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Found 44 results

  1. Can not find it today, did you just delete it? Is there something I need to know about it?
  2. First of all, I want to commend the devs for Little NavMap on an incredible job for this software. It's rapidly become my go-to for flight planning and tracking while flying in MSFS 2020 (I have it handy on my iPad via spacedesk app). I love how I can easily implement the flight plan into MSFS2020 as well as the FMS on aircraft (at least on the TBM-930 so far, haven't flown others yet). I'm still learning my way around it, but I made a critical error in my last flight in that I didn't have enough fuel to get to my destination. I thought I followed the suggestion of the Fuel Report tab pretty good, until I realized I didn't account for the weight of my co-pilot. So, if I may, I'd like to request a new feature to be added into Little NavMap for fuel calculations to include input for passengers and/or cargo. I understand if this is not feasible, I'm no developer, but I hope it is and that this request would be considered. Blue skies! (Edit: Grammar)
  3. when i manually enter fuel my ZFW changes and flips about. For example the correct one will be 209.1 kgs which then changes to 180kgs or something like that. I get around this by entering another random fuel level so the corrcect ZFW comes back then I re enter the desired fuel from my flight plan. Has anyone noticed this behaviour? (P3D 3.1). If it helps I use a 777 startup panel state of '777 short' but with zero payload and 17% fuel saved
  4. I was wondering what is the maximum (safe flight) range of the Boeing 737-800 PMDG, that it can still have like 2000lbs in the reserve. And can I actually make a transatlantic flight with it? Thanks in advance Mixer
  5. Anybody used this site yet? www.simbrief.com its a flight planning website I used it for one flight and results were very good fuel prediction, weather forecast and nav log were pretty much spot on. It can also include notams, etops, stepclimbs and even runway analysis. This in real looking dispatch documentation that you can print out or save as pdf. And the good thing its free. I will be using this alot when the triple 7 comes out. http://youtu.be/lY5M9UMFv8k to quote from the website.
  6. Hey, So I have had the 737NGX for a while and it has been working perfectly. Today though I flew KPHL-KORD in it and something very wierd happened with the fuel Loading. I set up the aircraft same as I always do, programmed the FMC and loaded the fuel. I loaded about 15,000 pounds according to the FMC and FSX and FSC. Plenty of fuel to reach ohare. I flew the departure as usual, used VNAV, LNAV and the A/P same as always. Everything was normal. I then left for a quick 5 minute break, and when I came back there was 0lbs of fuel onboard and the engines were at idle. I have no idea why this happened. So, anyway, I flew the flight over later and it all went perfectly well. Any ideas? ~Remy
  7. Hello guys,I need some advice as I am a little confused on the range of the ngx. For example there are real life flights that use the 800 versions over 3000 nautical miles, swiss air flies from newark to zurich on a 737 800. Are these special modified versions? or can the NGX 800 series really fly 3400 nautical miles?if not what is the realistic range of the 800 and 900 series? with a full passenger load and fully fueled...thanks!
  8. Hello everyone! I am an FSX user who often uses the website fuelplanner.com to calculate the required fuel for his flights. The thing is however, that when I visited the website on the 15th of December, I was greeted with a quite unfriendly window asking me to sign against FCC's decision about net neutrality. To make things clear, I am totally against this decision, and I would happily offer my sign against it, IF IT WAS WORTH ANYTHING. You see, as this decision only affects the USA, I see no reason for someone else but the US citizens to sign against it. So, I closed the annoying and unfriendly red window I was greeted with, only to find out that I can no longer use the site. The only thing I see when I visit the website is this: var _bftn_options = { theme: 'glitch' }; So, does anyone know who is the word not allowed who runs the website? So I can find him, and ask him how to reset the website to its normal form and sign the damn thing? Alternatively, can anyone recommend of a good, hopefully free, fuel planner?
  9. I usually use http://fuel.aerotexas.com/ to calculate the needed fuel for my flights, but it does not include the A340 in its aircraft database (I have the A340-500/600). Does anybody know where I can find a fuel calculator, or how I can calculate the needed fuel for the A340? Thanks,boeing247
  10. Hi, lately on my flights there´s been an issue that drives me crazy: on the FMC, the estimated fuel for the arrival airport is always going down, it never stops to decrease. This only happens on the SP1 though. I do exactly the same things that I used to do before the SP1 came out. Thanks in advance for your help!
