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  1. aeronauta

    P3D v4.3 Crash Analysis and final result

    You should post this in the windows support forum instead of here and in the P3D one . Jorge
  2. aeronauta

    AI aircraft CFG file

    The same title is not always in the same aircrafg.cfg file...can be anywhere in simobjects\... Jorge
  3. aeronauta

    P3D Huey X Tuning Pack 2018

    slide1 posted this also in the P3D forum , I asked if it was for P3D V4 but got no answer... Huey X?? Jorge
  4. aeronauta

    Embraer 190E2

    All this comments are making sure this person quits THIS project and carries on drawing naked women and monsters as 3d objects that sure will sell.... now we lose another "Probably very good" AC SIM developer...I wish I had your skill and stamina...good on you... Jorge
  5. aeronauta

    Any good helicopters out there?

    newtie here DODO Jorge
  6. aeronauta

    Nosewheel Steering Problem

    To put the record straight @symbol "i f you delete the P3D.cfg file the default settings should return that is not correct , the controls are kept in C:\Users\jYOUR+ID\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Controls\standard.xml , or if you export them in an .xml file of your chosen name in C:\Users\YOUR-ID\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files.. Jorge
  7. aeronauta

    Any good helicopters out there?

    As for hardware , the fist thing to mind is Pedals , they are vital for hovering (although most helos do not model the Torque Induced Jaw verywell... for helicopter the Dodo is very close to completion for P3D V4... Jorge
  8. aeronauta

    DXGI Prepar3d V4 Help!!

    I installed Nvidia driver 411.63 and the problem was gone.. Jorge
  9. aeronauta

    Locking Frame Rate

    I found that some programs ( have a .ini or .cfg that is run by the exe and sets the affinity , so you setting it with a .bat makes no diff as the program after changes it to its preset... Jorge
  10. I think Bill answered your question , the api.dll may be due to an addon not closing properly... Jorge
  11. I think this are two separate problems , the first one Content Erros are showing because you have ticked in the P3D menu.Options>Application Enable Content error reporting, this are add on errors detected by P3D (developer errors ), untick and test again . The other is an acces violation and can be caused by many things included an add on.. Jorge
  12. aeronauta

    Locking Frame Rate

    If you type in your cmd prompt Start /? it wll give you all the parameters , the affinity says Hexadecimal .. meaning 1011 is B. Jorge
  13. aeronauta

    Locking Frame Rate

    "Another mis-conception of how the operating system works. There's no favoured core and Windows uses cores that are less used." Steve can you please explain why when running P3D V4.3 I get Core0 (with HT or not) running at 100% and all others no more than 20%, following your comment all should be around the same.. Jorge
  14. I am interested in this AC for P3D V4 , has anyone had a look at them , any reviews?? it has been out for a week and no comments?? Their forum is only for people with licence (meaning who bought it ...) Jorge
  15. aeronauta

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    Unless users post here (AVSIM) their forum is only accessible to registered users ( meaning you buy it ) , there was an early post indicating problems but was quiclky locked.. Jorge