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  1. Hi again... still having the same problem on S550. On 3D model is not showing the RXP GTN. I did the windows defender thing and it solved on other airplanes (such as BE60, AT42), but not on this one. Yes, I have avionics ON
  2. ...and now I´m having the same issue on Beechcraft 60 Turbine... which was working a few days ago... updated to latest RXP version now
  3. Is just showing the screen black and if I click on it, it opens a popup, like it is behind the 3D model.
  4. Hi, I´m looking how to use my own RXP GTN 750 on a F1 GTN750 compatible aircraft, as it´s Carenado S550. I´ve looked at this post but I didn´t get it to work. Can some1 help me, please? Thanks!
  5. this is really weird indeed. one day is good, next day is not good. P3D, what´s going on mate?
  6. Hi, on the last days I´ve realized that my message text is "broken" becouse everytime it shows, text is unreadable, as you can see on the following screenshot: Thanks!
  7. Hey Rob, I´ve tried on all cloud types, but I don´t feel any difference than my first screenshot
  8. Hello @GSalden, I have the same problem as @airlinetycoon, changing those settings I am still having same problem. P3Dv5.1 HF1 + Active Sky
  9. Hello, Thanks for the fast answer. I´ve tried it and I have the same values, no change
  10. Hello all, Recently I´ve upgraded my PC (having now a Ryzen 5 3600X + RTX 2070 SUPER) upgrading also from Prepar3D v4 to Prepar3D v5. The visual change is awesome but me and a friend we are having an issue with the brand new TrueSky (we are using Active Sky for P3D, but is not related with this, becouse we´ve tried using another weather engines and we have the same problem). Okay, but, what is the problem? When we climb to cruise altitudes (FL360-380), you can see a cloud pattern that are not uniform (as if the same cloud repeats itself over and over again). When there is a space in the sky without clouds (where the terrain can be seen), it appears as a thin layer of pixelated clouds. All this problems can be seen in the screenshots below. Looking forward to read from you. Best regards.
  11. Hello all, After downloading and installing (following the readme) the GTN Mod for Carenado Falcon 50, it is not working. ND screen is black (even after replaced gauges from RXP Addon setup). What I am doing wrong? Regards
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