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  1. I have a 4GB graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 1650) and I can run V5 with comparable settings to what I use in V4.5 - about 80% of the time (i.e., depending on the aircraft and scenery). If you are running out of VRAM, make sure EA (enhanced atmospherics) is turned off, try setting the texture quality to 1024 (medium), use a simple aircraft like the Carenado Commander or MilViz P38, and start at a small, default GA airport. If that works, then you can experiment with turning some of the settings up - keeping an eye on VRAM usage. For example, I have 3.3 GB usable and as long as I don't go over about 3.0GB used, things are good. If VRAM usage creeps above 3.0GB, I am likely to get either a device hung error or an out of VRAM message. I think you will find that depending on the complexity of the scenery, the aircraft, and the settings you may run over the VRAM limit, so plan to spend some time experimenting with different combinations of those to see what works. In general, I can fly over ORBX scenery like SOCAL in a Carenado payware aircraft with most of my scenery settings in the medium to high range and use no more than about 2.5GB VRAM. Performance is noticeably better in most areas in V5 over V4.5 even on my "low-end" system. V5 tries to scale the use of VRAM based on your hardware but I think 4GB is definitely the minimum you need and there will be combinations of aircraft, scenery, and settings that will run you over the VRAM limit. From what I can see in forum posts from others, 8GB of VRAM is really what you want to get the most out of V5. I am hoping (and expecting) that in future updates to V5 it will just degrade performance and leverage RAM memory rather than running off the rails as it does now when it runs over the VRAM limit. Either way, I can guarantee you that V5 is going to get better. That said, the whole reason V5 came out was to leverage the capabilities of higher end hardware so really the solution for you and I is to (eventually) upgrade our systems so that we can truly enjoy the next generation of FS software! 😉
  2. I find it more amusing than annoying. A good idea that seems to have multiplied uncontrollably - Tribble like. I'm sure LM will take care of it.
  3. Great topic! KSFB - current home airport. Love to fly to/from airports around the SE US where family lives: KBWG, KBCT, KPDK, Also love flying to/from the Bahamas especially replicating Steveo1Kinevo's flights. Finally airports in/near places I've lived: KCSG, KATL, KBGM, KPBG, KBNA, & KRDU. Love to imagine taking family and friends with me.
  4. It should work fine. I have an Intel Core i5 4440 @ 3.10 GHz, 16 GB DDR3 @ 665 MHz, GeForce GTX 1650 with 4 GB memory, running Windows 10 Professional 64-bit and have been very happy with V5-HF2. Overall performance is much better than V4. For example flying over ORBX SOCAL near downtown LA yields choppy 20ish FPS performance in P3DV4 but with similar settings in V5 I get 30+FPS (target frame rate 36fps). I'm also 1080p on a flat screen, not 4K or VR. Settings are everything In V5 since it relies more heavily on VRAM and doesn't seem to be able to use normal RAM for overflow, so the further you push sliders to the right, the more VRAM you will need once you go over the limit, V5 gives you a message to reduce settings or quit the sim My World settings are LOD radius: high, terrain mesh: 10m, tessellation: low, autogen draw distance: medium, scenery complexity: dense, autogen buildings: normal, autogen vegetation: dense, texture resolution: 30cm, use high resolution scenery textures: unchecked (don't see a difference on or off), screen resolution: 1920x1080. My graphics settings are: FXAA: off, AA: 4xMSAA, Texture filtering: Anisotropic 4X, texture resolution: 1024x1024, dynamic texture streaming: on, VSync: off, Target Frame rate: 36. (re target frame rate, I have noticed that V5 does a much better job of maintaining the target than V4 did). I only run EZ DOC with Track IR and Reality XP GNS and GTN gauges as addons. The things that will take up VRAM are: 1) Scenery, 2) Plane and 3) Enhanced atmospherics (EA). I prefer to fly general aviation planes (e.g., Carenado) which typically don't take up as much VRAM as (I assume) larger more complex models (think PMDG 747). When flying over the default scenery to include areas like NYC I use about 1.7-2.5 GB of VRAM (of 3.3 available) with EA off. With EA on, it seems to add around .2 - .7 GB of VRAM usage (not sure what drives the variance since that's with the same weather just different areas and different planes). I have cloud resolution at low for EA. So far, I have found that I can fly most of my planes around a scenery area like ORBX PNW, NORCAL, & SOCAL with EA on with no problems. A couple of more detailed aircraft in a high density area (like downtown LA) will push me over the VRAM limit but turning EA off and using the default clouds/atmospherics allows me to continue flying. Bottom line, for me V5 has better performance with similar settings vs v4. Depending on your settings and the AC you fly, you will probably be able to enjoy the EA (which looks fantastic but still needs some work) in most scenery areas. I have noticed when looking at posts from others with 8GB or more of VRAM, that P3DV5 seems to use as much of that as it can. My guess is that V5 may be tailoring itself to the hardware that you have to some extent (e.g., loading/unloading smaller bits of scenery). Settings are going to be the other part of that. Having a minimum spec system, I can't test that theory out. I've also had very few issues with V5. Seems to be very stable with my settings and hardware. My advice, before you add anything, take the out of the box sim for a thorough test ride. Fly different AC, locations, play with settings to see how it works and performs. It is different from previous versions of P3D. If you don't take time to figure out how the vanilla sim acts, you will never be able to figure out if a problem you see is in the sim or is the result of some combination of AC, scenery, settings, and addon. As you add those things in, do them one at a time and test them out before adding anything else. This will make it much easier to spot the troublemakers and find fixes. Hope this helps. I would be curious to hear stories from other "minimum spec systems" folks.
