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  1. Before I say anything else, let me just say that I seriously respect the work that PMDG does for the community. I own the majority of their products and think that they're almost incomparable to other addons at the moment. With that said, I am very disappointed to learn about the pricing for the P3D version of the 777. I know the different licensing structure makes it difficult to price these products competitively, but I just don't understand why other developers can release free or heavily discounted P3D versions of their aircraft, yet PMDG cannot. With the price as high as it is, I fear that PMDG will put too much work into a product that nobody will be able to afford. If I had ANY authority on the subject, I'd say that if there is a similar pricing structure for the 737, 747, and J41, switching to P3D will not only be a serious financial burden on us simmers, but it will also negatively effect PMDG in terms of financial success.
  2. JohnSmith

    GPWS Warnings When Approaching Using Flaps 20

    Interesting how the option would still be included in the FMS. Oh well. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Afternoon everyone. I would like to ask the frequent flyers of the PMDG 777 a brief question about approach flap selection. Yesterday, I was just about to start my approach into Frankfurt. I selected flaps 20 in the FMS and verified the selection when I went through the landing checklist on final. However, just a few hundred feet above the ground, the GPWS began to shout at me, "Too low! Flaps!" Of course, this warning prevented the altitude callouts and my landing was quite rough. I've never had this issue when using flaps 25 or 30. Is this a bug or have I missed something?
  4. JohnSmith

    Semicircular Rule and Turns

    Hello all, I'm in the process of planning an IFR flight from KATL to KFLL. In the route that I obtained from FlightAware (shown below), there is a short section where, according to the semicircular rule, I should be cruising at a different altitude. I'm wondering how this situation might be handled in the real world. Would a plane be asked to change their altitude after a turn in order to remain in constant compliance with the semicircular rule? Or, if there is no presence of traffic, would the plane simply stay at their original altitude? Route:
  5. JohnSmith

    Center Fuel Tank Operations

    After a bit of reading, I have made a few discoveries. Here's a section from the 777 FCOM under "Fuel Operations". I have excluded irrelevant details. This is section 12.20.3 in Volume 2 of the PMDG 777 FCOM if anyone wants to have a look at the entire page.
  6. JohnSmith

    Lower Westbound Half NATs

    I did a lot of research but couldn't find any information as to how this situation is handled in the real world, but that makes the most sense. Though, I don't really see the point of having a track start in the middle of the ocean. Oh well.
  7. JohnSmith

    Center Fuel Tank Operations

    Fellow 777 pilots, I've recently started flying longer routes since the release of the 300ER. However, I am somewhat perplexed when it comes to the operation of the center fuel tank. On some routes, there is barely any in the center tank. Maybe 4000 kilograms. In this situation, using the center pumps on the ground produces a "Fuel Low Center" EICAS warning. However, if I leave them off, a "Fuel In Center" EICAS warning is displayed once I am established in my climb. Does anyone have any information on how to properly operate the center fuel tank when in this situation? I know the 737 center tanks are meant to be switched on after 10,000 feet if there is less than 5,000 pounds or something like that. Does the 777 operate using similar rules? Thanks
  8. JohnSmith

    Lower Westbound Half NATs

    Hello. I am currently in the process of planning a flight from EGKK to KMCO in PFPX. However, I noticed that the airlines use a NAT that is pretty far south. I'm currently looking at NAT J. This track starts in the middle of the Atlantic. An airliner that recently flew this route actually used the first two waypoints of NAT F before deviating to the south to cross via NAT J. This is shown in the image below. How is a clearance obtained from ATC to fly these half NATs? Is it normal to simply hop straight to the middle of the Atlantic and then join a NAT? I am many well confused.
  9. JohnSmith

    Windows 8.1 Joystick Disconnect

    Hello everyone. I am aware of the infamous joystick disconnect issue that has plagued the majority of Windows 8 users. Well, I'm experiencing a rather unique variation of this issue that I have yet to see other users of the PMDG 777 discuss. My controls only disconnect when using the PMDG 777. This is usually a result of switching to another window and switching back to FSX. The only way I am able to fix this is to launch the task manager and quickly switch back to FSX. This usually works, but can also result in FSX crashing. I know there are several proposed remedies to this issue, but I'm trying to figure out if they actually apply to me. Has anyone else experienced the joystick disconnect bug with the PMDG 777 only? Did you fix it? How? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Damian recently posted a promising update to the support thread on the HiFi forums.
  11. I have been receiving these errors as well. This has been a pretty common issue as of recently. Considering how widespread the problem is, I suspect the program is being given bad data by the ASN servers. There's a support thread on the HiFi forums. One of the developers has been suggesting potential fixes.
  12. Lot's of people have been getting errors like this throughout the past couple of days. There hasn't been much of a response from the HiFi team. I suspect it's the ASN servers feeding the program corrupt data or something like that.
  13. It's out!
  14. Yeah I'm seeing the same thing on my calendar.
  15. Fantastic news! Glad you're back in action, Robert. Really looking forward to SP1 and the 300ER. Still have plenty of summer left to enjoy the two products.