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  1. mpw8679

    Ingame Vsync vs NVI Vsync

    Is the 1/2 refresh rate working? Can someone verify because it seems to work well for me
  2. I’m not sure why u keep bringing up this KLAX argument. Any of the modern GPU’s can handle 4K quite well. Heck my old GTX 980 handled it fairly good.
  3. Robs statement enforces my argument. If your sim is putting out 30FPS and your monitor is displaying 150hz there is a total lack of timing. I don’t know how to respond to your last sentence. That makes absolutely no sense.
  4. Ok obviously u don’t or refuse to notice the micro stutters. They are there trust me. Isn’t that the point of G sync and free sync? To sync the computers FPS to the monitors refresh rate to eliminate stuttering?
  5. U will have scenery micro stutters if u can’t match the FPS and hz of your monitor. That was why the Nvidia 1/2 refresh rate from the FSX days was so important. Unfortunately this does not work in the the windowed mode of P3D. So we are forced to run our monitors or TV’s at 30hz to solve the stutters. Some people apparently do not notice the scenery stutters but it sticks out like a sore thumb in my eyes. Your claim of using no V sync, at 150hz, with FPS in the 20’s resulting in a feel like 150 FPS is quite far fetched.
  6. If the sim FPS can not match the hz of the monitor u will have long frames and stutters. I am curious about your experience with your G sync monitor. My experience with G sync and P3D was horrible however that was a couple years ago. Maybe things have matured?
  7. YouTube is just a click away. I’m just asking for a simple explanation from your reply to my post. I didn’t think it was a tough question. Let me help with a question. What is a better alternative to a 30/60hz TV and why? What display do u sim with?
  8. Please explain your reasoning
  9. mpw8679

    P3D v4.3 high GPU usage

    I ran 2 1080ti's in SLI for a little bit. Performance was much improved over the single card however: - I could fry eggs on the top card  - Finding a driver that worked correct was almost impossible. Had constant sound crackling issues. - Does not work well with Realight - SLI does not work well in Xplane 11 - If I undocked a window and dragged it to another monitor SLI would automatically stop working till u restarted P3D. My advice stay with one card. A single 1080ti will run P3D fairly well. I bit the bullet and went with a 2080ti. Id say I'm getting a little bit better performance compared to the dual 1080ti's with out the headache
  10. mpw8679

    P3D v4.3 high GPU usage

    SLI does give a good performance boost but the negatives far outweigh the positives.
  11. It’s all good. Your a good sport
  12. U really don’t know what u are talking about. Ran a 4k monitor with a gtx980 with no issues.
  13. Most if not all 4K pc monitors are limited to 60hz
  14. None of which benefit P3D whatsoever.
  15. mpw8679

    Top 3 P3D Airports - And Why

    Flightbeam take your pick. The best of the best