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  1. My back of the envelope range is a maximum of 9 hrs based on typical burn of 2000 lbs/hr. If you managed a 220 kt GS that would be just under 2000 nm, or if you could get 240 kt then you're looking at almost 2200 nm. I never think of my range in terms of miles, it is always limited by time.
  2. Uh yeah, that might have been the problem.
  3. I think there are three now with the same problem, yet no one answered Kyle's question, "can you reach the PMDG website?" Either an AV program is removing the OC, or something is blocking its communications. There are not many other possibilities, at least in consideration of the total number working without problem.
  4. Work in progress. Not much to report.
  5. I don't agree, The ADF could be used today, but the primary nav radios on the lower pedestal above the mixtures are radio range receivers (LFR, see and this is to what Vin was referring. Also the comm radios use preset channels and I have no idea how many crystals they were preset with but I am pretty sure they were using 50 kHz comm channels back then and now we are down to 12.5kHz channels. The design goal stated by PMDG was to model an actual DC-6 in service today, down to the details of the radios and even replaced gauges. I think this is in the introduction.
  6. I don't see any numbers here. It is normal to idle at 1000 RPM and if you are light she will move forward slowly at idle. She will be easier to taxi when heavier but brakes are still used. Is there a problem other than that?
  7. I am having a hard time following this thread...seems to be at least three different problems in the mix. Not sure if OP is still here?
  8. Agree..., most of the time I either use a current route from FlightAware or I create my own never relying on PFPX to find it except for an occasional alternate or redispatch routing, and even then I usually tinker with it. True, this takes time but flying real world takes time to preflight as well unless you happen to have a dispatch department.
  9. I don't know. I do know that the RPM/MP settings came from DC6 pilots and are what their companies use. I'm trying to digest what you said about BMEP and temperature, I understand cooler dryer air has higher density therefore you have more the potential for more power at a given RPM/MP if the fuel air ration mixture is properly compensated. That is where things get complicated and I can't follow you. Add the fact that we are crunching the air together at much higher than std atmos pressures and I think the temperature/density concerns have dissipated. Regardless of the ability to distill what you suggest I guess the answer is no. Some real world operators rely on MP.
  10. Don't remove and install software to troubleshoot... the problem is still there and all you did was potentially create new problems. Someone earlier recommended you eliminate your addons, which is excellent advice you should follow. Something is that P3D wants to load is not starting and so P3D is caught in an appHang... just waiting for whatever it is to finish. Get rid of whatever it is. Try some troubleshooting.
  11. I'd hesitate doing the directly link thing because installers don't recognize it. I ran into that problem when I tried to relocate ProgramDate which has become bloated with the Programcache... this is where Microsoft stores a copy of every installer you run so it can uninstall things. For example, there is 11 GB in Programcache with a copy of the P3D installer regardless of if you keep a copy.
  12. I flew her all over Alaska and made a round trip to Seattle to pick up a couple of seamen before heading to Dutch Harbor. There are many beautiful and challenging places to visit and the view from the cockpit is mighty nice.
  13. The movie might reveal how many blades before it fires but unless the camera is in the cockpit you don't know when what is happening.
  14. In the real aircraft, an electrical release simply removes the signal to the servos motors which are still attached thru the mechanical clutch so you will feel an additional drag on the yoke. The red light tells the pilot that the clutch is still engaged. Electrical disconnect is perfect for final approach close to minimums you want to quickly take over and fly the set down from minimums to landing. That is a good time to use it. If you are just boring wholes in the sky and want to disconnect the A/P then you should use the mechanical clutch to disengage the servos. I never thought of that, I presumed the throttles were interlocked was to give you a clear warning that the gust lock was still engaged if you applied take off power.
  15. Thanks Steve, but as all the posters in that thread complained, FSDT still updates the AFCAD unless you remove the entire airport from updates. His product, his rules, customers are wrong. The primary two reasons I update AFCADs is because the ILS are wrong (usually DME if not missing are in wrong location and back courses are enabled, GS is usually in wrong location, etc) and I like to customize some of the pushbacks as described in the GSX manual. In otherwords, he isn't fixing the navaids so he considers my changes corrections to navaids and to pushback as part of the GSX options to be wrong and should be replaced. You got me going again. Best to drop it. Just rerun ADE and compile the AFCADs and copy them to the folders and turn off the FSDT files and we're done in 10 min.