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  1. Gladly! I got a response from the author on reddit, and this is in part what they said: While it really seems like the project is dead, it isn't. It is in a paused state. I had to stop working on it because I don't had too much other stuff to do, so the motivation for working dropped. At the moment, I have version 1.5 locally which is working quite - just needs some small bug fixes. I plan to update it within the next two month, but I can not guarantee that at the moment. I will add you to my "people-to-notify" list as soon as the update drops. Because the tool uses FSUIPC, I can only access the values FSUIPC sends me. Unfortunately the FSLabs A320 has a lot of logic outside of the sim, so quite a lot gets bypassed and doesn't get recognized by FSUIPC. I don't plan to add other SDKs/APIs because that would cost me too much time to create / maintain it. Also, it's apparently written in Delphi. An interesting choice, but I guess for personal projects you use what you know/like.
  2. Awesome, glad I could help. It's a very under-utilized project... I've actually just contacted the author on Reddit to see if they plan on doing any future work in it, and if not if they would be willing to release (or open-source) the code for it so others can work in maintenance and feature adds.
  3. Pro ATC X update Be careful,

    In the case of Pro ATC that's very debatable. Pilot2ATC is at least its equal in many areas, I think, and it and PF3 are both also one/several man operations that update a lot more frequently, especially when there are product-breaking issues for people. That said, yes, I think we are all aware that many developers in the FS community are doing it in their free time for very little money, and we should be thankful for what we get. But there are also some basic customer service aspects that should be provided for any product that you charge money for. Sometimes that part is lacking. Being a one-man shop isn't a good excuse.
  4. Pro ATC X update Be careful,

    I wonder if they fixed the problem with the darn thing crashing every time I got IFR clearance, which I posted on their forum and never got a response to... just like so many other problems people have had during their 6-12 month "release" cycles where broken stuff rarely actually get fixed. After breaking it out to try again a few weeks ago, and finding a lot of the same old problems still present, I once again shelved this product and have been having much better luck splitting my time between PF3 and Pilot2ATC, depending on whether or not I want voice interaction.
  5. I use SimFlightManager, created by some guys at Reddit, for exactly these tasks. It's no longer actively developed, but the current feature set is about all I could ask for and it work perfectly with v4.
  6. Can anyone land the plane?

    I've thought about this sort of thing a fair bit both in my day job and my hobbies. As I progress in my career and get more confident in my abilities, I try to keep a fair but critical assessment of my actual skills in mind to keep from getting what I've heard referred to as "Engineer's Disease" -- I excel in this one very specialized area, so I must be good at other things, too! I'm not licensed, but I've Actually Flown a 172 a few times with a CFI on board to keep us alive. Even that small jump from FS is a very different experience when it's "real", but I didn't feel like I was too far out of my depth until it was time to manage the pattern and landing -- instructor took over for those. (FWIW, the first time I did this, the CFI was surprised that I'd never actually been at the yoke of a real plane before, said I was one of the best first-timers he'd ever seen.) With that experience in mind, and trying to look at my own skills critically, if the problem were simply a pliot INOP, rather than bits of the bird INOP, and the weather weren't hostile, I think I could take a small prop craft down to 100'. If I had an unlimited number of go-arounds I could probably get it down safely, although possibly only in the "any landing you can walk away from is a good one" sense -- I would make no promises about the plane ever getting off the ground again. For a full-size jet? I've never flown one at all, and I would make many fewer promises. *If* it were a model I were familiar with from a sim, and *if* I had functional ILS, and *if* I had an engineer on the ground to help me figure out the V speeds and talk me down... maybe I'd be able to get it on the ground with out hurting too many people, but I'd be scared poop-less the whole time. I wouldn't put much money on it being an experience everyone could walk away from in good health. I'd still try it if no one else were more qualified, but I'd want people to be ready for their own personal end. That's my best attempt at an honest assessment of myself, anyway.
  7. Will do! I'll check "apu airbleed" after work, thanks.
  8. After experimenting some yesterday, it seems like either a number of switches aren't working (such as the APU air or AC supply switches) or they have non-obvious trigger words. Would it be useful at this point to report these as they come up in the "things not working" thread, or should they be treated as work in progress and left alone until there's a final release?
  9. Awesome, got the newest release in place and it seems to work on a first check. You guys are great.
  10. It's been about two weeks, and I'm eager to fly the new maddog with MCE. I know these these things take their time, but do you think we're still looking at some time soon?
  11. ORBX Photoreal UK/IRELAND This year.

    RTFA: "there is a lot of work to produce 5 seasonal variations of each regions therefore extra development time will be required."
  12. Another voice for Allegiant. https://dreamtravelonpoints.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Allegiant-MD80.jpg
  13. VOR Bearing Innacuracy?

    Good call, I loaded another plane and saw the same issue. Frustratingly, I already have magvar updates in place, no idea why it's doing this. At any rate, I'll troubleshoot it as a general problem. Thanks.
  14. I've made a few early flights in the DC6 and the prop-head in me is loving it. However, I've stumbled upon what seems to be a navigation oddity. I like to fly vintage planes entirely via radio nav, so I've disabled the GPS. I've noticed that when tracking a VOR the bearing indicator seems to be a few degrees off course, and the direction depends upon whether i'm inbound or outbound. Say I have the OBS set for 280. It seems as though if I'm flying on an outbound I actually end up right of course, on a radial closer to 283. If I'm flying inbound I will be left of course, on a radial closer to 277. Has anyone else seen this sort of behavior?
  15. PTA won't start

    Thanks for the rapid response! Unfortunately, I have totally disabled the firewall, my antivirus, and UAC, and it's still not working. The frustrating part is not having any logs left at all... Any further suggestions?