  11. I am writing a guide on Polar Operations for Skywards Virtual (we emulate Emirates Airlines), and in the topic of fuel freezing, the real Emirates has company policy depending on the type of fuel you use, Jet-A or Jet-A1, due to their different freezing temperatures (already covered here in this forum in a number of messages). What I have been unable to find out is if PMDG has built in functionality for these two types or not. I.e. perhaps changing the fuel freezing temperature in the FMC changes the fuel freeze logic behind the scenes. That would be an interesting way to add such flexibility. Or they've modeled their fuel freeze around Jet A only, which is fine too. But I'm looking for confirmation one way or another, so our guidance can be accurate. Thanks in advance, Fabio Miguez Sorry for the double message, but I got a "Request failed due to server maintenance or busy" prompt after hitting submit, so posted again thinking the first one hadn't gone through. Please delete both of these posts.
  12. Hello everyone, I have so strange problems with my PMDG 777. am I the only one who suffers from these problems? 1. during cruise or even on ground, center fuel tank quantity drops to zero. 2. at the same time, cabin pressure drops too. and the cabin altitude indicator shows ridiculous figure. 3. MAIN and APU battery voltage drops to minus hundreds or thousands! all of these things happen at the same time, like an explosion, and EVERY FLIGHT!!!
  13. Hi All! What is the difference between these two in the control panel? When i "send data to flightsim" only one of them is taken under consideration.
  14. Hello, I am having issue with fuel on this KSFO-YSSY. The total distance of flight is 6536nm, the AWC for today was -4, my planned FL is 380. ZFW 475,128lbs. With all those, I estimated TFOB 321000lbs for a PLW of 499,128lbs. But entering the data in FMC, shows 0.0 fuel at YSSY. ?? I used the cruise planning chart in PMDG 747X operating manual as always but on this flight it shows 0.0 And that was even before entering the winds in RTE DATA/DES FORECAST. I double checked figures etc but still came up with same fuel load for the conditions. Anyone having same problem when using the figures on PMDG cruise planning charts? Thank you.
  15. Hi, i´d like to know what is the estimated fuel usage per hour on the 777-200LR, to make my fuel calculations. Thanks!!
  16. Hello Guys, I installed the PSS 777 after a fresh install of Windows 7 and a fresh install also of Flight Simulator 9, When I entered Load Config in PSS Folder, I select the passengers, the cargo & the fuel and clicked save config, then I opened FS9 and chose the 777 and I found that the payload (Passengers & Cargo) are correct but The fuel always stick to 100% at all times, I tried to install a fresh copy of windows and fs9 and still the same problem ( it is also for pss 757 ),, If any one knows how to solve this problem please reply to the post. Thanks
  17. Hello, First of all, yes, I used the search function on this forum, and yes, I searched through both FCOM's, the FCTM and the QRH. That said, I still don't have an answer for the following situation: Tonight, I was testing the 777 (using the freighter version). I was all set up for a long flight at high load, but ran into a (programmed...) severe engine failure shortly after liftoff. My first priority was to keep flying the aircraft. No particular problem, despite the alarms and sudden loss of thrust on the left side. Once I got everything under control, I went through the appropriate checklist on the ECL. So far, so good. Now, my plan was to land back at my departure airport, but to do so, I had to jettison about 80000kgs of fuel. I entered a hold over the sea to do just that. The problem I ran into here, is that with only one engine operating, dumping fuel caused a quickly escalating fuel imbalance, and no matter what I tried, I couldn't get it to stabilize. By the time the center tank was empty, the imbalance had reached about 3500kg. Roughly what could be expected without cross feeding. I kept the fuel jettison going for a while to see whether the auto jettison function would turn off the right jettison pump when the right main tank (the less full one) reached jettison goal/2 (which it didn't). No idea whether it should stop here though, it was just an idea I had while flying so I tested it. a couple of notes: 1) fuel jettison with 2 engines running seemed to be working perfectly fine in a previous test flight. 2) cross feed also worked perfectly when fuel wasn't being jettisoned. As it was, I manually stopped the fuel jettison a bit early, and then kept flying in the hold while cross feeding to reduce the imbalance a bit, before landing. Anyway, what I'm looking for: What would be the correct procedure in this case? What went/did I do wrong? Feel free to reply with references to the correct sections in the manuals... I didn't find what I was looking for so far... Thanks in advance...
