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  1. Maybe not to 100 %, but I know Nick's guide already it's great and very useful. Thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot for replying! 🙂 It's annoying indeed but I'm glad that this is not a issue by me. I decided to uninstall P3D v5.1 HF1 first and after that look what remains in the root folder. Maybe than I can see which files are related to any scenery. And for the next clean installation I will now add Effects and World/Scenery folders in my Add-On folder location. I read something about that on my research on Avsim. For the case that somebody has the same question I will put the links here: But for now I'll wait with a clean reinstall since I know about the HTML5 bug in P3D v5.2. But I'm sure they will fix this in a short time. Thanks & Regards!
  3. Anyone who knows advice? I also saw that for example FlyTampa and Aerosoft uses the root ...\Scenery\World\scenery folder for some files or the root ...\scripts folder. How to separate all these non-P3D files for a clean reinstall in the future? Regards!
  4. I haven't installed v5.2 yet, but I know a similar (or same?) issue from the prior version. When your sound gets lowered, try following: • open Windows control panel >> (view by: icon) go to 'Sound >> Communications' >> if there is ticked: 'Do nothing' click on 'Reduce the volume of other sounds by 80%' >> click 'Apply' >> select 'Do nothing' again >> click 'Apply' again. It should eliminate the issue for the moment. Unfortunately I couldn't find any permanent solution for now. Sometimes it helps also to simply press Q twice in the sim, for disabling and enabling sound again. Regards 🙂
  5. Hello everyone, hope you're doing well. I already saw some guides how to update/reinstall P3D and did it by myself for a few times, but recently I recognized that some scenery installs for example effects files in the P3D root\Effects folder (at least in my case) even when I use 'add-on.xml' method. Now that P3D v5.2 is out I would like to reinstall the sim complete, in the past I did this by uninstalling and deleting every folder from P3D (in AppData, ProgramData, etc.) and reinstall it. Through the fact that some scenery files are placed in the sim root folder I don't know how to do this now. My airports are actually installed in a separate folder outside the sim root and setting up everything again takes a bit of time, would be nice if I only could do a clean reinstall of P3D and leave my add-ons untouched. Thanks & Regards! 🙂
  6. I think I could solve it already. It's only that I messed up some files in the PFPX folder with new profiles, but it seems working fine now. Thanks a lot guys! Regards Adrian
  7. Hello, I just wanted to ask if there is a way to download an old Navigraph cycle that I actually bought in the past? At the moment my last subscription was with cycle 2012 and I want to reinstall PFPX, because of some problems. Till now I didn't find any way to download old cycles with the FMS Data Manager from Navigraph. Or can I simply backup the folder "NavData" under C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\ and insert it again after reinstallation? I know the Backup function in the FMS Data Manager but last time I think my backups were gone when I uninstalled something from the list. Are the backups saved in the location where the NavData for a program is stored? Thanks a lot and stay healthy! Regards Adrian
  8. Thanks all for your thoughts on this! I decided to buy PacSim's RKSI airport. Today I already flown an ILS approach into Runway 34 and you're right maybe it's not perfect but I don't regret it anyways. I'm quite satisfied with it. Regards 🙂
  9. Hello everyone, recently I saw that Pacific Islands Simulation released a new installer for P3D v5 for some of their airports, for example Incheon (RKSI) in Seoul. I'm already interested in this specific airport for a while now but there was no version for v5 until now. On simMarket I also saw the same airport from a developer called Le Aero Design and it's on sale right now until 4th of October. Only from what I see on the pictures I'd rather tend to buy this one from PacIsland Sim but it is hard to say. I found a lot of material of that one on YouTube but for the Le Aero Design I only found those pictures from the shop and especially on picture 7 where you can see the Terminal 1 buildung it doesn't look that good... a little bit outdated in my opinion. Maybe someone has experience with both products and can tell which one is better. Thanks a lot! Regards 🙂
  10. I'm sorry, I have to apologize, the ECAM pages are working as they should in the new A32NX mod. It confused me because in the video at 05:03 min. you can see that he is using the IRS switches but in the video description I could read following now: "Do be aware that I am using a dev branch version of the project in this video. This includes the ADIRS and Seatbelt Sign, but do be aware that this version is potentially more prone to crashing." I assume that the A32NX will overwrite the original model in the sim. The fact that the AI traffic liveries aren't working might be a problem with the mod itself or the installation description is to inaccurate for me. Thanks all for your help! @sd_flyer Could you get it working? My path structure with the mod looks like this: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community\A32NX Inside the A32NX folder should be another 3 folders (for example SimObjects folder) and 3 files.
  11. Thank you! I've checked my folders, but all seems correct to me. I copied the folder as it's described on the mod site. For the A320 I made everything like in this video: Don't understand this behavior. What I'm doing wrong?
  12. Hello, I hope all of you can enjoy the new simulator, I preordered the Premium Deluxe edition on MS Store. So I can't say something really bad about the new sim but why I'm a little bit worried is because of the planes itself, especially the airliners. For me too many knobs aren't working so I found out about the A32NX project and downloaded version 0.1.1 on GitHub and I don't know why but I can't get mods working in my sim, they don't even show up in the menu (correctly). In videos I saw that you only have to copy the A32NX folder into the following path: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community but when I do so and start the sim I still have the default A320 neo with the IRS overhead switches not working for example, so I looked into the content manager and still found no new package (or used wrong letters for searching?). I also found 'AI traffic liveries' on Nexus Mods, copied the 'AITrafficAirlinerTwinEngineLiveries' folder and started the sim. Now I have a Generic Airliner plane under Aircraft selection but no new liveries for the AI traffic, they still look the same. Does someone know how the "modding system" works in MSFS? I've already checked that my community folder is defined correctly, actually I left everything on default for installation (no path changed, etc). Thanks! Adrian
  13. Thanks a lot! I didn't thought about this, but the idea sounds great. I did a bit more research about Navigraph and I think I'll give it a try. Greetings
  14. Hello everybody, I'm new to Prepar3D (v4.5) and the PMDG 747 QOTSII. A few days ago I decided to get Prepar3D and all the "must have" addons, because I want to start with learning & playing it. I like the 747 really much and for my first flight I choose a route from Frankfurt/Main (EDDF) to Dubai (OMDB) with a B747-400(ER)F from Emirates (Livery: https://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxacrp&DLID=198432 ) and created my flight plan with simBrief. I watch a lot of tutorials and PMDG manuals to learn the meanings of all these technical switches and the FMC. Now when I wanna type in the route in the FMC unter the RTE1-page some waypoints are missing, like UL124 or L319. After research I find out that there is the possibility to keep my Navdata updated with things like Navigraph. But is there a way to keep it on a more updated state than I have now on my 747 (IDENT-page on my FMC says: "NAV-DATA: AIRAC-1702 FEB02MAR01/17") without paying money? It doesn't even has to be the newest state for me, but maybe one where I can use planners like simBrief. I paid a lot of money the last days for addons and stuff and it was definitely worth it, but I'm not a friend of monthly/yearly subscriptions. I'm such a big newbie in this world but maybe you have some helpful answers for me 🙂 Sorry for my english, I'm not a native speaker. Thanks! Adrian
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