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  1. I’ve turned it off on my monitor and nvidia control panel and it still does it. Only way I can stop it is to turn off HDR. Is there a trick I need to do like restart in a certain way lol
  2. Good Afternoon! I recently picked this up for use with the Fenix and have been loving the ability to control the FCP. I have been wondering if it is possible that it can either launch with the fenix or with MSFS (preferably msfs). One less thing i have to launch with it, if you know what i mean, so id like it to launch and stay in the system tray so its out of site and automatic. Thank you in advance for any help!
  3. I have tried searching to see if it were already asked, but no such luck. Is there any plans on bringing support for an iPad App for us pilots who fly with iPad support? Would love to have this as an app, although I'm sure the code doesn't just hop over lol. I figured I'd ask the question, either way I am pleased with the program.
  4. When loading up the aircraft the Navdata date on the FMS shows 2017. I have updated it with navigraph and put it both inside the NAV folder and just the main majestic folder just to see if that would work. Everything seems to work fine as far as the actual data goes, just curious as to why the date shows 2017 when it should show 2019.
  5. I have the pilot edition and MCE wants to make weird views and pop up panels and such lol. It's quite humorous. I just purchased the q400 again (had it in v3) and trying to get it stable. In v3 I had the pilot edition and it worked just fine if I remember correctly.
  6. Do I have to point MCE anywhere to recognize the scroll lock? Or can I just assign my joystick trigger to the scroll lock button and be fine?
  7. I tried using the END key just to see if it would work and I had no such luck. I tried assigning the END key to the joystick as well and as that was successful, the muting of MCE was not. I also tried playing around with the wizard assigning both the END key and the joystick key to see if it would trigger something but no such luck.
  8. That doesn't seem hostile at all in my opinion. I have seen some developers which I will not name be much much worse. On a positive note, I think appreciating the reply should be noted. Them taking the time to answers questions as such should be a positive thing, many developers get tied up with support that they don't have Alot of time to answers questions unless they have employees specifically for that. I know this community can be somewhat toxic and hostile at times, but try to think on the more positive side of things. Kindly, Tyler
  9. I will give that a shot! Thank you for the support! Best regards, Tyler
  10. I am unable to get the PTT mute when talking on vatsim to work. I think I had it working a long long time ago but I'm in a new setup now. The current workaround is to just numlock mute mce but I'd prefer to use my trigger on my joystick as vatsim PTT that mce recognizes so it'll mute itself. I've gone into the mce.ini and tried filling in the vatsim part and also just for a wild chance tried changing the voxatc part.
  11. As far as I'm aware, and I may be wrong, but I believe the only way the FO will do anything is if you ask for a specific flow or procedure...I don't know if you can do it just based off of the config of the aircraft.
  12. For some reason, none of the flows I have installed in the MCE folder and copied in the documents folder appear when running MCE. Default ones btw. I have had MCE for quite some time, but I reinstalled for P3D so something went wrong when I reinstalled MCE.
  13. Just curious, do these clash together? I read on the Rex site EF does post processing or something like that which I thought that was what Envshade did. Thinking of running AS, Rex SF, Rex TD, and EF and Envshade if I can or if it's even needed?
  14. I am looking into using the speaker switch button that is on the comm panel (lets say in the 747) that will switch the incoming atc from the headset to the speaker. VRC is nice that it allows to select between the two quickly. Would be nice if in the aircraft we could do the same thing. Not sure if this is currently possible, but if it is can someone please advise on how to accomplish this. I am curious if maybe this can be a LUA script, a program needs to do this(vpilot), or do developers need to incorporate this in order for it to work.
  15. I tried looking through the given documentation and the forums and couldn't find an answer, so I'm hoping I can get some insight here. The speaker function on the comm panels, is it possible to get those to work with vPilot or any other atc. Would that be something they would have to incorporate? Just would be cool and real to be able to quickly switch from headset to speakers and actually use that knob down there.
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