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  1. Just guessing, but stabilizer trim would be my first suspect. Realistically, the simulator platform does not support asymmetrical thrust scenarios very well. I don't think PMDG ever mentions having this feature, certainly not in their Introduction document. Many posts abound regarding the lack of realism with V1 cuts as well.
  2. Try running Orbx Central, select the NAmerical openLC landclass product and select verify files.
  3. Interesting. Looking forward to feedback from first adopters. When I was on active duty in the USAF, the Sabreliner, T-39, was the primary VIP transport and I've been on many of them (not as a VIP LOL just a space-available seat filler). AF Flight Check few these as well, look wicked in camo. I believe North American used the same wings as the very much loved F-86 Sabrejet. Bob Hoover was a demonstration pilot for North American and is a legend.
  4. Not quite... the lable "UIHardware" is a little misleading. We typically think of the UI as the windows in which we change options and settings and make selections. However, in this context the UI is the simulation display, and when enabled this allows all applications running on your system to use what Microsoft calls GPUHardwareAcceleration (enabled with updates to Windows 10 in 2020). From the P3D SDK, "This entry will toggle UI hardware acceleration on and off. This is enabled by default. Disabling UI hardware acceleration may adversely affect performance in some cases therefore keeping this enabled is recommended. Some third party applications, particularly ones that overlay graphics on top of the application window, may exhibit visual issues with this enabled. And also from LM P3D developer Kayla Kinzel in their forum in response to a request to clarify, "You can experiment with the UIHardwareAcceleration setting in the config file to see if there is any noticeable differences with Hardware Acceleration on or off. Hardware Acceleration is usually a standard in applications. It is defaulted to True in Prepar3D. If you are using overlays, you might experience issue that would require you to disable Hardware Acceleration." So you are correct in trying it both ways, but do not be mislead into thinking it does not have a performance impact. You system may simply have the surplus power to overcome any such limitation.
  5. I also kept both v4 and v5 for about six months but in the past couple of weeks I have completely removed v4. Although I dearly miss the DC-6, I just couldn't use v4 due to it's inferior rendering system. Most problems with using aircraft designed for v4 in v5 I believe are related to differences in how lighting and shading works. If those do not become problems then it should be okay.
  6. Anything that requires you to disable the UIHardwareAcceleration is probably not worth having. You are intentionally limiting the performance of P3D. Why?
  7. I am a P3D beta and I assure you there is application support for VRAM management, improved in 5.1, and continuing improvement. All of my display sliders are full right and I use high resolution textures, and I've never exceed my 11GB VRAM. A simple search here on AVSIM reveals the same thing any web based public forum will reveal.... lots of opinion and very little fact. LM was able to include VRAM management in V5 because not only did they move to the DX12 API but they also created a new rendering engine, finally leaving much of what was once ESP. Of course DX12 doesn't swap to cache by itself, in Windows 10 if the application is not controlling VRAM then the OS is... it's that way by design.
  8. Sir, I do not believe you should be using the texture size exp tweak in P3Dv5. That was done in v4 to allow 1024x1024 terrain texture size, which is the default for v5. I have had that tweak in v4 for over a year with 11GB VRAM and when I ran out of VRAM (4096 textures with Orbx Honolulu Cityscape) it simply turned into a slide show. No OOM. In fact, I've never seen an OOM in P3Dv4 or 5 and only time they are reported in forums is when someone has tried to adjust their pagefile memory.
  9. I don't know where you are getting this patently false information, but you should question that source. One of the major advantages to DX12 Video API is that is allows the application to manage VRAM instead of the OS and changes to Win10 in early 2020 gave it a full capability compatible with the video driver and the OS. Prepar3D v5.1 takes advantage of this capability to manage VRAM. It will adjust to cases where VRAM allocation is high and you will never exceed the VRAM capacity. Not even DX11 and earlier would result in OOM errors if you exceed VRAM because the NVidia driver will simply start using the system drive as a cache for the overflow and the result is a slideshow not an OOM. I've seen this happen in P3Dv4.5 to me with 11GB VRAM. If you use the Shift+Z shortcut to display the frame rate you'll notice in P3Dv5 that is also displays the amount of VRAM used and the amount that it has available. If you have 8GB the available will be less because the video driver needs work space. My 11GB card runs about 9.3GB available (from memory) and normal allocation in heavy scenery areas runs up to 6GB.
