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  1. Scott you know better... Door 2L is the main entry for the B744 (and B77x), Door 1L is first class only and if you have SODE with two jetways they will work as intended. As for single jetways or stairs, always use 2L.
  2. The NGX HUD (HGS) should be included in the dll.xml; if not then you can open a support ticket and PMDG will get it fixed for you.
  3. This is exactly how I learned to plot the ETP in the NGX
  4. Oh yeah, I knew all about MVA and then forgot everything I knew a couple of years ago. I guess I was stretching it to reach out for terps to help me answer.
  5. I haven't seen that in the FCOM.. probably not. Why would one find such a thing useful? I keep chasing this but still don't understand the problem you are trying to solve.
  6. SSA? Social Security Administration? Sorry, that TLA threw me. I've always seen it as MSA on charts and in discussions (FAA: Minimum Safe Altitude, ICAO: Minimum Sector Altitude). I cannot speak to UK airspace, but in the US it would be unusual to be cleared by ATC lower than MSA except when within the TERPS defined cone that protects aircraft on arrival, in other words when vectored inside the defined constraints of the approach. For example, MSA of 2000 and approach gives me "turn right 060 descend to 1800 until established " might be expected when the minimum outside of the FAF is 1800 (regardless of the MSA). If you descend below the MSA in airspace not otherwise protected then alarms will go off in the ATC facility. You always read back your clearance.... if the controller hears a readback that isn't right they will let you know (most the time).
  7. I am sorry, I don't understand. It reads as if you want to add a waypoint from your route (which consists of waypoints based on navdata) into the navdata that is the source for your waypoints. Every waypoint you put in your route, except for custom waypoints, are in navdata; otherwise, you would get a 'not found' message. Possibly you want to enter custom waypoints into navdata? All global waypoints are in the navdata file wpNavFix.txt. This file is a text file that you may edit with any text editor but be carefull, the columns are important and all white space are space characters, no tabs. Everytime you update navdata you will have to reedit your changes to navdata. Honest, it is quicker to just set the FO ND to terrain mode to see those mountains.
  8. Probably on a Thursday.
  9. Of course, this is discussed in a PMDG Knowledge Base article, in the FCOM in detail, and a quick reminder of the format required you can look at the format on the CDU for the GPS coordinates, e.g., N29 30.5 W090 45.2. I am sorry, I assumed you already looked in the FCOM.
  10. I think Frank is looking for a settings selection that used to be there for the NGX and has been gone for longer than I can remember. This settings selection can be found in the PMDG Options > Simulation in the FMS.
  11. Would you please describe the problem. Sorry mate, I'm not watch anybody's videos and spend minutes waiting for "the event." I've used the 777 since P3Dv4.2 rolled out, and it was beta tested by the team. You earn the distinction of being the first one to report a problem that you think is a related to the platform update in the 777. Thanks in advance for describing the problem.
  12. The PMDG aircraft obtains the ILS frequency from navdata. It is likely that the navdata is correct, agrees with the charts, but the scenery is out of date. I have the new Aerosoft Rome so I cannot check but you can with the airplane at or near the airport: Open the map and click on the airport and there will be a list of runways and ILS frequencies for that airport. Those are what is in scenery, and the scenery is what provides the localizer "beam." This is where one may have to manually enter the ILS LOC/CRS values to use with the obsolete scenery. This has never been a bug in the PMDG product, it is just a lack of understand how the different pieces work together such as the difference between navdata and scenery.
  13. Nope. I don't expect major updates (which this would be, as would be anything related to flight dynamics migrating to outside the box) to the 777 product until after the 748 and probably after the NGv3. I agree, it would be nice but there's not been a forecast time by PMDG for this to occur.
  14. I don't have this problem. The link that is provided above uses a very drastic method in that it removed the scenery bgl that contains the default KMCO. However, there are usually multiple airports and scenery objects in one bgl so I never consider this a viable fix. If you have both nice pretty addon taxi signs from T2G and also those plain-Jane default taxi signs then it is because you have another airport file (AF or AFCAD) somewhere in your scenery, most likely put there by a 3d party program such as a traffic addon. An addon scenery has higher priority than default scenery and none of the default bgl should be bleed through, however another AF bgl will bleed through until you delete the default bgl, which is not the solution you should be looking for.
  15. Christopher, complex addons generally have yaw dampening included in the flight model, and autocoordination may defeat or corrupt that feature. Also, all modern jets are flown without much rudder application except for landing and takeoff. Doing a proper crosswind landing with the simulator platform tying to maintain coordinated controls is...., well, I cannot even imagine why I'd do that. "We don't all want to be real world pilots".... so, you need to be mindful of that when you post here where most participants enjoy the realism and fidelity of PMDG products and are serious about being more than just playing an arcade game.