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  1. TBH I wish graphics card makers would get there head out of the money jar and and go Here is a card for Bitcoin noobs and here is a card for normal people. And if the bitcoin noob bought a normal peoples card it wouldn't work for them and they have wasted money. Pretty simple, but it will never happen.
  2. Oh that stupid dial LOL. Yeah appears to only work for High setting wont do low/Med and will not disarm either. Tried remapping. No joy.
  3. Well i owned an Obutto for quite a while. The problem with these things especially the Obutto is that they advertise it as it can do everything.... Well it can BUT if you are flying you bolt on the Stick/Throttle/Rudder etc etc All good right? Well um no. So lets say that i want to go for a drive. Ok Unbolt the Stick/Throttle/Rudder etc etc. All takes time Cables everywhere. In essence if you really loved these things you need 2, in my case. I like to do a bit of everything. But really, i just cannot beat sitting at my large long desk.
  4. And on that day. Satan will be skating to work 🙂
  5. No mention of the pressing the escape key with the Spoiler/Flaps and throttle going to 50% after returning from the menu.... Nice
  6. If i have the TCA throttle plus addon plugged in, if i press escape the throttle/flaps/spoilers goto 1/2. same if i use the logitech proflight button panel. If i unplug the TCA everything returns to normal no Escape key issues. Just tried it with Virpil throttle and button panel. All normal. So what’s going on. I literally have not changed a thing other than install ASOBO patches. This not confined to FBW airbus either
  7. Make sure throttle 1 is "Throttle Axis 1" and throttle 2 is "Throttle axis 2" Do not use throttle axis 1and 2 1-100% Thats what worked for me mate. Also you have to hit the little red switch at the base of the throttle and move the throttle a little forward to ungate it.
  8. OKAY 🙂 Got it to work. Using the tip of Throttle Axis 1 and 2. What i had to do was to go into the Thrustmaster flight control panel properties, and TURN OFF Enable virtual buttons. That way the sim only saw the axis and NOT the button it was touching first. Happy camper. Thanks for all the help
  9. Sorry guys im hogging this thread with my hardware issues. But really at the end of the day this is really quite stupid.
  10. Ok so this what is happening. On throttle left (Throttle Axis 1) I start to move that throttle forward and it sees joystick button one. Then says Selected button is not recommended for this action.
  11. Ok it is soughta working. Throttle 1 (leftside) is doing what it is supposed too. But right throttle just will not accept an axis. Quite weird 😞
  12. Ok ill check that out. As i have not altered the throttle in anyway, as all aircraft see it. But will report back. Thanks
  13. Heres a video of whats going on. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1d-wGtXTKgO9C9F_o-PJq7ce6hVgF1QIO/view?usp=sharing
  14. Yep tried all configs. In the raw data its all dashes, no numbers.
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