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  1. Hi Roland Any way you could also add the ability for the user to disable these pop-up warnings after 1st run - such as a check box "Do not show message again" sort of thing or disabling in the menu options? The forced runway reminder gets a tad redundant after oh, say the 5th or 6th time (especially when on final) :wink: Keep up the great work! Thanks.
  2. Roland, wondering aloud if the issue might be related to Jim Vile's crosswind runway technique being implemented in ADE for these problem airports, whereas "fake" runways are created in the AFD file within 7.9 degrees of existing runways to trick FSX into making use of the other runways for traffic? I'm also wondering if you're able to scan Airport Facilitator X files because I've created one for KMSP and using enhanced mode, my landing AI get poofed - no gates available, unable to determine taxi routes. I'll try with another AFCAD created with ADE and see if there's a difference.
  3. Roland, I think there might be something else at play as I was testing at KMSP with loads of available parking (all sizes, both airline and GA) and every AI was "poofed" after landing. I know afcad parking wingspan values have been inconsistent with different scenery designers through the years, so I'll test with some others for the airport, but something seems amiss. I am using the XP version in network, btw. Also, is it possible to have the AIMonitor window retain its formatting across different sessions, like the TrafficToolbox window? By that I mean could we be able to uncheck which columns we would like displayed and then resize them and have the formatting retained for the next session? Would be cool. To expand even further, if you could also include a sorting variable similar to the old AI Separation utility, where one could display traffic in AIMonitor based on the distance from your current aircraft position, I also think this would be very valuable for tracking. Thanks again
  4. Hi Roland, Not sure if this is related to the "XP version" you posted that I'm currently using, but AiController doesn't seem to be reading my sid/star files correctly. This affects some of the navdata files included with the 1.4 download and my tweaked files from 1.3 (where I used the converter and simply added/deleted some waypoints). All of my files worked fine in 1.3. To simplify things, I tried only declaring one folder to be indexed by AiController 1.4 on start up and while the logging is saying it's being read, the airports being monitored are not even included in that folder. I then tried the same approach in 1.3 and only the airports in the folder I declared are actually being monitored. Any ideas? I get no syntax error messages from the controller cmd window.
  5. Wow, barely hit enter on my post and there's Roland with a solution. thank you, sir! I've been running all your version on this rig (yep, retired sim machine) and have never had a hiccup.
  6. I still can't get this to run. When I try to start AI Controller I get a error message indicating this is not a valid Win32 application "error code (0x80004005) The specified executable is not a valid application for this OS". This is on one of my networked computers running XP 64. I've updated VS to the latest and uninstalled and reinstalled using the hotfix, to no avail.
  7. Hi Roland, That looks fantastic, well done! I'll drop you a PM with my email. If you are willing, send me the files and I would gladly take your new gauge for some test runs? Thanks again!
  8. Hi Roland Sorry for the delay. I guess it wouldn't matter to me because one could resize it to fit their needs after moving it I to another monitor. I've seen the RXP Radar so I guess something like that would be great. I realize you've never done this type of programming before, so no rush from me. I wish I could help but I just do scenery design. Maybe the venerable teacher Mr. Leaming will chime in with some guidance? I see you've also discovered FSDeveloper. Thanks and keep up the good work.
  9. Roland you're amazing. I remember downloading the very first release, skeptical that anyone could either pull something like this off or even have the time/skills/patience to stick with it. Now I use your software on every flight . Can't wait to try out the latest Thank you! Edit: BTW you should put up a donation link. I'm sure many would like to contribute a whatever they could to show appreciation and at least help defray your caffeine costs.
  10. Hi Roland, Make that three who would like a functional shell for windowed mode, if at all possible. It would be great to be able drag it to a separate monitor next to my other gauges, including GPS/FMC etc. Hope you can make it happen and thanks for your work!
  11. No. If you could make the changes in the fsx.cfg file, what would be the purpose of this utility?Edit: I have used this everytime I've flown since it's release - thanks again Stephane!
  12. Thanks for posting back. I already knew that commenting out the effects entry in the .cfg file wouldn't work because I had been down that road. Like Rick (FalconAF), I usually don't like DELETING things either, but I am a big boy and have a complete, master backup of FSX - not really pain with these supersized hard drives.I'm no effects guru, but I found that by simply renaming the file as you did it will certainly stop the effect - but it will not stop the call for it - resulting in the sim to continually search for that missing effect file. This can rob some cpu and performance, hence my decision to delete out the"guts" of the file. Kind of a "best of both worlds" thing.
  13. Hi, I just deleted the contents of the appropriate effects files. The two used for the wheel spray are fx_WheelSnowSpray.fx and fx_WheelWetSpray.fx. Leave the header in the file - so it ends up like this: [Library Effect]Lifetime=5Version=2.00Radius=-1Priority=0Hose everything else (after a backup, of course :( ) It's been awhile, but for some reason if I didn't leave this header the sim kept searching for the missing effect file, verified by using filemon. If you want to stop the snow being blown by the engines the effect file used is fx_SnowEngineWash.Hope it helps.
  14. You're right Ron, It's been an invaluable little utility and I've been using it since day 1 - thanks again Stephane. (Still waiting for the ATC window fix though ;-) :-beerchug)Regards, Kendall#1: E6750@3.2GHZ/Coolermaster HyperTX2 Gigabyte P35-DS3L 4GB Ballistix Tracers PC6400 EVGA 8800GT - 174.74 beta Seagate 250GB 7200.11 CH Yoke/Pedals/Saitek Throttle Dual Monitor: Dell 2405/1905 #2: Dell 8400 3.2 H.T. 3GB PC4200 - X800XT Diamond Xtreme/Logitech X-530's
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