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  1. Welcome to the PMDG forums, please note their rule that we sign our full name on all posts. It is very likely that the "flight monitor" you are using does not recognize the non-default control surface actions used by PMDG. If you want a positive indication of what the control surface is dong then use the synoptic on the MFD.
  2. downscc

    Old tweak still to be used in P3Dv4.4 ?

    I use FFTF=0.25 as reported by at least one post above. My rationale was that as FFTF decreases the frame rate increases because it is spending less time on each frame. Well, that's not my objective which is to maximize the time spent on each frame at the frame rate of my choosing. I also have set my MaxRegionsPurgePerFrame=1 for much the same goal, spend less time throwing out the trash (was important in the 32b days but now not so much) and more time on each frame. The goal is to minimize texture popping and autogen block building delays. I tested different values of FFTF from within a complex VC Cockpit at a complex airport and kept lowering the FFTF until the resulting lowest average frame rate was at my target frame rate lock of 24 fps. If your goal is to maximize frame rate then go for the minimum FFTF (be it 0.01 or 0.10 I don't care). My goal is to have smooth animation with the least amount of autogen and texture popping and I could care less what the frame rate is as long as it's smooth. Can't get rid of the autogen delays, but I've seemed to have minimized it. The texture popping is less a problem now with the scenery draw distance tweak.
  3. downscc

    PMDG777 Content errors

    Well yeah.. okay.... , but; In my humble opinion I think you are chasing a red herring by looking to the content error log for reasons why SODE throws an exception when you close P3D. I kinda agree based on what little I know with Umberto that it's not GSX or couatl involved either. I cannot speak to the flysimware stuff, I don't have any idea what flysimware is but it is interesting that you and I have much of the same stuff except I don't have flysimware. What is it? Does it load an exe or dll module? Is there a problem report thrown by the SODE exception? When did this start happening? It looks like the SODE module is self reporting this problem and asking user to close it, so this could just be SODE not expecting the shutdown that is happening around it. I notice watch Task Manager or Process Explorer (my preference) that after I close P3D it remains an active running task for up to several minutes and SODE and couatl exit normally after about 15-30 sec. What is your exit look like?
  4. I don't think anything matters as much as making sure you select P3D v4 over v3. The difference is 64b verses 32b, and even with FSX most users with lots of nice addon scenery and complex aircraft were having problems completing a session without running into the memory allocation limit imposed by using only 32b application. As hinted at by PMDG, there is a big difference between a simulator platform that is almost a decade old and not being updated to one that is still getting major updates, and minor updates as issues arise and are resolved. The only pitfall that some fall into is not reading the Introduction and flying the Tutorials. This is a feature-rich complex aircraft and even if you are type rated in a B737 you should still run thru this to become familiar with how to use the simulation.
  5. downscc

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    What is your problem please? Those two should be downloaded if you download individual components and will be installed when the appropriate installer for content or scenery is used. Also, please take advantage of the support available from LM in their P3D Installer Questions forum. Afterall, this is a PMDG forum.
  6. downscc

    PMDG777 Content errors

    Hi Vaughan, unless you are developing your own software there is nothing to be gleaned from the P3D content error reports. I recommend you keep this option turned off.
  7. downscc

    PMDG and P3D v4.4

    I only updated client, and LM did not provide instructions to the contrary. I would not take advice from Aerosoft (are you sure it was Aerosoft and not just another user?) for a Lockheed Martin product, nor would I take advice from LM for a PMDG product. Developers stay in their lane for good reason. This is the bottom of a 3 page thread and I'm not sure what your specific problem description. If you are asking about how to install Content or Scenery then I urge you to visit the LM forum. They have very concise and detailed instructions on how to do this and an active support forum for questions.
  8. downscc

    748 Loading issue

    Alex, please open a support ticket to get this cleared up. They will ask for a few log files and they will fix it for you.
  9. downscc

    pmdg 777 is rocking up and down

    Move your FSUIPC.ini file to the desktop... I notice your stabilator is pretty far forward and i suspect something is corrupting the controls. First suspect is always FSUIPC.
  10. downscc

    748 Loading issue

    Remove and install liveries with the OC. In this case delete the Delta B748 livery, then use the Livery Download to install the same. Not sure how you repaired when you said you first repaired the livery, it could have been a couple of things (missing or orphan) but you were not specific enough. Give the remove/install a shot.
  11. downscc

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    Good point, the terrain folder needs to be below the airport folder on the Scenery Library List. The way to guarantee this is to ensure the terrain comes before the airport if you are using an add-on.xml file, wherein things are ordered in the order read. First read is lowest on list.
  12. Hi Max: This is a very common problem with the PMDG FMS, it is better in the newer QOTSII B747 but they still need to do a major update to the FMS and AFDS code to fix this a a few other problems PMDG has. When I get one of those vertical path discontinuities I will usually revert to either LVL CHG or V/S and forget about VNAV. The vertical path indicator window you have shown opened on the ND is an excellent choice to manage the descent.
  13. downscc

    Sales site

    PMDG uses Amazon AWS, which is huge and worldwide so I doubt it is a server issue but agree with Mark that it could be "somewhere in-between." This could be as much a DNS problem as anything else based on what little I gathered from your problem description. Sometimes you just need to close the browser and start it again to reach a site.
  14. downscc

    P3D 4.4 & 8i: Smooooth

    It's pretty common to see wheels sunk slightly into the ground on airport scenery developed by many including FSDT, T2G, LatinVFR... the list goes on. This is because the texture sheet has to be a small distance above the surface to prevent z-bias fighting, causes flickering. Products designed with the latest P3D SDK are able to manipulate the z-bias when compiled but at the expense of not being compatible with FSX. For this reason Flightbeam and FSDT and others have announced that all new products will not be backward compatible with FSX. As fare as "serious bleed through," I cannot comment because none of my nine T2G sceneries have this problem, in fact I've only seen this problem with FSDT KLAS when there was an incompatibility with Orbx that was resolved very quickly. Maybe this is something related to Doug's camera addon settings.
  15. downscc

    FS 2 crew CTD

    I don't know what this means, what is a landing data in button? What kind of CTD are you getting? To be sure, if all seems well without the 3rd party addon then well what can be said?