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  1. I am looking into using the speaker switch button that is on the comm panel (lets say in the 747) that will switch the incoming atc from the headset to the speaker. VRC is nice that it allows to select between the two quickly. Would be nice if in the aircraft we could do the same thing. Not sure if this is currently possible, but if it is can someone please advise on how to accomplish this. I am curious if maybe this can be a LUA script, a program needs to do this(vpilot), or do developers need to incorporate this in order for it to work.
  2. tman41291

    COMM Speakers

    I tried looking through the given documentation and the forums and couldn't find an answer, so I'm hoping I can get some insight here. The speaker function on the comm panels, is it possible to get those to work with vPilot or any other atc. Would that be something they would have to incorporate? Just would be cool and real to be able to quickly switch from headset to speakers and actually use that knob down there.
  3. tman41291

    TFDI 717

    Sounds good! sorry to bother, just didnt see any recent threads so figured i'd ask 🙂 Keep up the good work!
  4. I have been away for some time doing my PPL so I havent been up to date with the sim. Recently I have found time to fly around for some time and wanted to fly my 717, and as always i use MCE with everything. Is there any updates on the support for this aircraft, noticed there hasnt been much on the website or the forums about it so was wondering if it is going to happen?
  5. tman41291

    Working Anchorage

    I should probably frequent their forums more and see that lol
  6. tman41291

    Texture Resolution

    I didnt know you could specifically tell the addons to avoid those cores. Would you mind giving either a quick instruction or link in this thread of PM me?
  7. tman41291

    N1 Button

    Thank you everyone!
  8. tman41291

    N1 Button

    So after a search of the forums i found a thread discussing this, but after seeing someone get bashed for resurrecting an old thread, I decided to start another. My question is about the N1 button on the MCP. I am curious as to how it is properly used. I understand different situations dictate the use of certain things, so examples of real world scenarios would be appreciated. From my brief understanding of it all, the button is pressed then the speed bug is moved to flaps up speed, as the button initiates the change from t/o thrust to climb thrust. It is also from my understanding (now i may be getting this misunderstood with airbus) that you can program when the aircraft switches from t/o thrust to climb thrust in the FMC when reaching acc. thats why the question arises of which scenarios would dictate the use the button if the FMC can just be programmed to do it for you?
  9. tman41291

    Ultimate Traffic Live (beta) released!

    I prefer the method most companies are going to with releasing alphas, gets your feet wet for you to experience the item all while helping them find bugs. Imagine a team of 7 or so beta testers trying to find all the bugs, or 2000 people who fly all over the world, all different types of systems and softwares, different everything that could find a whole lot more bugs. This A, gives people the opportunity to test an item of that is what they like and want or B, if you don’t like bugged software then wait for a final release. Beggers can’t be choosers my friend, can’t rush the process and be picky about it.
  10. tman41291

    Ultimate Traffic Live (beta) released!

    There is no final yet, it is still in beta. Product is stable and running just fine on my system. Installed with zero issues, very easy, and runs very smooth.
  11. tman41291


    Never cease to amaze me, appreciate the support!!
  12. tman41291


    Any luck?
  13. tman41291

    Rex PTA question

    Ahh okay that makes more sense to me. I appreciate the help everyone!
  14. tman41291

    Rex PTA question

    But wouldn’t Rex be able to accomplish such non cartoonish looks when designing the textures in their program? I understand PTA can change all that, but if Rex made their own presets why not just make the textures like that to begin with?