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  1. But surely that can't be the case, when so many people are obsessed with things being a "sim" rather than a "game". 😁
  2. A simple scenery mod is unlikely to cause the same kind of problems, fortunately. The advice from @Republic3D is good. Remove all your mods, reset your rolling cache, and try again without anything installed. That has cured a number of similar problems for me. If that doesn't work, and you do find it's a particular combination of mods, run the fixer tools in Addons Linker. (And, if you find that that helps, let the devs of the things it fixed know so they can get their stuff in order. 🙂 ) It is entirely possible for two mods that work fine on their own to conflict when they run together if one of them is not configured properly. Read the comments in the thread linked above for more on that.
  3. I see this at times if I start the game with HDR off. (I usually run with it on, but sometimes turn it off so it's easier to take quick screenshots). I don't know if the same thing will work for you, but what fixes it for me pretty quickly is just going into the FS settings and turning HDR on and back off again. Maybe you could try the reverse.
  4. I'm going to answer this differently from, it looks like, everyone above me, because it's an important point that I think gets missed in folks' dislike of the Markeplace: If you want things you buy to be cross-licensed on both the PC and the Xbox, your only option is the Marketplace. If you only ever plan on playing on the PC, buy wherever makes you happiest as a consumer. If you think you might play on the Xbox too and want your purchases to follow you, Marketplace it is. Just didn't want the general feelings about the Marketplace here to lead to giving incorrect/incomplete advice. 🙂
  5. Early 2022 is a lot closer than it seems. Or that's how I feel when I look at our roadmap, anyway. 😂
  6. They do. I see them routinely. This is why I'm comfortable stating over and over that CTDs are not the widespread, all-encompassing problem that some folks here make them out to be -- it's not just me being a shill. To be clear, for the person it affects a recurring CTD sucks and is a big deal. I'm not trying to minimize that pain. But the hysteria over them at times and how "unstable" the sim is is completely out of scale to the actual problem. The numbers just don't bear it out. But still, as Jorg said, the ones that do happen still get investigated, they're not being ignored.
  7. To be clear, it is up to the addon developer to flag that their product is meant to be available on the Xbox; it's literally a checkbox when you export a project for the Marketplace that modifies a metadata file in the output. Without that, no Xbox version. If you see only 1 out of N updates from the PC are available on the Xbox, it's almost certainly because the developer hasn't taken this step -- not because the Marketplace team is deliberately holding back updates or not "operating" properly. 🙂
  8. Sounds good. I talked about it briefly with Matt late last night and he mentioned issues with the KAP, but not engine pages. I'll cross-check with him when my day gets fully started, too. 🙂
  9. That sounds like it's the same alt slot issue that's made it tricky for some folks to use external hardware. I can't say from that description precisely what the problem in this particular model is, but if the MilViz folks look at the instructions we've provided on our known issues page to users who're having that problem it might give them a workaround, too. Or folks can just wait until SU6, at which point the core sim will have an enhancement that means that's no longer needed. As for the engine pages, I'm not quite sure what the issue there is. But we want to get it working, too. I'd been planning to purchase this for my own personal use, and when I do that I can have a look what's going on, though if one of the folks at MilViz wants to reach back out to us it could help that along. The final note I'll give there is that the EIS is definitely something that's still a little raw in the NXi, but it's currently receiving active work to bring it fully up to snuff. (The just released 0.7.0, for example, adds a new gauge type and the support for lean and system pages.) Hopefully any remaining issues should be fixed soon, but of course I can't make any precise promises as to timeline. Fortunately it sounds like the issues using the NXi with this are fairly minor and not true obstacles to enjoying it, especially if the alt slot mixup is fixed. But I can definitely understand why a developer would feel the need to hedge on compatibility so as not to make their own product look sub-par when faced with external EA issues. 🙂
  10. You know what would help keep threads like this that are meant to be generally positive and encouraging from being dragged down by certain folks into yet another battleground? If the more well-intentioned participants would simply ignore those who make efforts to do so: they're going to try regardless and there's no point responding and feeding into it. If you struggle with suffering fools gladly, just chunk them into your ignore list instead, it makes it a lot easier. (Ask me how I know.) Back on topic, I thank @Roy Warren for his comments, and for the follow-ups that make clear, in spite of the determined assertions of some, that he did not mean to say that everything is perfect, or that people shouldn't expect more. Believe me, I know the sim's not perfect, and there's plenty of room for improvement. If that weren't the case I wouldn't have started making mods to improve