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Found 22 results

  1. I have been flying with P2A for two weeks or so. The version I have is Pilot2ATC_Update_2700_x64_Beta7L. I've found that the program assigns altitudes to the different legs on the plan and that's fine. The cruise altitude is accepted but altitudes are added after the TOD. This is also fine but as the flight plan gets closer to the approach segment it gives me some doubtful altitudes. On one of my flights ATC had me descend to 3000 ft when I was 119 nm from the IAF. Certainly that is too low for a B738. The altitudes in the flight plan were good but ATC decided to send me low. The STARs sometimes have dual altitudes, a minimum ATC assigned altitude for turbine powered and a MEA that is could be used by aircraft not landing at the main airport in the STAR. If we look at the Bradford 8 STAR for KORD we see that the distance from IKK VOR to the BDF VOR is 150 nm. There is a FL180 for the entire route which is assigned by ATC but there's an MEA of 3000 and 2300, both also assigned by ATC if relevant. Certainly you don't want to fly an airliner at 3000 feet for 150 nm, but that's what appears that P2A is doing. I was flying another STAR when ATC told me to descend to 3000 but I used this one to illustrate. How does P2A decide the altitude assignment? If I see an altitude that is too low or at the MEA during planning, is there a way to change it? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, I’ve flown the EIDW to EGPH using the ROTEV 6E SID on several occasions. During clearance and take off I’m approved to an altitude about FL100. However, shortly after takeoff I’m issued FL070. As I approach FL070 I am cleared to a FL150 (or sometimes higher). I am then asked to switch frequencies when I’m usually approaching FL130. I receive a radar contact message and then shortly after I’m given a lower FL than the previous one - sometimes this is lower than my current FL - I then have to request my cruise altitude to prevent me being told off for being too high. Any thoughts? Kev
  3. I purchased the lionheart learjet and am happy with it but am having issues with the autopilot. I ensure the inverters are on I click the switch to GPS I then set the altitude say to 5000 feet I set a gps route (using the direct to option) I then engage the Autopilot and the green light is on and GPS mode is on I hit the ALT key to maintain altitude but then it starts losing altitude rapidly?? What am I doing wrong?
  4. Hi, My PMDG 777 is saying Cabin altitude and suddenly goes off-route and passes oxygen. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks, Jake
  5. Hello Bryan I'm loving your product so far. I have just one question. The FO it is not responding to my transition altitude and level calls. In both cases I think it is because neither the after takeoff checklist nor the approach checklist are completed. I don't know if this is intended, but as you may know, in some places the transition altitudes and levels are quite low and in some cases I need to do the transition call before the takeoff checklist and after the approach checklist. For example: I did a flight from SAEZ (TA 3000) to SBGL (TL090). In this flight the TA came before I could call the after takeoff checklist; and on my way down is the same. Could this be changed? In your other products I know that we can make this call when is needed. Thanks so much.
  6. HiI try to ask to set by voice, course, altitude and speed but Fo doesn't accept to do any command only after takeoff.I know you follow the sop very carfully but is it possible to add this future?Another wish is it possible to make a mix of Ground power unit and then APU as we do in general.thank you
  7. Ok, so say I have been designated a SID to follow after takeoff, the SID has strict rules for climbing for example at 4000ft at a certain waypoint, then 5000ft next one and so on. Then after takeoff atc instructs me let say for example "climb FL 150". Should I just forget the published restrictions and shoot up or obey the restrictions until past the last restriction point and then just climb to assigned FL? And if I follow the restrictions, say the ATC directs starts all of a sudden giving me vectors (which take me off my published SID lateral route) out of the terminal area, can I at that point forget about the alt restrictions since I am not even flying the published SID anymore? Thanks!
