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  1. Exactly! Running 4k with 70% (i.e. a render scaling to 1440p internally) looks much better than 1440p on a 4k screen. It is a bit slower, though.
  2. Yes, this is how it works, especially at Avism. 🙂 I, personally, like when a Creator admits errors and that he needs a bit more time.
  3. Taking photos of a screen instead of posting screenshots is just ridiculous, sorry.
  4. The windsocks are sometimes showing the wrong direction. Weathervaning works as it should.
  5. Weather Radar showing precipitation instead of clouds is nice. Contrails for AI planes are very nice, too. What are the capabilities of the Visual Effect Editor? Can we get lots and lots of smoke for the DC6 engines?
  6. One hour later, I suppose. 16:00 zulu is 18:00 in Sweden or Germany now, not 17:00 as in March.
  7. CRJ and 787 mod do holding patterns. WT cj4, too, afaik.
  8. Assumptions. Wrong assumptions, most likely. The CRJ was produced with the existing SDK, all the FBW and WT stuff was developed with it. WT even programmed a full FMS and it is possible to program the electrical system of the Airbus (for example) with the existing SDK.
  9. 2 invisible non-material engines which makes it perfect against bird strikes.
  10. Afaik it's a Javascript Garbage Collection (GC) problem. An object, if not in use anymore, has to be erased from memory. Coherent GT/JS does that very regularly and that can result in microstutters. So the programmers need to find ways to avoid GC producing microstutter. Maybe by keeping and reusing objects. Well, developer stuff I don't entirely understand. 🙂
  11. LOL. Thx for the review! You convinced me not to buy this. 30 Euros (or whatever it takes in Euros) is way too much money for this.
  12. Well, for flight simmers it actually is much brighter than without MSFS. 🙂
  13. Well, people steal drainpipes and fences. A good propeller is much more expensive.
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