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  1. I AGREE with you on skypark. Lots of promises no deliveies.
  2. O prefer to watch these forums, as to watching Days of our Lives. TBH i don't know which is more entertaining.
  3. Simply AMAZING. These developers rock on. A pillar of the MSFS. As a side note it makes me laugh if i look at the pricing of another developer which i will not name and another platform which wont be named. Have a good one 🙂 Regards
  4. I have never reinstalled Windows with a CPU upgrade. I will reinstall if i upgrade my motherboard.
  5. So in VR it is fine? Seems they stuffed up the FOV in regards to non VR users then 😞
  6. Does anyone feel the zoom aspect in the Transall cockpit is crazy zoomed out by default? I find the problem is when i zoom in to correct the crazy FOV it does not feel right and it over zooms. Ideas appreciated on this 🙂
  7. I just unpacked mine. and i have watched a few Youtubes about it. Problem i am having is that in MSFS it does not shoe Velocity one Yoke in the title bar in Control setup. It actually shows it as 3 Axis 20 Buttons plus Hat for both devices. I have updated the firmware to 1.4.0. It is set to PC. Is there something i am missing here? Because all the videos i have watched labels the devices as VelocityOne Flight. Regards
  8. I do own there V1.0 if you call it that. And yes the discount is there for me. Just querying why the $8.00 to goto V2.0. I would understand if the airport was completely stripped and all new assets etc where used.
  9. I maybe missing something here. But are we now buying updates? Reading through what was done it doesn't make sense. You goto other parties like inibuilds etc and you don't see them asking for money because they added a building or retextured the aprons. I maybe wrong. And generally i am 🙂
  10. And so begins the "days of our lives". Queue music. To add about this plane. Price Wonderful lack of manual yeah theres that. And some other things. TBH i really dont give a word not allowed, its a good plane with bells and whistles and should mature with patches of which i am sure will come about. Jeez have you seen the garbage that is bloating the market place and 3rd party sellers lately? And the prices being asked? LMAO. People need to take a back seat have a beer pop a pill and calm down. That is all.
  11. Kathleen Kennedy reach is massive. Everything she touches turns to Do-Do I'm amazed it came with a cockpit LOL
  12. Yes on there 0.95 revision 2 experimental, I am getting very good fps. With all screens on and taxi/flying. Did a small hop from LOWS to LOWI and it was a really good flight. System spec depending.
  13. Ok MSFS version, all difficulties on. And it seems it is ONLY engine one that has an issue at all with realistic settings on. So i was using Skypark doing a Hop 5 mission. Landed at the airport, did a after landing check list, turned around lined up started the wet takeoff and immediately engine goes into a tissy and then eventually dies. Have i seriously got to goto cold and dark after EVERY landing in order for Engine one not to die on me?
  14. I would like to copy the GTN from the retrofit to another livery in the DC-3 family of liveries. Is there an easy way to do this? Regards
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