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  1. Done Thank you, just run your F1 GTN Update Tool... Jorge
  2. Guys Ron is vision impaired so it is not easy for him to inform us what is happening, I believe Ron you have now a good install of P3D and cannot enter the correct id and pasword , that is why you are getting error 5008, After starting P3D the login screen appears and has only 2 positions only . There you should enter your License ID and the License Password, that will get P3D running OK... Hope this is clearer now... Jorge
  3. Ron , the error 5008 means you entered the wrong Pasword or License ID...this was sent to you in an email from LM... also make sure you run the setup.exe in P3D with Administrator rights ( run as administrator)... Jorge
  4. Ron this is from the P3D support section... You can use our account information retrieval tool by clicking here. You can search for your license by entering the email address you used when purchasing Prepar3D. If you have a license under the email address you entered, you will receive an email with your activation information. https://secure.prepar3d.com/solo/customers/ForgotPassword.aspx?AuthorID=2451871 Jorge
  5. I would advise buy P3D V5 , for starters DX12 an why buy an old model when the latest is the same price... Jorge
  6. good all got this fixed!!..I have been flying the Q400 for a while now and can use FMC quite well including approaches with ILS landings...the AC flies as good as always ... Jorge
  7. Pete go to the majestic site and in the user area ther are 2 fixes , the dll and the syspan... http://majesticsoftware.com/mjc8q400/support.html Jorge
  8. Hi Craig... In Spad, select your device, select button 34, select Configure button, make it a simple pushbutton, In the body of simple button 34 select add event button pressed, select add action, change data value, in the list select the Lvar and set it to the value you want , repeat for theother button... Jorge
  9. Someone is trying to make money with this , it was free for fs2009.. never ported or anything for P3D ... I will try it when it is either freeware or at 0.50$ ...sounds like a con to me... Jorge
  10. @Milviz ...now that we have you on a roll...how about a V5 of the MD 530F helicopter ...it has already the PBR...only some minor updates.. Jorge
  11. Thank you thommoj, I am more interested in the flight characteristics , being a odo an, the script looks good but also the script for the Cabri looke as good and Helisimer review gave it a belting, thhere is no review from helisimmer for this one, maybe after the previous one he did noot get one for reviein..he he he.. Jorge
  12. The descriptions and pictures look very promising, anyone have it?? 23 euros would be OK if it matches the scripts, does not say anything about a mechanical Idle release in your collective (ala Dodo style). Jorge
  13. If you copy the effects folder into the root P3D it will be merged with the existing one,..simple. Jorge
  14. David that is a bad technique as if you had made any changes to the P3D settings they may not be correctly saved and then cause a CTD or other problems ,.. Jorge
  15. I did not have any problems , I use Windows defender as AV and did not disable it.. Jorge
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