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  1. I found the list of 4 airports, and just now checked out Palermo, didn't look like it.
  2. Has anybody tried this? https://it.flightsim.to/file/32654/pmdg-737-freecamera-mode
  3. Yesterday I loaded up a base 737-700 with United livery and began flying the tutorial flight from KPDX to KSFO. As I approached Top of Climb or whatever it's called, the instruction said to setup the Head Up Guidance System. I looked everywhere and couldn't find the Collins device anywhere. Long story short my plane flew past SFO and crashed...blah blah blah while I was searching the internet for where that device might be in the cockpit. Then last night I tried a Southwest Airlines variant, and right away I noticed there was a HUD above the visor that could be pulled down. Sure enough the control box was also present right there in the center console below the radios. Also when I was crashing the ground proximity warnings went off, and I started getting terrain data in the PFD. So is all that working? How about the weather radar? Is there any documentation for operating all of these and the Glideslope radar?
  4. It's all introductory material. I think the documentation for this aircraft is the actually Boeing handbooks.
  5. The server is probably still getting hammered. After your transaction is approved you will receive an email that says "your license code details." This shows the product you purchased and has a green "download" link. Click on the link and it takes you to a list of all your Orders on the PMDG server. When you click on the order number for the 737, it opens a popup asking for a verification number. By now you should have another email with a number in it. Cut that out and paste and hit return and you will probable get a Server error. Don't leave that page, just keep updating it until the download starts.
  6. I bought them both and love them. I actually had purchased the PMDG 737 for FSX and P3D way back when, but I was having so many problems with my system then, running out of memory and hard disk space all the time and converting everything to P3d, I never really was able to complete even the tutorial missions. When I heard that PMDG was making a 737 for MSFS, I expected that it would be the most complex and complete aircraft I could ever fly. But after reading the manual I think now I was bigly mistaken. PMDG have laid out the tutorial to be more like "easy mode." And indeed I was able to start the plane on the runway, and just take off. Today I will go step by step through the tutorial flight, and hopefully it will load into the FMS without discontinuities, which really make it difficult to learn the basic procedure. On the other hand the BAe 146 is more like trying to solve a Rubik's cube. If you can just get all the pieces in place it will fly beautifully.
  7. Got the email but link provided takes me to my Orders page, but there is no download link.
  8. I knew this would be a long wait, so I started watching Out of Africa. I should have gone with The English Patient...
  9. Yes. Try holding down left button and right click too. It worked for me.
  10. According to the manual, the BAe 146 uses the Working Title FMS. I just did a quick cut and paste.
  11. Documentation for the Working Title FMS can be found on their website: https://www.workingtitle.aero/packages/cj4 Go to page 1-4 SIMBRIEF Configuring the FMC for Simbrief import. ● Use Simbrief to create a flight plan and generate an OFP ● The Simbrief BETA Airframe can be found here: https://bit.ly/3lFM0d3 ● Make note of your PILOT ID, a 5 or 6 digit number (XXXXXX), which appears in the Optional Entries section of the flight planning (Dispatch Options) page. ● Load up the aircraft (you can start at a gate, parking position, anywhere you like). ● On the FMC, press IDX to open the INDEX page and go to PAGE 2. ● Click to open MOD SET. ● Enter your PILOT ID in the scratchpad (should be a 5 or 6-digit number). ● Press the LSK L2 button next to the - - - - - - under SIMBRIEF PILOT ID header - this will turn GREEN if it has been accepted - this is now stored in the simulator and will remain persistent even after simulator restarts (you can skip these initial steps for future imports) ● Press IDX to open the INDEX page and go to PAGE 2 ● Click to open ROUTE MENU ● You should see FPLN RECALL (SB) highlighted with your PILOT ID under it in GREEN. ● Click FPLN RECALL (SB) and your flight plan should import; you will be returned to the FPLN PAGE and will be prompted to hit EXEC to finalize the new flight plan
  12. At the top of the screen, if you click on the center object you get all the different menus like weather, and fuel and one of them has a little pilot's face - AI Pilot lets you automate various things.
  13. The first time I went from the cockpit into the cabin, I was so disappointed because it wasn't there. I could see through the walls to the outside. Later I loaded a different livery and checked it using the drone camera, and there was a full cockpit, very nicely done. But I still couldn't get there from the cockpit. Still disappointed... Later when I was playing with the EFB thingy, I saw an option with the word Cockpit in it. Badda-bing-badda-boom Full Cockpit. I was so happy.
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