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  1. This is something i would like to know as well. So lets say i subscribe for one month, and then not subscribe after that. Does this mean that i will not be able to use the EFB because i let my subscription stop?
  2. Tied all suggestions to no avail. Maybe this is a Win10 issue. I seem to recall before i went to Win10 and was running a GTX970 there was not this problem 😞 Could it be a Display port issue? Maybe running a HDMI cable would work? Frustrating.
  3. It is disabled 🙂
  4. Hmmm Tried youre tip and as soon as i switched to 30hz on my monitor i got a very laggy mouse and a stuttery desktop. Upon entering P3D no change if anything a very ghosty panning around in the cockpit 😞
  5. I have had this problem for a while and it is starting to become annoying because i do not know how to fix it. If i run P3D with anything under 60FPS or unlimited it becomes very stuttery. For instance if i set FPS to 59fps it stutters if i leave it at 60 or unliited it is buttery smooth. As this is annoying i would like to cap P3D out at 30-31 fps. Having VSync or triple buffering on or off does not help. The monitor i am using is a Acer XB321HK i also have a Acer X34 same results on both monitors 😞 Nvidia driver is 416.34 Appreciate any help
  6. Riah069

    QW 787 final thoughts ?

    I had light banding when i first bought it 1.10 version i think. But now that is gone because they added Real Light into the cockpit. But beware if you are using SLI it will flicker and carry on. There is an option to tick in the dispatcher in regards to wether or not you are using SLI. Regards
  7. Riah069

    LOWI P3D V4

    Wow lol thxs guys. Just had a look and i like it. Granted not as detailed as ORBX. But i dont wish to buy ORBX Glbal or ORBX LC. As i have GEX for P3D and UTX. Regards
  8. Riah069

    LOWI P3D V4

    Is there any other offerings other than ORBX LOWI innsbruck about? I have had a search and the only other one is only for FSX by Aerosoft. I'm after a nicely detailed rendition of the airport. Regards
  9. Riah069

    GEX Prepar3D World Edition Question

    So youre saying just leave P3D in default settings and all is well? I assume youre talking about the terrain settings panel. Mesh resolution,texture resolution area? Regards Mike
  10. Hi guys. I have a question regarding settings in the sim with this. I have Ground Environment Prepar3D World Edition, UTX USA and UTX Europe. Are there any settings that i must pay attention to? Like overkill when the setting is too high? I read through both manuals and there is nothing mentioned about settings in P3D at all. Just trying to find a nice balance without over taxing the system 🙂 Regards Mike
  11. Riah069

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    Wow thxs for the replies 🙂 Few options there. I liked the MCP PRO because it looked compact and kinda universal if that makes any sense lol. I will keep looking and read up so more. Thxs guys
  12. Riah069

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    No mate just doing a desktop set up stick on the right throttle on the left and maybe a go pro in the center on the desk 🙂
  13. Riah069

    GoFlight GF MCP PRO

    I'm looking at grabbing one of these. But before i shell out 1/2 a grand i was wondering if anyone has experience with it. Is it compatible with P3D? I mostly fly the airbus and 787. i sometimes fly 737 and 747. Any feed back greatly welcome. Regards Mike
  14. Riah069

    QualityWings 787 Night Texture Problem

    Hello Yes i found out where this folder was. Inside the aircraft folder. Sadly i swapped the said hi res files and still in counted the HORRIBLE light banding the original OP posted. Oh well guess ill have to wait for the truelight patch. Whenever that will be 😞
  15. Riah069

    QualityWings 787 Night Texture Problem

    Hate to necro a old post. But i have the same problem as the OP. Where is this Hi Res Panel you speak of Wise? Regards