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  1. Benjamin J

    Do I Really Need This?

    But, there are no regions? You have Vector and it covers the world... You sure you don't mean UTX, which does come in distinct regional packs?
  2. Benjamin J

    Do I Really Need This?

    I have not, no. I use his excellent addon organizer to bring all those scenery.cfg addons straight to the xml-based system as soon as they are installed, though. My flow for installing sceneries: Install the scenery (duh) Make any necessary changes in Lorby's addon organizer (e.g. convert to xml, change the position in the library etc) Manually check in Vector if altitude correction files need to be deactivated. As such I don't really have any elevation issues in any airports, as I take care of any potential conflicts right of the bat. I generally do not like to mess with the scenery.cfg. I've had nightmarish troubles with that file in the past and thus want to steer clear of it as much as I can. Really the only scenery in there is OrbX's as well as default scenery files.
  3. Benjamin J

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    Some interesting information here, thanks all... I'm actually surprised to hear that a lot of the bigger companies do seem to have a lot of scheduled flights, as it seems a lot of these can't really be found in FlightRadar24. I don't know if this is for a specific reason (maybe my membership level is to cheap!). Especially your information, Pete, is very valuable to me. Do you have any idea how often such schedules change? Another thing worth to note is that what I find in Wikipedia does not match what I se eon FlightRadar. I don't know if FlightRadar is missing information, or whether it's somewhat biased because it's showing current schedules, and Wikipedia is a more general resource. Wikipedia may also just be outdated. Does anybody have any insight into that? For example, they have a huge list for cargo airlines in and out of Taipei, but FlightRadar really only shows scheduled flights for China Airlines Cargo as the main scheduled cargo operator out of RTTP. SKEWR, I knew that UPS and FDX have scheduled flights out of KEWR, but didn't necessarily realize that they employ all those widebodies (I had seen a regular MD11 on FlightRadar though). Interesting that the 747 makes an appearance for Christmas! From what I've been able to track, UPS uses their 747 mostly for KSDF-PANC and then over to Asia (Tokyo, Hong Kong, mostly). Are you saying the 747 also makes appearances at KEWR? That'd be perfect as FSDT gaced us with both KMEM and KSDF... Alan, as always a ton of fun information. Funny you mention Liverpool. I've been trying to figure out what the big cargo hubs are for Europe (the US and Asia have been a little more obvious). The main problem is that major European airports are not necessarily major cargo hubs. For example, while Amsterdam and Paris seem to be important cargo hubs, Heathrow seems to see less such traffic, and Rome, comparatively, has nothing going on at all. Intriguingly, form what I could see, Stansted is unusually important with respect to its cargo traffic. And in the Netherlands, a tiny little airport such as Maastricht/Aachen sees a lot of heavy cargo traffic passing by, given it's otherwise such a small airport. Other cargo hubs I identified are Luxembourg (that one was obvious), Leipzig, Cologne, Liege, Milan (?), Istanbul... Some smaller ones seem to be Glasgow Prestwick, East Midlands... Of course I'm mostly talking here about the airports that handle the 747 freighters. There are tons of airports that take smaller cargo planes (757F, 737F, etc). Alan, do you have any insight as to the cargo hubs of the UK?
  4. Benjamin J

    Do I Really Need This?

    Vector will give you updated roads, coast lines, etc (which is based on 'vector' data, hence the name of the addon: 'Vector'), so yes, areas that are covered by vector should look massively improved. personally I have found Vector a real boon. It's true it can cause issues with third party airports due to the elevation corrections that Vector ships with. However, for that reason you can manually deactivate these correction in vector's interface (elevation correction tab). Do not bother to use the automatic detection, as this process does not analyze the xml-based method to add scenery to P3D, rather it only considers the scenery.cfg (which personally I use as little as possible). All in all I would highly recommend keeping vector active, for at least in the regions that are covered, it will make everything look 100% better, at least in my opinion. My one gripe with vector is that 'the west' seems to enjoy much more complete coverage than the rest of the world. I'm guessing this has everything to do with the availability of data. E.g. the northern coast of Iran, on the Caspian sea, seems to be entirely default, but the highways around Tehran appear to be fairly up to date. Similarly, it seems to me that the coast of Panama City is rather default-looking too, but the US and the EU looks great.
  5. Thanks, indeed that answers everything! Thanks for your work on this, may have a stab at it for the 400F.
  6. Thanks for the info! THough I don't have the -8F, rather only the 'older' 400 series 😉 How are these lights controlled? Can they somehow still be linked to the switches in the VC, or is there a seperate panel to control them within the SpotLights software? In addition, can they be triggered by Boolean operators?
  7. WOW! This is amazing! Thanks a million Alan. This is going to help immensely. Even if the GSE I'm modeling may not be of these type (though I think the air unit probably is), it's very instructive to see what these things generally look like on closeup. So just to make sure I got this down correctly, the first unit you film is the air starter, the second is the GPU, and the final yellow thing is the FEP, correct? I've never seen soemthing that look quite like that. Is this the form factor because it's a remote stand? I assume that at jetways such equipment is probably on the jetway, and I believe I've seen funny-looking things pulled out of the ground (literally) as well on some of the major airports.
  8. Benjamin J

