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  1. I use xplane in window mode but i have/use 3 screens . Is there any way to undock the xplane 750 to move it to another screen and out of the cockpit view. Please let me know Thank you BTW im pretty new to xplane 11 Peter
  2. Just to be clear, Even in the best situation I never saw speeds in excess of 250mb/s so that gizmo was a complete waste. I don't think that there is any hope that our cable company could deliver that service given the state of the cable infrastructure in our neighbourhood! Amazing to me that people pay for such a super speed when the cable cant deliver it . Oh well! Back to flying!!!! Regards Peter
  3. As a courtesy to the group, I thought I would report back after a week of chasing this issue of download problems After actually getting the 747 file I continued to have troubles with getting large files at home I finally gave up and changed my router and cable modem The cable company was using a hitron coda 4582 modem, evidently the newest and a fancy white box that allowed speeds up to 1gb down After a week I asked them to give me a different modem ( CGN rocket modem ) it is capable of 250 mb download which is about all I pay for so the other was overkill I installed it a "voila" I was able to get all PMDG files without incident. The first hitron modem was giving me sync and ping errors on various servers. So there you have it. It works and hopefully, this might help someone else. Pete
  4. Got the file . all good. it finally worked at home ( took some work but i got it ) and then also was able to get it another location.( with no effort at all ) No idea actually what that was all about BUT...... 747 loaded and fueled! Thank you all for your replies Peter
  5. Good Morning Look firstly I like PMDG products , no issue ! . Im not some troll wanting to create a big deal about this. Im just having problems. I can tell you i tried to get the file from a different location on a lap top. ( I can also give it a shot from my office today ) I may actually now have the file it but i have to let you know that it kept stopping during the download. ( like ever 50 mbs it would stop and it said it was searching for the server ). Very strange . So that was yesterday's issue. Hopefully the file is in all in one piece and it will unzip which i will try later when im home. There is really no need for any negative conversation. Just looking for advice and if you are absolutely sure it is not at your server end then i can accept that. If on the other hand i was able to point out that i was having issues then perhaps others were as well. In that case you may wish to have that info so that you could investigate the issue or perhaps provide a solution. I take it you are confident that all is good at your end. Im happy with that answer. Thank you for the follow up and I will report back it i still do not have the file so that perhaps someone can assist me Only trying to be constructive and hoping to enjoy the sim with PMDG products Best regard . Peter
  6. FYI i tried this on a laptop and it did not download. it keeps saying "waiting from a response from pmdg servers" . We regualaly download files of 1gb and larger so something may be wrong on the server end.
  7. Thank you guys but it makes no sense. Firstly i have not downloaded anything from pmdg for a long time. I tried 3 different browsers on two different computers . No Luck!!! Dont think it is any antivirus. It just gets stuck I even tried to turing off defender, and my firewall I would buy the argument that it was me if i had not tried so many different scenarios Thoughts and other ideas. I won about 7 pmdg products, nver a problem. I spent allot on money today on this , it would be nice to get the product Any other ideas? Peter
  8. Today I purchased the 747 for p3d. I paid and got a link. The download refuses to work. I never get more than 10% of the download file. I own lots of pmdg stuff. Never had a problem downloading and installing My internet has speeds up to 250 super fast. but it won't download. Ive tried different browsers and tried about 40 different things ( including browsers ) before giving up .Download runs and stops at 5%. I have disabled firewall etc etc P3d v4 x64 w10 Help, please Has anyone seen this before. Peter
  9. pkofman

    737ngx pmdg p3dv4.2

    excellent advice ,... ill give all of that a try peter
  10. pkofman

    737ngx pmdg p3dv4.2

    new problem in p3dv4.2 and pmdg737ngx I have been flying with pmdg 738ngx for a long time but now im getting two strange things and errors occuring The fms will load a ils approach but when i switch to vor or app the ils wil not show on the pilots pfd. I never see the locaalizer ( when selected ) but strangley i see it on the copilots The plane will not fly the ils, it does not show up. I dosee the ils freq on the pfd , i do not see the glideslope or cdi.,I have confirmed that it is loaded and activated. very odd. this has just started recently I am also getting a strage message in the fms saying "PIN PROBLEM " or something like that. Pops up randonly . The copilot pdf does not display this error I am sure i will not be the only one with these issues, but given ive used pmdg 737ngx products for a long time i really am running out of ideas. Help would be apprecited. Peter
  11. BTW , reached out to Maxine. very helpful and responsive.. Seems very willing to assist. Thank you for the tip @vgbaron Pete
  12. No, i did not reach out Maxime directly, did not know that was the person to contact but i will. I did, however, post to FB, their forum and sent a direct email ( x3) for help with no reply so far.
  13. No! i did not have p3d assistant installed an all i have managed to achieved so far by installing envtex is continuous ctd's I think i can delete the shaders in p3dv4 and they will regenerate. I might be wrong . Pete
  14. So I installed Envtex with envdir. Crashed to desktop every time I run my p3dv4 installation. Does anyone have any experience with this? Peter
  15. Thank you! that makes life simple! Regards. Peter