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  1. thefrog

    Orbx Scenery Question

    Yes, I have installed all these with no problems
  2. How realistic is ground handling in FSX/P3D? I don’t mean taxying, I’m talking about taking-off with even a tiny amount of wind. I find I am often slewing / skidding all over the runway, particularly with light aircraft especially twin props. It’s like the aircraft is flying while it’s still on the ground. I’ve never noticed this happening in a real plane. My flying skills are not that bad and I’ve got properly calibrated rudder pedals. It always seems to have been like this with Flight Sim. But I seem to remember that MS Flight (RIP) was better in this regard. Are there any tweaks that can help? And are other sims better at simulating realistic ground handling i.e. X-Plane, Aerofly, DCS World etc?
  3. thefrog

    No Engine Start Screen

    Press Shift+5 after you have loaded the aircraft
  4. thefrog

    Engage Autopilot

    Are you sure you mean the Milviz Baron? I wasn't aware it had a G1000. The default B58 Baron has a G1000 option but there is no built-in autopilot. Shift+2 (I think) brings up the pop-up autopilot. Hope that helps.
  5. thefrog

    Aivlasoft EFB or Littlenavmap?

    Thanks for your replies - very helpful
  6. I've been using Littlenavmap for all my navigation fora while now but I thought I would download the 30 day trial of Aivlasoft EFB v2 just to try it. It's beautifully designed but I'm struggling to find out what it can do that Littlenavmap can't. I never do complicated flight plans but I do SIDS and STARS sometimes. I wondered if anyone had experience of both? Thanks
  7. I'm not one of those lucky people to have a GTN so I'm stuck with using the FMC. Does anyone know if there a way to cycle through the waypoints that I've programmed and show them on the MFD in the way that you can do with other Carenado aircraft (such as F-50 I understand)? Many thanks
  8. thefrog

    Lionheart Creations Proton Bullette Review

    It's a ficticious aircraft, that's why there's no historical information on it. (see page 29 of Bill's manual)
  9. Bert - that's great, thanks, I'll try that
  10. Yes, I've used FSUIPC log to find the LVARS but I can't work out which LVAR it might be for the Altitude selector. The only one I found that might be possible is CUSTOM_AP_ALT_VAR_SET but I can't make it work. I was hoping someone may have found the correct LVAR to use how to program it.
  11. Not really. I used it a long time ago. Is that the only way? (I use FSUIPC and have created macros for it)
  12. I'd really like to be able to control the selected autopilot altitude using my external hardware. I'm having trouble identifying the LVAR for this knob and just wondering if anyone knows what it is please?
  13. Many thanks for all your replies. Yes I have got FSUIPC and my controllers are set through that. I went to check the USB Root Hubs just now because I forgot about those this time and yes, some had now got "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" checked - even though I unchecked them originally several weeks ago. So there doesn't seem to be a way of permanently saving these settings. So I either upgrade to Win10 or check the device settings every few days!
  14. This has been a longstanding issue for me with Win 8.1 and I wondered if anyone on this forum had experienced the same problem and found a solution. It occurs with my USB joystick, Saitek yoke and throttle. I uncheck "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power" for the Power Management properties in all the HID's, but then a few days or weeks later, my devices stop functioning mid-flight and I discover that some of them are checked again. There doesn't seem to be a way of permanently saving the setting. Any thoughts would be welcome!
  15. thefrog

    P3D vs FSX SE

    If you're talking in terms of 'playing' then I suggest stick with FSX SE