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  1. So new that they are still only doing touch & go's 🙂
  2. Or shorten the time between the autogenerated words?
  3. I really hope we will get the racing aspect of Condor added one day in MSFS. There is a lot of cool strategy there that would be amazing with the visuals we now have.
  4. Not all is green on that side either...
  5. Hello @FSRealistic Is there a known issue with mouse clicks not registering correctly when FSrealistic is running? In the main menu of MSFS I have to click several times on the different menus for it to register. This behavior stops as soon as I kill the FSrealistic process.
  6. After someone showed me the website that shall not be named, I am really surprised that any developer chooses to release their product anywhere than the Marketplace. Everything except Marketplace exclusive products are published within hours 😞 So far it seems like it is the only DRM that is worth its money.
  7. So the goal should be to NOT have new users? Of course the goal is to have new users. What a weird statement.
  8. It is very clear that MS and Asobo wants to run two parallel tracks for this project. If you like it or not I think that is how it will continue. And even if we did not have Xcloud, Mavrick and Halo we would not have had a perfect sim. Maybe some extra things would have been solved, but then there is a big part of the community that would have felt left out. The dev teams seems to be growing and I have a feeling MS/Asobo are happy with the speed of progress.
  9. If the SDK is missing feature that they need they should hold the release. Not sell it for $35 and say "sorry, but we have done what we can" It is different with PMDG and Fenix that is lacking the weather radar. That is just a small part of a big package. In the case of FShud it seems to be missing several core components.
  10. I think very many are sitting on the fence and have not bought it. I have no idea why they haven't published any better video showing how it actually works in MSFS.
  11. Their overlord has told them to have no other God than Austin, so none of them have dared take a peak.
  12. MS must be making some serious cash on the Marketplace to give away all those nice aircrafts. Good news for the sustainability of the platform.
  13. And a free dc-3 from airplane heaven and a beaver from Milviz happy days
  14. In the latest dev update from last week it seems like they have changed the wording a bit. Now it specifically says that you can get the weather “around your aircraft”. Sound like a smaller scope than was mentioned earlier. I guess it is limited how much data all users can pull from MeteoBlue.
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