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  1. I was told that the real plane works like that. Before it was wrong.
  2. That was my mistake, too. Luckily someone explained it to me: you need hydraulic pressure!
  3. Interesting. It never bounces when I land. I can't say if I do land it in another way than other small planes.
  4. In my experience Live Weather stays activated after you started a flight with Live Weather on.
  5. Simbrief calculates fuel consumption, flight level etc. Couldn't do without it.
  6. Thank you! I was not bright enough to try clr. 🙂
  7. Everything seems to work fine and I am happy. Only thing is that I cannot input squawk code. The display stays 2000. Any solution?
  8. We can use point/bearing/distance now? That's an improvement!
  9. Sounds like fuel is not correctly distributed. The center tank can't contain over a certain amount (like a few hundred kilos) if the wing tanks have less than 5000 kilos (or so) of fuel. Try to refuel via EFB and see if this helps. I have no clue why this happens after loading the Ready for Takeoff state.
  10. No. FG also works with TAA. I think this is the best part of FG. Especially when you are heavily CPU limited at large airports with lots of traffic, FG doubles the framerate and everything looks smooth withouit stuttering.
  11. There was a City Update France if I remember correctly.
  12. If you can do a landing on the runway without crashing, you are considered a "serious simmer"!
  13. Some Aircraft like the A310 support the automated checklist. You only have to go from checklist to checklist, click the right button and everything happens magically. At some point you have to program the FMC, of course.
  14. So it is not broken bit more realistic? 🙂 Thanks for pointing us to the Aux Hyd Pump.
  15. The 767 would be much more interesting, since we already have the A310 which is not so very different from the A300, especially in size and weight. On the other hand, a freighter version would be nice. So I am looking forward to it.
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