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  1. What is the purpose of hanging the parachute and harness on the tail of the plane?
  2. I am seeing a lot of traffic at KMKE, even though I have my traffic mod disabled and MS traffic settings all set to OFF. It doesn't seem to be slowing anything down so I'll leave it alone, but what is it? Is it AI traffic or real traffic? What?
  3. Just a heads up: Simstaller, by //42 installs it beautifully. You just double click the Zip file in your download folder and it finds the Community folder and everything. It also shows the route files as a separate install. Took a long time though...
  4. Sorry, it was late when I posted this. It's the right ALT key.
  5. After the checklist goes blank, you can open it in a new window by holding down the right CTRL key and clicking on it with your mouse select button. The new window opens to the index page and has all of the hotspots for previous and next and other stuff mentioned in the manual.
  6. Couldn't we just have searchlights and flak explosions over major German and British cities?
  7. Just read the Wikipedia article on the Hindenburg Disaster. How soon?
  8. What is the name and location of the castle at 0:32 seconds in the video? I have flown several times over EU South and never see any distant mountains, it's always very flat.
  9. I had a problem like that, and it turned out that Nvidia settings had somehow changed back to integrated graphics.
  10. Is this for use with the current version 3, or the old version 2?
  11. Same here. Stuck on Adolfo Suarez fspackage for the last hour or so... Should I delete all of those files and let it download them again?
  12. What information on what right side of what screen?
  13. I like it a lot, but I'm already invested in the First Officer Next product. Since this is a standalone product, do you plan to support this other product?
  14. I love the view from the control tower. Is there any way to actually make it functional?
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