Great news. For some at least. My gtx770 give up a ghost so I use my old gtx260 lol and I won't be able to enjoy in this new mesh. Or p3d itself. And any other decent game for that matter... oh my oh my... What a timing...
  14. gamer19

    Drzewiecki Design Grass for P3D v4 is out

    Depends which one you install first. And I believe... no other ORBX, REX or whatsoever are provide 4096x4096 textures for grass. Not that I'm saying we really need them thou...
  15. Anyone using it yet ? They now fully compatible with v4 and they have just released it ! I wonder if there's any performance hit with those giant 4096x4096 textures set ? =) LM is still holding to, many generations old, 128x128 textures for grass. Maybe they could make a turn there too. I mean since they already done it with rain and snow effects, this would be much smaller step so I wondering did they missed it ?