  8. Beech 1900D end-users, Is anyone else having problems with the altitude pre-select window (main panel, to the left of the transponder) locking up and not "scrolling" when enabling an altitude mode (hold or alt select) when the autopilot is on? It functions appropriately if the autopilot is off, or when the autopilot is not in any vertical speed mode, but refuses to budge when any altitude-based mode is engaged. Not sure how else to describe it... Additionally, I've encountered other bugs outlined below: 1. Intermittent failure of the top half of the digital VSI. This has only happened once so far after cycling through multiple 2D pop-up windows, but the top half the the VSI seemed to intermittendtly go blank, thus cutting off the info on the gauge. 2. Parking brake action (knob) is reversed. 3. No vertical speed mode available on autopilot. 4. No 1/2 bank angle mode on autopilot. Can anyone verify the veracity of the above. I am obviously still new to the aircraft, but I suspect the issues I've outlined are legitimate. Thank you, Sean K.
  9. Hi always when im flying the PMDG 777 i always seem to run into a problem. im taking off and i turn the auto pilot on, as soon as i get to 5000FT the airspeed the altitude heading and the artificial horizon just start moving up down side to side. i cant seem to fix this. there are no errors turned on or anything. please help i need this fixed asap!
  10. Hello, I am a Pilot2Atc user with Flight Simulator 2020. I love this software, it has made me a lot of progress in my learning. However, I have a problem. When I contact the Atis or when ATC gives me the QNH, the value is never exact! The QNH announced by Pilot2Atc always returns a higher altitude (about 300ft) than the QNH of FS2020 ( for example, when I press on "B" to automatically set the altimeter, the altidue is never the same as advertised. in Pilot2ATC). Is there something that I didn't understand? Sorry in advance for the syntax errors, I am French and my English is not perfect !
  11. Hi AAO user and expert! I would like to known if I can solve my problem with AAO before buy it. I use Honeycomb Bravo on most of my planes the ALT rotary switch and Inc/Dec rotary switch work perfectly to increase or decrease altitude. When I use my Carenado M20R I’m unable to increment or decrement my altitude with the ALT rotary switch and Inc/Dec rotary switch. I would like to know if this problem could be solved with AAO? Thanks!
  12. I was trying to make a flight from VHHH to KORD, with FL400. In the VNAV tab, it shows the max altitude is only FL346. My question is what determines the max altitude in a flight? I have noticed that at different points in the flight the VNAV Max Alt increases, but why can't I climb to a cruising ALT of FL400 straight from the get-go? I hope you can give me some insight. Jared G.
  13. Hello all, I'm in the process of planning an IFR flight from KATL to KFLL. In the route that I obtained from FlightAware (shown below), there is a short section where, according to the semicircular rule, I should be cruising at a different altitude. I'm wondering how this situation might be handled in the real world. Would a plane be asked to change their altitude after a turn in order to remain in constant compliance with the semicircular rule? Or, if there is no presence of traffic, would the plane simply stay at their original altitude? Route: https://i.imgur.com/WO9ESvv.png
  14. Hi guys, I have returned to simming MSFS after several years absent, encouraged back with the new release, however I am getting somewhat frustrated by an often unresponsive keyboard particularly with Shift Ctrl H, Z, R. I have read lots of threads on various sites mostly over a year old but no definitive solution, conflicts with other software such as NZXT etc. I watched a You Tube video and noticed that when activating the buttons the sub menu shows the keyboard commands, with me it shows the mouse commands only. My keyboard is recognised as other keys do work ok. Is this a software issue/conflict or am I simply doing something fundamentally wrong? Any help will be much appreciated. For reference I am using a Saitek yoke and at the moment most settings are on EASY.
  15. Hello, Guys! See in picture given and tell me how is it possible that Thai Airways is on 36,975 Ft Height with 501 Knots Speed? Another plane I saw at the same place of KLM Boeing 747-400 was going on 39000 Ft Height and approximately 500 Knots speed? You can see this plane in the picture in yellow highlight and web site is planefinder.net. On FSX, When I fly B747-400, Its speed decreases as its Height increases and vice versa. My speed on FSX B747-400 is 274 Knots on 39000Ft Height. Very simple, when I decrease the Height, Speed automatically increases. So how is it possible in real Thai and KLM? Why I cannot go on FSX as Thai and KLM going?
