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  1. I have this working in v5 no problem, in fact I've not found a case where an airport developed for v4 would not work in v5. You should not have to manipulate layers. Any addon will be above all defaults. An exception to this is if you are using Orbx Central and you have it loaded to top of scenery.... I've found everything works best when it's insertion point is below all addon scenery. I had default terrain textures showing once when Orbx layering was catywamupus. I cannot speak to the Lorby Addon Organizer, only used it once. It's great tool but just not using it.
  2. I'd never have to think about choosing between a DD and FlightBeam product... Flightbeam is going to win that every time just because their products are the best in the market and DD are at best mediocre in my opinion. KSFOHD is a work of art and although the real world gates have been renumbered there's still very few things I've found needing improvement. I suspect the next upgrade will fix the gates but also take advantage of v5 materials. In general, Flightbeam always provides a discount for owners upgrading from previous versions. Go for it.
  3. That is interesting... using FTX Central all of my Orbx are added with add-on.cfg entries per SDK. Perhaps you have not migrated your products to a library? That's it.... if one remains in the legacy method by not installing products via an Orbx Library then of course then you are still using the legacy method used by FSX. Yeah, I've moved on from that a long time ago and incorrectly assumed others have as well. Thanks.
  4. Neither Orbx nor Flightbeam use scenery.cfg to install their products. Something else corrupted your scenery.cfg; what might that have been? Almost all developers are now using the SDK recommended method involving an add-on.xml file that is added to P3D in any one of several ways.
  5. Until it comes time for updates. Simmarket sends a nice notification of any updates and those are easily found in your downloads account. I'm a little slow and have poor memory and never remember where I bought something and have to search for a copy of the sales receipt from years past. Give a choice, I buy from SimMarket and alternatively the developer if they don't re-market their product. Just keeps things easier with 140+ addons.
  6. LOL.... where did you purchase the v4 versions which location Pete? My Simmarket account downloads page had a v5 installer for all I owned but I don't own a few.
  7. When I told DD that I did some corrections to his sloppy work at KLGA he threatened me as if the AF file was proprietary property. I removed it and am happy with Imaginesim KLGA.
  8. I downloaded free from my Simmarket account and installed eight LatinVFR sceneries for P3Dv5 three days ago and they are all performing in P3Dv5 as expected. No performance issues.
  9. I had a similar issue with default airports, landclass tiles instead of airport background and autogen all over the aprons and taxiways. LM suggested that I delete terrain.cfg and that did the trick. If you have Orbx you may have to use verify files to restore it but that's goes relatively quick.
  10. downscc


    Probably not, slow autogen loading plagues most of us even using an ultra fast NVMe drive. Loading the program is faster on the SSD than HDD but even Orbx has posted in their forum that performance differences are minimal.
  11. It is because of how VRAM is managed in DX12. DX11 managed VRAM allocation, DX12 opens it up and lets the application control it. My 11GB 1080Ti gets easily maxed out in v4.5 in areas with high resolution and high density scenery (think Orbx Honolulu). The worst part is that one is not aware of the issue until you suddenly get a slide show. I now keep HWInfo64 always running just to keep an eye on my VRAM usage, which in v4.5 averages 4 GB just cruising over Canada. No way am I buying a new video card with less that 11 GB and I'm waiting for something closer to 18-22 GB.
  12. It is not a bottleneck... what threads don't run on core 0 run on other cores. It's not logical to expect all cores to be evenly loaded, after all they are clocked and doing something even if not processing your thread.
  13. My P3Dv4 is installed on my system NVMe drive as c:\P3D\P3Dv4 and all of the addons are on a 2TB SSD d: drive. When I started beta for P3Dv5 all I did was add one directory: c\P3D\P3Dv5 and installed it to there. The addons can be use by both in most cases. The exception being that the Orbx world is tied to Orbx Central so we will wait for that and PMDG uses an old outdated legacy method of installing so we have to wait for that as well. However, as far as the simulator there was nothing to do except make a folder for it. The P3Dv5 installed folder is 44 GB so you probably have plenty of room on your existing system drive, don't forget you dont' have to move addons that are installed using the recommended add-on.xml method. I use a separate data drive for addons because those alone are 131 GB plus 343 GB for just Orbx.
  14. Happening to everyone using Windows Security. They suddenly started incorrectly identifying SimObjectEngine.exe as a virus. You will find in in quarantine and then you need to place an AV scan exception on your program files (x86)\12bpilot\sode folder.
  15. It was an AF Reserve base with a Wing of C-5Bs and I think a Marine squadron of C-130s. I visited KSWF back then when I was still an active engineer to assist the base civil engineer in a grounding survey. That was a very nice business trip, some of the best Italian food I've had outside of Italy. Yup just said what Jim already said.
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