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  1. Hello, this solution didn't worked for me. I don't know why my fslabs forum account is not accepted. This issue has been with me a long time ago & i didn't found anything. Any other suggestion? Thanks Aitor
  2. Hello to everyone, anyone had experienced this bug on FSlabs? It seems that wipers are not working but it takes out the rain on medium speed position (sometimes) is very strange... Im using Prepar3Dv5 and A320-X v5.0.1.119. https://i.gyazo.com/43e7b5f497125b27be5eda4afffb1646.mp4 Thank you, Aitor
  3. Ok, i will give it a try, thank you Aitor Thank you for the reply Aitor
  4. Hello everyone, when i use the replay uttilitie in prepar3d FSlabs thinks he is in landing when he is in ground. Anyone knows how to ''reset'' or get rid of this checklist? Thank you. Regards, Aitor
  5. And why yours it's looking so damm good? Aitor
  6. do you nkow any way for deleting that blurriness?
  7. Anyone have blurry water in prepar3Dv5???? Please i've been searching fotr this since may, help me solve it. Regards, Aitor
  8. Hello, i never had this issue but now i don't know what's happening I never use pre-filled flightplans or anything. I am in prepar3dv5 Regards, Aitor
  9. Hello everyone, anyone knows what is the star sticker in the arports in the world map?? Regards, Aitor
  10. Thank you very much to everyone, do you know any real time alternatives? FS Global Real Weather and Active Sky are very expensive ....
  11. Hi guys! Anyone knows how to use rex environment force without clouds in prepar V5?? Prepar3D v5 have awesome clouds so i want REX to act as a real time weather engine and don't change clouds. Regards, Aitor
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