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  1. What is the proper way to transition from forward flight to a hover? I generally tend to enter a slow spin, and when I try to stop the spin, I fall over backwards,
  2. There's at least two pay ware programs now for Biarritz, and four or five freeware mods for the surrounding area. Any recommendations?
  3. I'm no Blender 3d modelling expert, but I recall having much difficulty sizing down models. If you view the Bell helicopter in the Hangar it is big as Jupiter in the Solar System of aircraft. Maybe that's why you can't zoom away from it in the sim. On second issue of CTDs did you wait the entire time for the helicopter to load all of its code when you first installed? It took me a good 15 minutes before the Flyinside heli manager would connect to the sim, and I nearly shut it off because I thought the program had crashed.
  4. I purchased the Bell 47 a couple hours ago but haven't received the download link. Is it ready for prime time? That was quick thank you. I hope you sell a million of them...
  5. I thought I read on the Discord that the JF Arrow needs the premium version. From GTN750 Discord/Discussion Laurin If I remember correctly someone wrote in another forum that the Arrow requires the Basic and Premium version installed and does not work with just the Basic version, have you both installed?
  6. Spawn at Abbeville and fly to the water.
  7. I sometimes go to Omaha Beach in Google Maps and situate at 2000 feet. It's amazing how much of the battlefield you can see from that height, practically the entire Normandy peninsula. Then to imagine hundreds of aircraft dropping parachutes, searchlights all over the sky, it must have been quite a sight.
  8. Question: At the end of the video it says Experimental version - fly by wire, engine model and Primary Flight Display. Has that functionality been incorporated into the Stable version?
  9. Could they be running a scenery mod for that area? I didn't see any boats or anything there.
  10. Isn't 1.28 GB rather small for a scenery upgrade? That's barely the equivalent of one NZA airport scenery.
  11. Same thing here. "NO DATA" when I run the metar test. I know the token is good, because it sends me a metar for Unreal Weather Live mod.
  12. I was kind of hoping they would port over the B-17, when they were updating it for Prepar3d to add rain effects and other compatibility fixes. It converted rather nicely as a legacy aircraft too.
  13. I really don't get how to fly the helicopter in MSFS 2020. I have a simple Saitek AV8R joystick. Originally you had to map two throttles, one to increase engine rpm and another to move the collective. Now you push the FADEC button and move the throttle and the helicopter lifts off and hovers in the air. If you move the second throttle, nothing seems to happen. Pushing and pulling on the joystick seems to get you moving but its hard to keep it level and avoid over speeding, and I haven't figured out how to slow down and descend without falling backwards and crashing. But it's fun, and the GTN 750 Garmin GPS works...
  14. https://simworksstudios.com/news-announcements/okavango-delta-released.html I just installed it, but can't check it out until tonight.
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