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  1. Hi Jessica. I think your machine will likely run the sim, albeit at very low settings. You didn't mention hard drive type/ space as that will also be a consideration. I would recommend trying the Microsoft Game Pass trial for $1.00 for the first month and you can see for yourself. Game Pass Good luck and welcome to Avsim.
  2. Yeah, somehow this never made it into all the marketing hoopla......
  3. Well, we already had one update that was supposedly dedicated to such items, but while the intent was greatly appreciated, in all honesty, it's focus left much to be desired. Indeed, there are so many small, simple things that could (should) be added, fixed or improved that regurgitating my personal wish list proves futile, especially considering the efficacy of the current "voting" system. I'm not trying to bash MS/Asobo. The sim is still a great achievement and a joy. But, I too feel there are much smaller, easy low hanging fruit(s)to tidy up and remove some of that "half-baked'ness". And that is where the freeware developers have really stepped up (as always) and filled the void and why it troubles me when things get broken and the attitude of the main developer seems to be "we'll investigate and get this corrected in 3 months (hopefully).
  4. It's exactly this type of issue or regression which makes me wish that Asobo would issue a hotfix or smaller incremental "cleanup" fixes in between the scheduled SU's. I hate waiting months for regressions to be turned around, but maybe more importantly, it's only fair to the hard working freeware developers like @mistercoffee1 and @vbazillio doing everything they can to help improve the sim. It would send a message of true partnership. I would say the VR toolbar bug would also most definitely be a candidate for inclusion.
  5. "Unsolicited advice" ? You posted a topic here asking for assistance and opinion - and people have taken time to respond. Nothing compels you to respond back rudely to posters with whom you disagree or if the response doesn't meet your specific needs. A simple thanks, but no thanks usually works, if you absolutely need. If you want to put conditions on responses to your post, next time do us all favor and include them in your topic title........ Back on topic - I agree with those who suggest to simply install the sim and go from there. My system is a pittance in comparison to yours and I think (maybe) you'll be very surprised and satisfied. (hopefully....I dunno).
  6. Nice looking scenery, but in the vid, the zipliners were flying on rails. We all know around here that "real" zipliners would never, ever, ever want to fly on rails..............
  7. From concept to completion, it seems the WT team takes on an extremely complex project and simply delivers the goods. I sometimes wonder what path the entire sim would take under their vision, performance and direct control. 🤔
  8. Summarized and highlighted for posterity. They refuse(d) to address these fundamental issues and then, chef's kiss, hastily added more overbaked, unrealistic turbulence/gusts/environmental "effects" on top of things.....only to now counter with another planned "assistance" setting in SU12 to further muddy the waters........down the slippery slope we go.
  9. One can only hope. Typical Asobo - we go from flying on rails to now where a 7 knot wind in SU11 tips a heavy on approach like a paper airplane. And...we've had to wait months for any change because opening up the wx system to dedicated 3rd parties (who could have made some changes in 24-48 hrs) makes too much sense.
  10. Based on the early update performance from the developers, the paranoia was certainly understandable. And if I recall - so was the need for drink. 🍺 😏
  11. Started with no weather for me and culminated in me not being able to connect to any server and enable online graphics. I had to ctl-alt-dlt out of a 2hr flight. ONE day after much goodwill has been built with the release of AAU1......... I think it's time Microsoft begins to take their server issues for this product more seriously.
  12. How about........ we all simply celebrate with the OP and his amazing connection to an iconic aircraft and commend him for willingly sharing those experiences with fellow simmers (friends)? (and hopefully not get his topic locked).
  13. Glad to hear you'll find some immediate enjoyment from these efforts. We not only get to enjoy this now but....to me, the beauty of WT's work is that it's building a avionics "foundation", if you will, that can be used, modified, leveraged by both freeware and payware aircraft designers to build upon in the future. Gauge/avionics coding is the most time consuming, demanding aspects of bringing an AC to the sim. Others utilizing this framework should have a head start to seeing their project actually come to fruition - which hopefully leads to a bounty of new aircraft for us simmers to enjoy. Maybe some clever folks can even use this code to jump start a Proline Fusion/Vision fight deck creation? 😉
  14. Thanks for the correction Bill and Flightsky - wishful thinking on my part for another freebie, I guess. Regardless, the AAU updates from Microsoft and WT are fantastic. (just hope they can balance providing new content and fixing core sim issues.)
  15. If I'm not mistaken, I believe the ATR will be a partnered sim release, much like the A310. Gotta tip the cap to Microsoft for offering up the free goodies to us simmers (even if my biggest personal wish is for realistic looking runways in winter, lol).
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