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  1. I remember that I didn't like Chaseplane when I started using it, in fact, I almost ditched Chaseplane after a day or two because of that one thing. Like you, I wanted the right mouse button for pan. Eventually, I started using the middle mouse and it has become second-nature to me now. I do also use a Logitech gamepad mounted to the center of my yoke, for quick view changes. I'm a big proponent of panning using CP's pan feature, since I don't really like TrackIR. TrackIR was one of those things that I tried and tried to use, but it just didn't take off. Whereas Chaseplane, I tried and tried to like its panning method, and eventually I did warm to it.
  2. I was on a Southwest flight out of KSLC where the pushback operator pushed us the wrong way, and they had to tug the airplane back into the parking spot and do the pushback all over again. When they finished the first (bad) push, we just sat there for about 10 minutes. I wondered why neither engine had started, and wondered if there was a problem with the engines or starters/apu/bleeds. Then the pilot came on the intercom and said it was the operator's first week operating the pushback truck, and that they pushed us to the wrong spot. The pilot went on to say (in a wistful voice) that "...well, nowwww they have to call it in to corporate. Thennn they have get approval to re-push, and thennnnn we can push again, and thennnnn we can be on our way". He was taking it in good humor (aka humour) but you could kinda tell he was a little peeved too. It cost us about 45 minutes, but I didn't mind. It was educational.
  3. rasketny fareer... You get the 💥 GOLD STAR 💥 for knowing Firefox! Rever that award. It's normally only offered (and won) in my family.
  4. I know it does. But he asked why the Top Solo prop was windmilling, and I can only assume the real-life one windmills even though it's de-coupled, because it is a light prop/spinner etc.
  5. Maybe it has very low compression and very little weight holding back that prop?
  6. You should experience the GTN750 in other simulators. It's pretty neat stuff.
  7. Except for a short period of time when the AMD FX57 was king (2005-2006?). All these good reports of the 5900X make me want to build one. I haven't built an AMD rig since...probably 2006!!
  8. You must think in Russian! Remember, think in RUSSIAN! a gold star for you, if you can name what that quote comes from.
  9. Nice vid. On youtube you wrote about the C-46. JustFlight made a C-46 for P3D a few years back, maybe they will make a C-46 for MSFS also. The C-46 is really interesting with its cockpit view, and good for high-altitude Colombia / Ecuador flying. As for SEQM scenery, MSFS needs the FlightBeam SEQM we have in P3D, although the default is still pretty good.
  10. Yes -- angle of attack is what I meant to say.
  11. Is it also true that a taildragger will often have slightly better takeoff performance than an equivalent tricycle aircraft, due to the angle of incidence of the wing?
  12. That sounds like the old Mooney TLS which was in a much earlier flight sim. Several of us flew it around the world in the "Round the World Buzz".
  13. That's strange, I run the JF Arrow with the 530 mod, and I haven't had a CTD yet in about 10-15 hours flight time. Switch placement aside, as for the Seminole or Seneca, to me they are different classes of airplane. I think of a Seminole as a twin engined Tomahawk. A trainer or maybe a runabout, but not ideal/ great performer for longer touring. Whereas the Seneca is quite a bit more capable all around.
  14. I didn't think about that. And maybe when we hit 1.x.x the Arrow IV will release.
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