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  1. When you close the Navigraph charts panel it resets all of your information. If you just roll it up and move it out of the way, it stays active. At least that's how it works on my installation.
  2. Looks very nice. I wonder if it compares to the BlackSquare aircrafts...
  3. Thanks for the heads-up. Looks like my next flight will be to Papua New Guinea...
  4. Same issue here. From the outside, I can see inside the terminal, but inside the windows are solid blue.
  5. I bought the Inibuilds KJFK airport scenery, and just want to park my aircraft and fly the drone around, and watch the AI traffic take-off and land. If I taxi my plane off the runway, ATC continues to report me as Traffic blocking the runway. Even if I use GSX app to warp me to a Gate, the aircraft continue to line up behind my old location on the runway. How do I get ATC to clear the runway, so I can watch the AI traffic take off and land?
  6. After installation I did a restart, and now it's downloading another 116 GB. Does anybody know why?
  7. What upsets me most is not the fact that none of my maps work, but that I can't even get my co-pilot in First Officer Next to disengage the parking brake when he needs to. He just sits there and ignores the request like HAL 9000.
  8. I began getting that every time, when I upgraded my game-ready Nvidea drivers. I couldn't find any option to roll them back, so I loaded the Studio drivers, and they seem to work ok.
  9. Running ORBX version of KAVX and all the boats in the Pebbly Harbor have a mesh of thin lines coming out of them.
  10. I finally got GSX to work with SimBrief: Make a flight plan in SimBrief, and download it to MSFS with the SimBrief Downloader. Start your flight in the Sim. and click the GSX icon in the menu bar on top of the sim. Select GSX settings in the pull down and enter your UserID, that is your Alias. Uncheck the box at the end of the line that says Use Time. If you leave this checked, GSX will give an error message that the time has expired, and it won't reload the SimBrief. You should now be able to click on the red Re-Load SimBrief box on the menu. After GSX reads the SimBrief file successfully, the red box will turn Green, and right below that, you will see a new Restart Couatl box - I'm not sure if you have to restart it. I clicked it once, and saw a message box open up with number of pax and other information from the SimBrief. Afterwards I began loading passengers in GSX, and it now showed the same number of Pax as the Sim Brief file. Finally, check your firewall settings, and make sure that Couatl64_MSFS.exe has a connection to the internet. It is in your GSX installation Addon Manager/Couatl64 folder.
  11. In the new SimBrief Account settings you now have one word for Alias (Username) and another for Pilot ID. Not sure which one GSX wants when it says to enter your Username.
  12. That one change to the brake has made the PMDG 737 totally unuseable on my sim.
  13. You don't have to select a runway. If you zoom way in, you can select one of the gates or ramps on the outskirts of the airport, and the white box moves out there...
  14. Are you changing the time of day, or sim rate. That is the only thing I have seen that will cause ships to disappear. Ships are usually pretty good about staying on schedule...
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