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  1. My opinnion is that RTX4080 is the minimum for Reverb G2. That GPU could render picture in 100% size without big compromises.
  2. Check videos from here https://vrm-switzerland.ch/ All switches are real and working, but instrument displays are virtual. This works fine in small cockpit, but in big plane with hundreds of switches you don't save so much.
  3. This new version should be much faster (Farming Simulator 105 fps -> 150 fps). https://gpuopen.com/meet-fidelityfx-super-resolution-2-1/
  4. The boat sizes could vary more from marina to marina. If the distance between two piers is small, then boats are typically smaller.
  5. This add-on is great. I live in Scandinavia and here almost all leisure boats go to dockyards during the winter times (November to April). Any change to implement that in sim (just docks, no boats)?
  6. One of the DirectX12 new features is smoke simulation. https://gamingbolt.com/gameworks-flow-tech-in-directx-12-with-real-time-fire-and-smoke-simulation-showcased-by-nvidia-in-new-video This could be useful for cloud simulation?
  7. - DepthReprojection Option added to get smoother experience - Adding a world scale perception option slider in the VR graphics settings - Frustum Culling support for canted displays - Fixed In-game panel size I do not know what the 1st and 3rd improvements are actually doing.
  8. Flying with C172 is not a problem. Gliders are. You must fly to bumpy cloud bottoms. I am not sure if I can use VR with gliders.
  9. How much the foveated rendering with eye tracking increases the Varjo Aero performance?
  10. Thanks Maxis. Both the CPU and GPU are holding back, but GPU prices are too high. I will upgrade both, but I thought new CPU as a first aid. In case where the performance improvement would be insignificant then I will wait and upgrade CPU and GPU at same time.
  11. My system is CPU bound AMD Ryzen 7 3700X GTX 1080Ti HP Reverb G2 Should I update CPU to 5800X3D or is it overkill with my GPU?
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