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  1. He clearly believes in quantity before quality.
  2. I rather see them throw what is not working in the bin. Build a new framework that better supports functionality that they did not see the need for when they made 2020. They have learnt a lot in regards to what the users are looking for.
  3. I am not a developer, but I am glad they are protecting 3rd party developers by locking it down to include in-sim assets only. It will also keep the file sizes down. Imaging if every airport in the world had unique graphic files.
  4. Why would us users want them to spend resources on 2020 after 2024 is released? When they say updates I hope they are talking about making it current with OS and gfx-drivers so that it is running.
  5. FSL updated their Facebook page for the first time in almost a year. A nice picture of a Concord...
  6. Making an engine that will support a glider, a seaplane, a jumbo jet and a F-16 can never have the same fidelity as a specially tuned aircraft. I think it is better that more developers sees what is possible and tries to improve their game even more.
  7. If MS starts to have GamePass-only titles it will be subscription based. That has not happened until now and nothing indicates they will start.
  8. I think is is a simple as they are running out of money to pay the bills. They try everything they can to be able to pay salaries. As much as they have worked with this they feel it would be a shame to throw it all away. It does not mean that they think it is a good approach or what they planned on doing in the first place.
  9. I am pretty sure that every other game franchise would have had the fans cheering for a sequel. Only some flight simmers thinks progress is terrible.
  10. You make it sound like you bought 2% of Apple and that the value is dropping. If you have "invested" so much then I am sure you can handle the extra "investment" and buy 2024 as well.
  11. It would be nice if a new sim made it easier for MS to terminate existing contracts and instead use Navigraph and Flightradar as data providers.
  12. Yes. More info here with GSX inputs: https://devsupport.flightsimulator.com/articles/13114/su12-jetway-api-feedback.html
  13. Hello, It is 3 months since last update. Do you have any more features/improvements planed?
  14. If all you see is a toolbar changer I think you need to watch some more videos of it.
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