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  1. You can select different states with Shift+7. e.g. click "Cold and Dark" then "Done". You could then save the flight and see if it starts up in that saved state when you select that flight again.
  2. A better feeling of being airborne. It's the only thing I really liked about X-Plane when I tried it.
  3. You could get a monthly subscription which is what I do. V4 is so much better than v2 so even for a few months it would be worth it I think.
  4. I started with the free Tasmania scenery. They also do a free Iceland. A good way to see how it looks on your system.
  5. Thanks to you all for your help. I tried Google and it worked best for this particular search.
  6. I'm sure I'm doing something very stupid, but this morning I'm trying to find all Jan Kees Blom's repaints for the A2A North American T-6. But whenever I put "Jan Kees Blom" into the Author field and "T-6" into the Name/description field searching for Flight Simulator X repaints, I get no results. Please help! Many thanks.
  7. The fuel cutoff is on the left side of the central pedestal. The horizontal position is fuel ON, vertical for OFF.
  8. Could you add me to the list to receive the file please? Many thanks!
  9. I used to have this problem until I calibrated my toe brakes properly. I found that the minimum number should be zero, not a negative number, which was the mistake I made!
  10. I have CH pedals. Whenever I have this problem I always manage to cure it by taking them apart and cleaning the pots.
  11. What if, like on my setup, there's no room on my tiny C drive, which was intended mainly to be used for containing the operating system?
  12. Thanks very much for all your replies: I did actually have a go at finding a wav file from another aircraft which had water lapping sounds and modified the sound.cfg as per your example Charlie - and it worked! Fantastic. Thanks very much!
  13. I've just got into the various floatplanes for FSX (and P3D) and I noticed that in some aircraft, while moored, there are sounds of the water laping etc. whereas in others there's none of these sounds. Is this something I can add to aircraft at all?
  14. How bad are the fps - for example which aircraft is it comparable to in terms of fps?
  15. All's ok now. I realised that I hadn't got Little Navconnect installed in its own folder outside Little Navmap. As soon as I did this I got the option to switch it to X-Plane! Thanks for your help David
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