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  1. A little more information please. How what happens when you select either the throttle or the joystick in the top drop down box, select the axis screen, then click on calibrate?
  2. downscc

    4.2 update what have I done wrong...

    The PMDG products still had their dll modules via the programdata P3D dll.xml files, they've not yet gone to the add-on.xml method. Try running the PMDG installer and selecting repair, I believe that will enter the appropriate information in the dll.xml. Not positive but I would expect it to work. Also, if you have the PMDG folders in the P3D root directory, you should also have their products in the Simobjects\Aircraft folders. I think the repair feature will also update those.
  3. True, being quite an old fart myself and computer dates back to the Heathkit H89 and assembly using CP/M 80. Programmer I'm way. I am a communications engineer, radio communications specifically. I stretched my abilities creating my LogEdit logbook editor but I'm proud of it because I've had one bug report in over two years. We have opposite conditions, and I appreciate your approach given the lack of time you have. On the other hand, I'm retired and flight simulation is about all I do. I'm very lazy by nature and like using tools, but for some reason I am very OCD about my addons and I prefer to create the add-on.xml files myself primarily because by doing so I had to learn how they work, study the SDK you referenced, and come up with an installation strategy that works for me. This means I will use an add-on deverloper's installer and then review how they did it (they use four of the three recommended practices LOL) and modify what they do so all of mine are done the same way. I have over 100 separate addon entrys but only a dozen or so add-on.xml files because I will group them by developer. Using a consistent method ensures that I don't spend much time on this particular task. I spend most of my non-flying time split between fixing developer's sloppy parking and customizing GSX to my liking and flight planning. By the way Oliver, I do always recommend your tool to newbies. It's just easier to do that than to try to get most of them to read the SDK.... so many seem to dislike reading.
  4. haha... control freak? Actually, there's reasoning that goes "that if A always works as expected then one may rely on A working as expected." I've been doing this the same way since before you created your fantastic tool (which I still find useful for the make runways task), since version P3Dv4.0. I don't think it has much to do with luck. I noted that the order of add-on.xml files is also the same first is lowest, so if I want a Layer 2, that is in an addon document folder named aaAddons to ensure it is the first folder containing an add-on.xml file read by P3D. Works great even with the elevation stubs.
  5. Oliver has much more experience here than I; however, the Layer tag is not required. The solution to multiple folders is easy, in any and all add-on.xml files the last component read is highest in priority, first read is lowest. In this case where the terrain folder should be a lower priority then put it first in the file. This works for me. A caveat here, if you start using layer numbers then I suspect that layer number should always be used. This is the reason I don't use them. I could be wrong, but as long as my add-ons work as intended I can't be too wrong. I would answer your question like this:
  6. downscc

    Which version of KSEA/KJFK/KMIA is better?

    And there is always the minority opinion: I tried the DD KJFK for one week and removed all DD from my computer. FSDT KJFK is much older but the quality is much higher, in my opinion. However, I would debate than anyone's KMIA is any better than LatinVFR. This is one of their best products.
  7. downscc

    HYD Brake Press

    Hi Oskar, yes this is a known item and will be fixed in next minor update. Next minor update will probably not be before B748 expansion release but I'm just guessing.
  8. Welcome to the PMDG forums, please note their rules ask that we sign our full names on all posts in their forums. There is no news. There is no test. The 748 is in development, has been for a months and when there is news I'm pretty sure RSR will post it here. No post means no news.
  9. downscc

    Airport Design Editor

    ADE needs to have the bglcomp, which is the compiler for bgl files, in order to create AF (AFCAD) files. The term "Flight Simulator" refers to either FSX or P3D. Some of the significant changes in the latest for P3Dv4 involve a few objects in the bgl that changed from previous versions... items that you are unlikely to run into unless you are deep into the capabilities. Also, the ground poly addon feature had to be reworked quite a bit to work well with P3Dv4 and there are still some interesting challenges when placing ground polys in and around where there are scenery "edges." Bottom line is that ADE is as powerful as ever, and it is free. I encourage anyone that uses it to cough up the couple of bucks (I don't remember 5 or 15?) to get the ProKey option that unlocks additional features and gives Scruffyduck a small cash flow.
  10. downscc

    CPDLC explained

    Very good... my logbooks have become very special treasures that bring back memories of flying for almost five decades. No longer flying now I am glad I often annotated each record and allow me now to recall pie and coffee at the Nut Tree, or the no gyro IMC approach and the hundreds of other adventures I've had.
  11. The reason i ask is because GSXv2 was announced at Las Vegas: Also, the FSDT GSX forum has no later information on updates other than 1.9.9 versions. It's a moot point, there is no GSX executable, it's all just pye files run by couatl.exe, his scripting engine, and it is a v3.2.2.
  12. downscc

    Trim question for PMDG 737NGX

    Trim can be way off, a little off or right on. Anything close to right on could be called well trimmed.
  13. downscc

    Runway Error N/A FMC Message?

    Hi Dennis: This question is specific to a PMDG product, why not post it in the PMDG forum next door here in AVSIM?
  14. Ditto Oliver..... why bother. I wouldn't expect any performance gains and the constant upkeep is senseless. Orbx does recommend the use of a symbolic link (they have a pinned topic in their forum on how to do it) if you want to move the Orbx folder to save space, but it is not going improve performance and could increase loading time.