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  1. Thank you for this , i actually own a real life Braov TLS and fully understand how the alt preselect should work but in ms2020 pulling the alt selector knob does nothing as though it is not modeled into the plane. I have the most recent version of the plane. Also i cannot program the 530 at all for any flp or route or direct. Further the elev switch is inop thoughts..... Peter
  2. can someone help with this it seems as thought the alt select in the carenado ovation is very tricky. i cant determine the best way ( never works for me ) to pull the alt selector to modify the alt v.s selector.. the device seems to only want to adjust to 500 fpm. how do you pull the selector to make the v.s change to what I want vs what the canned 500 fpmthat is tied . to the armed alt selected. It is very odd how it does not allow this .. My mouse seems not able to get the know to change can someone provide the command or magic requiredto get this to work Thank you Peter
  3. Evan that is definitely tedious... thank you for your advice though, much appreciated Peter
  4. Was this ever resolved as to how to update the navdata in x-plane 11 . im using the gtn750 and a lot data is missing and certainly not up to date. As an example the KRIV -riv2 departure is not in the database but it exists in real life ( this is just and example) please comment and provide update info if possible. Thank you. Peter
  5. So yesterday I flying from Kpdx to Koth online and offline and had a very odd situation. I use p3dv5 and the scenery was way off . I was landing on koth r23 but the scenery did not show a runway, there were hills on the airport and only one taxiway. Taxi lights were way up in the air . The controller was not impressed when I flew the approach to the taxiway rather than a non existent runway. What a mess ! I tried to repair the p3dv5 scenery after the flight but the environment was still messed up on startup . Does anyone have any thoughts on how to repair this. I don't think this is a online thing but rather a p3dv5 thing... thoughts on how to fix it . BTW running the scenery installer and a repair did not fix it. perhaps its just a corrupt airport in the software. I also tried the content repair ..... that did not work either.. Im sure some one here know how to repair scenery... this is the only location so far i have come across in p3dv5.1 that has had this issue
  6. can someone tell me how to assign a" translate eyepoint command" for up and down to my x52. I see a "translate left and right command" but no" translate down". In the old fsx it was called something like "move eyepoint" now its something like , translate left or right or up but i dont see the down. I assigned these commands to buttons on the x52, specifically the second upper hat swtich. ...maybe im missing something simple but i cannot find that simple command in the list. im sure others here will be able to assist thank you. Peter
  7. Hi Bert , you know i tried that but things remain fuzzy.. Maybe its my eyes ( im getting older!! ) but some things in the sim are super clear ,so im hoping for a solution Pete
  8. I posted a topic similar to this a while back, but im now working on a new build . I currently have a 1080ti card and im using a asus pb278 monitor at 2560x1440 it may just be my eyes ,but the stock virtual cockpits and gauges are never really clear to me ( things like the f1 gtn750 are perfect when undocked) over the years i have tried endless setting combinations and cannot get super clarity in the vc cockpit. I wish i could say that it is one developer over another because some are in fact better than others But im still struggling.. so the question is if you were building from scratch and used p3d v5.1 and xplane 11 in vc mode then what would the ultimate set up and hardware be given the key objective of VC gauge clarity Btw here is my experience....( and this is all in the vc ) Carendo vc gauges not so good, they are all about the same, pmdg pretty good, aerosoft airbus pretty good i know there are endless combinations but clarity is paramount for me and would dramtically improve my sim experience thoughts and suggestions??
  9. @Bert Pieke thanks you. noticed you are canadian. where are you located?. pm me if your not comfortable saying here. I am in Toronto fly out of cykz thank you
  10. @w6kd was the majestic modified or adapted for p3dv5.1 (hf1).?
  11. Thank you Bert. not sure I understand . Do I purchase the Carenado pc12 and then modify. Where and who publishes a mod? please advise further. Thank you. Peter
  12. Interestingly I had the realair lear jets back in the day. They were awesome and a bit retro ( even an 8 track player.. imagine that??!! ) people may not remember such retro stuff . But they did have very clear vc gauges. I don't know why the vc gauges are so hard to model, but its either my old eyes or it must be very difficult to get the clarity. I particularly find g1000, aspen and glass panels tough to read in the vc mode. However glass must be easier to model in 2d because , as an example, I a use the f1 750 gtn Addon and in 2d or as a pop up window it is really clear. Lastly I could buy a Carenado turbo prop. But, to me all of their stuff feels almost identical and I can't read their vc. in panel glass without struggling Peter
  13. I am looking for a great single engine turbo prop for p3d v5.1. But in my case I have a special request. I want two things. realistic flight/system modelling, and here is the big one.. I need a super clear vc panel with clarity on the vc gauges. Ive been using sim's for many years but I always have a hard time getting super clarity and acuity from the vc panel. I am using a Asus 1080ti card and Asus 4k ( although Ive tried both 4k and lesser settings ) . Im my case I always try to get things super clear ( gauges ) in the vc but to me most gauges are generally or somewhat blurry. Ive also tried with mipmaps off and on but to me there is little difference with respect to gauge acuity So to recap; I am looking for a new single turbo prop and if it can have amazing clarity and acuity with respect to vc gauges that would be a home run for me I can confirm that I have rarely seen incredibly clear vc gauges in ga aircraft in fsx or p3d.. I do find that xplane gauges on 'add on" aircraft are a bit better than fsx and p3dv5, but I really like flying the p3dv5.1 product. . I have found that pmdg Boeing and aerosoft airbus products are really good with respect to vc gauges. That is the level of clarity im looking for in a single turboprop application Thoughts Thank you Peter
  14. yes i am , as a clue i cannot install the xbox pc app either. ...Im lost!
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