  16. Hey guys, bit of a daft question but I'm coming back to the skies again on my channel and recording a flight from Birmingham (EGBB) to Dubai (OMDB) Can anyone tell me what the correct altitude is for Glideslope Intercept for Runway 12L for an ILS approach? I have the charts but not sure if it's just me being stupid I cannot see the altitude for glideslope capture on there? Thanks in advance! Yorkie
  17. Hope someone can help .I'm flying the default Learjet 45. I set my altitude for example at 5000ft using the ASEL key I engage the autopilot pressing the AP key then I Press the ALT key? But after a while it just loses altitude and crashes? What am I doing wrong? Also if I was to use the GPS , I select the GPS button next to the NAV Button do i also need to switch the dial to FMS? The dial which has FMS, ADF1, NAV1 and off ? What does the BNK button do? Is it for bank limits?
  18. Hi, i am using iFly for quite some time now and lately i have this quite big problem. When I fly normal flight and I set up everything proper, the whole flight is okay, takeoff, climb, cruise and even descend is fine, but.... before end of descend (in order to meet STAR restictions) i control my descend by A/P speed and altitude in MCP. This is still okay. Normally i use alt 3000ft or 2500ft (alt is locked and holding), and speed around 200-210kts with flaps 15 when i fly intercept course before IF and here comes the problem... When plane starts to turn to final the altitude sinks a bit (which is normal due to less lift on wings during turn) but then the alt hold quits working and plane starts to sink rapidly. The only thing to do is to manually fly the aircraft to landing... I cannot even reset the A/P (i disengage it and set up again but altitude still doesnt work), only heading and speed is working. In good visibility conditions it is not so tragic but when it is foggy it is nightmare... And then when i want to do the same descend and approach part again to see if it happens again, everythig works normal... I just set up plane before final point of STAR set everything up like in normal flight and do exaclty the same procedures like in full flight and nothing happens.. I turn to final, establish on LOC and G/S and land even in dual A/P mode without any problem... I don't get it at all...
  19. Hello all, I am kind of new to X-Plane (recently converted from FSX), so please forgive me if the question is silly. Well, I love the option to Randomly-Generated Weather in X-Plane 10.25, but I have two problems using it: - the visibility generated is always maximal, even if it is cloudy and rainy - the clouds are always very very very high (it never generates clouds below ~18.000 ft or so) Am I using it incorrectly? Is there a way to avoid these two issues? Any answers or comments would be very appreciated! Thanks a lot, Gilberto
  20. Hi. Almost every time I start my descent as programmed/calculated by the vnav, I end up way too high and/or too fast for my approach and I have to circle several times to set up for a stable approach and landing. I always have to use a lot of speedbrakes also. I know somebody will reply that I should input winds to the fmc as it matters if I have tailwind but the problem seems to be every time. And its not every time I have tailwind, sometimes headwind etc. Is the vertical flight path calculation realistic on the ngx? Any suggestions? My autothrottle seems to idle on the descent (it says "arm" and end up about 40% N1), that should be correct? Thank u!
  21. Hi guys, I bought the Wilco A380 and I am finding some problems regarding the autopilot. Once I set the FMC with all the data and I take off, the plane does not even reach the altitude I insert in the main panel (let's say 12000 feet), but stops at 10000 about and then it starts descending (very slow, 500 feet/min), despite having both the autopilot and the autothrottle correctly inserted. Does anyone of you guys know why it doesn't reach the set altitude or maybe have you had the same problem? Thank you very much in advance to all of you guys, keep enjoying FSX! Mirko
  22. Good Morning fellow pilots, I am here this morning in seeking advice on decelerating in the PMDG 777-200LR. I am currently aware that you need to use speed intervention in order to get the plane to slow to final approach speed. However, I am unsure about what altitude to do this at, or what distance from the runway I should be at and be configured for landing. I have read a chapter in the FCTM about decelerating but it did not answer my question. Thank you in advance for your insightful answers.
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