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  1. Great to see you finally getting the new machine! You mention it being noisy, are your fans running higher than they need to be?
  2. '24 is just another (big) Service Update. It's enough changes that they decided to make a new version.
  3. I noticed in a screenshot someone took of FlyTampa Boston KBOS, the Hyatt Hotel had vibrant looking lights at night. I tried to replicate this on my screen and could not... I guess that's because I don't have an HDR monitor?
  4. MU2? That's breaking news, ya know. We can't have breaking news here. We must have /ignores and much gnashing of sharp pointy teeth.
  5. That's an interesting fix and I'm glad you posted it. I've always considered Crucial drives to be on the upper tier of makers. I researched a Crucial P5 Plus this winter/spring and the results of that research mean that it graces my new 7800XD sim rig as primary storage. Samsung were having some issues this winter/spring but they used to be my go-to. They may be yet again. I do not believe in writing off any tech maker for all-time because manufacturing changes all the time, components like IC's can change etc. etc.. Anyway it's good information re: the P2 and if I ever have that problem I'll remember your findings.
  6. It's like the Monty Python skit: Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
  7. All the more reason to re-open it.
  8. You are talking about a fast boot option in most BIOS's, correct?
  9. I would trust users in this forum and in other MSFS forums over the nvidia recommendations. There are also youtube vids on this as well. Some of the settings are dependent on what hardware you have, too. Ditto on what @MrFuzzy said, I do not use GeForce Experience and will not even install that on my sim machine.
  10. "Collector's Edition" now means pre-alpha? What? Duncan MacLeod of clan MacLeod?
  11. If building for MSFS then 7800X3D 32GB ram is fine I don't know your specific storage requirements but 1 large M.2 would be nice and fast and simple. Your proposed storage setup has (presumably) a 1TB M.2 for the (I assume) boot/OS and then some Barracudas for everything else. In my opinion it's good to have the OS on the fastest drive but I would put it all on the fastest drive (i.e. a single 4TB M.2). I haven't priced out a 1TB + 2 Barracudas but I would think that would cost more and isn't as ideal as a single fast M.2.
  12. I would keep it as one big partition...I don't see any need to partition it out. You still using Acronis or Macrium Reflect? I concur with the others regarding practical, in-app speed, i.e. you don't sim a benchmark. I will add the important point that your PC builder is wise, as it's always possible the bandwidth may come in handy in the future in a more practical way. Great minds think alike, I too have a Crucial M.2 drive. Well, your mind is great. Mine is somewhat addled. I continue to use my BenQ PD3200U.
  13. Interesting, your in-sim settings are almost identical to mine. Except I have Glass Cockpit Refresh at "Low", but that could be a case of old-habits-die-hard as that's the setting I used with my 8700K Sometimes I find myself being really conservative with settings even though, I don't really have to be now. I just hope SU13 will not upset the apple cart in any way. 😁
  14. Where I live, a "designated decoy" would get you jail time. Maybe more. I'm gonna assume that story was in jest and didn't actually happen. It is kinda funny. But I have sense of humor, the police/sheriffs here do not, especially after dark -- hence the origin of the word "lunacy".
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