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  1. You have to take that list with a grain of salt. For example, the Just Flight / CLS DC-10 Collection HD does run in P3Dv4, but it not every part of it is working...
  2. As G. said above many large aircraft have a tiller for ground steering. Rudder isn't used nor very effective as I understand real-world ops. To simulate this, I use the keypad shortcuts (0 or Ins, and Enter) for taxiing a tiller-equipped aircraft. For aircraft without a tiller I use Saitek rudder pedals. It's not the greatest, but I can usually control it ok. Sometimes it is tricky on takeoff with prop torque in a single though. Or it could be the wind as was said.
  3. i discovered the problem. The wget torrent that you download, did not work on my Win10 Pro 64 rig even with Defender disabled and UAC disabled -- it was downloading incomplete junk files. I had to manually download each file needed. They do give you the direct links to the .exe and .bin files, in one of the text files. What is strange is that the incomplete .exe file didn't have the "unblock" text MD mentions, above. It simply had a blank area in the properties dialog below the attributes. I guess it didn't even have the proper header for an executable. After I downloaded the installation exe via the direct link, it was about twice the size of the supposed installer .exe I had downloaded earlier. Then I knew I was in the promised land. Thanks for the replies you guys turned the gears in my head.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up on this. I was not aware of this limitation in P3D. Hopefully that will be looked at in future releases.
  5. Awesome Fedex B777 in your sig Paul! . As for 5.0 ghz at 60degC, that may be what I call case temp. Or a really primo piece of silicon. I've seen stranger things. That reminds me, there used to be a program called "CoreTemp", I will have to look for it again as I move toward overclocking my new machine.
  6. I went with an 8700K because I won't be upgrading again for at least 4-5 years. (I always tell myself that, anyway). So I buy the latest and greatest consumer-grade cpu. Plus you never know when the extra cores may help in that time period, or what add-on I might run in the future that may benefit.
  7. Speaking for myself, my overclocked 2700K couldn't touch this 8800K that i am now running, although my only basis of comparison there is FSX. But, a testament to the worth of the 2600/2700K's was how well they stood the test of time. Those have been great flight sim CPU's for us.
  8. I'm quite surprised to see that no Win10-64 users run FreeMeshX. There must be a reason....hmm....
  9. I think he has 3 GB on his card, Bert I just upgraded a few weeks ago, and I haven't noticed any problems. What surprised me the most with P3D? The FSX microstutters are completely gone. It's really smooth on this 8700K / 32 GB mem / 1080ti setup. If you knock down the things that eat video memory, you should be ok with conservative settings. Edit: I might add -- I would overclock your cpu! That's what a K cpu is for! Might help you run a tiny bit of AI, or give you a few much-needed frames on final.
  10. He prob means 4.1. Without more info it is hard to say what it could be. What do you mean by a "warm" reboot? To me that means you reboot the OS thru the OS menu/aka start menu. You're saying if you come home, pc is off and cold, turn on the cold pc, then your P3D locks every time? Yet, after your rig has been running for awhile, P3D always starts?
  11. That is a very interesting and useful site. Thank you for posting it. It is interesting also, that with that user's system, the Samsung 960 Evo 1TB drive is outbenching the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB drive. This seems consistent with that I have found: My Samsung 960 Evo 500 GB drive is outbenching my Samsung 960 Evo 250 GB drive. It seems that the smaller drives are slower than their larger ones. Probably batching or something like that I guess. I was perhaps naive to think that all 960 Evo's would perform the same, just with different capacities...
  12. While you can't change the window sizes, you can change your seat height: SHIFT-ENTER (seat up) and SHIFT-BACKSPACE (seat down)
  13. Many in our community post screenshots, or post their weather engine / cloud settings, with 200 nm cloud draw distances. I would contend that if they ran a realistic visibility setting, 200 nm would be superfluous. I couldn't even see that far over Greenland at FL35, which I would think is about as haze-free airmass as you're going to get.
  14. I think this, coupled with complementary visibility maximums, is the most realistic. Mine is even less than that, but i set visibility maximums to match, so there is no "plate" or "boundary" effect in my sim. Is 200 nm viewing even possible in real-world conditions? I don't think so based on my experience, (other than lightning flashes), but I'd like some other opinions. I turn my vis down, both at lower and upper levels. I notice a lot of simmers (via their screenshots) not doing that -- I see a lot of screenshots where someone is at low level, and they've got almost no haze going on in the distance. That just doesn't seem realistic to me with most airmasses.
  15. Maybe your cooler isn't seated all the way, or the thermal paste is not evenly distributed or too thick. And losing the SILICONE, I won't go there. heh.