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  1. Hi Bert , you know i tried that but things remain fuzzy.. Maybe its my eyes ( im getting older!! ) but some things in the sim are super clear ,so im hoping for a solution Pete
  2. I posted a topic similar to this a while back, but im now working on a new build . I currently have a 1080ti card and im using a asus pb278 monitor at 2560x1440 it may just be my eyes ,but the stock virtual cockpits and gauges are never really clear to me ( things like the f1 gtn750 are perfect when undocked) over the years i have tried endless setting combinations and cannot get super clarity in the vc cockpit. I wish i could say that it is one developer over another because some are in fact better than others But im still struggling.. so the question is if you were building from scratch and used p3d v5.1 and xplane 11 in vc mode then what would the ultimate set up and hardware be given the key objective of VC gauge clarity Btw here is my experience....( and this is all in the vc ) Carendo vc gauges not so good, they are all about the same, pmdg pretty good, aerosoft airbus pretty good i know there are endless combinations but clarity is paramount for me and would dramtically improve my sim experience thoughts and suggestions??
  3. @Bert Pieke thanks you. noticed you are canadian. where are you located?. pm me if your not comfortable saying here. I am in Toronto fly out of cykz thank you
  4. @w6kd was the majestic modified or adapted for p3dv5.1 (hf1).?
  5. Thank you Bert. not sure I understand . Do I purchase the Carenado pc12 and then modify. Where and who publishes a mod? please advise further. Thank you. Peter
  6. Interestingly I had the realair lear jets back in the day. They were awesome and a bit retro ( even an 8 track player.. imagine that??!! ) people may not remember such retro stuff . But they did have very clear vc gauges. I don't know why the vc gauges are so hard to model, but its either my old eyes or it must be very difficult to get the clarity. I particularly find g1000, aspen and glass panels tough to read in the vc mode. However glass must be easier to model in 2d because , as an example, I a use the f1 750 gtn Addon and in 2d or as a pop up window it is really clear. Lastly I could buy a Carenado turbo prop. But, to me all of their stuff feels almost identical and I can't read their vc. in panel glass without struggling Peter
  7. I am looking for a great single engine turbo prop for p3d v5.1. But in my case I have a special request. I want two things. realistic flight/system modelling, and here is the big one.. I need a super clear vc panel with clarity on the vc gauges. Ive been using sim's for many years but I always have a hard time getting super clarity and acuity from the vc panel. I am using a Asus 1080ti card and Asus 4k ( although Ive tried both 4k and lesser settings ) . Im my case I always try to get things super clear ( gauges ) in the vc but to me most gauges are generally or somewhat blurry. Ive also tried with mipmaps off and on but to me there is little difference with respect to gauge acuity So to recap; I am looking for a new single turbo prop and if it can have amazing clarity and acuity with respect to vc gauges that would be a home run for me I can confirm that I have rarely seen incredibly clear vc gauges in ga aircraft in fsx or p3d.. I do find that xplane gauges on 'add on" aircraft are a bit better than fsx and p3dv5, but I really like flying the p3dv5.1 product. . I have found that pmdg Boeing and aerosoft airbus products are really good with respect to vc gauges. That is the level of clarity im looking for in a single turboprop application Thoughts Thank you Peter
  8. yes i am , as a clue i cannot install the xbox pc app either. ...Im lost!
  9. PK Microsoft flight simulator 2020 wont install, anyone else with this issue? Install fails and will not continue download past a point, then fails I have a windows x64 computer , most up to date w64 ,with no virus software and no firewall and i am unable to install microsoft flight simulator from the microsoft store. It wont install . I cant get help from microsoft , they are not helpful Every time I try to download it , the program fails to install. Microsoft took my money with no problem but wont provide any assistance. My computer is straight forward and clean and has no virus scanner or roadblocks I have tried everything I can think of but the install simply fails and quits. This is just so frustrating please , anyone here with ideas or seen this before Peter
  10. Hi Yes resolution is set as high as it goes but the textures in the vc are still blurry. particularly bad on things like a g1000 etc. The 2d cockpit elements are completely crisp and clear.. at first I thought if I played with the AA it would help but it never really makes the texture crisp. If I zoom in it gets better. I have pretty good card and a good monitor. Once thing about 4k monitors at high res I is that text becomes very very small and hard to read. I have this problem in 2020 and p3d not such a big problem in plane 11.5 but I really like p3d and 2020 and hope to determine some way to make this crisp
  11. It is time to upgrade my monitor for my set up . I use ms 2020 , x-plane 11 and p3d . I have the same issue in all of the, . The gauges just are not clear on my vc cockpits. they are not crisp. I have a good graphics card . nvidia 1080ti. but i cant seem to get the textures clear in any of them I even have a asus - 4k monitor that does not fix this who has a solution for this It might just be my old eyes but i need a something to fix it Btw im not really up for a curved or monitor larger than 30" Peter
  12. hey i mapped my x52 pov hat switch to look left and look right etc but no matter what i do it always give me a quick left and right an re-centers the view. I hate that. any ideas to get the x52 hat to allow fully free move,movement . i really dislike this change i just want to freely move about the interior with the pov switch
  13. In the old fsx i could assign a "move eyepoint function " to my 2nd pov hat. im trying to assign so i can move up and down in the cockpit.. what it called in 2020 i think it is now called "translate" but how do you map the main pow hat cockpit camera they made this complicated thank you Peter
  14. If you were upgrading your monitors 27 to 30 inches to give you the best clarity in a vc what would you use. I have a 1o80ti card. How do I get the best clarity and acuity possible without blurry textures in the vc cockpit. I typically fly Carenado mooneys and pmdg 738 I realize This post may not work .The simple answer here is that there are a thousand variables of course and my eyes are not perfect but just trying to keep this simple can I get some idea what is giving people great result. ( albeit subjective) One thing is for sure I have a 4K asus hd monitor and it did not give me great results. Thoughts. Peter
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