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  1. I agree. If I did that at my job, I'd have my license pulled. It demands perfection, in an imperfect world.
  2. No AI product has everything. They all have flaws. So they are all "half-finished" if that is one's definition.
  3. I might add, as far as adding (for example) Fedex and UPS to Ultimate Traffic Live -- it is not *that* bad. When I first looked into it (you can download the Fedex and UPS add-ins here at AVSIM) -- I was pretty overwhelmed. Once I got into it, it wasn't too difficult, and it really makes KMEM look good now. If I can do it, you can too.
  4. Mace

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    Deselected what? Inquiring minds want to know!
  5. Mace

    Framerate Mess- Sudden Change

    When the sound clipping is going on, are you seeing anything abnormal in Task Manager / cpu usage? Does it still do it with sound disabled in the sim (Q key)?
  6. No it has not, for the reason mentioned above, probably. I used to care about the PowerPack, but now, I was able to manually add Fedex and UPS to my sim, so, I'm ok with not having it. My standards for AI have dropped over the last 10 years though. I used to have it all in FSX -- hundreds of BGL based AI with up-to-date schedules and liveries. Today, I just do not have that kind of time to spend on it. So, UTL gives me the "plausibly real" AI setup I want. It is worth it to me, as well.
  7. I know on my machine if I have cloud shadows on during dawn/dusk, it drags down the fps. Maybe your rig is crashing instead of just slowing down like mine does.
  8. Mace

    South South America

    I agree with Maddogz -- disable all of your AI -- and re-fly the flight that caused the problem
  9. Mace

    South South America

    SEQU (old Mariscal Sucre Airport) was closed not long ago -- maybe Orbx SA and a leftover scenery are conflicting. Also if you have a traffic bgl trying to land AI at an airport that doesn't exist -- it can cause oddities in the sim. Probably you should ask this question on the Orbx support forums.
  10. Mace

    Suddenly all settings + addons GONE

    If you do regular backups, you should be able to pull your dll.xml and other files from there. That's definitely strange, and I wish you the best in getting things back. Skywolf -- I share your sentiment very strongly. However, right now I suspect there are still some legacy issues in P3D which require files to be in certain spots within the P3D folder structure. For example, one of them is (or used to be) \SCENERY\WORLD\SCENERY, which to the best of my knowledge, is still the place where airport altitude change bgl's must go (i.e. Orbx Vector - AEC). I'm sure there are other "magic spots" too -- I wish LM would finally, once and for all divorce the sim dir, from *all* add-on dir's. It would be painful at first, as lots of add-ons would have to be adjusted, but in the long term, a huge plus for everyone.
  11. I use ActiveSky (ASP4) "wind overlay" at my flight level to find the most favorable winds for a long distance route. That still means I have to do my own wx avoidance routing to some extent. To use the example you mention, over the NorPac that usually means a mid-latitude route instead of GC, going eastbound. That would be a neat program that could intelligently load in wx data and give the best routing. I'm not familiar with PFPX enough to comment on it.
  12. Mace

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    Wow, all this time, and I didn't know they were flying domestic out of Scott. (I'm at KCGI, about 90 miles south, so you'd think I would have known...) The whole Heathrow thing reminds me of what they experienced in STL when they added its new runway a while back. And now, with TWA gone, they have a lot more concrete than they need. They might as well make that runway a drag strip and charge admission. I don't think Heathrow will have that problem -- there looks like a definite need. th
  13. PTA has a setting "Cloud Shadow Depth" that may do what you're looking for.
  14. Mace

    777 Update

    I'm not sure what needs to be updated. The 777 is so complete. The only thing I've seem hints of, would be things like the electronic flight bag. Or maybe rain on the windscreen.
  15. Mace

    OK PMDG, get to work...

    Next, the 777 will get one of those Cirrus-style CAPS parachutes. 🙂