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  1. Hey yall, Scenery looks great in V5! One issue I've run into is at MYSM, where the taxiway between the ramp and the runway is under the ground/grass (ie the scenery shows up fine with the only exception being that missing taxiway).
  2. Is it going to be the MAX or the NG series as well? (ie Scimitar Winglets)
  3. Having that same problem, duplicate signs still show up
  4. Hey all! Thinking about getting a DC-9 to fly around, but I've been hearing that the SkySim DC-9 is a flaming pile of garbage. Now I know the Coolsky DC-9 is in the process of being updated for P3Dv4. When it comes out, what will the feasibility of a merge be? I'm interested in all of the variants, but the systems of the DC-9. I've had some success with the Aerosoft CRJ/Wilco CRJ-1000 and the CS/Default C-130. Anyone tried the DC-9 Merge in FSX? Thanks all!
  5. Hey, all! I don't think an answer was ever received, but are there any plans to bring the Dreamlifter (LCF) as an expansion to the QOTS II? AFAIK the old Dreamlifter was a model-only, no changes in flight dynamics expansion. Would love to see an updated Dreamlifter! (don't mean to beg haha)
  6. @simaddict If the gauge for the AC-130 Weapons-firing is for 32-bit (FSX), it should not work in v4.3. I haven't tried it for P3D yet, but from porting over old FS04 models to FSX (and doing other model stuff like that), you'd add all of the model files from the FSX C-130 to the new v4.3 C-130 and edit model, panel, and aircraft cfg's to reference the v4.3 C-130's panel.
  7. Evening, All! Is the new C-130 that comes standard with v4.3 the Captain Sim model? If so, then can other C-130 models they made (especially the special variants like the L-100, AWACS, etc) be merged with the v4.3 C-130's VC/panel?
  8. Good morning! I know that the differences between the MD-82 and -88 are minimal, but I was wondering if it was possible to increase the MTOW and engine performance of the MaddogX to match that of the MD-88, whether it be via .cfg editing or what have you. First off, what are the differences between MaddogX's MD-80 series and an MD-88? AFAIK the MD-88 has EFIS, cabin improvements, composite materials (which I don't care about) and new engines (which I do) Reason being, I'd like to fly an MD-88 (ie what Delta Airlines flies) and I'm OCD like that, especially for passenger/fuel/range calculations.
  9. If someone can help me out, that'd be great: Seaborne Airlines: EDIT: I'm an word not allowed, it's already been requested. If someone could send a link or put it on avsim 😄
  10. This is at cruise altitude: Running FTX Global and Vector and ENVTEX/ENVSHADE. Is it something with DX10? If so how do I fix it?
  11. Any news on the EMB 120?

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