    How are cargo flights scheduled?

    Hello all, Been trying to get some info on this but all I found feel short of expectation. Trying my luck here now 😉 After a long time of vowing not to buy a long haul aircraft for P3Dv4, I finally got the PMDG 747-400 v3. While I like doing long haul, I just don't have the patience for it, and when it all comes down to it, I always end up doing short 1-1.5 hour hops. hence I'd been investing in aircraft that are typically used for those purposes, not 747 or whatever long haul aircraft. Importantly, I enjoy flying real world routes with the actual equipment, so flying a 747 from EDDF to EDDM just for the hell of it doesn't attract me. But then the other day I discovered that Cargolux does ELLX-EHAM, among a bunch of other hops in Europe from ELLX. And, there's some attractive routes in Asia originating from VHHH or RCTP. And so I got the PMDG 747 to do short-medium freight hauling. But, then I recognized that, actually, it seems like the majority of cargo flights are not even scheduled, meaning it's not recurring daily or weekly. Sometimes one just pops up in FlightRadar24, but there's no repeat to it. Like I saw a Kalitta Air flight the other day out of VHHH which appeared to be a one-off. And that's what my question is about. How are these unscheduled freighter flights... well... scheduled? Especially those by the likes of Kalitta, Polar, Atlas... I'm assuming it's all based on whether there are customers or not, but how do I, in my sim, establish whether a route is likely to be flown by one of these carriers? Or is there some sort of system? Any insight into how freighter flights are scheduled would be a help, thanks!
  9. Looks beautiful! I'm not really familiar with this addon, so I have two questions: - How does this affect the performance of the plane? If it's not too bad, I might try to put in some lights in my newly acquired PMDG 747F 😄 I'm not too big on night flying but I can see it happen on long haul flights. - How are the lights controlled? I suppose it's not going to work through the VC switches, correct? Especially curious with regards to that wonderful parking brake light you added there. Is there some sort of Boolean operator that allows you to check the state of a variable, and make the light depend on that? (e.g. if parking brake is ON, turn the light ON)
  10. Benjamin J

    P3D ILS Tower approache procs missing

    But that's exactly how it works for me with the default ATC, it does not for you? Default ATC starts giving me descent instructions before being handed over to approach, then approach assigns me an approach and vectors me on course for ILS capture, then I get handed over to tower for landing clearance. I'm not saying that default ATC does not have shortcomings, but at least these sort of thing it seems to do fine. For anybody using default ATC, I would recommend getting EditVoicePack, though. I feel it made default ATC that much better, with (slightly) more updated phrasing and probably hundreds of new callsigns.
  11. Benjamin J

    Traffic Global or Ultimate Traffic Live?

    Admittedly, UTL's lack of updates have been very annoying, not in the least because there are one or two silly bugs in there that badly need to be fixed. For one, Tehran's IKA Intl Airport has a typo in the UTL schedules (OIEE instead of OIIE), leaving it completely empty. And because there's no power pack, you can't easily export/amend/re-import he schedules yourselves. Nevertheless, and please note I do not own TG, after having gone through hours of changing over many models and liveries from UTL's standard to FLAI models and liveries, UTL looks great on my system, and even if TG got way better within a day, given how much I have invested in UTL, I won't be too quick to change from it. But it's very important to understand that I really did put in hours to update liveries, change models, and add many many many airlines that UTL did not assign any models/liveries to. I should add that UTL comes with tons of schedules for many airlines (though outdated by now of course), but many are not actually assigned to any models and liveries. I don't care too much for outdated schedules, as I don't know for many of them when to expect an aircraft at what location anyway, but what is a little annoying is that, because so many are outdated, there's been some mergers and bankruptcies that are not represented in the UTL flight schedules. it's relatively easy to circumvent by simply de-assigning liveries from bankrupt airlines, and with mergers you can always assign the new liveries to the outdated schedules. But, it'd be nicer if it were actually a merged schedule.
  12. Benjamin J

