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  1. Hey Michael, I actually fixed this eventually. I deleted every single file I could find that related to this particular scenery, and restored the OrbX vector altitude corrections. Key is to make sure that the default airport shows up fine without elevation issues. After that, I reinstalled the scenery as per the instructions, and from then on it has worked fine for me. I believe sometimes it's good to start with a clean slate. As an aside, the author of the scenery is working on an update to the scenery that should bring it up to current layout with some quality enhancements as well!
  2. I have often had great trouble updating SODE, often because I couldn't register it properly. In one of your posts you said you registered it several times. If you start up the SODE platform manager, does the green thing ever appear to be red again, even though last time you checked it was green? What I do these days when I update SODE, is to use Lorby's Addon Manager to remove the SODE package entry entirely. Just delete it. Then, uninstall SODE. Then, install the NEW version of SODE. It will open the platform manager automatically. In my case, when I then click the register button, it often doesn't seem to work. But, it always works... Just close it and start P3D and it should be fine.
  3. So... can't you just stay in windows mode, then...?
  4. I currently have a 2x 1TB SSDs filled 98% with pretty much just P3D stuff. So yeah, get at minimum a 2TB, but as others said, just go with the biggest you can afford!
  5. I believe you can uninstall fonts through a dedicated system control panel. Once you get rid of them, I suppose you can get rid of the folder.
  6. This. I was at KATL the other day and saw some planes vanish for no apparent reason. One Delta MD80 pushed back, did its turn, then suddenly disappeared? All in all, I've rarely seen KATL this question as yesterday and I wonder if AIGround was removing these planes, and if so, why?
  7. FSDT has its own light textures for all I know, so don't be distressed by these lights looking different from default - they are in fact supposed to be different because they are not default! While I haven't looked at KIAH in a while, I'm pretty sure the PAPI lights at FSDT KLAX are similar to those. I think that's just what FSDT lights look like, at least in their older sceneries... But, if @virtuali is around, perhaps he can answer as well?
  8. As Raymond said. It's a nice scenery, but I believe it dates back to 2012... So it's kind of old and doesn't support much of the newer technologies available in newer version s of P3D. I can only guess as to why DD never updated it, but I won't be surprised if it has something to do with latinVFR adding large swaths of Miami to their KMIA addon over the years.
  9. Thanks for posting those, very helpful! See, I just don't like the look of it. It's as if they just plopped down a polygon on there and gave it some generic, highly repetitive texture. If the airport looks amazingly realistic, this 'new runway' immediately kicks me straight back into my living room. I'm honestly quite disappointed with this... Is there a way to get rid of it, or is it part of the ground poly?
  10. I think that basically sums it up for me, too. @Prpn @ahsmatt7 Just had a lovely light into KSBA. Took a closer look at that reverse thrust... Touched down late at around 140kts (Vref 137kts), and reverse thrust got me down to about 60kts towards the end of runway 7, then took over with some 'decisive' braking. Does this sound somewhat realistic? To me it felt like the reversers did their job pretty well this time around, better than I remember them doing the first time. But I'll be completely honest with you, it's entirely possible that I didn't ARM the reversers that time before, in my ignorance of what those knobs are supposed to do. So yeah, possible I wasn't actually engaging the reversers at all...
  11. So for those that have the new version 1.10, I understand that MKS put in the progress on the construction of the new runway, correct? I was wondering if any of you could show what this looks like on approach or departure, because the shots they had on their Facebook did not look particularly convincing to me, to the point that I was considering sticking with v1.02.
  12. Very informative, thank you! I'll just pretend that this is one of the less finicky planes that doesn't throw a caution when you advance the throttle levers to idle prematurely 😉 (Though, I don't typically do that anyway, so...)
  13. Things like this... @Branimir@Prpn@ahsmatt7, you're all flying the plane, or are training to do so. Would you please have a look at this video and tell us how right or wrong this reviewer is? Because honestly, from what I understand about this plane and the way I have been starting the engines, I'm pretty sure you do not need to turn off the packs or recirc fan manually. The FADEC will control all this automatically. Therefore, can we trust his comments with regards to other things of this product? I wouldn't be surprised if the FADEC would also regulate the fuel flow into the engine, regardless of the position of the throttle lever, to ensure you don't blow up the engine. After all, this is not an MD80... But, I'm just a flightsimmer! I'd like to hear this stuff from the pilots. Youtube videos can be great to get a good idea of what the plane looks like, but when it comes to the systems and flight dynamics, I will only take the word of an actual pilot. I don't know who Ronnie Wainscott is (the guy who produced that video), but he doesn't strike me as a pilot of the type? Thanks for the clarifications! I tend to follow the ATC vectors rather than follow SIDs and STARs, so make sense I wouldn't experience that, same with the drifting on crosswind. usually I disconnect the autopilot and bring her in manually anyway. I agree with @Chock's assessment here. I feel Aerosoft is to blame for how they handled the business aspect of it, but I like the plane itself. Glad to see there are enough people that seem to agree!
  14. The floating trees are a noted issue in v5 with this addon, see the forum post over at LHSimulations: http://lhsimulations.com/forum/index.php?topic=1059.msg17384&fbclid=IwAR1pODlIocwuMyFUSE3ujPdrhAPgLv0oKX-wL7Tei40MXO5cUCLNhV3cBjY#msg17384
  15. Thanks for all the feedback, everybody! Interesting to hear people's experiences and really nice to hear from actual pilots as well. As much as I enjoy reading opinions, the real experience is what matters to me the most, no offense... What you say concerns me. If the real plane should be able to stop pretty well with just reverse thrust, then the reversers on the CRJ Pro are nowhere near effective enough. Upon landing at KASE, without braking action, I would have raced off the runway. The reverse thrust doesn't really do very much in my experience in the CRJ Pro... With regards to the flight level, whether its right or wrong, how high do you typically fly in these planes? Just out of curiosity. Most flights I've tracked in Flightaware seem to be around FL280? I recognize what you're saying about the steep turns. I've noticed that the A/P likes to initiate a turn steeply, and then 'shallows it out' too early, and then ends up a couple seconds in this shallow bank angle. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'd assume that the real CRJ A/P is smoother than that? That's fascinating. You'd think they could just get rid of those 'sketches', as you call them. I love how the ancestry of the plane still comes through in the newer models, though you'd think they could have done away with it. See, what you say about the brakes make total sense. Like I said, I use them at full because the reversers are not nearly as effective as they apparently should be. From what you're saying, the reverses should get you into the 60kts range and you can start to brake? In the CRJ Pro, I absolutely had to start braking early, or I would drive right off the other end of the runway. So, I'm not sure what version you're talking about, but I have none of these issues? For me LNAV works well, and it had no issues capturing the localizer. But, I also never tried to do this in a 20kts crosswind... As for the A/T 'cheat', I think that means you should probably just use a different plane...? I don't know of any adorn that has such a 'cheat'? Would you happen to have a link? I'd be very interested to have a look! Posts such as by @ahsmatt7 and @Prpn make it sadly quite clear that there are some fairly large deficiencies with the Aerosoft CRJ, though I'm unsure to what extent these reflect the original CRJ X or the current CRJ Pro. I will say that, despite those flaws, I do still find it a very fun plane to fly. I suppose I should start investing more time into the majestic Dash 8 as well, as I feel like their operation is essentially similar.
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