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  1. When you see how extremely willing the console players are to buy downloadable content, you have to wonder how many millions of dollars will be injected into the flight sim eco system going forward.
  2. - For VNAV guidance to be issued, the following conditions must be met: - VNAV is enabled via the GTC VNAV Profile page (MFD Home -> Flight Plan -> VNAV). - A Direct-To with VNAV altitude restriction is active, OR the active flight plan contains at least one designated VNAV altitude restriction at or after the current active leg (designated altitude restrictions are displayed in cyan in the GTC Active Flight Plan page and the Navigation Map Flight Plan Text Inset). - The currently active VNAV altitude restriction defines a descent path. - You may now activate VNAV Direct-To's (not to be confused with a Direct-To with VNAV altitude restriction). Activating a VNAV Direct-To will place the TOD of the selected VNAV waypoint at the airplane's current position. In addition, if the selected VNAV waypoint is in the active flight plan, all VNAV altitude restrictions in the flight plan prior to it are removed (effectively bypassing all altitude restrictions between the airplane's current position and the selected VNAV waypoint). - To activate a VNAV Direct-To for the currently active VNAV waypoint, press the VNAV Direct-To button in the GTC VNAV Profile Page (MFD Home -> Flight Plan -> VNAV). - To activate a VNAV Direct-To targeting a designated VNAV restriction in the active flight plan, use the GTC to navigate to the Active Flight Plan page (MFD Home -> Flight Plan -> (\[optional\] -> Standby Flight Plan)), press the VNAV Altitude button for the desired restriction, and press the VNAV Direct-To button in the VNAV Altitude keypad pop-up. - VNAV indications include the following: - PFD - The navigation status box will flash a "TOD within 1 minute" warning when the system calculates the top of descent will be reached in less than or equal to 1 minute. - The altimeter will begin to display the currently active VNAV altitude, vertical deviation indicator (VDI), and required vertical speed in conjunction with the "TOD within 1 minute warning". - MFD - The navigation map will display TOD and BOD markers at their calculated position along the flight path. - The flight plan text inset will display various VNAV parameters. (only visible when the MFD is in Full pane mode) - GTC - The VNAV Profile page will display various VNAV parameters.
  3. Or just use built in Windows function Win+Shift+S
  4. I think that the changes that Navigraph makes are enough to trigger this flag. Not ideal...
  5. Invite to Heavy Division's Discord: https://discord.gg/5VKuqDdW Go to #temporary-downloads for link to latest version
  6. Is this what they call tunnel vision? 🙂
  7. You can try to turn back time with this mod: https://flightsim.to/file/6439/bushtrip-discover-berlin i have not tried it myself, but it was the only hit I got on MSFS and Tempelhof
  8. It is a sim. The whole point is that you can do exactly what you want 🙂
  9. It is so weird that I did not have it straight after the installation. I think I have rebooted twice today and started MSFS 3 times before it appeared.
  10. I have pinned the shortcut to MSFS to my taskbar. I launch it from there.
  11. What??? Now I got a splash screen just as I started MSFS. This was probably the third time I started the sim after updating it earlier today. No more waiting 30 sec to be sure that it really started to load.
  12. Very cool to hear that there now is a freeware tool available that can be used to create these heightmaps. Having seen the amount of good (and to be honest, not so good) freeware that have been created over the last months I would think that countries that have made high res data available would be released in this format in quick succession. I know many European countries offer this data for free, but I am not sure about the rest of the world.
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