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  1. I actually didn’t realize at first that you do NOT need the A321 to use the SL... factor that in and I’m getting an updated A320 and an all new A321 for the price of 80$! Seems like great value indeed! Though I can see that if you already own the A321 it may not be quite as attractive...
  2. When I saw the price I was initially going "no-no", but the jump ahead feature is worth gold to me! I thought FSLabs was never going to implement a feature like that, they seemed incredibly resistant to the idea. Very happy they came back from that. I just wonder if this feature will make it to the 'older' product lines, or will it be a SL exclusive?
  3. Thanks for your message. Seems like you hav a similar experience as I do. I did install it eventually and found that performance was... pretty much the same. However it's good enough that with FFTF Dynamic I do tend to get 25-30FPS pretty much consistently, which is a lot better than what I had in P3Dv4. So overall, it's an improvement for me...
  4. LNM does not lie, so if that is what it says, the issue is more than likely with T2G. If they have been alerted, I suppose we just have to wait for a fix... Incidentally this is why I haven't installed the scenery yet. My experience with their recent KIND was such that I assumed that a patch will come out in the shape of a new installer, and if there's anything I hate it is to reinstall stuff 🙄
  5. I would uninstall the original one, always...
  6. i have not installed this scenery yet so can't comment specifically, but for anybody having elevation issues I would highly recommend you use Little NavMap to see what airport information bgl files (including AFCAD and altitude corrections) are being loaded. Sometimes you think you got them all, and then it turns out there is another one hidden somewhere. For those that have never used it, simply install it and when opening it let it scan your scenery library. Then go LFPG and in the airport information tab it will show the scenery files from which it takes information. Very useful function that has helped me many times to suss out problems with default buildings, elevation issues, misaligned parking spots, etc. All this is just to rule out that the problem is not really on your end due to some conflict.
  7. FSDG does not provide seperate updates. It's always been an updated version of the original installer. Download it and compare the file sizes: you can see the new one is over 200MB bigger.
  8. I got a message from simmarket that the installer was updated for FACT so I assume it’s the new version. It’s a free update for current customers.
  9. My experience has bene that T2G gives 25% discounts only... You will unlikely get a discount bigger than the one you cna already get as a previous purchaser of the scenery, which you seem to be.
  10. To those who feel there is no change, how about the obvious addition of PBR textures throughout?? Perhaps you already forgot what sceneries looked like without it 🤣 I will say that the screenshots do show some blatant errors, the mentioned SODE jetways not always connecting properly being one. All I can say is: write to the developer and ask for a fix...
  11. Same here... I probably won't get to install this anytime soon, so if anybody installs it, let us know of any performance improvements. Though I don't have much hope - Technobrain stated on their Japanese website a small performance improvement only.
  12. FYI Technobrain made their P3Dv5 compatibility update available today on simmarket. Essentially you just have to reinstall using the new installer, which supports P3Dv5.
  13. I actually tried to install it and found that the installer is in Japanese and doesn’t seem to take the serial I got through sim market... so it seems we might be out of luck until the update appears on sim market...
  14. Based on Google Maps, all of these things are correct.
  15. I have it and quite like it. At any rate, there is no other option that I know of besides tropicalsim’s SBGR
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