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  1. Snark aside, I do have a wacky idea about using bittorrent or a similar protocol to provide peer-to-peer on demand delivery of high-res terrain imagery. The rights management would be nightmarish, and it would probably be impossible to have a sufficiently large swarm for it to be practical and performant, but it would do away with peoples' resistance to having to pay some Big Evil Company to stream content to us.
  2. That's cool. You do you. At some point, atomic storage may become affordable enough for us to have practical petabyte-scale desktop drives, and then you'll be able to have five-season, 10cm resolution photo imagery and high detail terrain mesh for the entire world on your desktop, and you can fly offline in high definition all you want. And while you wait for 2040 to come, the rest of us will have had 20 years of amazing flight simming at the extreme penalty of having to pay someone to host and serve to us content that we can't manage all on our own. See you then!
  3. Do you watch Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Video? Youtube? Listen to Spotify? I hate to break it to you, but if your answer to any of those is "yes", you are already dependent on cloud computing. All of those providers use "the cloud" as their backbone, and they are far from alone. It's how a huge chunk of modern tech works: computing is cheap, bandwidth is plentiful, but managing huge data centers is expensive. A few big companies do that, and everything else is in "the cloud". You may have issues with a subscription model, or a game that needs a constant internet connection, that's fair. Address those. But outrage for the sake of outrage at being "dependent on Cloud Computing" is reactionary and Luddite. Because if you're a user of modern technology, you already are.
  4. Disregard. I figured it out. (Windows Defender had somehow turned itself back on, once I disabled it again and reinstalled things were fine. Stupid WIndows Defender.)
  5. I bought this tonight and have only used it for a few touch and gos with the Wing42 Vega, but there were no immediate conflicts with ChasePlane, everything seemed to work just fine. As I say, though, that's only about 30 minutes of use.
  6. Pretty sure they changed this in a recent release, and you can now specify a temp directory. (At work now and can't check.) Regarding download stalls/aborts, I used to see those a lot. Turning off the "beta" setting for parallel downloads solved that problem. That may have been stabilized recently, too.
  7. Smacks of what I term "purchasing authenticity". You can see this happen in many hobbies which have a "professional" tier above them and stratified cost tiers to go along with it. One of my other passtimes is photography, and it happens there as well -- amateurs spend a lot of money buying professional level gear (like Canon's L lenses) for the authenticity that comes with it whether they need, or can even make use of, any of the functionality it brings. There is a special kind of defensiveness that comes with this, because the people doing it make having the gear part of their identity, and if anyone makes it seem less special, less elite, it becomes a threat to their ego. This can make them aggressive in defense of the "specialness" of what they have, because it is so integral to their self-perception. The funny part of this is that the actual professionals tend to not care as much. They have a tool that they need, but they already walk the walk, so there's no threat to them in people who may make their gear seem less special. In fact, quite the opposite -- if there's something that will do what they need, cheaper, they'll hop on it. I think we see this a lot in some of the "hardcore" fans of PMDG and FSLabs -- it is critical that what they spend lots of money for always be better than other options, because anything less is a threat to the authenticity they've purchased. I'm willing to bet that if you take as a group the people who are vocally defensive of the products from these manufacturers and dismissive of "everything else", you'll find it's almost entirely amateur simmers, with very few actual commercial pilots. What does it matter to them if an AS product is "as good as" FSLabs in some aspect? They still do the real thing every day. I'm not by any means saying this applies to all pros, or to all FSLabs/PMDG fans -- it would be irresponsible to make such sweeping generalizations. But I think it's a definite pattern. (If I were to buy a Bus it would be the Aerosoft one, because I refuse to do any more business with FSLabs, but I already own both PMDG and FSLabs products, so it's not like I can't afford / don't want them. I just have enough to worry about in my life without adding having to maintain my ego over flight sim products.)
  8. Should be easy to find in the aircraft list, it's "Cessna 310R <tailno>".
  9. The 310 should have installed in SimObjects\Airplanes\MV_C310R. See if you have that. An Ryan said, contact MilViz in their forum, they may be able to help you there, or at least confirm that it's something you'll need to talk to your vendor to fix. (It doesn't sound like you bought from them direct). The MV folks are usually pretty quick and helpful when you reach out to them (and the 310 Redux is awesome)
  10. Have you calibrated your controller to make sure that when your throttles are fully back they send the right data to the sim? What do you have for a default flight? It might also be worth making sure that your default flight has throttles back and parking brake set, perhaps even fully cold and dark. I've had planes load in unfortunate states like that if my default flight is set up any other way.
  11. I adore management sims of all sorts. I would definitely be likely to play this.
  12. I really like the looks of this. It's like something Golden Age Simulations would put out, but done by someone who can texture a cockpit to a modern standard. I love the old birds GAS puts out, but in a world of increasingly common photo-real VCs I find it hard to sit in their cockpits for too long.
  13. I agree, they'd be utterly stupid not to have changed/disabled everything by now. (And I'll spare the snark about the level of common sense they've shown to date...) But it's still a bad idea to continue to distribute that information, IMO.
  14. To tooting or a moderator: Please remove the image from the first post as quickly as possible, or at least edit it to exclude everything below the message. That is a dump of user information including hashed passwords which, depending on their hashing algo, could potentially be cracked easily. It does appear to only contain information on FSLabs staff and resources, not customer info, but it is still irresponsible to redistribute it. I have been -- and remain -- critical of FSLabs, but this is still something that should not happen. [On edit: I have also reported the first post. I have no problem with it except for the inclusion of credential information.]
  15. No, all current VR devices have a limited field of view. According to this both the Rift and the Vive have a horizontal FOV of 110 degrees, which is much less than the naked eye it around 180 degrees, IIRC. Having used a Rift with P3D, both native and with FlyInside, I can say that the FOV isn't the problem. Being able to turn your head makes up for that and you get used to it. It's the low resolution that makes reading stuff in the cockpit challenging that's the current limiting factor for me.
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