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  1. Great addon, I've had no issues since following the checklists correctly.... now with version 3.33
  2. Thanks for comments guys, yep.. study manual and checklists.
  3. New to Xplane11, and enjoying the experience, however during 2 separate first flights in the 737x Zibo, from YPAD to YMML 10 Minutes from T/D, the cockpit slowly blacks out completely, the exterior view is still daylight (midday),. I am not using any alternative weather engine, or weather programme. Has anyone experienced this? Thanks Mike

    FSX Elevation Question

    Are you using Orbx vector? If so run the vector airport confguration tool, which corrects elevation issues.
  5. Hi, Cant give you a direct comparison, but I have nearly all UK2000 sceneries on 2 rigs P3D & FSX, and I highly recommend them for both performance and quality of rendition. I think one has to take onboard that the london area around Heathrow is quite demanding on your CPU & GPU, I get on average 18-24 FPS on my FSX rig. i-76700K 4GHz 16.GB memory Nvidia 1060GTX ps Andrew Thornton's scenery config editor is a must for FSX users
  6. Thank you for your comments, have just installed the uiautomationcore.dll into my FSX root folder. Will monitor and report on results.
  7. My windows 7 fsx rig occasionally comes up with this error, particularly on a lengthy flight, and invariably when I either right click or use the alt bar, anyone experienced or solved this issue. Many Thanks Mike Intel i7-6700 4GHZ, Nvidia GTX 1060. 1TB SSD

    Windows10 & P3D on dedicated PC

    Michael I too have updated Nvidia drivers to the latest 390.65 on my 3.4 version, all seems well, but would you explain the benefits of deleting the shaders? Regards Mike
  9. I too have purchased quite a number aircraft and sceneries from FSS, l always take the precaution of keeping a download backup....just in case. However I did'nt keep a backup of Justsim's LFMN Nice, and all I get when trying to download is "Unable to locate this folder". After repeated emails to both FSS & Justsim enquiring whether they still enjoy a business partnership............... not a dicky bird. Regards Mike
  10. I've flown the js41 since it's launch for FSX, love it, and the authenticity of the FMC,in keeping with the period. same goes for the beloved MD11. I own the GTN750/650 which is great in a modern day GA aircraft, but would I buy the the JS with GPS integration?. I think not...........just my opinion. Michael King
  11. MAHLER

    Realair legacy

    Thank you Ryan...........I owe you a pint. Mike
  12. MAHLER

    Realair legacy

    My panel and radios configuration only offers default GPS and the reality gauges which of course are greyed out because they not installed, and there is no option for the 750/650 gauges.
  13. MAHLER

    Realair legacy

    I own the Flight1 750/650 GTN GPS, is there away to integrate the module into the realair Legacy? I am using P3D v 3.4. windows 10. Thanks
  14. MAHLER

    Continous Activation request

    Every time I load the aircraft I am asked to activate it, which I do, and activation is acknowledged, Windows 7 FSX, have reinstalled 3/4 times , then PMDG Operation Centre updates carried out, but frustrating issue persists. Michael King
  15. Many thanks for your constructive comments Vortex, will certainly look into the overclocking ,though I've never tackled it before. Mike