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  1. My Warthog HOTAS and Saitek pedals are all three assigned and calibrated in P3D. I don't understand why the simplest solution isn't the best. I do use FSUIPC but only to translate button/switch actions to key commands for use in PMDG custom command bindings. Otherwise, the P3D controller interface recognizes all axis and switches on the controllers. If you want to do something more exotic, such as use a slider for spoilers in jets but for propeller pitch in props then you simply save the P3D controls setup and reload it as needed. Of course, there are things you can do with scripting languages that you cannot do with the simplest approach, such as reverse thrust modulation, but for the average user I promote the simple method. Makes it easy to troubleshoot when things don't work as expected.
  2. I'm not sure, it seems to be an obscure reference on purpose. All PMDG configuration files are pretty easy to read or decode except the ones done for this particular product.
  3. I routinely, almost every session, start my sessions with a pre-saved scenario. I'll have a problem with maybe one in a hundred or more. If you are starting with previously saved panel states when you set up a scenario maybe there is something there that doesn't save and reload as expected. Most of my scenarios place the aircraft at the gate in a turn around state, and I have my own turn around panel state files I load when creating a new scenario. Hope this helps.
  4. Realistically, pilots don't care if the weight is from bags, boxes or fannys. The only weight of interest is the ZFW, and consideration for hazardous, remains or live cargo. The only time the pilot needs to use the number of souls on board is when declaring an emergency...., and even then the emergency will be acknowledged without SOB. Much of what you are concerned about only concerns the cabin crew and gate attendants.
  5. Look at the LM P3D dll.xml file located in the programs data folders. If this xml file contains and entry for RAASPRO, and you do not have the 777/747, then set the <Disable> value to True. I'd also be interested in knowing if you do not have the RAASPRO entry in the dll because I found it and not sure I've convinced anyone else it happens yet. Full names in the PMDG forums Mike, thanks.
  6. This data is saved by the DC6 module in an ini (text) file located in the PMDG\PMDG DC-6\ folder... named options. If that file is not being updated you could have a problem with file permissions or not using admin rights with P3D.
  7. Just guessing here, but I think version 1.4.1 should be removed with control panel before installing 1.5.3.... that's what my (very poor) memory recalls from my upgrade many months ago.
  8. My Spring 2016 build has an Intel NVMe 850Gb M.2 for the system drive. It's fast and I've not had any problems with it over the past ~18 mos of near daily use all day. As mentioned, stuff loads faster but don't look for performance improvements. My strategy is to limit the system drive to only programs, program data, documents, etc. Everything else such as scenery, non-system downloads, other data, goes on a 500 Gb data drive. Finally I use a 3TB WD Black drive for backing all this stuff up. Works well for me, strategy will vary with use.
  9. I found the Orbx KEGE to be off too, I fixed it in my configuration by correcting the ARP elevation with ADE/Prokey. Vector isn't the problem, it is the elevation stub by Westsim that comes with the Orbx airport. If you are referring to default KEGE, I'm of no help with that.
  10. I remove the key command from the Engine Start operations in the Controls screen. Never use it, causes problems, gone.
  11. I had an instructor tell me to keep the yellow line between my knees..., I never forgot that advice. Even in a wide body you'll be keeping it under your right kneecap.
  12. You didn't mention so I have to ask are you loading the scenario in a new P3D session from the Select Scenario screen?
  13. No question, the AFE should back you up not trip you up. However, someone needs to document the problem on a trouble ticket to ensure it gets into the bug tracking system. Things found and discussed in the forum are soon forgotten.
  14. That is not what Kyle asked you to do. Run the updater, delete everything else.
  15. Whoa... okay. All sliders right except terrain mesh. 4096 textures. 4k display. 4xMSAA. Frame rate locked to 24. I will see a frame drop more from the GMCS in the -300ER than I do with DL in the Queen. Worst case maybe down to 18, not much degradation in terms of stuttering. I can run all day at 20 with smooth animation but bumped it to 24 to reduce the loss of anti collision light flashes. I have a 6700K OC at 4.8 GHz and GTX980Ti. I've done nothing special in my configuration.