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  1. Its PBR issue (LM knows it), how P3D sees it, maybe they will improve it in 5.2. You can check also settings in P3D - turn off reflection (over dynamic lights option).
  2. Mostly I fly by rotorcraft and prop, so low and slow in 95% situations. Time for jets now and .... I noticed that over 18k ft automatically turns on external drone (?) camera and I cant back to cockipt! 😞 What an annoying feature. How can I turn it off?
  3. For me its OK, see this (I use ORBX lights):
  4. Bloody roads? Which version of Envshade do you have?
  5. Yes, I can confirm it about shaders plus some info are here too: https://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=238551#p238551 .
  6. Firstly - tick this option „do nothing” as it was above. Second - go to P3D settings, sound and take the name of your sound system (speakers, headphones ...), so not Default option as you have perhaps, for the first 2 sound lines. Will be ok after this.
  7. No, as you can see, its P3Dv5. Not TacPack yet for v5 (pity!). This is on static carrier but I use AICarrier2 also.
  8. Hook and the rest what are you asking about are parts of the model, not the TacPack. Are you owner of any version of TacPack before? TacPack is only tool (if we talk about carrier) to place the carrier model (any) and cause it's movement (plus adding frequencies for this carrier), hook isnt a part of TP and never it was. Sequence of action on carrier deck (to full stop with hook and cables): If you have F4U I suppose you noticed that hook is working on any carrier (if it has working arrestng cables), here it works like in F4U so yes, no issue with this. 👍
  9. In the first stage 2d windows didnt work in P3Dv5. It was solved long time ago. 🙂
  10. This is example if you spawn carrier by TacPack but you have different methods like carrier scenery (static) or AI Carrier 2, it works without issues, catapult and hook and arresting cables.
  11. As I remember in Corsair I didnt have any issue like this. Remember also, Corsair is from different period and yes, it works, NDB and VORs.
  12. You dont need TP. Everything works without the TacPack. The TacPack is only for the weapon effect.
  13. Hi, MV released his A-1H Skyraider. Btw its TacPack ready - what its mean - it works in P3Dv4.5, not yet in v5 (due no TP from VRS yet, but I hope this summer...). Link for more info https://milviz.com/flight/products/A1H/index.php
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