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  1. downscc

    B747-8 Beta PIREP

    The EFB Chart menu has a DAY or NIGHT chart display option.
  2. And what a hauler this freighter the -8F is! I compared a B744F flight KSDF - OMDB with one flying the B748F, which is what UPS uses, and the 744F was limited to about 55% payload due to TOGW limits whereas the B748F hauled about 88% of a larger payload capacity on much less fuel. I suspect the -8F is going to win the hearts of all long haul haulers for many years. Besides the increase payload and reduced fuel block burn, the center tank is rarely used because the main tanks in that fat wing carry so much... I have a trip from KPAE to ELLX in progress now. My block fuel was 218,489 lbs and that is all in the wings, the center tank is empty. Amazing.
  3. downscc

    PMDG 737 NGX increasing in fuel in left tank?

    Hi Chris... please note PMDG forum rules require our full names on all posts in their forums. Your wording "when I input specific units manually such as 1.4 reserves in wing tanks," bothers me. I cannot tell from this problem description how you are manually loading fuel but it sounds like you are filling the center tank before wing tanks are full. Wing tanks fill first, only when wing tanks are full do you add fuel to the center tanks.
  4. downscc

    APU Box on Electrical Synoptic Page color logic

    Good question. I browsed the FCOM, which I am sure you have already done, and found that the green highlight means available or connected. I see your logic expecting the APU symbol to behave same as EXT ones (green if available); however, I also see the logic of them not being the same because an available but not electrically connected APU is available on the MFD display.. so one should look here to see APU status and not the electrical synoptic. External power is only shown on the electrical syoptic so I can see how the logic for green is different even if not specifically explained this way in the FCOM.
  5. downscc

    Engines won't settle

    Remove FSUIPC from the equation? What happens when you set takeoff power instead of AFE? "Settle at 30," I'm not exactly sure what this means, takeoff power should be something like 52 inHg depending on if wet or dry.
  6. downscc

    NGX Nav Lights

    This LED technology is amazing. My first handheld calculator was an HP-35 in 1974 and it used red LED (they only came in red for years) that ran the battery down is half a school day and you couldn't read them in sunlight. They are a near perfect light source, no heat (to speak of) just light.
  7. downscc

    CDU and ND heading mismatch

    What happens when you Direct To the same waypoint ZELOR (LSB at ZELOR twice and press EXEC)? Is your roll mode LNAV or have you been maneuvering?
  8. downscc

    Applied updates, now no gear

    I recommend, in fact PMDG does too, that you use P3Dv4.3. Any slow loading issues are insignificant compared to the improvements plus you may always elect to reduce your terrain textures if fast load times are important.
  9. downscc

    Pan Am blue glibe repaint?

    Only the 1950 PAA available in the OC..
  10. downscc

    PMDG-NGX 737 Cockpit Systems Inop

    There is no password reset on the support portal... make sure you are at support and not the main PMDG sales page.
  11. Welcome to the PMDG forum, please note that PMDG forum rules ask us to sign our full name on all posts here. The QOTSII Base Package will be required to install and use the 748-8 Expansion package. No different from the 737-600/700 or 777-300ER expansion packages.
  12. downscc

    PMDG-NGX 737 Cockpit Systems Inop

    Hi Fernando, I recommend any problem with authenticating product be put on a support ticket. Support accounts are separate from sales accounts, you need to have a support account to open a support ticket here:
  13. downscc

    PMDG 777 is not inastalled..Help Me PLZ.

    Please open a support ticket at You will have to create a support account to open a support ticket.
  14. downscc

    NGX Nav Lights

    There is nothing in common between lighting in FSX (uses textures to simulate light) and P3D (uses light source that illuminate objects). Just plain hard to compare. The size and brightness is not a texture file that you can modify as in FSX.
  15. downscc

    Lighting Effects Issue

    The scenery being used has a lot to do with how good the light splash on the ground looks, I've got some airports (especially older ones) that are dark no matter what and others that look great. You can try different lighting settings to see if you can get some improvement.