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  1. Mace

    Does anyone remember?

    So was mine. I was about 11 years old I guess. FSII was a dailliance for me at that time though. I was more into Spy vs. Spy, ACS (the Adventure Construction Set), Bard's Tale, and Applesoft BASIC. I once started programming my own "flight sim" in Applesoft BASIC. I got as far as creating a horizon line, that moved with your joystick as you banked/pitched up and down. I think the simulation of a 3D space was -- either beyond my skills, or was beyond my comprehension. :)
  2. Mace

    Aerosoft DC-8

    The Aerosoft DC-8 (it's a DC-8-50) is really quite good in my opinion. They've modelled a mid-1960's era DC-8-50, so no FMS hand-holding -- you will use INS for oceanic flights. What Alan said about the EPR and flying it by the real-world performance charts is a great feature, plus it is a lot of fun navigating using the INS. The INS even has drift modelled, so you need to keep on your toes. The JustFlight DC-8 models additional versions (i.e. -30, -50, -60 series, and I think the -70 also) but the Aerosoft is just the DC-8-50 series. Another nifty feature of the Aerosoft DC-8 are engine starts using external air. Fuel management is also a neat item it has, although at present there is no crossfeed simulated. It has all of the little things you might expect, like aileron droop with no hyd pressure, takeoff smoke effects, and of course TrueGlass. It does not simulate failures, although you could do those yourself, to a point, if you wanted (I have simulated one engine failing before). A model of the cargo version (DC-8-50 Jet Trader) is planned but not out yet. The lead developer is good about responding to things in the Aerosoft forum, too.
  3. Mace

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    Well, I do recall some posts over the years with various ActiveSky settings causing autopilot discos on approach. Usually had to do with winds and turbulence settings and such. But yes, it may well be a controller issue, with the yawing motion and radical turning. Richard, I just flew this STAR and approach (with an autoland) into stock MRLB. The AP did not disconnect for me. I use a CH yoke and proflight rudder pedals, and ActiveSky. I'm not presently using FSUIPC. My AS turb setting is currently at 30 I believe. I had never flown the 777 into Liberia -- I say I will fly into there again with the 777 -- that was pretty fun and the runway isn't as small as I thought.
  4. Mace

    AUTOPILOT DISC message when established on ILS

    I would disable Chaseplane and ActiveSky and re-fly that approach. If I were into betting (I am not) I would bet that you get no disconnect then. Liberia is my neck of the woods. Although I can't say I've ever shoehorned my 777 into there. I'll be trying this approach soon.
  5. Mace

    Does anyone remember?

    Ah yes - I knew there was an IUP/ Marando's connection -- look at this old stuff I found: There's even a download entry for SCASM by Manfred Moldenhauer. Alfred Grech, Dave McQueen, Alessandro Antonini, Mike Vidal and Standesky. It was the beginning of the aftermarket.
  6. Mace

    Does anyone remember?

    I think I have been around since the beginning, but I can't remember. Some of you may be able to correct me if I'm wrong about this -- -- but didn't the AVSIM File Library begin out of Mike Marando's Flight Sim Uploads, and the IUP ftp site file libraries? It seems like I remember it that way, but I'm really not sure.
  7. Mace

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    Is this with P3Dv4? How much system mem and vidcard mem do you have?
  8. If you'd have told me "I'm running my sim on an 8086", I would have laughed at the thought. Maybe FS I or FS II. Intel must have named it 8086K in homage to the old 8086 cpu. I'll have to read up on this.
  9. Mace

    P3dVer4.3 Two Questions

    What is your monitor's refresh rate?
  10. Mace

    P3Dv4.3 : my observations

    Have you disabled all AI (including boats n ships, if you run that), and checked for the over-time frame drop?
  11. Mace


    You jumped the gun and bought the older Aerosoft Bus -- I would suggest you contact Aerosoft's support e-mail, and explain this -- they should be able to work with you. Aerosoft's A320/321 for P3Dv4 are not out yet -- a few weeks/month away. Their A318/A319 are out already. You can buy the A318/A319/A320/A321 "bundle" right now, if you like, and fly the 318/319 now, and once the A320/321 are released, you'll be able to download those at that time.
  12. Mace

    Quality S. American airports?

    I remember seeing dev shots of this about 6 months ago -- but I had no idea it had been released! Thanks for pointing it out. It makes me wonder what else I miss...I wish I had a way to sink my tendrils into every source of FS information, but I don't...
  13. Mace

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    Last time I checked, the CIVA INS would not work on the 64-bit platform. Has this changed?
  14. Mace

    Just Flight 747 Classic

    What DC-10 with INS are you flying? I know a user on the JF forums (F-Lite subforum) has said he has integrated an aftermarket INS unit to the aircraft, but wasn't quite done with the mod.
  15. Mace

    Blackfly - would you try this craft?

    Reminds me a little bit, of this ...the XC-142: