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  1. I don't understand why you'd remove and reinstall P3D. What was the original problem? As for AS16, be sure it installs it's own connectivity.
  2. The lack of version information is usually caused by a temporary outage of the PMDG server, and shouldn't be something that happens often or for more than a few hours. I removed Norton AV a couple of years ago after being a loyal user for decades. It became too intrusive and would consistently throw stuff in quarantine simply because it wasn't a widely used executable, even after making the trust settings. The final straw came during a beta test of PMDG products and then I couldn't find a way to complain to Symantec who seems to intentionally not want to hear from their customers. That's my two cents. Been using Windows Defender ever since with only one quirk, which is simply remember to excluded Defender folders to keep it from scanning itself. This quirk is well documented in a google search.
  3. I've read comments from line pilots here regarding the proper cross wind landing technique and I do not remember any of them referring to the raising the downwind wing. Sure, it's how it is done in light GA aircraft and as Romain will soon learn the technique becomes automatic without thinking about it thanks to training and repetition. However, this is done after kicking crab out for the sole purpose of not drifting downwind across the runway. In a large aircraft I don't think the same applies. Kick the crab out during rotation and land with wings level, or even in some types land in a crab and let the mains take the sideways forces and straighten you out. One of the most spectacular cross wind landing is performed by the B-52 which has mains that rotate to allow the crab after touchdown, it is really something to see.
  4. You should have posted a new topic, this is an old thread on an unrelated problem. However, you didn't include any information regarding your "issue." I cannot begin to guess what the problem is. The OC is included with the NGX, 744 and 777 products and is not available as a separate download. "Unable to find the most recent version" means you already have at least an older version? Is it running? Does it provide a notification that updates are available?
  5. You didn't mention it so I need to add that you must exit FSX and restart it before loading a saved flight. I'm a little confused with your problem description because you say when you resume after saving it doesn't work. Do you mean resume after loading? Load flight from RC's RCD option? This reads like you are using Radar Contact to load the previously saved flight. Also, I can't help with the ; key, I've always used the menu save flight item to save flights and assign a saved flight name. Have you tried to eliminate all the other potential sources of trouble? Start FSX and load the flight, don't start EFB or Booster and see what happens.
  6. The operations center is included with the NGX, 777 and 744 products and not as a separate download. Perhaps I didn't understand the question. The executable itself is located in Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center.
  7. Perhaps you are over flaring? Most likely you are holding Vref+5 and not allowing speed to decay. Remember, the aircraft is still flying at Vref+5 and you need to bleed the speed to keep from "floating." Keep working on it, she is a very easy aircraft to land once you get used to your height above runway.
  8. You sure have seen a lot of evolution. My hobby interest in computers started just a little earlier when I self-taught assembly on a CP/M80 machine (Heathkit H89), still a hobbyist to this day. The complexity of PMDG's code amazes me, and a good portion of it is designed to overcome specific limitations of the platform be it P3D or XPlane. Each platform has it's limitations which PMDG chooses to augment rather than accept the default. This is very obvious to the novice when testing the DC6 originally developed for XPlane. There is a lot of work involved just as you mention.
  9. Full names in the PMDG forums please. Something you have in your computer probably turned off the licensing service. Using Windows 10? Click the Windows Start button and type "services" and select the desktop application for services. Scan down the list of local services and flind FlexNet and make sure they are set for manual start. If this doesn't resolve your problem you should submit a trouble ticket at PMDG Product Support.
  10. I've done it many times but still don't remember the exact steps... I know I changed MCP ALT from 361 to 360 (for example) but I may have also pressed the FLCH button..., I think that is required but not sure and it doesn't matter. You'll know as soon as you press the ALT button if you also need the level change action.
  11. Excellent visualization, easy to spot anticyclones and frontal boundaries too. Thanks.
  12. Don't enter the FL360 on the legs page. First of all, steps are entered as FL360S and secondly you are only making a 100 ft adjustment. Keep it simple. When ATC gives you the altitude change, simple dial 360 into the MCP ALT and press the button. Automating the step change is not realistic because in RW you are sticking to a ATC clearance.
  13. This is important... I relish my independence and it's only a matter of time before they get tired of my insolence and irreverence and take away my hallway privileges.
  14. hahaha... funny. Are you purposely trolling?
  15. I googled "vhhx pmdg" and had quite a few hits. I don't have the data, but specifically what you are looking for are vhhx.txt and entries to make to airports.dat and wpnavapt.txt files. Hope that helps.