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  1. They fixed .... nothing for VR users in current Todays WU9 😞 .
  2. They had relatively few VR users, they will have even less. Is that what their business is about? 😉
  3. Marcus, ok but we dont need go back and this unfortunately happens with MSFS. They broke something, they know it (from beta testers as we know) and till now they did nothng with this. Why I need DX12 if some of important parts - like all 2D screens - are broken. They should drop everything and at least get it back as it was, not deal with new things. They will fix - let them go on with their distant projects.
  4. Yes, bugs as it was. Shame for Asobo VR team 😞 .
  5. Did you test Todays patch yet in VR? Any good things for us?
  6. What is the better (for performance?) this or OpenXR NIS upscaling? https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/openxr-nis-upscaling-software-release-thread/482927 I use this NIS upscaling till now for MSFS.
  7. I know it now - Savoia-Marchetti S.55 but with modern 3D models of pilots, whats a shame!
  8. Do you know what will be as the next Local Legend? Its very soon!
  9. No, sorry I dont want to fly with open this windows all the time. My style is to open it, short look and close. Also, you cant resize NAVLOG window, For sure we can live with this issue but Im surprised that the Asobo team, instead of moving forward, is simply moving backwards in VR development in MSFS. If we also compare DCS or IL-2, you can still see how much there is to do here, also in terms of image quality (sharpness for example), not to mention stable 45 frames (for HP G2 for example).
  10. Hi, before buying, do you have Gee Bee from Carendo which appeared along with the SU9? How it looks in VR? It has very small canopy, Im affraid that you will see "glass wall" on each site in VR. How looks the view here in the cockpit from the pilot's position? Is it OK? TY!
  11. What they did now with VR maps, ATC, route data ect ??? They always reset and they are shows in the same position, like the size and place in VR.👿 They havent any beta testers in VR .... How is it possible that this has been overlooked? 🙄 It was reported on official MSFS Forum? They working on fix for this?
  12. Hi, any news about this incoming patch? As was in some posts, many things was resolved but till now no new update ;).
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