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  1. It still has unrealistic movement’s in patch 2
  2. Back in the FSX days there twin Comanche was awesome. It’s too bad they have gone down this horrible path.
  3. Completed first flight. The altitude hold and elevator trim is broken on my end. Impossible to trim when landing. Altitude hold results in violent vertical oscillations. Flight model still very jittery. How do these issues make it past testing?
  4. Update 0.2 is pretty good. Textures are improved. The flight model is still a bit jittery for my taste but is improved. I have an issue with the copilot. When turned on there is two copilots overlapping each other. When off there is still one copilot.
  5. It’s not a controller issue but thanks for the advice. All other aircraft are smooth.
  6. I really hope this is a bug that will be fixed. I can’t fly it in its current state.
  7. I really hope this is a bug that will be fixed. I can’t fly it in its current state.
  8. I have noticed this as well. It is a major immersion killer.
  9. Why is this plane so slow? With a 200 hp engine and retractable gear I figured it would have much better performance.
  10. Whenever I turn on the altitude hold it goes into a steep nose dive. If I try to pull out of it it loses speed and stalls till I crash. Very strange
  11. Just an update about my interior texture complaint. I switched to the clean VC texture set and am much more impressed. The clear windows makes a huge difference.
  12. My first impression. VC textures are worse then default planes. Very disappointed. Looking out the windows looks like pixelated wax paper. Flight model is very twitchy. It’s like the rudder is making twitchy movement with no input. Very disappointed overall with purchase. I was expecting much more. Just for comparison the A2A Cherokee for p3d is much better. No contest.
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