it over a year ago now, or spent much of the past year helping to found and build a growing company focused on making it even better than it is now. I think that perhaps my position may help me be a bit more understanding of the current state of play than others, and I've tried to impress some of that perspective on folks here, to varying degrees of success. Working with folks at Asobo and Microsoft on an almost daily basis I can see that they're not incompetent school boys in over their heads, nor are they evil corporate overlords with devious plans to rob simmers of their hard-earned money by tricking them into buying a video game. They are, almost to a person, intelligent, dedicated, passionate folks who care about aviation and flight simulation and want to make the sim the best thing it can be for everyone who wants to use it. And that is an almost inordinately tall task, especially when combined with the additional simultaneous demands of introducing a bunch of new technology that's never been used in flight simulation before and keeping some degree of backwards compatibility with a couple decades of legacy code and knowledge. What's been achieved so far is, frankly, amazing, and I think the warts and rough edges, and the high expectations people have, show the massive potential of the platform and what can be accomplished with it with enough time and effort. (Including my time and effort.) Some may well say "maybe if the task is so big, you shouldn't take it on, then." But I'm reminded of the (possibly apocryphal) words of one of the legends of my favorite soccer/football (depending where you are) team: "It is better to fail aiming high than to succeed aiming low. And we of Spurs have set our sights very high, so high in fact that even failure will have in it an echo of glory." I don't foresee failure in the future. I really do think this platform will be an amazing success for years to come. But even in its current state, with the dissatisfaction some have, there's more than enough glory there to enjoy if you're willing to look for it. I choose to look for it. I'm glad others do, too.
  11. I'm glad you mentioned this, Glenn, because if you didn't I was going to have to. The Virus is honestly one of my favorite stock planes, and is often the one I break out when I just want to fly around a given area and look at the scenery but want something with a little more oomph than an ultralight.
  12. Hehe. To me it seems like 1 page of that, and 3 pages of arguing about the merits of AMD vs NVidia. And, because brand name wars are likely to be the less flamey and unproductive argument, I'll address that rather than the original topic. 😉 For me, for many years, the answer was NVidia because AMD video cards often had sub-optimal Linux drivers with notoriously bad performance. From what I've read, that seems to not be the case anymore, but I tend to stick with NVidia unless there's something really compelling either in the tech (which is very seldom, NVidia is almost always the leader here and AMD the follower) or the value prop (much more likely) of a given AMD card.
  13. Hi there. The fuel flow is still there, it's just hidden on the bottom of the screen due to some changes in the sizing of the various engine gauges, so it can't be seen. We're working on a revision of how those look and barring anything unexpected you should have your fuel flow where you expect it soon. 🙂
  14. Now, I'm just a lowly student pilot in real life, so by your valuation I probably I don't know much, but what I do know is this: In both P3D and MSFS I have been able to make extended cross-country flights in IMC, generally using only radio beacons because I enjoy the challenge and relying on a GPS almost feels like cheating. And at every point along the way I am usually able to have a solid idea exactly where I am, and examining my flight paths in Little Navmap afterwards I almost always nail the actual plotted path pretty dang well, even in full cloud cover and just using VOR and DME. Again, I can do that in both P3D and MSFS -- either one fills that need, because they both provide a solid foundation for instrument navigation. Now, as I said, I'm a student pilot, and recently I've been using the sim to take practice flights out of the field where my school is based. This is to help me get a better feel for the local towns, highways, and other landmarks; how to make my way to the practice areas; and generally to get increased familiarity with the visual environment I'm learning in both to improve my SA and to help me get more actual benefit from my expensive and limited time in the air. I would only be able to do this in one sim, currently, at least without spending a lot of extra money acquiring additional scenery, or even making it myself using time-consuming methods of dubious legality if it didn't already exist. And that sim is the one that you denigrate with the term "eye candy". That "eye candy" has a function, and it makes the sim useful for me in a way that your fanciest Level D sim could not be. Perhaps "eye candy" shouldn't be used so dismissively, is the point that I'm trying to make -- and the one that Noel was making before you decided to make it a "RL pilot" e-peen contest. It has actual, real-world value in many applications, and just because you're a super-skilled instrument rated pilot and have no use for such trivial fripperies, it doesn't mean they're worthless. Though even if they were, it still doesn't make the statement that "MSFS is mainly focused on eye candy" any less incorrect. Also, Ford and Chevy both suck. 😄
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