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  1. Benjamin J

    Air Hauler 2 released out of Beta £29.99 ,$37.95

    Thanks Chock and Stewy for weighing in, it sounds like a fascinating piece of software! I'm especially intrigued by the ability to see your own aircraft as AI. That really adds a new dimension to the operation, making it all less 'virtual'. What I wonder: once you buy an aircraft, can you select a repaint for it through the AH2 UI? Or are you bound to exactly the thing that you bought? For example, if I buy an 'old' FedEx C208, can I then elect to 'respray' it into colors of my own virtual fleet, or will it fly in FedEx livery forever? I'll admit I'm not too big on the operations side of things, so I foresee keeping a small fleet, but I love the idea of being sent on small jobs around OrbX PNW, especially around the Seattle/San Juan islands area. It'd add some meaning to flying around there, which, despite my best intentions, is a little lacking currently. It'd be fun to see some 'results' from those little trips.
  2. Benjamin J

    Asian or Indian Airports.

    Well there is the old one from Thai Creation... It’d definitely be nice if FSDG took that one I think, to match their very nice Paro scenery! And Nathan you’re welcome! I realize there’s many people looking for Asian sceneries, so it seemed like a good opportunity to make something of a list.
  3. Benjamin J

    Asian or Indian Airports.

    First, I would recommend you to go here: or and look at the scenerymaps for the countries that interest you. On those maps you can choose to only display P3Dv4 native airports (blue pins). There's all kinds of payware and freeware airports available, perhaps more than we can list off the top of our heads. Here is the scenery map specifically for freeware scenery in southeast Asia: As you will see, there's a number of blue pins, but the quality varies. So it's all about what your standards are. That said, the only two (semi) natively P3Dv4 compatible airport I have in south/southeast Asia (which is what you seem to be predominantly inquiring about) are these two: FSDG Paro, in Bhutan, where I haven't actually ever flown yet... But it certainly looks good! A freeware Chiang Mai VTCC scenery, converted from an older scenery by Tic: In my experience it's a pretty solid scenery, definitely for a freeware! Other sceneries that i know of being P3Dv4 compatible in those regions are: Imaginesim's New Delhi VIDP, which looks dated from the screenshots. FSDG's Bangalore, which looks quite nice Some sceneries froma developer called "Stinn's creations", who made one or two sceneries for India Imaginesim's Singapore WSSS, which people seem to like. Now, sicne you mentioned southeast Asian airports, I wasn't sure if maybe you are still interested in east Asia as well? There's more P3Dv4 compatible airport sin that area: FlyTampa's rendition of the old (and now closed) Hong Kong Kai Tak is beautiful PacSim offers Xiamen and Taipei. I quite like the latter, but am less enthused about the former A little further away PacSim also offers Manilla, which is very nice! Imaginesim has Shanghai Pudong ZSPD, which I've heard mixed things about. Chengdu was done by Bridge WF Scenery Studios did Beijing, Xian, Hangzhou and Shanghai Hongqiao All the way in the west of China there is Kashgar by BGD Dalian by BF flight scenery Shenyang, Taoxian by Destination Mohe Gulian by Dazzle Color Games Over to Japan now there's several, such as Chubu Centrair and Nagasaki by PacSim BDO Aviation did Osaka Kansai Technobrain has done Naha and Tokyo Haneda And I shouldn't forget MFSG which have done a greta number of smaller airports throughout Malaysia and Japan. I think most if not all of these airprots cnam be found at simmarket and definitely they will show on the 'payware scenery' map I liked to above in the first paragraph of this post. But,. e.g. here's China: I should also indicate that I have a lot of not-native P3Dv4 airports nevertheless working in P3Dv4. Examples are Taxi2Gate's Hong Kong VHHH, Armi Project's Bangkok VTBS, Wingcreation's Tokyo Narita, Thai Creation's Kathmandu and Aerosim's Fukuoka. I also have myriad freeware sceneries installed and working that were originally for as far as back as FSX. Among those are a rendition of Hanoi's Noi Bai airport, and the new intl airport of Kunming (a beautiful scenery btw). So, really, there's quite a lot of choice, but you may have to resort to older sceneries. Even in P3Dv4 there's still remarkable chocie, but not necessairly the bigger hubs that may be of interest to you. Personally I'd love to Kuala Lumpur and a new version of Bangkok Suvarnabhumi released native to P3Dv4. Hope that helps!
  4. Benjamin J

    Air Hauler 2 released out of Beta £29.99 ,$37.95

    Some great information right there Stewy, thanks!! It all sounds very intriguing. Personally I fly any and all types of aircraft, it all depends what I'm in the mood for. You mention your base is KPWT, yet there's many jobs not starting at KPWT. Does that mean you have to fly to the origin airport first, or...? For example, the first entry is CAV3-CYDQ. Does that simply mean there's no way you can fulfill that job? Or is it all not so rigid? it also seems like AH2 makes a persistent environment, so that even if I don't have time to fly for three weeks, the simulation keeps running in the background. I'm guessing that means that you have to check in every so often to make your company doesn't go off a cliff? How much time do you generally put in to keep things going?
  5. Benjamin J

    Which gate is which?

