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  1. mistercoffee1

    Good fps but bad stutters mainly when taxiing

    Hey, I happen to have the same setup as you. I5 4670k, overclocked to 4.4, 8Gb Ram, GTX 660, Win 7 64 bit. Same. I see from your CFG that you are running DirectX 9. On my system with a clean install and simply the HighMem fix, FSX + Accel, I get great frame rates and no stutters even with Anti Aliasing turned on. Adding in WOAI aircraft at 60% and a single payware or freeware airport - still no stutters. I have since switched to DX10, but by system ran very smooth with DX9. What else do you have installed? Your video card should not choke this game unless you are running full AA and have a crapload of Cumulus clouds and a thunderstorm going on.
  2. mistercoffee1

    Speed up FSX load time?

    Agree with the SSD.
  3. How did you go about installing your new card? Did you uninstall the drivers prior to removing your old card? Did you reboot one cycle and not let it install drivers, prior to putting the new card in? Did you use any uninstallers for the drivers?
  4. mistercoffee1

    LatinVFR finally released KSNA

    Thank you for that, I appreciate it. I watched the two videos on YouTube from ADXLive, and they look pretty stuttery at times, and that is with minimal traffic it seems.
  5. mistercoffee1

    LatinVFR finally released KSNA

    How is the performance, as far as smoothness/stutters/framerates?
  6. mistercoffee1

    Airplanes are white

    The fixer is not free, although I have read that some of the older shader fixes were around and those were free (I never got into reading what was involved in doing so).
  7. mistercoffee1

    GTX 970 feedback

    Any throttling issues for anyone when the temp is >60 or >65 degrees? This may or may not happen on FSX or P3D depending on the GPU load, but on other games as well?
  8. mistercoffee1


    I run my Operating System and FSX on the same SSD. I have big scenery files on a separate HDD. No need to keep FSX and the operating system on separate SSDs unless space is an issue.
  9. mistercoffee1

    Airplanes are white

    Hello, For me, using Steve's DirectX 10 Fixer alleviated this issue for me, as a permanent solution. No more all-white planes. (Except that bug when selecting certain Cessna 172 planes a specific order.) For some legacy aircraft (FS9), you may have to turn aircraft shadows off as well.