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  1. aeronauta

    Hi Tony, unfortunately this seems to be another forum going awol... I contacted bluebottle from DodoSim and he said he did not know and if anything Dodo happens it will be through their website... but so far very little... Jorge
  2. aeronauta

    Disable Addons Enabled via Add-on.xml

    In P3D V4.4 you can directly enable /disable add ons via the add-ons tab in the opening screen... it does not require a restart of P3D now.. Jorge
  3. aeronauta

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Thank you Bert , I have now and all is OK... Jorge
  4. aeronauta

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    Continuing with my Sound problem of muting when changing focus , I found that it only happens with cockpit sounds , outside sounds are OK.... Jorge ps for what is worth , Ants had the same problem with the Trojan and fixed it...
  5. aeronauta

    Vertx DA62 has launched!

    I like the AC but the muted sound problem should be fixed sooner than later, very annoying Jorge
  6. Since some days I cannot connect to the Hovercontrol website and forums either with Firefox or IE ...any one knows anything about this??? Jorge
  7. aeronauta

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    You should post this in the windows support forum instead of here and in the P3D one . Jorge
  8. aeronauta

    AI aircraft CFG file

    The same title is not always in the same aircrafg.cfg file...can be anywhere in simobjects\... Jorge
  9. aeronauta

    P3D Huey X Tuning Pack 2018

    slide1 posted this also in the P3D forum , I asked if it was for P3D V4 but got no answer... Huey X?? Jorge
  10. aeronauta

    Embraer 190E2

    All this comments are making sure this person quits THIS project and carries on drawing naked women and monsters as 3d objects that sure will sell.... now we lose another "Probably very good" AC SIM developer...I wish I had your skill and stamina...good on you... Jorge
  11. aeronauta

    Any good helicopters out there?

    newtie here DODO Jorge
  12. aeronauta

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    To put the record straight @symbol "i f you delete the P3D.cfg file the default settings should return that is not correct , the controls are kept in C:\Users\jYOUR+ID\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls\standard.xml , or if you export them in an .xml file of your chosen name in C:\Users\YOUR-ID\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files.. Jorge
  13. aeronauta

    Any good helicopters out there?

    As for hardware , the fist thing to mind is Pedals , they are vital for hovering (although most helos do not model the Torque Induced Jaw verywell... for helicopter the Dodo is very close to completion for P3D V4... Jorge
  14. aeronauta

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    I installed Nvidia driver 411.63 and the problem was gone.. Jorge
  15. aeronauta

    Locking Frame Rate

    I found that some programs ( have a .ini or .cfg that is run by the exe and sets the affinity , so you setting it with a .bat makes no diff as the program after changes it to its preset... Jorge