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  1. Mace

    New PC bad perfomance

    Bob is exactly right on the limitations of the 8700 (non-K), and the results you're seeing are typical at Miami with that speed cpu. I might add that if you're running LatinVFR Miami, I've found it is not the best add-on airport for fps. Another issue at Miami, default or add-on airport, could be the two Special Effects sliders. Turning those sliders all the way down seems to help for me. I fly out of KMIA probably more than any other airport in the sim and that is what I've found. I'm overclocked to 5.0 ghz with a 1080ti and I still have a slowdown with heavy weather into KMIA. Perhaps a 2080 would help me in that regard. Finally, as was said, turn your Autogen buildings down a lot (I'd suggest no higher than normal), and vegetation a little (normal or one tick above, as you see fit). And for Ultimate Traffic Live I'd suggest no higher than 60% on airliners, 30% GA, but you can of course play around with those settings. It is hard to guess as Joe says, you did not post up your resolution, settings, etc.
  2. People here have been really grouchy lately. I don't know if it's the weather or what. If/when I buy a new TV, I will definitely be looking at threads like this to find a TV that I know I could use dual-purpose -- for FS, if I decided to do that. I do not watch much TV anyway, so its primary use would be flight sim. This thread has some good info in it.
  3. Does Win10's extended desktop have any impact on performance?
  4. Incidentally, I ended up buying a BenQ PD3200U. I had one of those "jaw drop" events the moment I switched the sim to 4K. For me 32" is a very good size. I think if I went any bigger I would be overwhelmed. I sit about 1 meter/3 ft+ from the screen I'd guess. I use a laptop on my left-hand side for charts and checklists and that Garden Gnome game on Google.
  5. I too would like to see these shots with some haze / realistic visibility settings. That would make the circle complete, I think.
  6. Mace

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    This was discovered 10 years ago with FSX using FileMon and was a big topic of discussion (and consternation) here in the AVSIM forums. The sim was found to be scanning bgl's thousands of miles away from the present position. A lot was posited about that. One theory was that the bgl in question contained data for the present position, even though most of its data was for areas far away. As I recall we never got any real substantive reason why the sim did this, and of course at that point Microsoft and the sim parted ways, so I assume nothing has architecturally changed in the sim since then.
  7. Mace

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Bert -- I don't know if you remember this, but back in the early days of FSX it was found (via ProcMon and other analytical tools) that even though you could be flying in the UK, FSX was reading bgl files covering Japan. Maybe that is the behavior we still see today? I can't say for sure, because I haven't done that kind of testing with P3D, but it sounds like you and others have. I don't have SoCal, but I do have vector, and LC. I run "only" 1024 textures and 4xMSAA (I'm running 4K now). That tends to keep the long frames to a minimum, but, the LA basin is one of those rough FS areas -- most of us know it, too -- LA, New York, London, and Tokyo -- high AI areas and high load areas combining for a bad mix.
  8. Mace

    Milviz P38 TacPack for P3d

    It has Magic or Sidewinder AAM's, iron bombs, ventral mounted gun pod, and a rocket pod, among other things. You can use one of the subpanels to load them visually on the model even if you do not have the TacPack. Thanks for the info, I will investigate...
  9. Mace

    In other PBR-related news...

    This is mostly true. When I first got to Germany, I decided, "hey, I'll go in this little bar across from the train station, and have a beer" So I started ordering dunkles bier ... and hey, I'll have another bitte. I read the newspaper, as best I could (my German wasn't good) and after about an hour or so, when I got up to weight and balance was off, to say the least. Some American beers like Bud Light are swill-water...just awful. Budweiser is good though. Notice how, in the spirit of the forum rules, I tied my post to aviation, comparing my physical state to the weight and balance of an airplane.
  10. Mace

    Milviz P38 TacPack for P3d

    Hmm Okay. Well, then, I have the JustFlight BAe Hawk jet trainer. It says it is TacPac-capable. I suppose I would need to purchase the tacpac from VRS and then the rest would be self-explanatory?
  11. That's more clear, thanks. I think I see what they've done -- they have allowed for a reserve of mem to keep some of that data in mem as an option. Options are good I suppose! I will not mess with that cfg setting at all, unless I start noticing problems with autogen. I haven't had any issues with Autogen in P3D in a long time now, so I'm hopeful 4.4 will be the same.
  12. Mace

    Blurries continue with P3D v4.4

    What are your specs? Resolution? Refresh rate?
  13. Mace

    Aerosoft a320 Fly-by-Wire Fix

    Best to ask that on Aerosoft forums. I know if you upgrade to the 64-bit Aerosoft Airbus, then there is a discounted price if you already own the 32-bit version.
  14. Mace

    Milviz P38 TacPack for P3d

    I didn't think the TacPac worked in 64-bit yet (??). At least, I have not seen anything about TacPac working in P3Dv4. If it does, someone will post that shortly! I would be very interested if it does.
  15. Can you expand on this, or can you point me to some info on this? You say it "reduces mem alloc for AG but increases mem usage", well, how could that be? If you reduce mem allocation for AG, how are you going to increase memory usage? I only ask because, I find 4.3's handling of autogen to be almost perfect. I have no noticeable popping with 4.3 and my 8700K + 1080ti rig, and i don't want that to change with 4.4!