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  1. 👉 If anyone was waiting, it's already out (Marketplace only). A beautifully crafted model of the LZ-129 Hindenburg airship by RED WING Simulations - a German passenger airship that was the largest in history (together with its twin LZ 130 Graf Zeppelin II). It provided travelers with a flight across the Atlantic Ocean in luxurious conditions. It was named "Hindenburg" in honor of the former president of Germany. Note - the model is not easy to use, it is quite a complicated machine that requires study, learning and training. 😄
  2. Petition about it: https://www.change.org/p/urge-microsoft-to-make-windows-mixed-reality-vr-platform-open-source-2674db06-88bd-436c-9c06-2f4389671951 (Windows 11 only).
  3. 64-65, but it's not even about IPD (with pancake lenses it's not as important as with G2), the cockpits are too small and sometimes you feel like this: while Osprey (Miltech) like this: It is also best to look at the surroundings, the size of the trees and the ground staff. It must correspond to normal view and proportions. 115% is very ok, 105 is too small for me.
  4. I stopped watching it a long time ago, since everything was cool and great, no criticism, but wow, these are no longer reviews but advertisements.
  5. Very good idea! Im using 115% but some addons are ok, some not. Its an issue done by scale of inside by developer mostly.
  6. Yes, in current GPU benefit is very very small or it isnt here simply but poor quality on edges is very visible even on custom settings. I dont use it.
  7. Hi, if you can, pls vote here. Model has a LOT issue, not the same LOD of interior like external. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/antonov-an-2-interior-lod-bug-issue-is-very-visible-in-default-vr-view/587401?u=rafikst Its very visible in VR :(, example:
  8. What a surprise! 😁 https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=9633a8c6-b041-4c42-b5fd-c9062043ee76
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