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  1. Your nvidia(?) driver might be at bit old. Try installing a more recent one. That helped on my system.
  2. Thank you. That I am not the only one is strangely comforting. 🙂
  3. I have no DLSS option after updating, only TAA. Tried restarting etc. Any tipps?
  4. Regarding resolvability etc.: When looking at scenery I am with you. I can see a difference between 1440p and 4k but this difference most of the time is only visible when I virtualy touch the screen with my nose and doesn't matter much when flying (1080p is another thing, it always looks terrible to me when compared to the higher resolutions). But 4k is important when displaying instruments, especially digital gauges like the Garmins or the airliner screens. When looking at text every loss in sharpness is very acutely visible all the time. So, when flying steam gauge airplanes like the Spitfire I very often switch to a lower resolution because the higher framerate gives more immersion, but when flying the Kodiak or the A320 I always use 4k because I want to be able to read the navigation displays as easily as possible.
  5. This is a common misconception. The resolution of textures (trees, buldings, gauges) does not have to be 8k because you almost never see their full resolution, unless you go very near to them. Since this is a 3D programm, every textured is scaled relative to the distance to the viewpoint (obviously). If (e.g.) the gauge (or building or whatever) has a texture of 2000x2000 pixel, you only see the full resolution when it fills your 1080p screen entirely or a big part of your 4k screen. Usually it is only a fraction of the screen in size and it does make a huge difference if it's scaled down to 20x20 or 40x40 pixel, obviously. Conclusion: the native resolution of scenery texture is not of much interest if you are not on the ground very near to those scenery elements. If you'd ever used MSFS in 4K you would not doubt the huge benefit of a higher screen resolution. Instruments for example are much, much crisper in 4k than in 1440p or 1080p. Same goes for scenery. Since I have one 4k and one 1080p monitor I can compare directly. Two different worlds entirely. Sadly it is simply impossible to show the difference in screenshots, because you would need a 4k screen to be able to see the difference.
  6. Regarding sharpness of text in glass cockpits: DLSS indeed is less sharp than, say, TAA with render settings on 100. So if you run the sim in 1080p you most likely will have less sharp instruments. But for me on a RTX 2080 Super and in 4k resolution it is necessary to reduce render settings to 80 or 70 to get a reasonable framerate. This means that text always is a bit blurry. DLSS is a distinct improvement! I run it in "Balanced" mode and the glass cockpit instruments are visibly sharper. Even more: framerate is more consistent and doesn't drop much anymore in SU 10. I was very surprised when I got 40 fps over London the other day (in the steam cockpit 172, not in the Airbus).
  7. After one or two hours of testing I can say that performance in DX12 and 4k with DLSS in "balanced" mode is the smoothest I ever had. No additional fps but in my case it is super smooth, no microstutters at all, even above Manhattan. Buildings on Ultra, rest on High, LOD 240. When I set everything on Ultra and the VRam on my 2080 Super gets full, I get some scenery artifacts, though. 🙂
  8. VFR map is surprisingly usable now. 🙂 It even shows ILS frequencies when clicking on an airport. Well done!
  9. The Halo Pelican actually is real fun. 🙂 I love the landing camera and the interior of the aircraft. You can click on the numpads near the doors.
  10. For me it works. I set copilot to zero and he is gone.
  11. Interesting, because the 820 foot runway is real. Look at it on Google Earth! I took the Shock Ultra, so the runway felt a bit too long. 🙂
  12. Well, it didn't have lots of players at start and they got fewer and fewer. Strange thing is that while it can be lots of fun and flight models and technical stuff like engine management are dumbed down to a certain amount, it still needs quite a lot of skill. Novice players obviously were terribly frustrated, because every race they did, they lost by a big distance to the better pilots. Even if they know that they have to set rpm to a certain setting, they still haven't the slightest chance against the better pilots. When I flew races with the P-51 I most often did not optimize rpm and flew wider corners just because I did not want to distance the other players too much. But every effing time I won by 20 seconds and more. It was only fun when I could race against another reasonably good pilot. That could be very intense and nerve wrecking. But most races were super-boring races against time. Reno Air Races is a big flop for sure. Which is sad.
  13. I am quite sure that with SU8 (and already with the Beta) the clouds got better. Most importantly they are much less transparent now, so the sun does not shine thrue all the time as before. Overcast conditions really look like overcast now. I was in flying in northern Washington state yesterday (mostly overcast, some rain) and the clouds, their back lighting, their shadows etc. were really, really good.
  14. Move the folder containing Community and Official (the folder you have to actively choose before the big 100GB download) to a custom location. That usually prevents all re-installing. You even can de-install and re-install the program then, without having to download all this stuff again. Ans really, this was widely discussed regarding this Beta and the earlier one. But it is a good safety measure in any case.
  15. Hi Crimplene, thanks for the invite to Discord but I do not really do social media. I looked through posts on Photogrammetry yesterday and I no longer think my tree issue is fixable at user level. So I am happy to wait until am update comes out in the future.

    1. crimplene


      You are welcome, even if I am quite sure that I did not invite you to discord. 🙂

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