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  1. Thanks GC... I am not really looking at OC so the F may fit the bill from that perspective. The options provided are all 11th gen processors (no 10th gen in the list). Also, this is going to be my new VR machine so I hope to see a somewhat reasonable gain from the 3090. The 2080ti will become my pancake desktop machine.
  2. I am in the process of buying an Intel/Nvidia based PC and would like some knowledgeable CPU advice please. I currently have a i9-9900K/2080ti setup and I am looking at a i9-11900/3090 combination. The question is do I want a 11900F or 11900KF? The KF is obviously faster but requires liquid cooling in the solution I am looking at. The KF does multi-threaded better but single-threaded performance seems fairly comparable. The 2 sims I use most are MSFS 2020 and DCS (single? multi? threaded). So would either of these sims take serious advantage of the KF or would the F be a reasonable choice. Input is appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am only jumping in here because the folks who are developing Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 have clearly stated that they are reading the forums and listening as they continue to develop the product. I am certainly not trying to convince others of my views or positions and I fully believe it is ultimately the developer who can best determine their priorities based on time, costs, resources and a myriad of other factors. I was a little saddened, in the midst of much excitement with the new announcements regarding Microsoft Flight Simulator, about the initial exclusion of VR. I still remain optimistic that these comments were about the launch and that there is some degree of hope that this may ultimately be included in the product. In my 35 years of being involved in flight simulation I have been fortunate to experience many key advancements in both software and hardware. For me, one of the pivotal moments was introduction of VR into simulation. Even though I had long been a user of large screen monitors, trackIR and many other peripherals, VR was, in my eyes, a substantial move forward in everything I wanted from a flight simulator experience. It has inspired me to go ahead a purchase the highest end spec PC, a cockpit, new high quality peripherals and haptic devices to continue to further that VR experience. As much as I am thrilled about the highly innovative and hugely impressive features I have seen in the recent videos of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator I still feel that using that software on a 2D monitor will fall well short of the incredibly immersive, visceral and thrilling experience I had this morning taking off from the cockpit of a 40,000 lb. jet in DCS in VR (I am sure others will feel differently). Of course the marriage of presence, immersiveness and feel of my present environment with the incredible features being demonstrated by Microsoft (Asobo) would be fantastic. It is my hope that Microsoft will add VR support sooner rather than later and that other VR flight vendors will be spurred on to continue to add innovative features to their products.
  4. I find it simply downright awesome and I have not flown using a monitor in a year. As HiFlyer points out it has a lot to do with the VR implementation. I spend all of my flight time in DCS, Aerofly FS 2 and IL2 BOX. As other implementations get better I am sure this will expand but until then I am one happy simmer.
  5. Ok... I have signed up again - please don't delete me this time. Thank you
  6. Did you get a chance to look into this?... Thanks
  7. I used the screen name "WarpedWing"
  8. I tried to become a member of the iPacs forum early yesterday. I went through the membership process and at the end all was well and it noted that I would be contacted on final approval. I went into the site and I saw I was listed as a member and I could see my profile but I did not have access to create a message. I returned a couple of times that day and it listed me as a member who was online. I never did hear back from them and today I went to the site and I am no longer listed as a member. Very disappointing - anyone know what is going on? Thanks P.S. I did try and login again but it said that I did not exist in their database
  9. Domae001 (above) hit the nail on the head. The world gets bizarre pretty quickly when you are dealing with many many vendors each with their own DRM, distribution, licensing, keys etc. Every time there is an update, addition, change you are off on a search to see what you need to do and half the time it does not work or the connections are terrible. This all makes it hard to mange and control for the user and most of these vendors do a poor job of it because they are aircraft and scenery producers and not "platform" or e-commerce developers. so... Steam all the way!
  10. I think there are many good reasons to still use flight sims with monitors (some mentioned above) but I am so glad that I will never have to do that again.
  11. I did not post on VR topics in this or other forums for quite awhile because some folks had mentioned that they experienced a wow factor when they first used it but, in time, it wore off and then they went back to using a monitor. Well time has passed and I am loving it as much as ever... if not more. I have not used a flight sim or a racing sim on my PC with a monitor since I got my VR setup. Some things were a little wonky at first but most developers have started to round out the edges and those developers who are now starting products with VR initially baked in are making some great software. The nice thing is as the hardware gets better so will the software - can't wait!
  12. It is Project A that has my attention for the long run... likely a new platform (as speculated AeroFly), native VR!!!, 64bit, ORBX and great VFR flying.
  13. There are just too many issues with this company. I would not be heart broken if ORBX as a business entity faded away and some of the talented and creative folks who produce content for them went off and formed their own ventures. I have no doubt they would have much better business acumen than the present owner(s).
  14. KBOS.... and KDCA as a second choice
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