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  1. Interesting, I am focused on your entry of fuel using the 100% load button. This is just the kind of thing that we might run into during beta testing, the bugs usually just appear rather than being found with any planned methodology. It's always, "uh I wonder why it did that" moments that lead to the odd little bug that might not be found in years of use by thousands. It could be that the combination of 100% load and auxiliary tanks, or something else. If you can repeat it would you please document it and submit to PMDG Product Support. RJAA-SBGR got my attention.10,000 nm! Three auxiliary tanks? I've never tried that, only one auxiliary in my fleet and I don't recall who has it. The great circle route heads South East of the US, interesting.
  2. Nick, what about manually saving the fight in progress, exit P3D, start P3D and load the fight you just saved. It should load and do the 20 sec initialization and continue on as if nothing happened. Rule out FSUIPC.
  3. I had to remove the Navigraph Simlink from my computer. I was crashing my 777 to desktop at the same spot over Hudson Bay and in troubleshooting I disabled the add-on.xml that added their dll to P3D and problem went away. Besides, I'm an old pilot and I learned how to follow my flight on charts decades before we had moving maps and I consider them of limited value. Much better to always maintain your situational awareness and not rely on gadgets but that is an opinion of an old aviator.
  4. I have not had this issue no have I seen it reported here. I too will often not select the arrival until within 1000 nm and the approach just before TOD when I am doing my pre-descent flow. The interesting thing you report is the delay of 30 sec to several minutes for having the crash. I am trying to come up with ideas based on that delay and I got nothing, I recommend you do a methodical troubleshooting by removing addons starting with your traffic. Maybe it is causing the crash after your changes to the route in the 777 (not sure why the NGX behaves the same, it is quite a different piece of code) because as you know the 777 optionally keeps the P3D flightplan up to date and that is where AS16 gets its route, maybe something similar with your traffic?
  5. Everyday is. I feel like it's a special day when it's time to fly the B736 in BBJ colors. These trips are not sceduled carrier but ones I want to fly for myself. I've taken my BBJ around the world, lots of fun.
  6. I'd try running the installer and selecting repair to see if that restores your customization; however, since most user preferences are preserved this might not work.
  7. Hi Mike. I being well into retirement and this hobby on a daily basis, I have several techniques I use to pick today's mission. One method is to use my logbook editor, LogEdit3 in AVSIM library, to view past 90 activity by aircraft type and pick the type that has the least number of flights. A second method is to look a the list of saved flights sorted by date, oldest on top, and use that saved flight as the starting point for a new one. To enable this I will almost always save my flight before shutting down with the aircraft at a gate, unloaded and ready for the next crew to come on board. Finally, there is always FlightAware and you can look for something that catches the eye departing a specific location or in the air by specific type or operator. Once the mission is selected, I load the saved flight (or create a new scenario) at the gate and set the date/time to 30 min before scheduled out time, use PFPX to preflight, load the fuel and pax and try to pushback on time.
  8. And your point is? I'm sure PMDG would love to provide that data but they have to pay Boeing to release that information and I'm not sure Boeing was interested at any price. We actually need a proper performance calculator for all the Boeings we fly but it's not ridiculous that it doesn't exist. It is actually quite reasonable.
  9. Interesting, thanks guys.
  10. Hi Mike, welcome to the PMDG forums. Please note their rules require our full names on all posts here. The most common reason for click spots not working is that your eyepoint is someplace like inside the head rest. If you have the switches assigned to a keycommand you could verify that it is just the click spot and not the feature that is not working.
  11. Welcome to the PMDG forum, please note their rules require our full names on all posts. Your log indicates that the updater failed to copy a file to a Program Files folder. This is usually a problem with access or rights. Running the OC and updater with admin rights? Tom, this code indicates that for whatever reason the file that the updater is trying to download is not being found by the server. I recommend you attach this to a trouble ticket and provide your location to PMDG Product Support.
  12. Stanford, that is the crash report you get when you touch the keyboard and FSXSE crashes? This report indicates that Windows doesn't know what caused the crash so it is offering a stack hash code for the contents of the stack at the time of the buffer exception event. I don't understand the first post in this thread. You said "I did the reinstalls." What reinstalls? Why? "Then the updates for the 737 model first." I have no idea what it is that you did. For example, according to this you could have reinstalled your operating system then installed the update for the PMDG 737 NGX, or you could have reinstalled FSXSE then installed the NGX without uninstalling the previous 737 version. No way of telling here.
  13. Welcome to the PMDG forums, please note that their rules require our full names on all posts. I assume you also asked this question in the Aerosoft support forum for AES. Afterall, PMDG has no interface or affiliation with AES or GSX. As long as brakes and chocks are clear those addons should work as intended.
  14. Press MENU button on CDU. Select PMDG Setup > Options > Simulation page 2/3. It is right along other options that apply to the simulation in general rather than the specific aircraft.
  15. Well Mike, either it is a dome light, storm light or panel floods. Maybe you need to play with your HDR settings. The dynamic settings might be so high as to mimic the eye accommodating a dark panel and making it brighter. My HDR settings are on the left side of the sliders and I have no problem dialing the light down.