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    I recall during beta the discussions on delays built into various messages, not that I remember the specifics but the simulation detail is there.
  2. Brakes and LG Horn questions

    I would call that a problem.
  3. Night texture during day

    I've had this problem at a couple of locations, and it turned out to always be FlyTampa sceneries. FlyTampa likes to include off-airport scenery and in these cases those bgls were not compatible with Orbx. Not sure what your problem might be in the Hawaiian islands, and night textures everywhere. It certainly smacks of a corrupted terrain.cfg file or missing terrain textures. What if any scenery addons have you installed with your P3D?
  4. P3D not loading scenery after a while

    We've often disagreed but lets keep it professional if you will. thank you.
  5. P3D not loading scenery after a while

    I've had this happen in two situations (32GB memory and 1080Ti SLI), first being the use of an affinity mask. Remove the affinity mask and problem goes away. Second situation is when flying at increased simulation rates (above x4) for prolonged time, solution is slow down or use refresh scenery (assignable command in the key command list) to accomplish the same thing as changing display settings to force a refresh. Not every computer is the same, but it's something than you can run into when pushing the limits.
  6. need help with loading scenarios

    There are two locations you can get PMDG help. There is an AVSIM PMDG forum for user to user help and there is PMDG Product Support for help direct from PMDG. They also have a FB page but I'm not familiar with that option. The scenario files for tutorial #2 have gone missing in the many years and versions this product has gone through, don't know why. It's not an issue because tutorial #2 starts where tutorial #1 ends, as described in the tutorial text. Simple solution is to save the scenario at end of tutorial #1 and use that to start tutorial #2.
  7. PMDG B737NGX and X-Plane

    I did consider it, gotta be open to new things Bob. I had XPL loaded and learned how to cope with it's unique user interface during beta testing the DC6. When we were done with that project I removed XPL from my computer and will probably not be open to it for some time.
  8. Not receiving ILS

    Say what? I've personally checked the KSFO Flightbeam navaids using the FAA NFDC data and found that the DME transmitters were not exactly in the right locations but close enough for simulation. ILS28R IGWQ is correctly using 111.70; perhaps you are confusing the ILS with the LDA IFNP using 110.75? The LDA is like a localizer but it is offset and uses a different course. AI traffic does not use the ILS. The approach must be defined as a sequence of waypoints in the scenery or AF (AFCAD) file for the AI traffic to follow the ILS course, which means you can have an ILS defined but traffic ignores it or you can define an approach without an ILS actually existing and AI will blindly follow it. Therefore, ILS frequency has no impact on AI traffic. As for using different AFCADs, this has nothing to do with ILS either but is a trick that FlyTampa uses to create parallel traffic patterns in two different directions. Again, the AI traffic is following approaches defined in the AFCAD independent of the navaid definitions. Other developers use different methods such as phantom runways. A look at the FSX or P3D map will reveal what the ILS frequencies and course are in the scenery, regardless of if they are default or addon sceneries. You are correct in that one may use ADE to change ILS properties or add one where one doesn't exist.
  9. Not receiving ILS

    If you are using the FMS in the PMDG aircraft then you are using terminal procedures as encoded into the navdata. The FMS is unaware of procedures in the scenery AFCADs included, it only uses navdata or ILS/VOR signals.
  10. FSDT KORD V2

    Sure hope so... it's been close for months it seems.
  11. First, PMDG problems are best answered by PMDG Product Support and they also have a forum here in AVSIM. Second, P3D version of PMDG products apply to both v3 and v4 so I'm not sure what you purchased. Third, their installer will install to either v3 or v4 but I think there is a lower limit to v3 in that it needs v3.2 or later or something like that. Their Product Support can clarify that for you. Ah... reread and now I get it. You purchase v4 of P3D not PMDG. Okay that makes sense. Which P3Dv3 are you trying to install too?
  12. Not receiving ILS

    Always check the FSX Map, click on the airport and open up the airport information window, which lists all ILS and frequencies. You can spot obsolete frequencies and runway numbers quickly. Obsolete runway numbers is not a big deal but a different ILS frequency will adversely affect your arrival.
  13. Split Scimitar Winglets

    My goodness, we went almost two weeks I think since this poor old horse was kicked. Poor horse.
  14. Alexander your best course of action is to create a support account (they are separate from sales accounts) and submit a ticket at PMDG Product Support:
  15. RW Inflight Long Haul Question

    The FCOM has crew rest quarters either in the belly or the attic but I don't think you want to be in the tail, which is behind the aft pressure bulkhead.