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  1. I have the same issue with my 2080ti at Fly Tampa KLAS.
  2. Don’t get caught up in the system requirements. Your PC will run V5 probably better then FSX. Right now the big hurdle with V5 is GPU memory. You’ll have to keep a close eye on your settings with a 6 gig card.
  3. First things first. Stay away from the iFly. It is very dated visually. The VC is horrible. If you can handle the 787 you should be good with the PMDG birds. The 777 is very automated and easy to learn. But if your using v5 the 747 is the way to go at this time.
  4. Does any one know if this works properly in P3d v5?
  5. Martyn from Just Flight is a class act.
  6. Haha now that’s funny. But so true
  7. Don’t get your panties in a bunch. It will be resolved. It is called a beta for a reason.
  8. The FSLabs and PMDG birds are far superior to any of these.
  9. I just hope 3080ti prices are somewhat feasible. The 2000 series pricing was ridiculous.
  10. I have to laugh at some of these posts that say a 2080ti will show very little improvement over a 1080ti. I would guess most of them haven’t tried a 2080ti. I went from a single 1080ti to a 1080ti SLI to a 2080ti. The 2080ti blows the 1080ti out of the water and outperforms 1080ti SLI as well. If you want to take full advantage of dynamic lighting, AA, shadows, and clouds the 2080ti is the way to go. With my settings my 2080ti would be around 60% usage. With the same settings and scenario my 1080ti would be pegged at 100%.
  11. I’m still word not allowed that they dropped all interest in the MD11.
  12. I do not have v5 yet. But KBIL would be an excellent airport to do a comparison. The airport sits on a plateau. I have never been able to get an accurate rendition there. Always end up with airport plateau issues and issues with the surrounding scenery. Hopefully V5 improves this area.
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