  10. Okay that makes sense.... it is still under construction in the latest Google Earth view I've got.
  11. I just pulled the default P3Dv5 ROAH into ADE and only see the one runway. As expected, there are only nine gates at the terminal and they are numbered 1-9 and bear no resemblance to the Jepp parking diagram. In most cases, ramp parking is poorly done but airport layout (location of runway, taxi and aprons) is fairly accurate. The changes I notice the most, being used to default parking mess, are that in v5 the airport elevations are more accurate, locations of navaids (LOC, GS, beacons) is very accurate, and runway numbering is current as of about 2018. When I update a location I usually have to modify parking (I use the Jepps and Google Earth) and do very little else, compared to the lengthy changes I had to make in v4 and earlier. This is the first case I've seen where a runway is missing. Interesting. When was the 36L/18R put into service?
  12. I use and recommend the Internet Download Manager. It's not expensive, plugs into your browser or use stand alone, not only faster but if there is an interruption it can usually restart the download from where the interruption occurred. I've been using it since when I had a slow DSL up to now where I get 400 mb/s. I really like it.
  13. You don't want to learn the XML thing or Lorby addon???? Why on earth would you not want to learn how to use your flight simulation program? This stuff is not rocket science and something you can become proficient with in a couple of hours or less. Eventually, almost all addons are going to use one of the three forms of the add-on xml methods. They are explained very clearly in the Learning Center. Vector in V5 is a nice add-on. I like it. It adds detail to not only coastlines but also wetlands, rivers and lakes.
  14. I am pretty sure that the .\ literally means any directory below current directory, which is the P3D root directory. I'm not sure why they added this but I suspect it is for an optional ActiveSky guage that can be used within the simulator. They used to have such a thing for presenting radar data but I never used it.
  15. When using SODE, the developers use an Environmental Probe (part of SODE) to test for night, dusk or low viz to turn on lights as well as check wx for wet pavement and wind check for windsocks. LatinVFR uses this for KMIA, KMSY and Digital Design EDDP. I don't have a list of all that do.
  16. No. P3D always has lights off for DAY, they come on at DUSK. Many scenery developers have started incorporating SODE to be able to switch on the lights for daytime low visibility, which is more realistic. Basically, when the field goes IFR the lights (including beacon) come on.
  17. Lots of people do not recommend the use of a Program Files folder. I kept it simple: c:\P3D\P3Dv4 and c:\P3D\P3Dv5, that way it is easy to add c:\P3D\P3Dv6 when it comes out. I install all my addon scenery on a different drive such as d:\Addon
  18. Best ask this in the PMDG forums. However, I recommend that before you remove P3Dv4 you run the NGXu installer and uninstall from both v4 and v5, then run it again and install only to v5. This will ensure the registry entries for that PMDG product are correct after you have removed P3Dv4. No sweat doing this uninstall, install cycle for the PMDG P3Dv5 product. All you need to do is use the OC to press the button that says repair liveries and you're done. It's painless.... I've done it hundreds of times beta testing. The legacy NGX is not going to be supported in P3Dv5. The QOTSII 747 same as NGXu.
  19. I never noticed that before. LOL how did you find it, there is no parking or taxi close by that would make the error obvious. The helipad for Mercy Flight has an hangar in between it and the floating building that is planted correctly. I like the BUF scenery, and I will find it easy to live with this oddity. Thanks for pointing it out, I think.
  20. I am surprised you can get away with installing v4 on two computers on a single license. The EULA is pretty clear that use is limited to one machine.
  21. I've seen this during P3Dv5 beta... it happened to me. Go to your appdata folder for your P3D and delete volumetricclouds.cfg. That file will rebuild on your next startup of P3D. Hope this helps.
  22. Hmmmm, yeah. ENTER IRS POSITION is a normal early step in the preflight. You need to do some reading.
  23. Sorry... I have one scenery list for both v4 and v5 and I looked quickly to verify it was by Orbx before posting but failed to verify currency with v5. True. It's not available in my Products I Own list in Central. That's a shame.
  24. All airports and ILS navaids in FAA jurisdiction have data available free at https://www.faa.gov/air_traffic/flight_info/aeronav/aero_data/ (hint: Click on eNASR Browser). This data includes a lot more than you need to correctly place and configure runways and ILS components in ADE. I also use Google Earth, but for placing the PAPI's correctly and setting a correct length of blastpad. The NASR data will include runway displaced thresholds as well.
  25. I can highly recommend the KTEX by Orbx. Simply beautiful.
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