  5. I've only explored N America area in V5 but I have noticed that all the default airports (that I have seen) using the default scenery are on a plateau. I'm guessing this is something that will be addressed in a future patch. Adding ORBX PNW (which has its own digital elevation mesh and airport elevation data) got rid of the apt. plateaus in this area so it seems to be related to the elevation data. I do have to say thought that I am very impressed with the update to the default vector data in V5 (again only speaking for N America). LM finally took advantage of the huge trove of digital map data out there that has accumulated since c 2006 - much of it open source. It's about time! A huge improvement including much more detailed coastlines for oceans, lakes and rivers, and highways and roads. I think they also updated the land use maps and they also procedurally added extrusion bridges for highway overpasses, lakes and rivers, as well as a lot of obstructions including antennas, cell towers, power lines, cranes, etc. And I have noticed ferry docks, water towers, power stations etc. have been procedurally added as well. It is a big step up from the default scenery in V4. On top of that (aside from the plateau problem) the default airports have all been updated to have current taxiways runways, generic buildings, etc. They all look considerably better than before and should align with current airport charts. The only thing they didn't update are the old land class tiles, so ORBX global base is a must have in my opinion. I did notice that over the Caribbean, the coastline resolution for the islands is better than V4 (which was legacy from 2006) but it still looks blocky. So, I'll have to keep working on updating that area!
  6. I've tested the TBM 850 and Embraer Phenom 100 and they both work fine for me. I ran the carenado v5 patch executable and the G1000 panels work fine in both - which is to say to the extent that it normally works. I'm in the process of adding/testing more AC. One odd thing I have noticed is that if I try to start a scenario using these aircraft from the startup screen, I get a CTD. Once I am in the sim, I can load/change the planes mid scenario, load new scenarios with the planes, etc. Everything works fine. Seems to be a bug with v5, but I don't know if there is an easy fix (e.g, some addition/deletion in the aircraft.cfg file). Anyone else experience this or know the solution?
  7. I agree. Past versions of P3D have been very backwards compatible WRT scenery, but I think v5 is not so tolerant. As LM said, it is really the starting point of a whole new sim. I was having a lot of "device hung" errors in my home airfield region where I had ported over some V3 scenery. It loads, looks good, I get great performance but the ride ends after 15-20 min. I've had no problems when flying over official v5 scenery areas. My advice, wait till the scenery and AC you want are official v5 releases, otherwise expect a bumpy ride.
  8. I'm starting to install my Carenado planes in P3DV5. So far I have the CJ2, Phenom 100, TBM 850 installed (trying to do this incrementally). Ran Carenado's v5 patch. They all work fine IF, I load them after starting the sim with a default plane. I can load scenarios, swap planes mid scenario, everything works fine. But I get a CTD when I try to load a Carenado plane from the initial splash screen. Seems like a V5 bug, but I seem to remember seeing a post somewhere that you have to make a small format change to the aircraft.cfg file in V5, or maybe it's some configuration setting? Any ideas?
  9. Bob, and anyone who has this issue with MYAM. Download this update and it should take care of the problem. Just replace the two files in the Bahamas TC Airports/Scenery folder and overwrite the existing files. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2ch8yb90vhn5ql9/AACxVRl1I9bGbNFOOPHQKMa3a?dl=0
  10. I feel you. It took me about 30 minutes to sort out all the instructions (each folder seemed to have its own instructions) the first time. Once I got it all organized, it was actually pretty easy. Trust me, it is worth the effort.