  18. I am writing a guide on Polar Operations for Skywards Virtual (we emulate Emirates Airlines), and in the topic of fuel freezing, the real Emirates has company policy depending on the type of fuel you use, Jet A or Jet A1, due to their different freezing temperatures (already covered here in this forum in a number of messages). What I have been unable to find out is if PMDG has built in functionality for these two types or not. I.e. perhaps changing the fuel freezing temperature in the FMC changes the fuel freeze logic behind the scenes. That would be an interesting way to add such flexibility. Or they've modeled their fuel freeze around Jet A only, which is fine too. But I'm looking for confirmation one way or another, so our guidance can be accurate. Thanks in advance, Fabio Miguez
  19. Hi All, I noticed recently that the website 'fuel.aerotexas' has sinced changed to 'fuelplanner.com'. For some reason the actual layout of the Planner has been changed a little bit and when you Select your Aircraft, Enter your Departure and Arrival ICAO And Hit Planner, Instead of seeing the "Total Fuel On Board" along with all the others (Reserves etc) I now only see "Trip Fuel" "Reserve Fuel" and "Takeoff Fuel". I am unsure about how much fuel I need to load on my aircraft now, Could someone please help? Thanks Kriss
  20. Hey guys! I've been having a very annoying issue with my PMDG 777 lately. On all my last 5 long haul flights, I am experiencing a constant and slow reduction of my fuel remaining at my destination. I am planning all my flights with real time weather in PFPX and activesky. By comparing the estimated wind forecast in the OFP and the actual wind in the sim, I can tell that they match very closely. I already read this: and changed the battery of my motherboard. - doesn't help. I have around 2000 hours in the sim with the PMDG 777 and never had this issue before. Does anybody have an idea about what's going on? Please help me I don't how to continue.
  21. Hi, lately it happens that in some flights the airplane has excessive fuel consumption. When I takeoff, I have 22000kg of estimated fuel on destination. But after taking off, that number drops 0,1kg every 4 or 5 minutes. I use PFPX, I load the winds to the legs page via the uplink, so I don´t know what could be wrong. Thanks,
  22. I don't see this listed in the issue tracker, and I can't find any good hits searching this forum, but for me the fuel-indicator on the POS REPORT page only indicates current fuel, not the fuel on board at the time of crossing. Indeed, watching the page, the fuel will tick down synchronized with the totalizer. FCOM 11.42.43 describes that it should work just like in the 777, showing the lesser of tot or calc fuel at last waypoint. So the question, is this just on my installation, or is it a bug?
  23. Hi. I'm flying some ultra-long-haul flights recently with my 772 and I always notice one thing. The fuel amount at destination on the CDU keeps decreasing. For example I've flown from OTBD to NZAA yesterday and after T/C my CDU said something about 16 tons of fuel at NZAA. The number kept decreasing and reached 9 tons before T/D. I haven't changed anything and I was doing step climbs without any delay. Right now I'am flying from NZAA to LEMG (two most separated major cities?). After T/C, CDU said 4.4 tons at LEMG, but soon I've got an 'Insufficient Fuel' message on the EICAS, and 0.0 fuel at LEMG on the CDU. This time I've decided to do something about it and I've reduced cost index, then reduced step size, and finally increased the tailwind. It helped, but just a little, and now I've still got the 'Insufficient Fuel' message. Do you know why the fuel amount at dest is always decreasing, even when I make an airplane more fuel efficient and make the weather conditions better? Am I doing something wrong (except taking more fuel on-board or perhaps not flying longest routes possible )? Or maybe the autocruise increase fuel consumption (I do not fly 23-hour long flight in real time)? Michał Trześniowski
  24. Hey guys! Is it a known issue that when loading a flight having already opened 777 in another flight earlier but not closing the game in between the flights will bug the planes fuel system? If i enter 10000 in the scratchpad and put that in, this happens: https://1drv.ms/i/s!AuPgpnKVCnMhxnatLYZGa3tJ3xZ1 I get 10 000kg in the plane, like i should. However, my fuel options tell me that i actually put in about 77000, and it also thinks that means 100%. If i put in 20 000, i will get 13700 in the plane and fuel window shows 145500. No matter how much i put in, it only gives me 13700. Now this causes fuel disagree warning after a while, and is also a bit problematic because i really dont know how much fuel i _really_ have in this case since the fueling system seems like its gone totally haywire.
  25. Hi guys, My FMC over-reads the actual fuel in the Tank by about 200lbs (0.2). With the fuel quantity set to zero through the fuel loading Page, the FMC still shows there is about 200lbs of fuel in the aircraft, but looking through fsx fuel menu and the aircraft gauges the tanks are empty. The FCOM says "PLAN/FUEL [Option – With PLAN FUEL line] Fuel on board is automatically displayed as received from the airplane fuel quantity indication system." Am I missing something or has this been addressed before?
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