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  1. Hello guys! Today I want to fly with the ATR72 of Carenado, but when I install and then I loaded it on P3D, I get very very low FPS (6-7FPS), when my normal FPS are 30-35. Can anyone help me with this problem? My PC: GTX 1050Ti 4GB GAMING X i5-4440 3.10GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 2TB HDD (1TB of external Hard Disk) 480GB SSD Regards,
  2. Hello guys! I have this error when I´m trying to open the ASUpdater.. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, I get this error when I try to open AS Updater, any idea of what is caused? Regards,
  4. Hello guys, days ago I overclocked my GPU and when I tried to did a flight, this error appears. After that, I reset the MSI Afterburner´s settings to default, but the error continue appearing.. Any solution? Regards,
  5. Hello guys. Today, when I was trying to install Tomatoshade, I get this error when I opened it. Do you know how I can solve it? I have the latest version, the version 27. A image of the error: https://gyazo.com/c6514937a2b4c14888d06d4f0e6c49ac Regards, Jorge.
  6. Hello everyone! Yesterday when I started my P3D v4.3 and I could'nt see the aircrafts thumbnails, instead I only saw a black window, and when I clicked "load scenario" it just stays in a constant black screen. Although I can still hear audio, and click ESC and access the menu. Thx a lot m8's!
  7. Hello everyone. Yesterday when I opened the P3D v4 I got an error that says: Another SODE process is still running in the background. Please kill this process in the task manager and restart the sim! After this, the simulator does not open. I have tried to eliminate the process in the task manager but that error continues when I open the simulator. What I can do? Regards, Jorge. PD: Sorry for my english, I am from Spain
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