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  1. Hi, I try to uninstall version on my W10 1903 pc. The unsinstall process remains on Time remaining 8 seconds forever. Cancel button does a roll back. I tried the xPack.msi as adminitrator. Same thing happens. When I run xPack.msi not as administrator the screen Removing Multicrew Experience stops at Removing shortcuts and stays there forever. Please advise how to be able to uninstall. Regards, Jacob
  2. Ahh, That is clear now. Thx for axplanation, I will certainly look into it. Regards Jacob
  3. Hi Marc CDU licenced is working fine Now I want to try the Overhead panel. Open server window Status is Connected to PMDG 737NGX PMDG 737 NGX Licence : Full Control Rest is view only including Overhead. OPen Generate QR Code Open PMDG 737 NGX Only CDU Left and Right are displayed with IP address Overhead is not shown. Something I missed? Regards Jacob
  4. Hi Remote CDU worked perfect till I updated the PMDG NGX to version 1.20.8413 SimServer is version3.2.2.3 After starting SimServer I got the message about SDK, confirmed it. Server status of SimServer is Connected to PMDG 737 NGX PMDG 737 NGX CDU Licence Full Control Connected Clients 1 ... 737 NGX CDU L : Generate QR Code ...... PMDG 737 NGX .... CDU Left ..... On my Samsung TAB2 the CDU is opened by entering the http address, as before. However the display is black. When I use the LSK buttons or alpha numeric keys on the Tablet, the CDU in the VC or 2D display on my monitor it is updated. Please tell me what to do. Thanks in advance. Jacob
  5. I get next message at startup Chaseplane: Configuration changed ChasePlane works best when your "WideViewAspect" setting is enabled. We have modified your fsx.cfg in FSX to reflect that. If your simulator is running, make sure you enable it in the simulator's preferences or restart it to apply the change. FSX is not installed only P3D V3 and FSX-SE. After ignoring this message Chaseplane and P3D work as normal. Greetz PC
  6. Hmm, strange. Without looking for the data mentioned above I started FSX SE. Then I started ChasePlane. Message concerning the FSX:SE cfg Clicked the checkmark ChasePlane starts normal. ChasePlane works as normal. Not clear for me what to do, to avoid the error message. PC
  7. On my PC P3D V3 and FSXSE are installed. I run P3D and start ChasePlane. Error message appears that FSX.CFG of FSX:SE cannot be found. As far as I have found one cannot select whisch simulators mus be checke or am I wrong? PC
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