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  1. Ok i have fixed it. Didn't have much on there anyways. Just did a reinstall of P3D and it all works now. Guess it had something to do with the windows update doing its funky stuff.
  2. Ok so when i either choose a airport and return to main menu it stalls then crashes. Or if i just click fly now it goes to the loading screen then crashes. My Win10 updated to Version 2004 (OS Build 19041.264) The reason i brought up the windows version is because thats the last thing i have done to the system. I flew a couple of days ago before the windows update and all was fine. Any suggestions please? Regards Mike
  3. Well i refunded mine after a week of constant tweaking on a RTX 2080 Super. It was annoying. And i kept on telling myself that this dose not seem right. I have a huge array of games that even if i max everything out it will run like a slide show it wont crash. Why does V5 have to be different and crash. I dont know. Anyways i'm happier for it. Buy my thinking was, why is 8GB not enough. What is going on? Regards Mike
  4. Has a patch come out for the QW787?
  5. Yes i would like that 🙂 Makes me feel uncomfortable.
  6. Well here is a lovely twist. I was due to reinstall Win10 so i did. And the 1st thing i did after installing necessary drivers was to log into there forums. NOPE. lol So something is going on.
  7. Check the Xbox Insider Hub. Top left "Insider Content" Regards
  8. So i am seeing quite a few posts that people are indeed playing atm. Last email i got from them was 5th December. And now nothing. Was going to ask on there forums but there not up yet. Guess ill have to wait and see what happens 😞
  9. Ok i uploaded a video. My very first ever. Apologize if it is crappy. But i think it shows what is going on 🙂
  10. @threegreen and @pracines could you guys please post a screen shot of youre NI settings please. Regards Mike
  11. I was running aerosoft A320. But yeah i see that most payware aircraft has this issue. word not allowed annoying.
  12. I would switch off dynamic lighting but then youre illumination of the ground dissappears. Who ever thought that was a good idea that no dynamic lighting means no lights on the ground needs a swift kick up the you know what 😞
  13. Ughhh Ok well ill live with it. Means its either another hotfix (Get all addons to be compatiable again) or Version 5
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