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  1. Leaving the water fixes installed in the Community folder should not cause any issues. They simply fail to exclude water from the polygons that I’ve outlined. But there may be areas where I’ve excluded trees/foliage or replaced them with proper palm trees - those should still work.
  2. It appears that the SDK Water Exclusion Polygons (used to exclude unwanted water) no longer function in Beta SU12. For anyone who uses my Water Fix files throughout the US (Flightsim.to), or anyone else's, these will cease to function unless addressed by the Core Developers before the beta period closes. Please vote here to bring attention: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/is-the-broken-water-exclusion-polygons-planned-to-be-fixed-before-su12-goes-out-of-beta/580505 https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/water-exclusion-polygons-stopped-working-in-1-31-18-0-and-are-still-broken-in-1-31-22-0/577738
  3. I've been notified of an issue where water exclusion polygons are no longer functioning in Beta 12, which is all of what I do. I've now verified this myself within the latest beta. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/water-exclusion-polygons-stopped-working-in-1-31-18-0-and-are-still-broken-in-1-31-22-0/577738/21
  4. DX12 is smooth on my end. When stationary in the same spot, I actually get around 4 FPS higher framerates on DX11. However when flying around, it's a really smooth flight and doesn't seem to dip/choke as much with DX12. Keeper here.
  5. This is really cool, I'm glad you got to do this. Great comparisons!
  6. I watched that video, and I don't know if it blows me away compared to the freeware KSNA that's already available out there.
  7. Bill, I noticed something peculiar on your screencaps - you are limited by RDRThread. I searched for what that could be, and one big offender seemed to be a program called Citrix workspace. Uninstalling that fixed it for a number of users. For some others, it required a Windows reinstall as even just a FS reinstall didn't fix it.
  8. NVidia shader cache can be deleted by going to the Disk Cleanup > select the C drive > select Direct X shader cache only > hit OK. Content.xml for Steam users is in C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator I would also suggest going to your NVidia Control Panel > Manage 3D settings > then Restore
  9. Have you tried with no AIG, and empty Community Folder? When you do that try manually deleting your Content.xml file (it rebuilds itself), and deleting your Nvidia shader cache, before you retest.
  10. What resolution do you use, I don’t think I saw that anywhere?
  11. From Parking Spot 371 and default 747, 1080 resolution, High-End setting: - with empty Community Folder: 40FPS in cockpit, around 33 panning around external view - with Community Folder loaded with all WaterFixes, KSNA, Honolulu, freeware bridges, etc: 40FPS in cockpit, around 33 panning around external view
  12. Where did you read that? They shouldn't cause FPS drops, as they simply remove water and trees (except for the ones I made in the OC). I just tested right now at LAX, and the internal and external view has no issues with massive Frame Rate drops as compared with an empty Community folder, all look fine with a 747 or a Cessna. And this is with a i5 4670k, 16GB of RAM, and RTX2060, and every single WaterFix plus the freeware KSNA in my Community Folder.
  13. One of them is the modellib.bgl which although it does not cause interference of traffic, it often doesn't get renamed. Multiple instances of that file in the community folder can cause conflicts. It's not simply a case of finding them and renaming because the sim can't find the renamed files. One would have to recompile the layout.json to reference the new file. One tool is using MSFSLayoutGenerator.exe. Otherwise the developer would have to redo it.
  14. There may be a reason the trees only get so short. Underneath them are ugly polygons from the photogrammetry. They take a lot of time to get rid of and replace. Trees located in the cities require individual attention, as opposed to an entire forest.
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