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  1. P3D uses the GPU and there is no real comparison between FSX FPS and P3D, the numbers don't mean the same thing. Lots of P3D users use a frame rate lock of 20 with superb results. Plays perfectly nice with Win10. P3D also tries to free up valuable VAS when it gets tight, I've seen it stay alive at surprisingly low numbers. Of course, sometimes it needs a large chunk of memory and it might be compartmentalized so an OOM with 800 MB remaining is very rare but I've seen it. The visuals in P3D are so much better than the best you can do in FSX, only downside in my opinion is night lighting such as cities is very weak whereas highways are bright ribbons.... annoying but not a show stopper.
  2. Ceiling and visibility OK does not mean unlimited, and most places in the world have a slight haze that AS16 incorporates. All it takes is some humidity and there is a haze, so cold fronts and winter high pressure areas with very dry air gives us pretty blue skies. In Texas, we call strong cold fronts 'blue northerners." I have noticed that in areas where it truly is unlimited visibility, such as upper Canadian shield, the haze effect isn't necessary but not troublesome. I've flown along the gulf coast on warm summer nights and the lights below appear to be in an aquarium there is so much moisture in the air (dewpoints in the 80s).
  3. Realistically Richard, if I have the runway in sight then that is my primary reference and the GS indication is a backup. On clear winter nights I have contacted approach 40 nm out and advise I have runway in sight. When IMC it is a different story. Generally the transition to visual is as soon as you have the runway environment in sight, which may only be the approach lights if visibility is low. In this case, once going visual it is all visual except for glances at airspeed. If the ceiling is ragged it is possible to get visual and then loose it rapidly so one must use judgement, and the worst scenario is where there is ground fog because you can see down through it very easy but once in it you cannot see a 100 feet ahead of you (time to go around now unless you are CATIII able). In the simulator, you can pick up the fixed distance marking (the wide white blocks) and pay attention to it. Ideally, those do not move in your windshield. If they are moving higher or lower you need to correct your descent. Typically, these are your aim points and touchdown will occur within the next 1000-2000 feet. At KMDW or short runways you might aim for the threshold but you really don't want to land on the numbers. Much safer to have at least 50 feet under you crossing the threshold. The NGX gets into KMDW quite easily.
  4. Full names on all posts here. All I know about your problem is a very scanty description from 26 months ago and "it stopped working correctly." Please provide a complete description of how it is not working correctly. Are you loading the flight or starting from free flight? Are you loading a panel state? Does it preflight as expected. When does the problem occur? What were you doing when the problem occurred. Etc?
  5. Welcome to the PMDG forum, they require full names on posts here. Be sure to run the registry repair tool as admin. Failing that, you can visit PMDG Product Support, open a support account which are separate from sales accounts, and submit a trouble ticket. They have some tools that might help you. Be sure to indicate if you are using the FSX boxed version or from Steam.
  6. It is a pretty straight forward update. Unless you purchased from Aerosoft, just visit your account at PMDG and select purchase history. The link and your key is available there. Remove the old version using windows control panel. You can use the liveries you have if they are in .ptp containers and you can download new liveries via the Operations Center. The OC has it's own manual that you may want to review. Next time you update, just be sure to run the OC before and then run it after the update and it repairs liveries. No need to install them again.
  7. I never though that was shadows, rather I assumed it was discoloration of the laminate. It's normal.
  8. Several years ago, a Coast Guard Falcon crew had a tail cone fire detector alarm. Fortunately, they were close by KCRP instead of out on patrol and they immediately landed. Had they been in the air a few minutes longer the tail structure would have failed. They put in a Signature hanger and took it apart for trucking to their depot, it wasn't going to fly out. I was hanging around one day and talked to one of the crew and he gave me a tour of the aircraft. The HU-25 is no longer flown by the USCG. There are few things worse than a fire in an aircraft. Get on the ground.
  9. My effort was minimal, so much that I expect a payware developer like T2G to take care of themselves. Alas, T2G is sometimes great and sometimes not so much. I've lost track of the many different ways they install into their own directory, or to addon or to simmarket... you never know with them. Very amateurish.
  10. I had to edit the AFCAD with ADE to add the approach and runway lighting. I also corrected the errors T2G had made with type and placement of PAPI/VASI lights. I am familiar with ADE so it only took 30 min., if will take longer you are new to modifying AFCADs but it certainly is not a difficult thing to do.
  11. I'm with you on drivers, I'm at 376.53. Try selecting HDR just for grins. I always use it but I have it dialed back a little. I don't think it is a Win10 thing but I'm at a loss what it could be. Interesting. Share what you find.
  12. Did you set the FlexNet to manual start as required? Did you follow the recommendation to install simconnect modules in the readme file as Kyle suggested?
  13. I though I would share a short flight I routinely make from Corpus Christi to Houston Hobby Texas, today instead of the Chancellor we're taking the Cloudmaster DC-6B, shown here on the West FBO ramp with all the ramp manager items selected: I elected to load 7200 lbs of fuel, much more than needed for the short trip, and we have 17 pax and bags for a gross weight of just under 74,000 lbs. Winds are light out of the North today so departing runway 36 to catch V20 to Houston: Normal procedure is for gear and flaps up and nose down to accelerate at about 75 ft AGL until 140-160 kts for the climb. Today we are talking to Houston Center on a IFR clearance to follow V20 from CRP to PSX thence HUB, shown here level and cruising at 5000 ft 1100 HP 2010 RPM 155 BMEP 218 KIAS over Copano Bay, you can see Padre Island a few miles further and the Gulf of Mexico beyond. We basically follow the coast until PSX Palacios where the coast then turns Eastward: Today I am using the GPS to follow the VOR-based airway as opposed to flying the VORs directly, and we have some scattered clouds so we are in and out of IMC: The direction of arrival puts me almost on top of ILS04 and with the Northerly winds today I am give the Sperry A-12 a chance to fly a coupled approach, shown here at about 500 ft AGL crossing over Telegraph Rd for the landing at Hobby: Mission complete, pax are taken care of and it's time for lunch in Houston.
  14. Hakan, I have very very good clarity and visual quality on my 42-in 4K monitor with a GTX980Ti card. I notice on one of the screenies you posted the P3D the Display is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 7.... something, rather than the 1080 you mention. Do your settings match your hardware?
  15. I do not see this, nor has anyone ever reported this before. The individual dimmers are not involved when using the master dimmer so their settings are irrelevant. Are you using P3D Tom? If you are then perhaps you are seeing some of the effects from HDR lighting?