  11. Just wanted to bring Brad Allan's post to the surface in case folks missed it. In my opinion, if you like the Bahamas Scenery Pack, this is a must have addition. You will love what these talented scenery developers have done, and I'm sure will continue to enhance. Greg. [Brad's post below is Quoted from] Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures (MCA) Version 2 Updated Dropbox File Links Updated (6/9/2020) NOTE: Previous Installation: If you've previously installed the Gregory Goodwin Bahamas and Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures collection, the base scenery by Gregory has been updated as well as the Bahamas scenery for Misty's Caribbean Air. You'll need to download at least those two files below to be updated to version 2 for this project. (Step #1 and Step #2) Just download, unzip, then overwrite your previous files with the updated files. You will NOT need to download the custom objects for the Bahamas or the custom objects for Return to Misty Moorings IF you've already installed them inside your simulator. (Step #3 and Step #4) Same goes for the optional files (Step #5 and Step #6) NOTE: New Installation: Follow Required Steps #1-#4 (* See Step #4 installation note below) ====== Installation The files located at the dropbox links below are created for the Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures collection of scenery and enhancements. They are meant to be used with an amazing base scenery of the Bahamas by Gregory Goodwin. Gregory has created a highly accurate representation of this area of the Bahamas with custom waterclass, landclass and vector data. It covers the following island areas of the Bahamas. Andros, Bimini, Nassau, Grand Bahama, The Abacos, The Berry Islands, Eleuthera, Cat Island, The Exumas and Ragged Islands. It's a large area of the Caribbean Sea that focuses on the Northern, Western and some of the Eastern Bahamas islands. He's planning on completing the rest of the Bahamas in a future release that will cover all of the remaining east and southern chains. ====== Step #1. Install the base Bahamas scenery by Gregory Goodwin. You can find his base file named bahamas_scenery_pack_3-1.zip by going to this dropbox link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gjsbz7qodn05bf7/bahamas_scenery_pack_3-1.zip?dl=0 Or by searching on AVSIM's file library: Search using "Gregory Goodwin", "Northern Bahamas" or "bahamas_scenery_pack_3-1.zip" Start with that file, install it in your simulator and activate in your library as normal for any addon scenery. Follow all of his included instructions for proper installation please. ====== To view the enhancements for the Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures, Please install the following required files: Step #2. MCA North Bahamas Scenery files by Brad Allen (Version 2) https://www.dropbox.com/s/vy2ozx50egwqas5/Misty's Caribbean Air Bahamas Scenery v2.zip?dl=0 ====== Step #3. MCA Custom Object Files by Steve Weinkamer. Install the contents of each of the three zipfiles below containing custom Bahamas objects used in this project. FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW https://www.dropbox.com/s/w6rmlyznupgcr4g/FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW.zip?dl=0 FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW vol 2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/7p01ke3famdje5e/FSXP3D Misty's Caribbean_SW vol 2.zip?dl=0 FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library https://www.dropbox.com/s/2jwocbevewvsqw2/FSXP3D MoCat's Caribbean Seaplanes Tours Object Library.zip?dl=0 ====== Step #4. *Install the four main Return to Misty Moorings Object Libraries found here: https://www.return.mistymoorings.com/object_libraries_build/ Scroll down to the Object Library Table area and the download links are located below. You'll need to download and install four custom object library zipfiles. Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV. Unzip one at a time and carefully follow the instructions for that specific libraries installation. When completed, you must then activate each of the four libraries inside your simulators scenery library. * This step can be skipped if you have already downloaded and installed the four main libraries for Return to Misty Moorings. ====== Step #5. Optional enhancements by Dexter Thomas and Brad Allen. Dex has created AI Floatplane and Fishing Boats Traffic, sounds. Brad created custom scenery for the floatplane bases these AI objects visit. NOTE: You'll need an installation of Tongass Fjords X to see the AI floatplanes and fishing vessels in action. If not, you can still install the scenery inside this zip for the floatplane bases. AI Seaplane and Fishing Vessels Traffic, Sounds and Effects by Dexter Thomas. AI Seaplane Bases Scenery by Brad Allen. https://www.dropbox.com/s/5fil3bydmve6sf0/Misty's Caribbean Air Seaplane Bases Scenery_Effects_Sounds_Traffic.zip?dl=0 Step #6. Optional MCA Custom Aircraft Repaint files by Klaus Troeppner. Klaus created some great looking paint schemes in Misty's Caribbean Air Adventures colors. There's a default Maule M7 repaint as well as three payware models that will show these in the simulator. You must own those payware models to see the custom paint schemes. Carenado Cessna 185 https://www.dropbox.com/s/go0lvd53lk66fwj/Misty's Caribbean Air Carenado C185.zip?dl=0 Default FSX/P3D Maule M7 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3ien3yxyhokxuxk/Misty's Caribbean Air Maule M7.zip?dl=0 Milviz Bell 407 Helicopter https://www.dropbox.com/s/toqstyqen5enh5r/Misty's Caribbean Air Milviz Bell 407.zip?dl=0 Tongass Fjords X DHC2 AI Aircraft https://www.dropbox.com/s/szed5tr9elj8ogl/Misty's Caribbean Air DHC2 Beaver AI Aircraft.zip?dl=0 Hope you like this project and please share your thoughts here on our forum. Time to go swimming with some piggies!! Brad Edited yesterday at 12:34 AM by Brad_Allen
  12. Stan, Glad you are enjoying it, and glad to hear that it works in v5. I'm picking v5 up as a father's day gift to myself soon. Relieved know I don't have to recompile all those files!.
  13. Bob, I'll take a look at that, it sounds like a common issue in P3D that I should be able to fix.
  14. If you are not familiar with the freeware addon scenery that the Return to Misty Moorings group has produced, you should definitely check it out. Their main focus is for the Pacific NW to Alaska bush flying experience, but they are doing wonderful things for the Caribbean now too! Here are some more Misty's Caribbean scenery screenshots: pigs swimming: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?topic=4883.0 new paint job for the Maule: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?topic=4737.0 Walker's cay: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?topic=4720.0 Find more screenshots in their screenshots forum: https://forum.mistymoorings.com/index.php?board=8.0 Greg
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