    Open Little Navmap. First it's important to load your scenery library into LNM. Incidentally, this is what I love about LNM, personally: whatever info you see in LNM, that's what you have in your sim. Using Navigraph charts always bugged me a little because the charts and the scenery are not necessarily the same. E.g., scenery may be outdated or simply incorrect! So, load your scenery database first. Once this process is complete, you can use the moving map in LNM to go to Gatwick, and it will display your scenery and show you essentially your active AFCAD at Gatwick, including gate numbers and what type of parking it is (gate, parking, cargo ramp etc). But you're quite right, the information and options in LNM is starlingly robust. I use it for every flight, and even use it on its own sometimes to investigate the AFCADs of my addon airports. It really is a terrific piece of software! EDIT: Heh, will just noticed Doug gave the answer like an hour ago :P
  6. Benjamin J

    Air Hauler 2 released out of Beta £29.99 ,$37.95

    Interesting! Are these routes something that you will be able to see in-game as AI as well, or is it limited to the UI of AH2? I've been interested in AH2 as, like others said, it would give me more reason to fly my smaller aircraft. But, here's another question: would you say AH2 is specifically intended for a particular type of transport, or is it meant to simulate both cargo and pax equally? I'd love to have a small company that ferries cargo and pax around OrbX PNW, and up to CYVR, for example, as one branch of operations. Perhaps another one in the middle east. AH2 seems like a gigantic sandbox, but some input from those that have it and use it would be appreciated with regards to its limits?
  7. Benjamin J

    Scenery Advice

    LatrinVFR did KRSW, which looks nice - don;t have it myself though. As the others mentions: KDCA by Drzewiecki Design, which is quite good. KATL by ImagineSim, or you can wait for FlyTampa, but that may be a while... I have ImagineSim's and quite like it overall. KMIA by LatinVFR is pretty nice KTPA by FlyTampa None of these airports have more than one options out there though, so other than telling you who made what, there's essentially not much chose I'm afraid. And no, there's no bigger overarching region available. The closest to that would be DD's New York City addon, which may or may not work well with FSDT's KJFK, I never tested the two alongside a I use DD's New York Airports (FSDT's looks better but is very outdated due to demolition of Terminal 3).
  8. There is some mention of new repaints, but other than that there’s no news, sadly. Everytime the power pack gets mentioned the official answer is that there “will be news when there is news”. I think mostly there is little hope of us ever seeing it, but don’t quote me on that... hence I took to altering stuff myself to get what I needed. I do believe my UTL is a very complete AI solution now, but it cost a huge amount of time to get it there...
  9. Benjamin J

    FAOR , Johannesburg O R Tambo

    A HKJK *was* released a long time ago by OrientalSim. I remember using it and quite liking it, though it's outdated since the HKJK fire and new concourse that was constructed. Still, best we have right now. I have not installed it in P3Dv4 but I did install their Dammam OEDF, which works well for me. Might be worth a try if you don't want to wait for FSDG?
  10. I would agree with that! My personal knowledge of airline schedules is very limited. There are some specific cases I want to get right (meaning I want to see those legs in my sim, operated by the right aircraft type), but I personally don't particularly care whether the exact days or times or spot on. But truth be told, that's only because I'm personally familiar with the route (KLM's EHAM-KJFK flights, for exmaple) or have some other interest in it (Air Sinai E70 HECA-LLBG-HECA). So for the most part I'll be pretty happy if I just see the right airlines at the right airports (meaning I don't want to see Delta at Tehran's IKA). Personally, thanks to the help of some of the fantastic people at the UTL forums, I've been able to add missing or incorrectly defined airports, such as OIIE, OTHH, ORNI and URRP. Then I installed and assigned updated addon schedules to make sure that all airlines that would normally visit these airports, would actually visit them in the sim as well. The result is that, despite the fact that UTL's powerpack is still not available, I've been able to get pretty much all I wanted from UTL. Should it have been way easier to do all that? Of course! The powerpack is sorely missing. But it is what it is.
  11. Benjamin J

    Cielosim KJAX

    Glad you got that fixed, SunDevil! Happy to hear DJJose was able to help out.
  12. Benjamin J

    Cielosim KJAX

    While I do not have this scenery I can tell you with 100% certainty that your scenery is not working correctly. You have default scenery showing through (the large blocky structures), suggestin that the scebery’s Exclude bel is not working, missing or is in the wrong location. I’ve had a similar issue at LatinVFR KSAN as well as FSDT PHNL. Try to search for any files with KJAX in the name in combination with AD, AD2 or ADE. Only one such file should be active in your library. It’s likely that a duplicate afcad file is causing this issue, hence deactivating duplicates should solve the issue. There is an automated tool for that but I’m in SFO and it’s 6AM so my brain is glitching a little 😛 Alternatively you can make a new exclude file, which is easy to do using SbuilderX or Airport Design Editor.
  13. Benjamin J

    QW787 and QW757 coming for P3Dv4

    Yes! When I got CS's email I put it on my calendar and got it the moment the price dropped! I haven't taken it for a spin yet, but will do so soon. Now eagerly awaiting the freighter expansion!
  14. Thanks for the heads-up on that enhancement! I decided not to get Haneda eventually, but then I found Narita to be off just an hour ago or so, so I picked it up. Installing soon. Looking forward to giving it a whirl.
  15. Benjamin J

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Out of curiosity have you tried that new beta update? I saw it mentioned on FSElite a few days ago. Supposedly an 'official' update will be released soon as well. It seems focused on the EPR issues.