    Uh oh. I just joined the P3D club. ;)

    That's how I started out... and it went fine for the first two or three months. Then I wanted everything :) On a more serious note, I'm personally not too restrictive with scenery, as sceneries can be easily managed using Lorbi's P3Dv4 addon manager. Sicne you're coming from FSX:SE, this is something BIG that you should delve into right away: there's a new way of adding scenery. Whereas previously everything run through the scenery.cfg, LM added an xml-based method, where a 'addon.xml' file is placed in a P3Dv4 Addons folder in your Documents folder (I believe that's where it lives). This file is essentially a placeholder, allowing you to install your scenery wherever you want. Though this file, besides the main 'scenery' folder, you can also define 'components', such as Effects, for example. it's a very powerful way to manage your scenery library without having to 'contaminate' your P3Dv4 installation with third party files. Lorbi's tool is instrumental herein, as LM did not add an eays way to manage sceneries this way, so Lorbi's tool does it for you. It will also display all sceneries added through scenery.cfg, and give you the opportunity to haul them over to the addon.xml method. Thus all but my OrbX sceneries use the XML method. Now, what I am restrictive about is essentially everything that is not scenery. I try not to acquire and install aircraft that I don't think I'll fly, though with the amount of beautiful products being released for P3Dv4, it can be pretty hard not to buy everything I see. Thus I restrict myself generally to short haul mainline aircraft (Aerosoft Airbus, PMDG 737, Leonardo Maddog X, TFDi 717, whenever CS releases it probably the CS757F), regional aircraft (Arosoft CRJ, Feelthere E-Jets v.1) and A2A props (I've got the C172). Then I have some freeware planes from Rikooo, which is a pretty good freeware sites with some nice freeware packages, some of which are 'tested and certified P3Dv4 compatible'. I'm not too big on long-haul aircraft, as I generlaly do not have the time or patience to fly such routes. That said, especially in Asia such long haulers do tend to do short hops between bigger cities, so I'm considering getting myself a A330 at some point, or QW's 787 perhaps.
  13. Benjamin J

    MK Studios EKVG Vagar for P3D v4.3

    I understand you are a commercial enterprise, but would you consider a freeware version using Google imagery? It seems to me the resolution on that would be 0.5-1m or so?
  14. Benjamin J

    MK Studios EKVG Vagar for P3D v4.3

    I'm interested in this, but waiting to hear some more opinions about it. Anybody else care to share their experience?
  15. Benjamin J

    TFDi 717 or Leonardo Maddog?

    I own both, but either of them haven't had much chance to fly. Nevertheless, my two cents: - The Maddog is a wonderful aircraft. back in FS2004 and then FSX the previous versions were my aircraft of choice. It's a challenging and fun plane to fly. The systems are retro as somebody here mentioned, thus needing a sometimes startling level of manual input. Thus this is not a plan that I view as 'quick in and out', which the PMDG 737 is for me. Within minutes I can set it up to go. Though perhaps when I become more proficient with the Maddog, that will work similarly. I will ad that A/P-wise the plane has all modern conveniences. It's age really comes up when it comes to system automation, such as the pressurization system, for instance. - The 717 is equally fun to fly. Having had no experience with the 717 at all from prior products, but having used the PMDG MD-11, I was quite excited. I believe I wasn't let down. This is all around my kind of aircraft. Modern and therefore easy to get out of the gate. Like the MD-11, it's a funny mix of Boeing and Airbus, and so therefore initially a little confusing. But I got the hang of this quite quickly, and definitely much more quickly than the Maddog. After one flight I already feel much more comfortable. So here's my advice: The Maddog is an older plane and therefore needs more manual input. Ultimately this makes it a wonderful plan to 'conquer' and you'll find that you'll get a great deal of joy form flying it properly. The 717 is equally fun but is much easier and quicker to master, and therefore may be more suited if you have less time overall per flight, or would like to get up and running more quickly. In the end, if you like the MD family, you might just want to get both, and take each of them out depending on how much time you have. Both still see a lot of use right now in the US, so there's plenty of routes especially from Atlanta.