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  1. I'm not seeing Phase 2 under "PC6 non-marketplace installer builds" in the Milviz forums. At least not yet. Am I looking in the wrong spot?
  2. I wonder if you can hear the gravel hitting the guards when you land one of these on a gravel strip? It's probably over-shadowed by the other louder sounds, or the overall sound of careening down the runway. But I'm curious.
  3. Not sure if it does that for the XBox controller, but I don't have one so I don't know if it assigns by default to it or not. Anyway you should be able to change the functions/axes/buttons on the XBox controller to whatever you want thru the "controls" screen if it's like any other controller.
  4. I agree that it is cumbersome compared to P3D. One thing I do is set up in a new aircraft a separate profile for a controller for that aircraft. For example I have little Logitech gamepad which has the little buttons etc. on it -- and I have this velcro'ed to the center of my yoke. So in MSFS control settings, I set up the Logitech gamepad buttons to different views (i.e. pedestal, overhead, etc.) just like I can do with Chaseplane/P3D. Anyway, in MSFS control menu's you will find an option for "Save Custom Camera View" or similar. In MSFS control menus I set the Logitech's buttons to these saved views. The net effect is similar to Chaseplane, where I can use my Logitech to zip around to various views. It is NOT easy in MSFS to set this up but can be done. Took me a couple of months to figure it out back in 2020. I don't recall any vids or anything at that time but I'm sure there are some now. One thing MSFS needs is a quick and easy spot view. It has one, but it's thru the Drone Camera and that's a mess.
  5. Fitted with a CIVA INS would be so nice. This sim needs an INS-equipped airplane. I wonder if they're still using the 737-200's up in northern Canada -- like Buffalo Air or Air North etc. etc. -- they have the gravel guards on the landing gear I think.
  6. Another thing is, certain hardware (particularly Saitek hardware) can disconnect from time-to-time, even with the powerplan set correctly. Solution is to unplug/plug back in, but that's kind of annoying.
  7. Do the carriers actually move around? Wouldn't they eventually run into some coastline, if you let sim run for hours and hours? Or do they have pre-set courses that are roughly circular?
  8. I have exchanged forum messages with JustFlight's flight modeller over on JustFlight's forum. He said essentially what Martyn said, i.e. more specifically that MSFS flight modelling is a moving target right now, but that they expect a little more certainty once they have their hands on SU10. This was said in light of the PA-38 Tomahawk's flight model, which will not initially feature CFD, but outside of that is said to be doing well. The only issue would be if SU10 introduces some changes that affect a pre-SU10 flight model.
  9. The Ukraine Porter-builders are a different company than Milviz. There is a thread here detailing the progress of THEIR Porter build. I believe Milviz are in Canada, or at least some of them, and -- to the best of my knowledge -- don't use anyone based in Ukraine.
  10. I like to use Goose for ferry fuel stops to Europe in light aircraft. Gander is ... well, historic in a way, as to transatlantic flight. Another one I forgot was Frobisher Bay aka FroBay aka Iqaluit (CYFB). I don't know if there's any freeware or payware on that one. And it is pretty far out of the way.
  11. Ok, so since the major (and some minor) hubs have been mentioned, how about these: Goose Bay (CYYR) (don't know of any scenery on this) Gander (CYQX) (freeware is available on this one)
  12. I don't have the Warrior 2 but I do have the Arrow III/IV and for those there is an entry in Add/Remove Programs called "PA28 Turbo Arrow MSFS" so you might want to look there (under "P" entries)
  13. I wish someone would implement a wear n tear module. Something like, a hidden counter to represent the cycles of a gauge or system. And over time that would present a failure or increased chance of failure. Something right up A2A's alley, if they wanted to do something like AccuFeel, that would work with any aircraft. That way if you had something that was...less-than-super-detailed...it could ramp it up a notch with such an add-on.
  14. @bobcat999 didn't King Hussein of Jordan fly one of these? Either as his personal aircraft livery, or possibly a Jordanian Air Force livery?
  15. The Shackleton...I seem to recall them in service until some very late date, like 1979 or 1980. What is the red flag w/Union Jack in your avatar pic? I really like that flag. Well, anything with the Union Jack on it is a neat flag.
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