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  1. mpw8679

    Bad frames, without ORBX!

    System specs?
  2. mpw8679

    Quality Wings 787 vs PMDG 747-400 (800)

    PMDG not even close. The -400v3 and -800 is as good as it gets.
  3. mpw8679

    Affinity mask simstarter NG

    Thank u for your help. My batch file was not set as administrator. Working great now. But for some reason simstarter still has issues assigning cores.
  4. mpw8679

    Affinity mask simstarter NG

    I have tried ActiveSky, UT live, and EFB. I made sure all programs involved were using admin rights including Simstarter.
  5. Hi guys, So I am trying to use Simstarter NG for my start up and assign cpu cores to each add on. But know matter what I do after start up I check task manager and each one is running on all cores instead of the ones I assigned. So thinking it was a simstarter issue I built a batch file to test the issue. Exact same issue. The only way to assign cores is after the program is running with task manager affinity settings but that of course is only temporary. Am I missing something? I am starting to think it is a mobo bios or Windows 10 issue. It is Asus mobo with 7700k. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!!
  6. mpw8679

    jet for low end pc?

    Mehh not a fan. One I forgot to mention earlier is the Milviz 732.
  7. mpw8679

    jet for low end pc?

    Cool sky MD80’s are pretty fps friendly. And no first hand knowledge but maybe the ifly 737?
  8. So basically if u already own a 1080ti there is not much value upgrading to 2080ti. So how bout 2x1080ti's?
  9. mpw8679

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    3840x1600 ultra wide monitor. Cloud shadows are a killer
  10. mpw8679

    RTX 2080 ti P3D benchmarks?

    FYI my 1080ti will not run heavy overcast with aggressive shadow settings. I either have to turn cloud shadows off or reduce the draw distance. I hate reducing the draw distance because then u see the cut off point around the aircraft.
  11. mpw8679

    What's the deal with ORBX vector?

    Have had elevation issues since day one. Many of the airports effected are default as well.
  12. Nevermind figured it out
  13. Hi, I have my PTT button for vpilot set on my flight yoke. Is there anyway to set this same button to disable MCE while I am talking to vatsim atc?