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  1. Ses, did you try MSFS Add-on Linker? If not, do try it and revert here with your opinion, it is simpler, faster, more efficient, user friendly, and... no CTD! Available at Flightsim.to.
  2. "Therefore Avliasoft incorporated the possibility for integration of Navigraph somehow in Nov/Dec last year to have this in your EFB." Never mind if Navigraph was available as well as NavdaPro for Aivlasoft EFB since its creation more than ten years ago. The MSFS EFB version was put in line with the other sim... More misinformation or disinformation in the same thread!... This is appalling and getting worrisome to read some posts! To state an opinion is one thing, to bully a product out of shear ignorance is another. As for the other points, it so happens that many pilots use Aivlasoft EFB on line with no trouble at all... More... well you know what I mean.
  3. Great thread to seize the opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to all volunteers who spend their free time to provide us with a much improved A320 and this on a freeware basis. For many of us, our hobby would not be the same without your dedication and hard work. Hats off gentlemen for your combined talents and splendid cooperation, it is incredible to see how frequently you add features, or small tunings to your project... daily!!!
  4. And how should we call that? Misinformation or disinformation? Care to check facts please?
  5. Bob, you do need to have a Navigraph or Navdata Pro subscription though if you want an updated database unfortunately. You can also run Aivlasoft EFB after establishing one database into the server, so a one time subscription will do if you dont mind having an outdated database afterward. Personally, i find it a bit silly to have to buy another database when there is one in the sim that is updated every month! I recently read a comparison between NavBlue and Navigraph, it appears that only ILSs are not all there yet in NavBlue, but otherwise the databases are now equivalent. I did bring this point to Aivlasoft who replied they cannot have access to MSFS database.
  6. I bought MSFS in February expecting the worse after reading all comments, and ... enjoyed the best virtual flight experience ever since I left cockpits more than 25 years ago! I logged more than 250 hours in three months, travelled around the world, now around Africa, and after that more tours planned around South America and Asia. Never before did I enjoy so much my flying experience, this is the result of the excellent renditions of the earth and the atmospheric environment sharing my time with the cockpit management and the scenery watching. I recently landed at remote places such as the Samburu, the Amboseli and Serena Masai Mara airstrips in Kenya, at Niokolo Koba Simenti in Senegal and numerous others you never heard of and each time found a sort of "atmosphere" of my past real world visits. I was even more surprised to find them designed in the sim in the first place!!! A few weeks ago, I fired up P3Dv4.5 and started a flight with the FSLab A320, my favorite add-on. After fifteen minutes, I switch it off, I could not stand the visual anymore even with all the ORBX, REX Environment, AS, top notch sceneries, something just was not right. The lighting to start with was boring and sad. I never thought this transition would be so drastic, even with all the imperfections we mention daily, this sim has a great future if we only learn to be patient and persistent!
  7. I am always speechless when I read unfounded and abrupt allegations and/or condemnation on Internet, and now Simmarket is in the firing line! I have been buying several thousands of Euros of add-ons on Simmarket since 2003 and have yet to experience a nasty attitude on their part. On the contrary, on a couple of occasions, they were more than helpful and cooperative. Finally. look at them as a simulator add-on supermarket, you see the information provided, you then decide if the product is for you or not (read a couple of reviews when available, read users comments on their site). They are resellers, hence make their money on offering as many items as possible to a very wide public, the same way your supermarket sells thousands of items in which you are used to select the few you actually like and need. They are in no way selecting each product based on their - perceived - quality, how would they do that, according to whose standards!? Yours?
  8. It's nice to know the US are covered now, remains only the rest of the world (OACI) with the hope that HPa will make it as a means to measure pressures instead of inches of mercury...! (this is not working when selected properly in the parameters of the sim). There ought to be a way to make this transition from one unit to the other automatically depending on the area overflown. The US pressure unit is only used in a very limited part of the world and it should be relatively easy to implement it accordingly. In the same spirit, the few countries using meters for altitude unit instead of feet could also be automatically selected whenever we overfly one. These may sound like small details to those flying exclusively above the same country but would contribute to the immersion to the more adventurous ones...
  9. With respect, this is absolutely and blatantly false! Where on earth (literally) did you fly with your sim? I have flown close to 300 hours in two months and a half only on light aircraft, I am presently on a trip around Africa, I experienced turbulences exactly where they were supposed to exist given the winds, the clouds, the temperatures, the terrain (and the SIGMET!). If MSFS is so bad, why would one of the two best aircraft developers for simulators (whose CEO happens to be a former airline Captain too) risk a statement promising the delivery of their entire line of products within a year? Why is there so much urge to continue spreading negativity?!
  10. Well there is a category that you can't add to that list unfortunately...🤨
  11. Thanks, I too made that mistake. I had checked the list in Content and did not see KORD (other than my FSDT version)...I have 206 installed add-ons of all kinds and missed it when reviewing the list. I then went to the OneStore folder where I could see it and deleted it. It is somewhat difficult to identify between enhanced and hand-crafted airports and this is where my mistake came from, the hand-crafted are in the Content, the others are in OneStore. In any case FSDT had covered that and it does seem to be necessary to delete KORD to use their product as per their post. But this was a useful exercise to review this point. Thanks for the help.
  12. Positive. To double check that I deleted KORD in the OneStore folder and upon launching MSFS, the update screen came up with the download of KORD which I could not avoid.
  13. This is correct. However, for all other "enhanced" airports not part of the Content folder, i.e. in the OneStore folder, it is not possible to either de-activate or delete them, should we delete them, this will be automatically detected upon the next launch of MSFS and we will have no choice but re-download them. Now regarding specifically KORD from FSDT, there is no instruction to remove the "enhanced" version in MSFS, this is done automatically by the FSDT scenery. Additionally, should one uninstall the FSDT scenery, the stock MSFS airport will not be re-instated (as per this post). This is what triggered my attention when reading this thread. Thanks to all contributors.
  14. Thank you for the detailed explanation, and thank you to the OP for his question leading to it, I am sure that many learnt something new... However "deleting" is not the proper word as mentioned earlier since it would lead to a re-download each time we launch MSFS, you say "disable it" may I please ask you to clarify how to do this please?
  15. Even if the monitor is not HDR (as OP indicated)... ?!...
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